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18X Special Forces Pipeline Explained through SFAS - General Breakdown/Tips/Advice

2020.11.27 19:52 jjay1845327 18X Special Forces Pipeline Explained through SFAS - General Breakdown/Tips/Advice

I’m posting this because I’ve spent countless hours googling and looking at every forum possible to find out more about Special Forces (SF), selection (SFAS), the 18X pipeline, and everything related to Green Berets. I got a lot of helpful information from the internet and by talking with people already in SF that really prepared me for the pipeline. I’m only posting this because I want to be able to pass along this knowledge to others going down this route and hopefully answer questions that I wish I had answered when I was going through.
I am not posting this because I think I’ve made it - I passed SFAS and am now in the Q Course, so I’ve by no way made it. I am not posting this with the intent on helping people cheat the course (people typically call this “G2” or getting “intel” on the course). None of the information I’m passing along isn’t already in the public domain. I hope this information helps people prepare, train, and understand the SF pipeline up to SFAS. I’ll answer all questions in this public forum but probably won’t do individual/private messages.
I’m going to roughly break down my thoughts thematically and chronologically so it isn’t an enormous amount of rambling.
18X/REP63 Contract
All I wanted to do in the Army was go SF so I made that very clear to my recruiter. You have the power in that relationship with the recruiter - they can’t force you to sign a contract that you don’t want so make sure you stand up for yourself. If they say they don’t have any 18X contracts, then wait until they have it or talk to another recruiter in your area. DO NOT RELY ON PICKING IT UP IN OSUT (OSUT is basic training and infantry training combined) - we had zero people pick it up in our OSUT class. If this is what you want, then don’t leave your future up to chance. Be mature and advocate for yourself with your recruiter to get the contract you want and be willing to wait or go somewhere else to get it.
I’m very happy that I went the National Guard (NG) route. Not many people know about this route and always say they wish they did. The 18X/REP63 pipeline is exactly the same until you graduate and go to your SF group - Active Duty (AD) guys will go to their active duty group and NG guys will go back to their state. I ultimately chose the NG route because there was a unit in my home state and it would allow me flexibility when/if I make it to have a piece of civilian life with my SF duties. Nobody likes to think about it, but statistically only ~30% of people make it through SFAS. And that’s not including all the people that get dropped before SFAS from injuries, failed PT tests, stupid mistakes, and life factors that result in not making it through the pipeline. So, by going NG, you have a fall back plan if things don’t go according to plan. Granted that “fall back plan” can become an easy excuse to quit when you’re deep in the suck, so if you’re not committed enough that’s definitely dangerous. I recommend people look into the NG route if you want to go SF - I’m very aware that it’s not for everyone and it definitely has its drawbacks, but it’s important to know all of your options.
Prep Before OSUT
I was in extremely good shape going into OSUT and I lost a lot of that strength throughout OSUT. You’re not getting great sleep or food and the physical training (PT) is meant to get the bottom 10% of the OSUT class to pass the minimum standards. The PT program is not meant to get in shape guys stronger. So you’ll definitely have to do a lot of bodyweight work on your own in the barracks to maintain strength or get stronger. Even though I lost a lot of that strength, I was still glad I physically trained a lot before because I had a higher bar to drop from if that makes sense.
I did a decent amount of rucking before I came to OSUT and I wouldn’t say that’s super necessary. Any rucking progress you make in the months before OSUT will be hard to maintain in OSUT because your rucks are very slow group marches that are way below the speed you’ll need for SF standards. But I’m glad I did because I learned what the different speeds felt like - I knew what a 12:00 / 13:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 ruck generally felt like. But that’s all stuff you’ll learn when you make it to Fort Bragg and can ruck on your own and in the prep course. Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about rucking before OSUT
Basic Training/OSUT
I’m not sure how it’s working now, but infantry OSUT for me was 22 weeks. That’s a very long time and it definitely felt like that, especially because the world changed with COVID about halfway through. I’d say the most important thing is to have a goal/skill you want to work on in OSUT. I knew I was a good leader in sports/my civilian life, but I knew that this leadership environment would be different; a mixture of some highly motivated/capable guys, 18 year olds that joined without fully knowing what they were getting into, and people from all different races, class, education levels, and motivations.
So I told myself I’d use this as an opportunity to practice how to lead a guerilla army - how do you gain respect, understand, teach and lead a diverse group like this? I sought out leadership positions throughout OSUT and tried different techniques to connect with different groups of guys in the platoon. That gave me something to focus on and develop a skill that I knew I’d need further down the line.
There are a lot of other goals you can use. Focusing heavily on improving physical fitness and doing a lot of extra PT on your own or leading group PT in the barracks. If you know you lack discipline, really lean in on making your lockeequipment/uniform/behavior always super disciplined. Things like that will help you get a solid take away from your time in OSUT and not make it feel like a waste of time.
You do morning PT of either track running or calisthenics like pushups/situps and other body weight work. It’s not very challenging if you’re in shape and can get redundant. Then you have breakfast and do your training for the day. If you’re going to the shooting range you’ll spend almost all day there, or you’ll do medical training week, or other random stuff. Land navigation week was pretty good training in OSUT so take that seriously because it’s a good base for the rest of the SF pipeline. I honestly don’t remember most of the training now but it wasn’t very hard. My platoon got more tactical training because we took it upon ourselves to work with our Senior Drill Sergeant to really get a lot out of our field training exercises on ambushes and raids so I actually learned a lot there. The training is what you make of it, but also how much your Drill Sergeants care.
Airborne is your first taste of “freedom” where you have your phone, can choose what you eat in the dining hall (DFAC), and you can do your own PT in the morning (at least we could because of COVID). The school itself isn’t hard, just don’t get hurt. Listen to all the instructions, get a strong exit out of the airplane, and know what to do for malfunctions and when to pull your reserve parachute. I knew some good guys that had bad luck and broke their legs on jumps which really sucks. But that’s a small minority - if you do what they teach and don’t panic you’ll be okay. It was pretty cool the first time, but after that I just focused on not getting hurt. Don’t touch your equipment once you’ve been inspected in the parachute shed or they will recycle you.
Special Forces Prep Course (SFPC)
SFPC, used to be called SOPC, is designed to prepare 18x’s for the physical events and land navigation portion of SFAS. And I’d say it does a good job at that. You do two PT sessions a day and usually have a class in the middle of the day. Classes vary from simple knot tying, blister care, a leadership practice course, one obstacle course, land navigation classes, and other things. The mornings are usually a run varying from 1 mile repeats to a 5 mile run. The afternoon is typically push ups, calisthenics, and ruck based workouts (we didn’t use weights because of COVID so we would do pushes over our head or ruck rows/squats). Then every week on Friday you do a ruck 4M, 6M, 8M, 10M, and the final 12M.
The last week of the course is designed to simulate Gate Week in SFAS; Gate Week is week one of SFAS that has runs and rucks to judge your individual physical capability. So the last week of SFPC is an APFT + 6 pull ups, 5M Run, and 12M ruck - the standards are Army standards, so no secrets exposed here: 240+, 5M in less than 40 minutes, 12M ruck under 3:00 (less than 15:00 pace).
Those minimum scores will not get you selected.
Big things to focus on in SFPC - keep your PT numbers up, stretch a ton, and DO NOT GET HURT. We had a lot of guys get hurt in our SFPC class and that will mess up your pipeline and result in not going to SFAS when you’re supposed to. Push yourself in SFPC, but not to the point that you’ll get injured. If you’ve played sports you’ll know the difference between being hurt and being injured. Going into SFAS injured is an easy way to get dropped because you’ll have very little time to recover while there.
Also, if you can’t climb rope, get some extra reps of that during SFPC. There are plenty of ropes around Bragg you can use. You’ll only climb rope on the Nasty Nick obstacle course but you won’t get much training on that in SFPC so you have to seek it out on your own. You’ll do a mini obstacle course during SFPC which is a confidence booster.
SFAS is broken into three weeks - Gate Week, Land Navigation, and Team Week. I’m not going to give away any information that isn’t already out there, so this is pretty generic.
Gate Week is a week of physical events to see if you can physically withstand the rigors of SFAS and are strong enough to be SF. Events include the APFT+6 pull ups, unknown standard/distance runs and rucks, obstacle course, and other physical events. You won’t know the time or distance of the events, so it’s important to do your best and try to be in the top half or top third of the class.
Land Navigation is a week of practice events and two nights of the graded Star Course. Take the practice events very seriously - you’ll be able to get a good feel for the terrain, what it’s like to go through a draw in day vs. night, narrow down your pace count, and gain confidence.
General Tips
Team Week is the differentiating factor in SFAS. It’s the hardest, most challenging thing I’ve ever done and will definitely test you. It’s very important that you just be yourself - you can’t fake who you really are when you’re that exhausted, stressed, hungry, and tired. Lean on your strengths and help in any way possible. I know that’s all super generic but I’m not giving away any of the events or how to do anything because team week is the most important part of SFAS to make sure the rights guys get through. The classic advice you always hear is “Don’t Quit.” Definitely true in team week.
Overall, I have a lot of respect for SFAS. It’s brutal and will challenge you in many different ways. But it’s not impossible. Just avoid making unforced errors - that’s key. if they tell you to have your equipment set up in a certain way, set it up exactly like that. If they say have x,y,z packed, then have all of that packed. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by making avoidable mistakes on very obvious and clearly stated standards.
Other Random Thoughts
The 18X pipeline is very long, so you really need to know that this is what you want. Write out exactly why you want/need to do this. If you can’t put it into words, or it doesn’t go deeper than “I think it’d be really cool” then you’re screwed. You’ll see along the way a lot of guys that aren’t serious about it, signed up on a whim, or aren’t physically/mentally prepared for this job. Those guys will pass along the wayside, so really make sure you make friends with motivated and serious candidates. Have people that will push you and keep you accountable.
30th AG is the inprocessing center for 18X’s going to infantry OSUT at Fort Benning. That place is AWFUL. I can’t imagine how much worse it is with COVID. Don’t lose hope there - and I’m not kidding, I saw a lot of guys just completely lose it there. You will get out of there and move on to OSUT but that place sucks. Keep your eye on the prize, meet some good friends, and just try to keep a somewhat positive attitude. You’ll be kept up all night, standing in the cold, waiting in lines, getting yelled at by drill sergeants, having civilians herd you like sheep through all of your equipment issuing/shots/medical/finance, and other soldiers acting like idiots. I wish someone braced me for what 30th would be like, so let this be your warning. It should only last 10 or so days, but sometimes people can be stuck there longer. Stay strong.
I’d recommend keeping a journal of the pipeline so you can think through your thoughts. There will be a lot of good times and a lot of trying times and putting your thoughts onto paper can be helpful in processing those. And it’ll be cool to look back on at the end.
When you get to Fort Bragg, don’t overdo the drinking/eating out. It’ll be your first taste of legitimate freedom and you’ll want to live it up, but you really need to stay focused. Drinking is detrimental to your physical performance and can undo all of the hard work and gains you’ve made on your own or in SFPC. Also, alcohol related incidents are the easiest way to get kicked out of the pipeline so it’s a huge risk that’s not worth the reward. Have a few now and then if you’re of age, but don’t over do it.
Practical Tips
I’m sure I’ll think of more things, and please ask as many questions as you want. I’ll do my best to circle back and answer all that I can. I’ve gotten a lot from these forums in the past so I just wanted to help out anyone going through the pipeline. Good luck and stay focused.
Other Good Resources
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2020.11.27 17:11 ctwelve Dandelion: Chapter 4

[Beginning Previously]
Something was going to hit them, and DANI wasn’t sure if he could dodge. It was tiny, it was dark, it was dense, and it was fast. All those things combined meant his usual margins for error had been completely used up. If it had been larger, brighter, or slower…
As it was, they had twenty minutes. Which sounded like plenty, except Dandelion’s titanic volume and abysmal thrust-to-mass ratio were working against them. DANI stressed the power grid and cranked his frame speed to the fastest it could possibly go. As far as his subjective sense of time was concerned, the milliseconds were now flowing by like minutes. The crew were statues, even their fastest and twitchiest movements happening at a torturous glacier pace.
He’d bought himself time to think. Time to calculate.
First, full power to the main engine. Plenty of power there, but it could only thrust along the ship’s long axis. Where was the object going to hit? Insufficient data. Resolve that. He set every sensor he had on that side of the ship to tracking the incoming threat, resolving its precise trajectory down to a fraction of a millimeter.
While he waited for that to return, he referenced his long-term memory and called up several old calculations he’d made years before they’d even left Earth. Emergency measures: how much extra thrust could he squeeze out by jettisoning water, firing out the launches in escape pod mode, and even venting atmosphere. He even factored in the tiny amount of thrust he could get from the little cold-gas jets on the surface that kept Dandelion’s spin from slowing.
The LIDAR pings finally came back, having narrowed down the object’s vector to within a few centimeters. He plugged it into all his calculations. With moderate measures, he could just get out of the way. In fact, he could make it miss by almost a hundred meters, but in orbital terms, that was grazing the skin. If it turned out to be a bomb of some kind, or if it was a guided weapon—
He calculated possible outcomes and assigned values to each branch based on probability versus risk versus secure options. By the twenty-millisecond mark, he had reached his conclusion. He set alarms blaring across the ship and ordered the crew to their emergency stations. This was no time for half-measures. He was going to do everything he could and pray. If the object turned out to be a guided weapon of some kind, even his best might not be enough. Certainly the human race had built weapons he would never be able to dodge in this situation.
Which meant the first and most important step was to evacuate the children.
Amber Houston
“One, two, three…” Walker was tense. He’d appeared from nowhere at a dead run to meet the Rangers as they formed up at their emergency station, and he was taking the quickest headcount Amber had ever seen him do. He didn’t look scared. At least, he wasn’t crying and shaking like Amber wanted to. He was grim-faced, focused, sharp.
The gravity was all wrong. There was a definite pull toward the back of the ship and down through the soles of Amber’s boots. Whatever was happening, DANI was accelerating harder than he’d ever accelerated before, even on a thrust day. It was making Amber’s stomach turn over on itself and adding to her stress.
“Twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four…”
She hated standing there, she hated waiting. That was their job right now, to stand there and be ready for whatever orders Walker gave them, but right now that was the worst thing for Amber. She needed to be doing something, to have something to focus on other than the mournful wail of the siren and the gnawing knowledge that something, somehow had gone very wrong.
“Thirty-eight, thirty-nine…”
There was a lurch in the deck this time, and DANI’s voice changed its message.
“All Ranger troops, prepare to abandon ship. You have ten minutes. Repeat, all Ranger troops, prepare to abandon ship. You have ten minutes.”
“Oh, Authors…” Amber turned to the frightened squeak from over her shoulder. She held out a hand and Nikki took it, squeezing so hard it hurt. She looked terrified.
“Forty-eight!” Walker reached the end of the line. He marched back down it with a hand pressed to his ear. “DANI, Walker Torres. Troop all present and accounted for, proceeding to our launch.”
He listened to something, then nodded sharply. “Rangers! Our launch is number Seven-Three-Two! Read back!”
Something to do at last! Amber had to shout to be sure she was heard over the sirens, as the whole troop chorused, “Seven! Three! Two!”
“You got it! Roy!” Walker ordered. “You’re lead! I’m tail-end Charlie! Double time!”
Amber’s feet moved of their own accord. Roy looked just as grateful as she felt to have something to focus on, and along with his sister, knew the outerdecks better than anyone else. Emergency elevators had thrust up from under the streets all over the city, leading down to the launch gantries. He took them off at a brisk jog, with Amber and Nikki on his heels at the head of a column of terrified Rangers, and with Walker at the back to ensure nobody was left behind.
The elevator was little more than a claustrophobic metal cage. Orange flashes highlighted a rail at Amber’s chest height, and large signs instructed them to grab hold of it and tuck their feet under another bar at ankle height. Numbly, she obeyed. They all knew the drill, but this was the first time they’d done it for real.
Walker was the last in and took position at the rails himself.
“DANI! Troop Seven-three-two, ready to drop!”
The word “ready” wasn’t even fully out of his mouth when the gate clattered shut and the elevator…dropped. Several of the Rangers yelped, and Amber shut her eyes. They were almost in freefall, held back only by the pneumatic pressure in the shaft.
It was a long fall. For nearly a minute, there was only the fight to stop her stomach from crawling up her throat and the sound of her friends making terrified noises all around her. Every so often there was a bright red streak as they plunged past an emergency light, or a squealing sound of metal knocking sparks off metal as they rattled against the guide rails.
Then the brakes engaged. Gravity returned with a vengeance and ramped up staggeringly hard. Roy put a steady hand at the top of Amber’s back and did the same for a pair of the youngest on his other side. Amber gritted her teeth and fought to remain standing as what felt like a copy of herself settled on her shoulders.
It kept getting worse, and right as she felt her legs begin to tremble, the ride came almost to a stop. The last few meters were practically sedate as the elevator settled into its landing, with the brakes glowing bright orange from the friction.
The gate dropped with a crash. They were right opposite their launch.
“Seven three two!” Roy called and pointed to it. He stooped to sweep Rose Durand up into his arms and carry her aboard as Nikki sprang forward nimbly under the heavy G-load, and stood at the launch’s ramp to urge the troop in.
“Amber, help them strap in!” she barked.
Amber wanted nothing more than to slump into one of the acceleration couches that lined the launch’s walls. The middle of the floor was densely packed with crates and a stack of cargo containers, all the supplies they’d need to set up a town when they landed. The launches were there for colonization, after all, and had been carrying the necessary supplies for first-wave colonists since they’d left Earth.
That allowed them to serve double duty as lifeboats. Amber squeezed down one side of the pile of cargo and somehow found the strength to buckle Rose into the seat Roy had dumped her in. The little girl was looking pale and scared, but gave a small, brave nod as Amber strapped her in and made sure she was properly secured.
She locked in Arianna Mayweather, Floyd Harris, Kelly Liu, Danish Abbasi, Tony Stokes, Steve Evans, Marie Baker, and Doug Locklear before Roy tapped her on the shoulder and ushered her into a couch of her own. By the time she crashed into it, her arms and legs were starting to feel like rubber.
He got her seated properly, double-checked her belt after she did it up, put a hand on her shoulder, and vanished sideways to work on somebody else. A few seconds later, Nikki sat down to Amber’s right and fastened her own straps.
The ramp was rising. Some part of Amber had been hoping against hope this was some kind of drill or exercise, but the ramp changed that.
This was real, this was really happening.
Judging from Nikki’s expression, she’d felt the same way. She gulped as she watched it close, watched the seals engage and bathe the rear of the launch in red light as they locked down. Walker spun by to check their straps one last time as Roy finally took a seat next to Nikki. He said something encouraging that Amber didn’t really hear, and then took his own seat at the front.
“DANI! Seven-three-two, all aboard and ready!” he declared the moment his own seatbelt was securely buckled across his chest.
If DANI replied, Amber didn’t hear it. Instead there was the whining, terrible crescendo of powerful engines coming online, and the deep, primal vibration of the onboard fusion reactor spinning up to its almost incomprehensible full output. Nikki’s hand found Amber’s as their launch swung out onto the catapult rail. There was a jolt, a clang, the engine whine mutated into a blasting roar…
Pure bruising force mashed her down into her chair. There was a suggestion of incredible speed past the tiny portholes, other launches whipping by until they became a blur, and then—
Darkness. Darkness full of tiny points of light.
For the first time in her life, Amber Houston saw the stars.
Two hundred lifeboats were already gone, a tenth of the total. DANI was being careful to stage his launches for maximum effect—each one that went thundering out of a launch tube was a little extra thrust, a little nudge that pushed Dandelion that extra bit further out of harm’s way.
A subroutine in the back of his awareness was noting their growing deviation from Newhome approach. Already it was ruined. Rather than arriving sometime next year, he was going to have to calculate a whole new navigational solution once this was over.
He didn’t care.
Captain Torres was watching her own readouts with white knuckles clenched on the desk in front of her.
“How many?”
“A thousand Rangers launched already.” DANI kept his voice calm and reassuring. “All Rangers should be evacuated within the next three minutes. We can begin launching second-stage evacuees in approximately five minutes and thirty seconds.”
“Time to impact?”
“If it’s unpowered, it will miss.” DANI promised her.
“And if it isn’t?” Torres insisted.
DANI ran some uncomfortably slapdash calculations based on far too many assumptions and wild guesses for comfort. He didn’t like any of the answers he got.
“Four minutes.”
Torres swore.
“Is there anything the rest of the crew can do?” she asked.
DANI didn’t see any point in anything other than brutal honesty. “Captain…if it hits us, it will tear through us like a rifle bullet through a water bottle. Crew casualties will be total.”
He watched Torres absorb that. Even at the incredible rate of evacuation they’d achieved with the Rangers, there would still be nine hundred thousand people aboard.
“…Let’s hope it’s unpowered, then.”
“Indeed. Half the lifeboats are away.”
The object wasn’t showing any signs of accelerating or changing course, he noted. It might not need to. If the device was a sufficiently large bomb, a shaped charge, or simply equipped to create dense shrapnel, it would still be quite lethal.
Still, as each second crawled by with no change in the object’s velocity, DANI allowed himself to feel some faint hope. He wasn’t going to feel safe until it was twenty minutes away and receding, but the seconds ticked by without incident.
“The last Ranger troop is away,” he announced at the two minutes and thirty-seven seconds mark. More than twenty seconds ahead of his estimates. He had to hand it to the Rangermasters and their troops—when the proverbial had hit the fan, they had risen to the occasion and surpassed his calculations.
“Object tracking?” Torres asked.
“No change.”
“Take a message for my husband, please.”
DANI devoted a fragment of his time to recording her words. He’d burst-transmit them in the ship’s dying microseconds if need be, but he was becoming increasingly convinced that wouldn’t be necessary.
It was a lovely message, though. Raw. Heartfelt. He decided he’d save it for posterity, if nothing else. “Message saved, Captain,” he said once she’d finished. “T-minus twelve seconds to closest approach.”
Torres nodded.
Outside, the last of the launches boosted up to cruise mode, a solid three-G acceleration, and flashed away. At least, DANI comforted himself, the future of the Human race in the Newhome system had been secured. Dandelion’s mission was technically complete.
People were hugging all over the ship, holding each other tight, or sitting curled up and lost in their own private despair.
“Two…one…” He paused, and then suffused his voice with relief. “…T-plus one. Plus two. Plus three…the object is receding.”
Torres let out a tense held breath.
“Stand down any remaining launches,” she said. “Can you recall the Rangers?”
DANI turned his attention to a trajectory projection he’d been running in the background throughout the crisis. He considered it for a few milliseconds, and then reached a crucial decision.
“With all due respect, Captain, I think that might be a bad idea…” he said slowly.
Torres frowned at her monitor. “Why?”
DANI called up the projection. She stared at it for a terrible long moment.
“I see,” she said at last. “You’re…I hate to ask, but are you absolutely certain?”
DANI wasn’t offended in the slightest. The implications of what he was showing her were grave enough that he didn’t blame her at all.
“Yes, Captain,” he said instead. “The object originated on the surface of an inner-system planet.”
“You know what that means, right?” Torres pressed.
“Yes, Captain,” He mimicked taking a deep breath and suffused his voice with grim concern. “It would seem that someone, or something, shot at us.”
Amber Houston
Amber had slept, or at least dozed, somehow. Or maybe she hadn’t had a choice, given that even just sitting in her acceleration couch and breathing was a punishing effort. Maybe her body had decided the best way to endure it was to make her sleep.
Her back hurt. Her limbs felt leaden, and her feet felt swollen and numb inside her shoes. And she had a splitting headache. The moment it all went away was…it was like the biggest sneeze, or finally taking off a tight shirt. She actually gasped.
It hadn’t all gone away, in fact. When she sat forward and sighed with relief as her spine relaxed, she realized they were under normal gravity, one-G acceleration.
The safety light above her head went green, and a countdown started: eight hours and thirty minutes.
“Okay, Rangers, listen up!” Walker stood up, and forty-eight heads turned to look at him. “This is gonna be our pattern over the next few days. We’re accelerating hard toward Newhome, with breaks of regular one-G acceleration twice a day! Use this time wisely! This is your bathroom break, food break, exercise break, and sleep time! By the time that countdown reaches half an hour remaining, I expect you all to be rested, fed, hydrated, and back in your couch. Roy!”
“You’re safety officer! Everything we use gets packed and stowed ahead of the next three-G phase. Nikki!”
“Yes, Walker!”
“Break out the bedrolls and meal packs; make sure everybody’s fed and hydrated and gets their head down. Amber!”
Amber jumped. “Yes?”
“Make sure everyone is stretched out and healthy. Check carefully for bruising, sores, and blisters.” He gave her a nod, then turned to the rest of them. “Everybody else, find a clothing pack in your size and change into your PT gear. Any questions?”
A unanimous “no, Walker” rippled around the launch, and he nodded.
“Good. Go ahead and unlock your seatbelts.”
Gratefully, Amber released herself and stood up with a groan. Nervous chatter filled the launch as the Rangers stood up, massaged their aching bodies, and tried to stamp some life back into their feet.
She jumped to her task quickly, starting with Roy and Nikki, who were both stretching out and rolling their necks and shoulders.
“Any pain? Any bruising anywhere?”
“Naw! See?”
Naturally, Roy tore off his ruined school shirt to show her, and show off a little, too—he was Roy, after all—then turned and opened an overhead locker. He pulled out an obviously non-standard bag from one of the ship’s supermarkets and dug around inside it.
“What are you doing?”
“I hid some clothes and stuff back when I found out this would be our launch!”
“Dude. None of the standard-issue stuff fits me besides, like, the socks sometimes. Good boots are hard to find for a bear like me, too. I like these! They’re the only brand I ever tried that fits me right.”
He pulled off his shoes and socks, slipped on the pair he had stuffed into the boots, and jammed his feet in with a happy sigh. “See? Comfortable!” He then pulled it all right back off, stuffed his socks back in his boots, and carefully stowed them under his couch. “Ooh, that reminds me. Walker, sir!”
“Yes, Roy?”
“Nobody here is used to high gravity ‘sides me and Nick. They’re gonna get swollen feet pretty bad if they wear anything but socks.”
“Good point. Rangers! Socks only, keep your boots stowed! The long ones, Roy?”
“No, sir, those can pinch, too! Short socks, or nothin’ at all!”
“You heard him, Rangers. Short PT socks only!”
“Yes, Walker!”
Amber complied and nodded at Roy, who really was more thoughtful than she gave him credit for. “Thanks.”
Roy grinned hugely for her and bounced heavily on his toes. “Naw!”
“Don’t tell me you actually had some forethought, lil’ bro?” Nikki’s inevitable tease sounded a little more shaky than usual.
“Yup! Like always!” He reached up and pulled out another pair of bags. “These are for you two.”
When Amber checked hers, it contained a complete set of well-made clothing in exactly her size, including a good pair of new boots. There were some of her favorite snacks and energy bars, a hat…and Mister Wiggle. She stared at the long-lost blue-grey toy rabbit for a second in sheer disbelief, then pulled him out of the bag and ran a thumb through his fur. It was exactly as soft as she remembered.
“I thought I lost him ages ago!” Years ago, in fact. She’d been a little girl, and inconsolable at the time, but over the years had completely forgotten about her favorite bunny…until now.
“Uh, I found him wedged up against the wall behind my bed one day, and, I dunno.” Roy went beet-red and grumbled like he was all kinds of embarrassed. “I figured if something like this ever happened…”
“You seriously worried about this happening?”
“Uh, yeah!” Roy took the moment to unselfconsciously strip to his skin and step into his favorite PT shorts: close-fitting and breathable, with an amusingly impressive emphasis on short. “That’s the whole point of why we’re constantly rebuilding and maintaining the launches, right? Why would we do that if we wouldn’t maybe need them right away? So, uh…I’ve kept these bags stashed away and up-to-date.”
“And you worried about this?” Amber brandished the rabbit at him.
Roy for once had no answer. He went crimson and stared at his big, sturdy feet.
“Thanks, Roy. Really. I…” She looked down at it, smiled wistfully, and set it on her couch. “Thanks.”
Nikki gave the two of them a completely unreadable look, while Walker caught Amber’s eye and grinned knowingly. Confused and not knowing what else to do, Amber cleared her throat. “Don’t we have jobs to do?”
“Right! Jobs.” Roy’s questionable taste in shorts carried over to his trademark stretchy tank tops. He claimed they were cooler and stayed out of the way, but Amber suspected he had other reasons; Roy was an incorrigible show-off, after all.
That done, he got to work on the task Walker had given him.
Meanwhile, Nikki finished changing and immediately leapt to the task of unpacking their food and beds, and Amber found the simple fact of having something to do helped focus her mind. Up until now she’d just been suffering. Now, as she did the rounds and checked that everybody was healthy, she really started to think.
Okay. They were overboard. Or evacuated—whatever. They were en route to Newhome and apparently, they hadn’t turned around to go back to the ship, which was…worrying. The launches certainly had the thrust and fuel to do that…
So why hadn’t they?
The obvious answer was that DANI and Captain Torres must have felt there was some pressing reason they shouldn’t. Which meant Newhome colonization was going forward way ahead of schedule, and rather than being second-wave colonial apprentices, they were all going to be first-wave pioneers.
Actually…that was quite something. She’d accepted her position in the second wave as a consequence of her age and the realities of getting a working colony set up before the administration could send down apprentices. But if she’d had her way, she would have been on the first drops. She’d been a little disappointed that all the rivers, mountains, forests, and plants and stuff would be named by others first.
Now, suddenly, the prospect of being a real pioneer beckoned.
She finished checking everybody and made her report to Walker just as the countdown passed the seven hours and twenty minutes mark.
“Everyone seems okay,” she told him. “I found a few marks from clothing and stuff, and everybody’s kinda stiff and sore, but I didn’t find anything alarming.”
“Good.” Walker gave her a small smile, and to her shock she realized he looked stressed. He’d set a tablet aside as she approached, and she saw him make sure she couldn’t see its screen even as she was standing there.
Just how badly wrong had things gone? She decided to ask.
“Walker, is the ship okay? Are my parents—?”
“The ship’s fine,” Walker promised her instantly. “Everybody’s fine.”
“So why aren’t we going back?”
He glanced down the launch, then sighed and lowered his voice. “Amber, I’m only telling you this because I trust you to be discreet, okay?” He waited for her to nod and explained. “DANI thinks there might be danger. He hasn’t told me exactly what, yet, but it’s serious enough that we aren’t going back. We’re going to land.”
“Don’t we all deserve to know that?” she asked, indicating the rest of the troop. They were talking quietly among themselves and preparing ration packs as they got ready to get some sleep, and they all looked scared and tense.
Walker nodded. “You do,” he agreed, “and I hope I’ll be able to tell you everything in the next one-G phase. But I want to tell you the facts, and I’m afraid we all must wait for those. Go ahead and let the twins know their parents are okay, but other than that, can you keep it to yourself for me?”
“Yes, sir.”
“Thanks.” He turned and picked up a meal pack. “You’d better find your bedroll, which is doubtless directly between Roy and Nikki’s. We’ll need to eat, clean up, and do some PT before the next three-G phase, so the sooner you go to bed, the more sleep you get.”
Amber nodded. “Got it. Don’t neglect your own.”
That got him to smile, at least. “Yes, ma’am. I won’t.”
Feeling a little better, Amber sniffed out the twins, who sure enough had set up a kind of nest in a spot at the back of the launch that was almost private. As predicted, Amber’s bedroll was between theirs. She could tell it was hers, because Mister Wiggle had been placed neatly on the pillow.
They were warming up a meal pack for her as she joined them.
“Good news,” she reported as she sat.
Roy looked up. “Yeah?”
“Dandelion’s fine. It’s still there, everybody’s okay.”
They both sighed a little and relaxed.
“That is good news,” Nikki agreed. “I didn’t wanna think about…wait, how come we haven’t turned around, though?”
“Walker’s not sure, exactly. He said he hopes to have the facts tomorrow but, uh…we’re definitely going to Newhome, he says.”
“We’re not going back? Definitely?”
Amber shook her head. “He was pretty clear about that one.”
The twins looked at each other.
“Well…crap,” Roy ventured after a few seconds.
“Yeah, you said it.” Nikki poked listlessly at her food and then tried to set it aside. She looked like her appetite had totally fled her.
Amber couldn’t let that happen. “Nikki. You need to eat.”
“I’m not hungry right now.”
Roy thrust her pack back into her hands. “Eat, sis. I ain’t hungry either, but…”
“Oh, please!” Nikki scoffed, but took the pack at least. “You’re always hungry.”
“Well…we gotta keep our strength up,” Roy said. Amber had to admit, though, he dug into the rations with way less gusto than he usually showed.
Nikki at least forced down the whole pack with a little prompting, while Amber picked steadily through hers. None of them had much to say.
Roy disposed of the packaging with about seven hours left on the countdown, and by unspoken agreement, they bedded down. Amber wriggled into her bedroll and was reminded of Mister Wiggle’s presence when she put her head down and felt him as a squishy, fluffy lump under her skull.
She pulled him out and looked at him again. Funny, that; they’d all lost their home today, and here she was carrying a little piece of it that she thought she had left behind a long time ago.
She didn’t get much time to think about it, though.
“C’mere, dork.”
And there, as expected, was a Nikki-snuggle. Followed a second or so later by a Roy-snuggle from the other side.
Okay. She had brought at least two other bits of home with her as well as the rabbit. There was going to be a lot of hardship ahead of them, and that was just the trip to Newhome in the launch. Probably they were in for years of hardship after that. Founding a colony wasn’t going to be easy, not even with all the equipment and supplies they were carrying down with them.
But the thought that chased Amber down into a surprisingly restful and relaxing sleep was that she was looking forward to what was coming.
Did you enjoy it? As I said at the beginning, we intend to publish the entire story free-to-read over the coming months. That said, if you're impatient…

You could order the eBook from Amazon, and skip the wait. There's a hardcover and paperback version available too. It's also available from Indiebound, Barnes and Noble, and can be ordered at any local bookstore by ISBN: 978-17358787-0-6 for the hardcover, 978-17358787-2-0 if you prefer paperback.

In any case, we're simply happy to share the story with you, and we think you'll like it very much indeed.
Anyway. Thank you very much for your attention and time. It means a lot to me, it really does.
Thank you.
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2020.11.27 15:54 MarkDMill Great deals for 11/27, including iPad Mini, further price drop on BundleHunt, and a *bunch* of other Black Friday sales

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Amazon Tech Deals for 11/27 ⠀ - Today's Amazon tech deals include:
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2020.11.26 20:14 rdwo97 I’m (m23) in love like never before. But I’m so scared she’ll reject me so we can’t be friends either.

I [M23] am in love like never before. But I’m so scared of messing things up.
Spool back two weeks. I [M23, Europe] get assigned to work with a girl [F22] in a university class project. I don’t know her, never met her.
Because of Covid, all classes are remotely on Zoom at this time.
I figure out that perhaps we should talk on the phone about our project. I message her on the student portal and ask for her number, she gives it and says I could call any time.
I call her up, we talk for a while about the project, before drifting off into other topics. The conversation is flowing so easily and so deep and interesting, and we figure out that we have a lot of the same interests in common (literature, travel, philosophy). After 3 and a half hours that pass by at lightning speed, at 1:30 AM in the morning, we hang up even though we both want to continue talking through the night. She says that she will go to the library the next day to study (which is still open), and that I could come with her and we could have lunch together. I of course agree.
I remember I couldn’t sleep at all, I knew I had met my soulmate.
The next day and the days after, I get to the library, we sit there studying, and take long, long breaks with the same endless, interesting talks. In the evenings we chat for hours on Whatsapp.
I learn more and more about her, and she about me. The most interesting conversations are about our personal backgrounds and childhood and how they have shaped us. After a while, we talk about relationships, past experiences and find out that we are 100% on the same page in our view of what is important in a relationship and how to make it work.
One night, I’m sitting in bed, after we’ve yet again talked until early in the morning about philosophical questions, travels, and other incredibly interesting stuff. I realise that I’m in love like I never have been before. And that without giving what have mattered to me in previous dates and relationships (looks, style of clothing, food preferences, background, etc) a single thought. For the first time, I’ve fallen in love with a person at a truly substantial level.
More days pass, more talking, and then one day last week we’re both studying at home, when she says she wants to get out of her apartment for a while and asks if I want a coffee. We go to a coffee place near her, and that little coffee break turns into a three hour chat - the manager had to throw us out at closing time. We walk to the bus stop, I thought she would just go home because it was 15 minutes until the bus came. But no, she wanted to wait there with me and continue talking. When the bus finally arrived, we gave eachother one big, long hug.
And then this week, we’ve agreed that on Friday (tomorrow) we will drink wine, talk and maybe watch a movie at her place. All bars are closed in our country, so there’s really no other place to drink alcohol than in private homes anyway.
I’m so nervous about this upcoming meeting. I know very well that I should try to make a move, but I’m very afraid that she’s going to reject me and that I have misunderstood everything.
There has not been one single moment of embarrassing silence when we’ve talked together, but that can of course change if she gets to know that I want something different than her. That would not be very cool because I, for one, would love to have her as a friend, and the school project would not be so fun to work on in this situation. And last, but not least, the heartbreak. She’s literally the partner I had imagined in my dreams, and I’m in love like I’ve never been before.
What would you do? I’m thinking about, tomorrow, playfully hugging and touching her before maybe moving on to see if she wants to cuddle more. I’m NOT (only) after sex with her, this is a lasting relationship or nothing.
Tl;dr: In love like never before, scared of fucking up with the consequences it will have for myself and a school project I’m working on with the girl.
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2020.11.26 18:55 tdithers Fallout 76: Inside the Vault – Steel Dawn Update Highlights

From FC Mods


Need help with something? Pop by our Discord! Note: We have a bouncer bot. You may be asked to verify your account to prevent spam.
Disclaimer: This is an automated post pulling Bethesda's news page. FC Mods are NOT Bethesda staff, responses to this post likely won't reach Bethesda staff. For official feedback, go to the official fo76 subreddit, Bethesda forums, or Bethesda support page.


Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate the holiday! We hope this weekend finds you happy, healthy, and well-fed. In case you missed it, we decided to release the Steel Dawn Update earlier this week, instead of our originally planned date of December 1. Below, we’ve included some patch highlights to help you get caught up to speed in case you haven’t logged in yet to try out the new content. Additionally, we’re sharing a reminder about this week’s ongoing Treasure Hunter Mole Miner event, and details on a new Double S.C.O.R.E. event that starts next Tuesday.

Steel Dawn Update Highlights

We’re thrilled that we were able to bring you the Steel Dawn Update a little early, which brought new quests, features, improvements, a host of bug fixes, and more to Fallout 76 this week. As mentioned above, we’ve rounded up an overview of some of the major changes for those of you heading in-game for the first time since we patched. If you’d prefer, you can also read the full patch notes for the Steel Dawn Update here on * New Questline: The Brotherhood of Steel have returned to Appalachia, and you can take on the first part of their story with an all-new questline that arrived in the Steel Dawn Update. As you quest, you’ll meet a variety of new characters, explore new and updated locations, and earn rewards as you aid the Brotherhood’s mission to secure the Wasteland for humanity. Head in-game now and travel to Fort Atlas in the Savage Divide to kick off the new questline with your level 20+ characters. You can also watch our recent trailers and the Steel Dawn Dev Dive video below to learn even more about this week’s update: * Meet Paladin Rahmani, Knight Shin, and Scribe Valdez * Learn about the Brotherhood’s history in Appalachia * Hear from members of the Fallout 76 design team in this Dev Dive video * C.A.M.P. Shelters: Flex your creativity and construction skills with the new C.A.M.P. Shelters feature. Each Shelter offers you an instanced, underground interior that’s all your own. Build it out and customize it to your liking with a budget that’s completely separate from your main C.A.M.P. Gain access to your first Shelter, the “Vault Utility Room,” by completing a brief quest called “Home Expansion.” Locate a Claim Center Poster in any Train Station to begin the quest. Additional Shelters are coming to the Atomic Shop on December 1. You can also take a crash course in C.A.M.P. Shelters by watching our recent Dev Dive video: * Join Fallout 76 designers as they detail C.A.M.P. Shelters * Survival Mechanic Improvements: We agree with community feedback that Hunger and Thirst could feel a little too punishing, and so we’ve removed all negative effects from both in the Steel Dawn Update. Instead, you’ll gain bonuses to your Action Point regeneration, max HP, and Disease Resist that start when you’re partially fed and hydrated. Those bonuses increase as you eat and drink, and even offer +1 Endurance and Strength when your hunger and thirst bars are full. * New Weapons and Armor: By completing the Steel Dawn Questline and Daily Ops, you can get your hands on some new weapon and armor rewards. These are straight from the Brotherhood arsenal, and include the Plasma Cutter, the Crusader Pistol, and Hellstorm Missile Launcher. You can mod each of them to deal various types of elemental damage, so that your firepower can pack a fiery (or frigid) punch. We’ve also adjusted several existing weapons, like the Flamer, Cryolator, and some thrown explosives to deal fire, cryo, and other types of non-physical damage. * Atomic Shop Updates: Dynamic Bundles are coming to the Atomic Shop on December 1. This will help you save Atoms by automatically adjusting bundle prices down if you already own one or more of the items they contain. Additionally, we’re adding a bundles category to the Shop so you can find them all in one place, and we’re ensuring that Fallout 1st specific sales are better highlighted for members. Also starting December 1, you will be able to spend Atoms on Lunchboxes, if you would like. However, they will remain available in-game for Gold Bullion, and you will still be able to claim them as Season rank-up rewards.

Hunt for the Treasure Hunter!

Earlier this week, Treasure Hunter Mole Miners began appearing all around Appalachia to scour the surface for riches. We’re pleased to report that many stalwart Vault Dwellers, like yourself, have already been stepping up to put a stop to the Mole Miners’ antics. However, they’re quite a persistent bunch! Keep up the fight this weekend by taking down Treasure Hunters, scooping up the Mole Miner Pails they drop, and opening them to claim rewards. This event will last until 12:00 p.m. ET on November 30, so be sure to track down some Treasure Hunter Mole Miners to snatch up some loot for your collection.

Double S.C.O.R.E. Rewards Next Week

There are still a couple of weeks left before Fallout 76 Season 2 comes to a close on December 15, which is the same day that Season 3 will begin with the new “Scribe of Avalon” Scoreboard. We’ll have more details on the next Season in the coming days. In the meantime, we’re calling in the cavalry so that you can aid Armor Ace and the Power Patrol in a final charge against the Red Vipers with a new Double S.C.O.R.E. event! From 12:00 p.m. on December 1, until 12:00 p.m. ET on December 7, your Daily and Weekly Challenges will award twice their usual amounts of S.C.O.R.E., so that you can maximize your rank-ups and claim those last few Season 2 rewards.
Until next time, we’ll see you in Appalachia!

Previous Posts

Title Post Date
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Atomic Shop Weekly Update: November 24 - December 1 2020-11-24 19:05:03
Fallout 76: Inside the Vault – New Brotherhood of Steel Lore Video 2020-11-19 17:55:06

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2020.11.26 04:18 leocheng24 Thanksgiving Party |Aurora X Wellcee

Thanksgiving Party |Aurora X Wellcee

Thanksgiving Party |Aurora X Wellcee

Fee:¥98 / Person
capacity: 50 People
Location:Aurora Club, Sanlitun, Beijing Aurora 三里屯·北京
The crazy 2020 can be said to be a year that will be remembered by history. Australia fires, locust plagues, viruses, flu, coronavirus... Life is like being in slow motion, we have to stop rushing and have to take the long, unclear vacation. Businesses worldwide fight for survival, millions of people losing their jobs, losing love, relatives, and friends. Under these circumstances, we also struggle with self-isolation.
The most famous quote on the Internet: "Life is not easy". The difficult days when the sadness that could not be empathized with the body, was turned into a silent mood to hide emotions from others and not willing to cry in front of others.
But there is a friend who has a decent life from others. It is rare to see her collapse in the new era of workplace women’s personality, at most when they are at a dinner party. Which urges will not survive tomorrow.
Most of the companies have resumed their work, but we are still far to complete this difficult period. One night, she found that she had a fever of more than 39 degrees. she was shocked, she didn't dare to make any noise. She didn't wake up her family. She didn't dare to take a taxi. She called the ambulance, and when she saw them, her tears started to fall down. However, her temperature was measured at 36 degrees. she cried and told the medical staff that I was really hot. Later, they found out that the thermometer was broken. In the end, it was just a normal fever, and after a few days, she was alive again.
"The Gift of the Magi" stated that life in the world is a combination of crying, sobbing, and laughing. Having feelings makes you human. It's so wonderful when we touched by the beautiful sunset even if it's small as your watches, it makes us smile.
This year on the fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving Day, Wellcee and Aurora decided to bring everyone the Thanksgiving Party! Thank you for being brave and persistent. This time, don't spend the winter alone again.
When: 2020.11.26 (Thursday) 8.30pm
Where: Aurora Restaurant and Bar, 3rd Floor, South Tongli Building, 43 Sanlitun North Street South Road.
Number of people: 50 (25/male, 25/female)
Registration fee: 98 RMB/Person (includes turkey, plenty of drinks, champagne, shots, beer, fruits)
About the event:
  1. Speed dating (8.30pm-10pm)
  2. In the private chat session, you can boldly approach the people you want to know more about.
  3. Beer Pong competition, the losing team must drink all the beer on the table together!
  4. When the terrace is opened, whether you want to smoke, chat, or look at the night view of the Sanlitun garden.
  5. Aurora DJ will create a high-quality music atmosphere for everyone.
Registration deadline: 2020.11.26 5pm
This Thanksgiving Party, whether you want to meet that person or make new friends, will be a great night for you. (Secretly tell you, after the last single party of Aurora, there are already many friends dating alone in private~)
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2020.11.26 01:09 500scnds [Table] Iama guy who has been living alone in an abandoned ‘ghost town’ for over 6 months. I bought the town just over two years ago. AMA! (pt 3/3 FINAL)

Source Previous table
Questions Answers
I subscribe to your YouTube channel! Are you still seeing that one ghost? Have you gone back into that building? I completely redid that building because it creeped me out too much. It had dark carpet, dark walls, lace curtains. I ripped out the carpet, left it wood floors, painted the walls white, took out the curtains. Feels better in there, but I still don't really like being in there.
You mentioned opening it up for short time stays, would you market by leaning into the supernatural elements? Staying in a ghost town sounds perfect in my opinion. If you are a believer, then the history will make it exciting. If you are not a believer, then the absolute stillness sounds pleasantly perfect. I don't think we'll lean into it, but not lean away from it either. I won't have 'ghost tours' or anything like that, but if people want to come and look for ghosts, that's their issue. Cerro Gordo's history is what it is. It's very public. Some are 100% convinced there is paranormal history here, some think that's bogus. I don't want to push one way or the other. People can do what they want once here...
the below is a reply to the above
I understand that. Not trying to tell you anything to do with your work but I really would think about marketing to some. At least think about a Halloween/October takeover that leans into it for a few weeks. If your ROI increases from some small adjustments to the town, it couldn't hurt. But you also may have zero interest in actually turning a profit, which is equally acceptable as it is your town. Prior marketing manager here so hard to turn off the ideas. Great work with the town so far! totally! Around certain holidays it would definitely be fun. I just don't want to use it as a crutch, you know? Some towns lean on that so much. I think Cerro Gordo is much bigger than just that one element, so don't want to be known for JUST that...
Hey! I was watching your 6 month update last night. Heck of a coincidence. I love your work. The trickle supply for the water out of the mine probably needs a tank somewhere, are you storing it further up the mountain? Or is it just trickle straight into the town? Thanks for checking it out! I have a few tanks. Two 2,500 gallon tanks a bit above town. That is where water is flowing right now. Then there is two 500 gallon tanks that sort of backup those two 2,500 gallon tanks. The water comes around 400 gallons per day. Although it stopped yesterday weirdly. So we're going back down this coming week to see why.
the below is a reply to the above
Is it possible to rig up a cistern to catch rainwatesnow? Maybe some way to melt the snow, to supplement your water supply from underground and give you a backup in case of emergencies? My grandparents lived on Grand Cayman for a few years and they used a cistern for laundry and the like. I've been going over different options along these lines. There are some weird regulations about capturing water around here, but I think we may be able to do some variation of that long term.
the below is a reply to the above
Good luck!! I look forward to seeing what you do with Cerro Gordo and how you solve these problems :) Thank you!
I just watched the 6 month update video on YT, and I think the only time I got nervous for you was when you were sitting on that cart and it started to shift! How are you preparing for this winter after spending the end of last years in the town? A lot of ways. That first winter was all new to me. I grew up in Florida and lived in Texas. My truck was 2WD with street tires.
I have already stocked up on wood, slowly stocking up on food, and have a 4WD Tacoma with chains ready.
I'm sure I'll learn a lot this winter too, but I'm in a much better place than last year...
I think I may be too late to the party. But I’m a unique age that allowed me to remember your first ama on here, and then also happened to follow the sam and Colby videos when they came to visit. I was like no way I know this place! I was so sorry to hear about the hotel. How was it working with Sam and Colby? Did their videos help raise some funds towards rebuilding the hotel? Was it interesting to host the group there when you’re usually more of a lone wolf? Sam & Colby are great. Really nice guys. We've stayed in touch. Their fans are amazing and really helped towards rebuilding the hotel. I hope S&C come back for the opening party!
As the owner of the town, can you just change the name? Or is there some kind of process that needs approval? I probably could, but I like the name, also the history of the town is why it's interesting to me, so I'd like to keep it the same...
Do you get many people drop by out of the blue? When it's good weather, yeah. It's a weird situation because the town is technically 'closed' because of the pandemic and I'm trying to do work on the town.
So if I'm in a remote part of the town and someone shows up to main area, it's weird to come back and find people basically waiting/looking around your house.
My email is public and there is a sign with a phone number at bottom of hill. I just wish people would arrange visits ahead of time...
the below is a reply to the above
I guess Cerro Gordo Rd that runs through town is still a public easement, and you can't put up a gate? Technically a 'utility road' because DWP/ATT/FAA use it to access stuff.
the below is a reply to the above
Ouch. No chance of getting it vacated then. Although it's probably less likely you'll get trapped for long by a rockslide or something. Congrats on living the dream, dude. I used to travel a ton around NM and southern CO when I lived in Texas, and always fantasized about buying something way abandoned, way out in the desert. Thanks for helping preserve a critical part of our history that many people overlook. Appreciate that!
Weren't you like trapped there last winter? Lol anyway are you gonna get that place up and running soon? I sure was. Not this winter! I'm much more prepared this time around.
I hope to have people coming to stay overnight by this time next year (pandemic allowing)...
the below is a reply to the above
I for sure wanna go when you have it running! I remember that you got sick while trapped right? I'm so happy to hear you made it out and back in ok!!! I can't wait for you to open up. I'm not too far away (a couple states over). Better now! I had a few rounds of appendicitis. A few rounds because first time they treated it just with antibiotics because of pandemic. Then it came back again and I had to have surgery to get it removed. Not a lot of fun, but better now!
Have you thought about busting out a metal detector? I did a few weeks ago and found these badass Chinese coins. I need to use it more but there is so much scrap metal/nails around it is hard to find just the good stuff...
[deleted] Damn, that is one good username...
Hi Brent - just started following you and the Cerro Gordo account on IG! You’ve said that the approach increases 6,000 feet in elevation in 7 miles. What’s it like driving up? I imagine it’s 7 miles of razor sharp switchbacks? What speed do you take it? You’re 32 - do you see yourself dating in the future? Last question: have you watched Schitt’s Creek? The road can be intimidating at first (and especially at night) but I'm used to it now. I've done it a bunch that now I just get to enjoy the view. At first I was so focused on road I couldn't see anything else haha. I used to go around 10MPH all the way up. Now I hover around 20 if I'm in my truck and maybe up to 30MPH if I'm in my Polaris side-by-side...
Need a brewery? Always. I thought the 'hoist house' could be a cool brewery one day.
Can I come visit? Let's let the pandemic die down a bit, then sure! why not
How do you cope with the isolation so well? Do you meditate or anything like that? Long walks. Introvert.
How do you know the silver there is really played out? That's what I've been told and fancy companies determined, but I hold out hope. You could be a few inches away from the vein and not know it. One day, maybe...
Hey I've seen your YouTube videos before! Any more ghost stories? I remember you telling one about seeing a little kid in a bunk house I believe. None as concerning to me as the bunkhouse story. I still don't like going in that building.
The other one recently involved my wallet. I came back from town one day and put it inside on top of some laundry I had just done. I came back in, and the wallet wasn't there. It wasn't ANYWHERE. To the point where I had to order new cards such. Then, months later, I brought in laundry, and my wallet was back on top of this new stack. So some mischief for sure being played...
This might be a dumb question but since you put 1.4m into it, how are you still making money to buy food and stuff while running ghost town? I have a 'day job' that luckily I can do from my computer.
How do you go on about getting basic necessities like toilet paper, food, etc.. I guess, what I'm asking is, how close is the nearest Walmart? Nearest walmart is maybe 2 hours away? 2.5 maybe? I usually get supplies every 2 weeks or so in a town called "Lone Pine" which is just over an hour from the town. The store is small and variety is limited, but gets the job done
the below is a reply to the above
Can you get things delivered? I can’t see a UPS truck or a USPS mail cart making it anywhere near the town. And how is that handled if you decided to move there permanently? Do you have a registered address? How would you handle any 911 type situations? I can't. My PO Box is in Lone Pine. About an hour or so drive each way. I think that's my only option. I have to go there when I get groceries and pick up whatever is there...
911 is tough. A 7 mile steep dirt road isn't easy. Maybe helicopter if situation is bad enough?
the below is a reply to the above
Obviously there’s heaps liability having this awesome destination with potential hazards (old mines, etc.).. on one hand I’d think the state and/or federal government would have to extend basic emergency services to the town, but since you own the whole town they may not have to actually offer any support. Do you know what the situation will be? Have you started any conversations about this with any government offices about what will be available once you’re commercially operating and open to the public? With the BLM and the FAA having interests close to your town, it seems feasible that the govt at least has the capacity to get to where you are regularly. This just signs interesting as hell, I can’t wait to go watch all of your videos! FAA will theoretically clear the road in the winter if I call in the favor. It isn't a set rule, but I'm supposed to look after their stuff a bit when they're not here, and they help when they can. That type of relationship for now. But I do know people at both BLM and FAA and probably should have convos around when we're fully open...
the below is a reply to the above
As a fellow Texan I’d never been too keen on going back to Cali.. but your town has changed that. I’d love to road trip over with my husband and check your town out once you’re up and running. I’ll be following this over the next year or so and look forward to having the opportunity to eventually make it happen! Thanks for checking it out! Come on out
the below is a reply to the original answer
I love lone pine and would love to come say hi one day Lone Pine is the best! Is that where you live?
Is this your website? Correct
At what point will you start dressing up as the Miner Forty-Niner and scaring teenagers who drive through the town? Who's to say I don't already...
Oh wow I discovered your channel not too long ago, what was your main driving motive for all of this? Seems like an impossible project personally Gotta also ask, how are the kittens doing? Kittens are good! Eating soft food now, which makes my life easier haha.
The drive has changed over time. When I started, I think I was looking for a cool hospitality project. Now being here so much and learning all the history, there is this overwhelming sense of responsibility. Of duty. That I HAVE to get this town to a place where more people can experience it, and leave it for generations to come. Probably going a bit nuts
Do you live there by yourself? If not, what do others do? I'm here by myself. Some people visit occasionally to help work on town, but nobody else lives here full time.
I remember when you first posted about this. So glad you've kept it up. What has been the biggest surprise you've learned about yourself during the time you've spent in your town during quarantine? Hmmm. I think I've learned to slow down. I used to rush rush rush. Mainly to avoid doing important things or sitting with certain ideas. Now I'm comfortable just sitting in a chair looking at the mountain for an hour. And not being anxious that I need to be doing something else...
[deleted] I think it's slowed me down a lot. I used to run around doing all sorts of tasks that seemed so important. But they were just distracting from things I didn't want to sit with or think about or act on. I don't get those distractions here. It clarifies things for me...
What kind of camping is available in the area? There is surrounding BLM land in the area that is available for camping. I hope one day on the back of our property to offer camping options, but for now it would be too much to manage
I follow you on tiktok! One question that bugs me sorry if you've already answered is what can you do about all that unstable dynamite, is there not a way to get a bomb disposal or similar? I just leave it there. Not worth the hassle to try to remove and I'm the only one going in most these mines, so I keep a metal record of where it is...
Hey! Love the YouTube channel! found it a few weeks ago. Curious, have you slept in the mine lounge yet? I am sure you've answered this already. Thanks for sharing with us! Hope to visit some day. Take care mate! I haven't slept in the lounge, but I did sleep in the mine the other night. That's actually what my next video is about.
I took the hoist down into the main Union Mine and had them take up the hoist so I had to be down there from around 6pm-8am. It was QUITE the experience...
I’ve seen a few comments mentioning internet access, and your mention of the ATT hot spot that does the trick for you. Do you intend to maintain the atmosphere of a relatively internet free setting, or do you intend to bring in WiFi for visitors? You stated you want people to come see the town and experience the history, and I feel some of our modern comforts would greatly detract from that, especially WiFi. It also brings me to Edward Abbey -esque thoughts on paving the dirt roads that lead to special places in the desert (don’t do it) I'd never pave our dirt road. It's difficult, but it needs to be difficult. It takes a long time, but during that time you build anticipation. And RIGHT when you want to say 'fuck it' and turn around, the town reveals itself to you, and it takes your breath away. Then you feel like you've 'earned' the stay in a weird way. And you don't want to leave.
In terms of WIFI, I don't want super fast wifi. Something so people can communicate with world if they need to, but we're not a co-working space.
Have you met any famous people? Jeff Goldblum came to film something here. That was pretty cool. He's really nice. I guess that counts?
the below is a reply to the above
Oh wow, that counts, what did he film? An episode of his show "World According to Jeff Goldblum" - it was about denim.
Hi! Just watched a couple of your videos - so cool. I love that you're filming all this! I gotta ask if you've got names for all the goats and kittens yet? I know you mentioned a couple names but not 11 names! :) OK! Here it goes. Goats - Tofu, Beretta, Bubba, Elon, Senorita Juanita.
Kittens - Gordo. The rest are still unnamed. Any suggestions?
the below is a reply to the above
Reading through your other comments, Levi has to be one of their names for sure.. Excellent call!! I like that.
[deleted] The town has a very rich history. Biggest producer of silver in California, more gunfights that could be recorded, 'ghosts', hidden treasure, everything.
I never get bored here...
Do you experience any form of corporeal inequality or tension between you and the remaining ghost populace? I imagine living in a ghost town would give you a comprehensive insight into ghost culture and society, are they actively trying to involve you in the community or are they giving you the silent treatment? I know where they like to hang out. They know where I hang out. We respect each other's space
Have you thought of getting amateur astronomers up there to take some pics of the sky? It would be an awesome place to go for a weekend to get the stars. Stars are amazing. This winter that became my obsession - long exposure photos. I'd never taken any in my life but this place is prime for them. I've really enjoyed it.
I've watched hours of your youtube channel man you are so good at it! Fascinating story. I do think you are fuckin mental wondering around by yourself up there. On that note when you are exploring mines are you careful about gas build up? I've watched other exploration videos and sometimes they have a little device that alerts to harmful gases, which you might not be able to smell. Wow, thanks for checking them out! I'm glad you like them. I bring a 4-gas monitor with me into the mines
What a coincidence! I've been getting your vids in my recommeded for weeks and decided to give in yesterday, and now you show up on the front page of reddit. Nice. I absolutely love this kind of project. Maybe because I basically grew up in one myself, my parents bought a 19th-century french textile factory and we've been renovating it for the past 20 years to receive guests in it. Do your long-term plans include rebuilding some of the old buildings that weren't there? Some of the missing 478? Also, with tourism likely to increase, how are you planning on keeping it authentic? Definitely want to rebuild some buildings lost. I have a photo from 1890s that shows a TON of buildings that aren't here anymore. However, given the buildings that are here, I can piece together where they should be...
Hey Brent, I've been following your journey for a few weeks now, just want to let you know how much I enjoy your videos! It's obvious you put a lot of time and care into the content that you edit and release. I know you just got the kittens - have you considered getting a dog as well? Thank you for watching! It definitely takes a long time for each video. That isn't my background. I'd never made a video before April, so it's all new and I'm slow. But I enjoy it
How much of the original hotel that burned are you able to salvage? was anything found in the ashes that could be incorporated to the rebuild? How are you planning on getting water for the resort? Do you wear an oxygen mask when you go down into the mines? When do you expect people will be able to come and stay at Cerro Gordo as a resort? Thanks for the AMA! I don't think resort is the route we'll take anymore. It doesn't fit the place. It also isn't the type of place I like to stay. I think it will be more like a lodge or a bed/breakfast. I think it fits the vibe here much better.
We'll have to truck up water for now, unless we find a different solution.
Not much of the hotel was left, but some original floorboards will be incorporated into the new floor
Might be too late and have missed you, but i love the YT channel, thanks for sharing such great videos. My question: how's the feeling of freedom there? Do you ever just divert from what you were planning on doing, and...decide to walk/drive in a different direction and see what you see? I feel like that would be an amazing feeling. Totally. Almost everyday. I almost plan on getting 'lost' in the late afternoon.
I'll set out with a plan. See something interesting along the way. Hike there. See something else interesting. Hike there. See something interesting. Repeat that for a long time and get 'lost'
It is an amazing feeling for sure.
(the below has been split into two, enumerated
I just watched a bunch of the videos. Two questions: 1. When you were exploring the mine where 30 people had died, where you a bit worried (or perhaps anticipating) to find them? They died in a collapse. Meaning dirt and rock fell on them in such amounts that others couldn't rescue them. So I don't think it's likely we'd stumble upon them. They'd still be under the collapse
Here is an article that mentions the collapse:
"Cerro Gordo’s deadliest mine disaster struck in the early 1870s when a cave-in killed at least eight and as many as 35 Chinese miners. They were mining in limestone below the 200-foot level and failed to shore up the tunnel with timber, former Cerro Gordo mining foreman Fred Fisher told a Times reporter in 1950. Their bodies were never recovered."
2. Also, why are the mines full of jeans? Would people just run around butt naked when their jeans got teared? I've heard a few theories. First, they sh*t their pants and left them back there. Next, they had a pair of work pants and a pair of everyday pants and changed once they got there. Next, the pants were expensive and belonged to the mine not the miner so they stayed at the mine. Next, they ripped and they threw them in trash heaps back in the mine
Have you elected yourself mayor yet? Just for the heck of it. And do you allow tourists? Just now. Mayor Brent! Elected. Unanimously from all parties present :)
What’s the coolest thing you’ve dug up? I found some Chinese coins that are apparently 300 years old or so. I found some pocket-watches, old pants, dynamite boxes. All sorts of crazy stuff. Here is photos of some
Most of the tunnels (you use another term, I forget it now) look like walking while standing up straight might be an issue. How high is the ceiling in the easier to get to places? and how wide? I was watching the 'Most Dangerous' video so not thinking about that so much, but the places people might normally explore. It can be annoying. I'm 6'2" tall, so I have to hunch over in a lot of the mines. Hours of hunching over doesn't feel so good the next day! But I think it's worth it (obviously)...
What is your water access like there? You must have wells. No water! It's an ongoing issue, but I'm working on it...
What kind of temperature variation do you see at that altitude right next to Death Valley? And how are the night skies? I don't imagine you have much light pollution. So the other day it was 130 in Death Valley. A World Record I think. The Weather Channel somehow called me to ask how it was living in such inhospitable conditions. But when they called it was maybe 85 or 90 here. So I had to tell them I wasn't really in any danger.
The fact the town is at 8,500 ft really helps. It's crazy the difference, especially considering how close we are to Death Valley. The property is only 7 miles from the park's border...
Can you see Mt Whitney across the valley from Cerro Gordo Peak area or is it obscured? Yup! You can see Mt Whitney from almost all the buildings. Well, the wildfire smoke is impacting it right now, but usually. Also if you hike to the other side of the property, you have full views of Death Valley. An interesting high/low experience.
I know how to brew beer. Your town seems to be missing a brewery. Trade you brewing lessons for a stay? I'm listening...
Hello! What do you hate the most about living in the ghost town? Hmmm. I really think the positives outweigh the negatives, but lack of access to fresh vegetables and fruit is something that comes to mind. I miss my blackberries and spinach...
That video where the bar burnt down was super brutal. Were you able to salvage anything? Some things, but not that much.
The only 'silver lining' (outside the fact nobody was hurt), is that the icehouse next to the hotel was the original dump location for the hotel. So nobody has been under there in nearly 140 years. There are a lot of artifacts I hope to put in the new hotel that would have never been recovered otherwise...
the below is a reply to the above
Do you think any of the metal items may be intact enough to be restored (eg. the stove, range etc)? I'm hoping the wood burning stove from the common area, as well as the cast iron stove from the kitchen. Both took a good beating, but I'm certainly going to try. Would really tie the place back together...
Have you met the people from Ghost Adventures? Yeah! Zack and crew came out and filmed here. I didn't interact with them much, but I was here when they were filming...
After reading resortdude's excellent advice and industry insight, it occurred to me that there is a flaw in his thinking: He is thinking like a resort operator. A resort operator is in the business of supplying luxury, convenience, and serving the whims of picky patrons. However, your enterprise doesn't have follow that path: In fact, it probably shouldn't. I believe you are targetting a very different, almost opposite market: What you have to offer is an authentic frontier-style experience. And that experience is far from luxurious! It's closer to camping. I wonder if a camping operator has to adhere to the same requirements as a luxury resort operator? I imagine you'd be leaning away from modern sewage systems, and toward long-drop toilets. Surely those are still legal? And rather than feeding your guests chef-made three-course-meals, you'd be feeding them baked beans, cowboy style. And who needs propane when you're cooking everything over an open fire! Or, if you want relative luxury, you could serve modern, military-style MREs. The one thing you can't escape though is the need for a large water supply. Also, I believe fire-suppression systems are not required in single-storey buildings below a certain size, provided they have multiple exits. Anyway, just some ideas. I may be way off-base, but I still think you should check out the regulations for outdoor camping operators, and see if they differ from those of luxury resort operators. Good luck! I hope to come and visit if ever I'm in the USA ; ) I think you're right. For a while we were considering a more 'resort' type thing. But it seems crazy now after being here. It will be closer to a lodge type atmosphere..
I followed you on Youtube recently and I'm a huge fan! Are you ever scared of finding a human skull in the mines? How high is the probability of finding one? Thanks for watching! I don't think it's too high of probability. If someone died back there, they probably died being collapsed by rock/dirt, so I wouldn't find their remains. If they didn't die in a collapsed, there probably was somebody with them to take them out. I can only see someone getting into some bad gas and passing out and nobody knowing where they were as an option to find someone...
Can I come up on the weekend and you can put me and my son to work? We’d bring our own tent and food etc. It would be a good trade. We get a weekend in the mountains and you get some extra hands. Shoot me an email! [email protected]
Youtube suggested me your videos and I liked them. Have you ever been in a situation of danger while exploring a mine ? Btw I have been very sad when your hotel burned down :( It was such a beautiful building. Good luck tho The closest to real danger I've had in the mines (that I'm aware of) was 2 times: 1) Early on, I wasn't paying enough attention and stepped on a board that cracked over a bit pit. Luckily not all my weight was on it and I corrected before falling. It taught me a big lesson about boards and pits. 2) recently I explored a collapsed level of the mine (the 200 level if you saw the video) getting in and out of that was really sketchy because the roof keep collapsing big rocks when trying to get out...
How's the local McDonalds? haha, far away! There is one in the town of Lone Pine. But that's about an hour away if you factor in the dirt road
I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube for a couple months now. I’ve always wondered, when you go down into the mines, (especially the recent video of the 200 level) how do you keep track of what passages you’ve gone into? Have you ever gotten lost? Thanks for watching! I haven't gotten really lost yet. I usually use a marker. For instance I'll follow the cart track if there is still track and if I leave the track, I'll leave something where I left the track. That way, I just find my way back to the track. Not a perfect system, but works for me
I follow you on tiktok! Have you found any denim yet? And also has any old dynamite gone off down there? Lastly, what is the weirdest thing you have found down there? I've found some denim, but not THE denim. As in, not Levi's jeans yet. No dynamite has gone off yet, or I wouldn't be typing this...
the below is a reply to the above
The denim is in the cribbing! My friend and his mining partner discovered the oldest blouse known to exist and sold it to the Levi’s company. He had to free climb up the cribbing (stacked waist rock wall) about 80-100 feet. He saw a glimpse of blue from his light and reached his hand between the rocks. Pulled out the blouse but one of the sleeves ripped off. They sold it for a lot of money. Best of luck! Damn, getting this type of tip at this time of night. I feel like I need to abandoned this and get into the mines ASAP
Wait didn’t you show up on Sam & Colby? Indeed. They came out and explored. I like those guys
I was watching your video where you and a friend (I assume?) were exploring a certain floor of a mine that had collapsed where 4 miners died I believe you said. The entrance had collapsed but you found another way in? Where are those dead miners? Were they on the floor you managed to enter? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see if you could find them? I remember you said you will make sure nobody ever goes there again after you visited it The 200 level of the mine. It was probably closer to 30 miners. They died in a collapse, meaning under a bunch of rock and dirt. So I don't think we'd see the bodies. When the accident happened a lot of people tried to rescue them but couldn't, so I don't really want to go digging around to disturb them.
Here is an article that mentions it:
"Cerro Gordo’s deadliest mine disaster struck in the early 1870s when a cave-in killed at least eight and as many as 35 Chinese miners. They were mining in limestone below the 200-foot level and failed to shore up the tunnel with timber, former Cerro Gordo mining foreman Fred Fisher told a Times reporter in 1950. Their bodies were never recovered."
How are the goats doing? Love your videos! Goats are good! They're getting bigger and expanding their territory around the town. I'd like to train them to free roam and come back to a bell or something. But haven't nailed that yet...
Doubt he's still here but perhaps someone else can answer this: What is the legality regarding appointing yourself mayor, writing your own town constitution that allows you to hold the offices of mayor, secretary, etc etc, at the same time, and then create city wide ordinances that are favorable to your life style? You know? I'm still here! Where am I going? Not too much else going on Sunday in a ghost town haha. I think the county still has some jurisdiction over a lot of that, but I could try. I've also watched a documentary on 'sovereign nations' where they basically declare themselves their own nation within a different country. But you raise a good point and one I should look into more.
Do you ever hope to make money out of this town? i.e. maybe the bare minimum you'll need to survive? Or are you looking to live completely without money at some point (from the land etc.)? I hope eventually the town covers it's own expenses (and mine). But I didn't get into this to make tons of money.
Was your town ever on the show ghost adventures? If so do you think it’s haunted? It was! I actually sleep in the room they think is haunted by two children ghosts.
I don't think it's 'haunted'. Is there spirits or paranormal activity? Maybe. But if so, I think they're more curious than anything...
This is great! Good for you! I remember seeing this for sale at one point. Questions ( sorry if they have already been asked)... 1. Does Amazon deliver there/do you get mail? 2. What kind of wildlife is out there ( lizards? Snakes?) 3. Are you finding lots of photos to guide your restoration? Again...I’m so glad someone bought it who is interested in restoring it. I’m going to check out your videos. 1. No! I have a PO box in Lone Pine, which is a little over an hour away. 2. Bobcats, rabbits, birds. Not too many snakes because of elevation. 3. Yes, luckily there are quite a few photos of the town at its peak
How do the stars look at night? Insane. You can see the Milky Way, almsot every star.
This doesn't do it justice, but is a photo I took this winter...
Brent, huge fan and I’ve watched all the YouTube videos and can’t wait to see Cerro Gordo with my own eyes one day! What are your plans for exploring the mine? I saw you explored the 200 level but are there any other spots in the mine that people have not seen since the mine was active? Awesome, thank you for watching! There are a few areas that have been closed off for a long time. The one that is most interesting to me is called the "Omega Tunnel." It may actually connect to the 200 level from the outside. But the portal into it is collapsed big time. I've tried digging it out, and Robert even used 10 sticks of dynamite to try to open portal, but it's really collapsed. But it holds my imagination and I hope I can get into it one day...
the below is a reply to the above
I can’t wait to see the day you get in there! If you’ve ever heard of or been familiar with FPV systems, that may be a way to send an RC truck through a small hole to explore ahead for you. (Finding the right radio frequency to propagate through the mine also helps) I’m out in Los Angeles and when I make my way up to Cerro Gordo one day I’ll bring some FPV camera stuff for you to check out. Keep chipping away at that portal though! (Pun intended) Will do! Thank you. I'll look into those more too.
What makes an abandoned town "an important part of history"? Cerro Gordo is the reason Los Angeles is what Los Angeles is today. It shaped California. It was the largest producer of silver for the state and an important part of mining history. It's just been overlooked for a long time.
Do people often come over from the back way into town? From the racecourse or teakettle junction in Death Valley? A decent amount. If weather is good, and the weekend, maybe 4 people a day?
The issue is when people come up the main road in a vehicle that barely made it up and think they're going to take the back road to Death Valley, or even worse, that they're going to take the Salt Tram road. Have you every taken that road? It's not a joke.
After getting a YouTube recommendation, I binge watched all your videos on Sunday and thought to myself "this guy should do an AMA". Synchronicity! Were you able to connect with the man who left a comment saying he was a previous caretaker in the 80s? It would be fun to hear what stories he has to offer! Oh wow, I've never seen that comment until now! Thank you for calling that out.
Are you looking to start a business like the Old west town in New Zealand had/has Is that your end game? how you raised the capital? or just for shits and giggles? EDIT: I just followed links in the CNN story I linked, and they link to YOU!! haha haha. Awesome
Will you have buzzfeed unsolved stay overnight there? I’d like to see more footage of what’s been caught on tape They had me do a little video earlier this year. I'd love to invite them up if they'd come...
Wow thats in the middle of no where. Any incentives to get people to move there? I suppose the silver is all gone if the town was ghosted? Silver vein apparently is lost. I don't necessarily want people to move here. Just visit for the weekend or so. I think the middle of nowhere nature will attract people to unwind for a bit and experience the history and natural beauty here...
Ever plan on trying to pull more gold out of any of the mines? You said in another comment you're always exploring them. *silver! Maybe, who knows. They apparently lost the vein and there isn't enough left to make it financially viable. But you never know
Have you thought about mining silver? Just for fun? I'd like to refine small batches of the ore still here to make jewelry or something for the town...
Are there tailings piles around the mines? Have you found any interesting mineral specimens in the mines or otherwise? Yeah! Huge tailing piles. I just went through them Friday for a while looking for rocks. Found a bunch of galena (which is what they were mining here), smithsonite, turquoise, and some other stuff...
the below is a reply to the above
Awesome! Would love to see some over on rockhounds! Would you ever consider allowing access to the piles? I greatly appreciate the people who are generous to allow collecting on their property. (Though I can certainly understand why a lot of people do not, some folks just don't know how to behave) I live in NC and have not yet been west but I hope to some day soon! I let people come. There is a Gem & Mineral Society in Lone Pine and they did their 20th annual dig up here this past weekend. I have an appreciation for rocks that is growing now that I have the town...
Been loving the videos. Any sketchy things happen on the 200 level we didn’t see? My condolences to the american hotel. How big of a challenge will the delivery of rebuild materials be? The 200 was really weird. I filmed all that on my iPhone where usually I'd use my GoPro or Sony. Both of those were dead (I had just filmed a different video), so I used the iPhone. So whenever I saw something, I had to consciously think to take out phone and record. I didn't always do that because I was so in the moment taking everything in. There was a lot more dynamite in the area where I talk about dynamite. But just didn't think it was interesting to show 5 minutes of just dynamite.
Getting supplies up here is tough. That is the logistical challenge I'm thinking about right now. We need to get a loader and/or backhoe up here, but you can trailer it up. So we have to walk it up the mountain, which will take a whole day and who knows how much fuel...
the below is a reply to the above
How’s the water situation? Pump back running? Really great for the towns people to help get that going for ya. I’d freak out in the elevator. And in the mine in general knowing there’s 32 souls down there. Every noise would have me on edge. Can’t wait to visit. Pump was running, but it stopped yesterday again. So we're going to go back down this week to see why that is happening. Hopefully it's something easy to fix...
The cage definitely is freaky. Even after being down it a few times...
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2020.11.26 00:07 First_Among_Equals_ For my Character & Fitness application...for driving history, what do I do if I can’t find the date something occurred?

My state’s DDS only does driving history for 7 years back...and the bar is asking for things for the last ten years. I have no idea the specific date I got a speeding ticket when I was sixteen...
Any advice on what to put in the date spot?
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2020.11.25 22:14 Geeeeeeeeeeeeee PE ME TFS Exam Passed - DTC Review

PE ME TFS Exam Passed - DTC Review
Repost - the original post was somehow chopped and only had the first half left. I had to re-type half of this post. I certainly don't want to do it for a third time.
Just saw the green icon on my NCEES account. I thought a review would be beneficial for future test takers.
TL;DR - DTC is good. I recommend.

My background

I passed the FE in 2012. I forgot most stuff I learned in school. I am in MA, where the board takes pride in preapproving applicants to sit for the PE exam. For some personal reasons, I didn't take the PE when I first became eligible, but need to take the exam fast now. I then decided to take the exam through the Michigan PE board so I don't need to wait for the MA board's approval.
I started the exam prep in early September, took the exam in mid-November. About nine weeks of prep time.
It was very difficult nine weeks. My job is very demanding. Many times I cannot finish my conference call until 11pm (a few occassions, 1am.) For the two months, I never went to bed before 2 am. Anyone with young kids would know that they don't care when you go to bed, they are waking up screaming on their own schedule. As a result, my sleep was severely deprived. But now, all hard work is paid off.

Preparation, with DTC, and a little bit with SoPE

I spent some time researching the prep courses and purchased DTC's $50 trial module. The first impression was that Dr. Tom talks really slowly. I found it extremely slow-paced. Someone from Reddit was kind enough to send me all the DTC handouts (Thank You!) and I thought I could save $700. Later I found that it is still helpful to check out the video just to make sure you have the right understanding, as well as the correct solution to the practice problems. I then purchased again the Pay Upfront $750 package - very strange and interesting pricing here: if you buy the remaining modules, that would cost you $800, more expensive than buy again the whole thing for $750.
I rushed through all the course materials in 5 weeks. The DTC course content is very top-heavy. The first three course weeks are very thorough, lots of lots of stuff. My first week of prep went through three course weeks of material and it was very intense. The later course weeks tend to have less and less material. I was able to go through a full course week in a workday, after my daunting full-time job. So I'd say, maybe an hour or two can finish a whole course week. I suspect Dr. Tom did so to make his trial module looking good, but the course actually does not have that much to cover after all.
I need to make it clear that I did deviate from the so-called Dr. Tom's method a bit. I did not work on any of the NCEES problems at this point. I just skipped them. I worked on all the sample problems and challenge problems by myself before checking the DTC videos. A lot of times, a 3 minutes video would only take me about 10 seconds because I just want to check around halfway and see I am applying the correct formulas, and at the end to make sure I got the result right. For some harder questions, I would go through the video with more time and understand where I had it wrong. Even this won't take more than 1 minute.
I also didn't do the quizzes, 5-week exams, and final exams until I finished all 20 course weeks. I used the DTC quizzes as a refresher of the material. Then the 5-week exams to gauge my speed. Finally, I went through the two 2-hour final exams twice to make sure I have plugged all the holes.
Against Dr. Tom's advice, I spend the next weekend doing the NCEES practice exam as a real practice test, making the condition as close to the actual exam as possible. It was a long day but in the end I scored barely enough to reach 70%. I knew I was ready. The follow week, I went through each and every question of the practice exam. I also noted down a few questions that I knew I would be strategically giving up if encountered in the actual exam. That following week, I went through the questions untimed again to make sure I can get them right if I see them on the exam.
This is about six weeks into test prep. The same one (Thank You again!) sent me some SoPE workshops as well as a refresher on economics. I spent 1-2 hours on the economics, primarily focusing on how to read the A/F, A/P tables, and never touched this topic again. The workshop questions are way too complicated than the exam. One doesn't need to take the real exam to tell that. I used them to make sure I understand the questions completely, rather than to gauge my speed. By the end of that week, I knew I was more than ready. I tried to reschedule the test to an earlier date but was unsuccessful. So everything was going as I have planned.
The last two weeks have been getting myself mentally prepared. Very light in studying. I took the last week before exam off to adjust my daily routine. I took some pills to help me go to bed early. The last weekend before exam, I spent a full day with my kids, not touching anything PE related.

The exam day experience

The Pearson Vue handles everything quite professionally. There was some construction going on right above the testing center, so I can hear workers dragging stuff on the floor, talking and singing. The testing center offered me a noise canceling ear phone but I requested a set of earplugs instead. It didn't completely eliminate the noise but once I focused on the questions, the noise didn't bother me.
The 24 inches monitor is a bit crowded but managable. The reference handbook does not have a "next page" button so I must scroll fast at times, for example, to get to the right superheated steam table. That aside, it wasn't bad. The search function is not top notch but also not too bad, at least better than I had thought.
My AM session has 39 questions. I worried that the PM session could be hard so didn't try too hard on the flagged questions. After going through the flagged ones, I went through all questions again and checked scratch papers to make sure no obvious errors like wrong units. I ended my AM session with 5 hours left on the clock.
I had a light sandwich and two energy bars at the break. Went outside for some fresh air, then solved a Sudoku to relax. I wish I prepared more food, because by the time I was done, I was exhausted and starving.
The PM session was a lot easier than I had thought. I regretted saving so much time for it. I ended up solving each question twice, literally twice, by punching in the numbers in my calculator twice. I did found two errors though. Good effort.
The test difficulty is very similar to the DTC problems. I had a few surprises where I had no idea how to solve the questions. Mostly they are some concept not covered by DTC. Those questions are very straight forward, requires nothing but plugging in numbers into a single formula. Unfortunately, I only got to know this after getting back from the exam and some Googling on the concept I didn't know,

Overall impression of DTC

I think DTC is mostly on point, with the correct emphasis on the high value topics. As I mentioned, it didn't cover 100%. I had about 14 questions that I had no clue on how to solve, leaving me a thin margin of 10 questions to the passing 70%. I also understand that there's basically no way that one can cover 100%. So I can accept that.
What I appreciate is that DTC's difficulty seems very much inline with the actual exam. Maybe very very slightly more difficult. I feel confident when reading those questions and immediately know how to solve them.
My biggest problem with DTC is that Dr. Tom talks reaaaally slooooooowly. He tends to read out all the numbers in the calculation, which helps me nothing but wasted my time. I wish there's a 150% or even 200% speed option. Also an example is that he would pause for ten seconds after stating that if you haven't worked on the problem, you should pause the video and do it now. The pauses are not long enough for anyone to solve the problem, but also too long for anyone who really pauses the video. Completely unncessary IMO. He also says "we appreciate the opportunity to allow us help you prepare for this exam" at the end of each video, which, I'd appreciate if you could skip that and save me more time. I won't go through my video-watching strategies as I have mentioned it above. The bottom line is, you have to find your own way of consuming the videos.
I can see Dr. Tom is really trying hard to answer questions on his forum. I suspect it's his one man show because most of times, it would take him 1-2 days to answer questions, which are not too many, to be honest. It may not be a problem if you have more time but it is a bit troublesome to me as I was in such a rushed schedule.
Dr. Tom sounds very confident by saying not to look at anything beyond DTC and NCEES materials. I'd say because of all the above-mentioned reasons, you could look at other materials with the right mindset. You could and should pick up some of the low hanging fruits that are otherwise skipped by DTC. Adjust your test prep according to your own situation, rather than mechanically following DTC.
Overall I am happy with the outcome, and therefore with the help I got from DTC.


Sorry for the long post. I hope it helps. Good luck with your study and upcoming exam.
I had thrown away all my print-outs and scratch papers - Happy Thanksgiving!
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2020.11.25 19:27 Comprehensive_Ad9310 BF OSD flashes 0.0v when battery is plugged in

I have the iFlight Cidora SL5-E and the battery voltage used to work fine and I didn't change any power and battery settings but now it just shows 0.0v on the OSD. Does anyone know what's going on?
board_name IFLIGHT_SUCCEX_E_F4 manufacturer_id IFRC
# name: SL5
# resources resource BEEPER 1 B04 resource MOTOR 1 B00 resource MOTOR 2 B01 resource MOTOR 3 C09 resource MOTOR 4 C08 resource MOTOR 5 B06 resource MOTOR 6 NONE resource MOTOR 7 NONE resource MOTOR 8 NONE resource SERVO 1 NONE resource SERVO 2 NONE resource SERVO 3 NONE resource SERVO 4 NONE resource SERVO 5 NONE resource SERVO 6 NONE resource SERVO 7 NONE resource SERVO 8 NONE resource PPM 1 B08 resource PWM 1 B08 resource PWM 2 NONE resource PWM 3 NONE resource PWM 4 NONE resource PWM 5 NONE resource PWM 6 NONE resource PWM 7 NONE resource PWM 8 NONE resource SONAR_TRIGGER 1 NONE resource SONAR_ECHO 1 NONE resource LED_STRIP 1 B06 resource SERIAL_TX 1 A09 resource SERIAL_TX 2 A02 resource SERIAL_TX 3 B10 resource SERIAL_TX 4 NONE resource SERIAL_TX 5 NONE resource SERIAL_TX 6 C06 resource SERIAL_TX 7 NONE resource SERIAL_TX 8 NONE resource SERIAL_TX 9 NONE resource SERIAL_TX 10 NONE resource SERIAL_TX 11 NONE resource SERIAL_TX 12 NONE resource SERIAL_RX 1 A10 resource SERIAL_RX 2 A03 resource SERIAL_RX 3 B11 resource SERIAL_RX 4 NONE resource SERIAL_RX 5 NONE resource SERIAL_RX 6 C07 resource SERIAL_RX 7 NONE resource SERIAL_RX 8 NONE resource SERIAL_RX 9 NONE resource SERIAL_RX 10 NONE resource SERIAL_RX 11 NONE resource SERIAL_RX 12 NONE resource INVERTER 1 NONE resource INVERTER 2 C13 resource INVERTER 3 NONE resource INVERTER 4 NONE resource INVERTER 5 NONE resource INVERTER 6 NONE resource INVERTER 7 NONE resource INVERTER 8 NONE resource INVERTER 9 NONE resource INVERTER 10 NONE resource INVERTER 11 NONE resource INVERTER 12 NONE resource I2C_SCL 1 NONE resource I2C_SCL 2 NONE resource I2C_SCL 3 NONE resource I2C_SDA 1 NONE resource I2C_SDA 2 NONE resource I2C_SDA 3 NONE resource LED 1 B05 resource LED 2 NONE resource LED 3 NONE resource RX_BIND 1 NONE resource RX_BIND_PLUG 1 NONE resource TRANSPONDER 1 NONE resource SPI_SCK 1 A05 resource SPI_SCK 2 B13 resource SPI_SCK 3 C10 resource SPI_MISO 1 A06 resource SPI_MISO 2 B14 resource SPI_MISO 3 C11 resource SPI_MOSI 1 A07 resource SPI_MOSI 2 B15 resource SPI_MOSI 3 C12 resource ESCSERIAL 1 B08 resource CAMERA_CONTROL 1 NONE resource ADC_BATT 1 C02 resource ADC_RSSI 1 NONE resource ADC_CURR 1 C01 resource ADC_EXT 1 NONE resource BARO_CS 1 NONE resource BARO_EOC 1 NONE resource BARO_XCLR 1 NONE resource COMPASS_CS 1 NONE resource COMPASS_EXTI 1 NONE resource SDCARD_CS 1 NONE resource SDCARD_DETECT 1 NONE resource PINIO 1 NONE resource PINIO 2 NONE resource PINIO 3 NONE resource PINIO 4 NONE resource USB_MSC_PIN 1 NONE resource FLASH_CS 1 A15 resource OSD_CS 1 B12 resource RX_SPI_CS 1 NONE resource RX_SPI_EXTI 1 NONE resource RX_SPI_BIND 1 NONE resource RX_SPI_LED 1 NONE resource RX_SPI_CC2500_TX_EN 1 NONE resource RX_SPI_CC2500_LNA_EN 1 NONE resource RX_SPI_CC2500_ANT_SEL 1 NONE resource GYRO_EXTI 1 C04 resource GYRO_EXTI 2 NONE resource GYRO_CS 1 A04 resource GYRO_CS 2 NONE resource USB_DETECT 1 C05 resource VTX_POWER 1 NONE resource VTX_CS 1 NONE resource VTX_DATA 1 NONE resource VTX_CLK 1 NONE resource PULLUP 1 NONE resource PULLUP 2 NONE resource PULLUP 3 NONE resource PULLUP 4 NONE resource PULLDOWN 1 NONE resource PULLDOWN 2 NONE resource PULLDOWN 3 NONE resource PULLDOWN 4 NONE
# timer timer A03 AF3 # pin A03: TIM9 CH2 (AF3) timer B00 AF2 # pin B00: TIM3 CH3 (AF2) timer B01 AF2 # pin B01: TIM3 CH4 (AF2) timer C09 AF3 # pin C09: TIM8 CH4 (AF3) timer C08 AF3 # pin C08: TIM8 CH3 (AF3) timer B06 AF2 # pin B06: TIM4 CH1 (AF2) timer B08 AF3 # pin B08: TIM10 CH1 (AF3) timer A09 AF1 # pin A09: TIM1 CH2 (AF1) timer A10 AF1 # pin A10: TIM1 CH3 (AF1) timer A02 AF2 # pin A02: TIM5 CH3 (AF2) timer B10 AF1 # pin B10: TIM2 CH3 (AF1) timer B11 AF1 # pin B11: TIM2 CH4 (AF1) timer A00 AF2 # pin A00: TIM5 CH1 (AF2) timer C06 AF3 # pin C06: TIM8 CH1 (AF3) timer C07 AF3 # pin C07: TIM8 CH2 (AF3) timer B07 AF2 # pin B07: TIM4 CH2 (AF2) timer A01 AF1 # pin A01: TIM2 CH2 (AF1)
# dma dma SPI_TX 1 NONE dma SPI_TX 2 NONE dma SPI_TX 3 NONE dma SPI_RX 1 NONE dma SPI_RX 2 NONE dma SPI_RX 3 NONE dma ADC 1 1 # ADC 1: DMA2 Stream 4 Channel 0 dma ADC 2 NONE dma ADC 3 NONE dma UART_TX 1 NONE dma UART_TX 2 NONE dma UART_TX 3 NONE dma UART_TX 4 NONE dma UART_TX 5 NONE dma UART_TX 6 NONE dma UART_TX 7 NONE dma UART_TX 8 NONE dma UART_RX 1 NONE dma UART_RX 2 NONE dma UART_RX 3 NONE dma UART_RX 4 NONE dma UART_RX 5 NONE dma UART_RX 6 NONE dma UART_RX 7 NONE dma UART_RX 8 NONE dma pin A03 NONE dma pin B00 0 # pin B00: DMA1 Stream 7 Channel 5 dma pin B01 0 # pin B01: DMA1 Stream 2 Channel 5 dma pin C09 0 # pin C09: DMA2 Stream 7 Channel 7 dma pin C08 0 # pin C08: DMA2 Stream 2 Channel 0 dma pin B06 0 # pin B06: DMA1 Stream 0 Channel 2 dma pin B08 NONE dma pin A09 0 # pin A09: DMA2 Stream 6 Channel 0 dma pin A10 0 # pin A10: DMA2 Stream 6 Channel 0 dma pin A02 0 # pin A02: DMA1 Stream 0 Channel 6 dma pin B10 0 # pin B10: DMA1 Stream 1 Channel 3 dma pin B11 0 # pin B11: DMA1 Stream 7 Channel 3 dma pin A00 0 # pin A00: DMA1 Stream 2 Channel 6 dma pin C06 0 # pin C06: DMA2 Stream 2 Channel 0 dma pin C07 1 # pin C07: DMA2 Stream 3 Channel 7 dma pin B07 0 # pin B07: DMA1 Stream 3 Channel 2 dma pin A01 0 # pin A01: DMA1 Stream 6 Channel 3
# mixer mixer QUADX
mmix reset
# servo servo 0 1000 2000 1500 100 -1 servo 1 1000 2000 1500 100 -1 servo 2 1000 2000 1500 100 -1 servo 3 1000 2000 1500 100 -1 servo 4 1000 2000 1500 100 -1 servo 5 1000 2000 1500 100 -1 servo 6 1000 2000 1500 100 -1 servo 7 1000 2000 1500 100 -1
# servo mixer smix reset
# feature feature -RX_PPM feature -INFLIGHT_ACC_CAL feature -RX_SERIAL feature -MOTOR_STOP feature -SERVO_TILT feature -SOFTSERIAL feature -GPS feature -RANGEFINDER feature -TELEMETRY feature -3D feature -RX_PARALLEL_PWM feature -RX_MSP feature -RSSI_ADC feature -LED_STRIP feature -DISPLAY feature -OSD feature -CHANNEL_FORWARDING feature -TRANSPONDER feature -AIRMODE feature -RX_SPI feature -ESC_SENSOR feature -ANTI_GRAVITY feature -DYNAMIC_FILTER feature RX_SERIAL feature TELEMETRY feature OSD feature AIRMODE feature ANTI_GRAVITY feature DYNAMIC_FILTER
# beacon beacon RX_LOST beacon RX_SET
# map map TAER1234
# serial serial 20 1 115200 57600 0 115200 serial 0 8192 115200 57600 0 115200 serial 1 64 115200 57600 0 115200 serial 2 0 115200 57600 0 115200 serial 5 0 115200 57600 0 115200
# led led 0 0,0::C:0 led 1 0,0::C:0 led 2 0,0::C:0 led 3 0,0::C:0 led 4 0,0::C:0 led 5 0,0::C:0 led 6 0,0::C:0 led 7 0,0::C:0 led 8 0,0::C:0 led 9 0,0::C:0 led 10 0,0::C:0 led 11 0,0::C:0 led 12 0,0::C:0 led 13 0,0::C:0 led 14 0,0::C:0 led 15 0,0::C:0 led 16 0,0::C:0 led 17 0,0::C:0 led 18 0,0::C:0 led 19 0,0::C:0 led 20 0,0::C:0 led 21 0,0::C:0 led 22 0,0::C:0 led 23 0,0::C:0 led 24 0,0::C:0 led 25 0,0::C:0 led 26 0,0::C:0 led 27 0,0::C:0 led 28 0,0::C:0 led 29 0,0::C:0 led 30 0,0::C:0 led 31 0,0::C:0
# color color 0 0,0,0 color 1 0,255,255 color 2 0,0,255 color 3 30,0,255 color 4 60,0,255 color 5 90,0,255 color 6 120,0,255 color 7 150,0,255 color 8 180,0,255 color 9 210,0,255 color 10 240,0,255 color 11 270,0,255 color 12 300,0,255 color 13 330,0,255 color 14 0,0,0 color 15 0,0,0
# mode_color mode_color 0 0 1 mode_color 0 1 11 mode_color 0 2 2 mode_color 0 3 13 mode_color 0 4 10 mode_color 0 5 3 mode_color 1 0 5 mode_color 1 1 11 mode_color 1 2 3 mode_color 1 3 13 mode_color 1 4 10 mode_color 1 5 3 mode_color 2 0 10 mode_color 2 1 11 mode_color 2 2 4 mode_color 2 3 13 mode_color 2 4 10 mode_color 2 5 3 mode_color 3 0 8 mode_color 3 1 11 mode_color 3 2 4 mode_color 3 3 13 mode_color 3 4 10 mode_color 3 5 3 mode_color 4 0 7 mode_color 4 1 11 mode_color 4 2 3 mode_color 4 3 13 mode_color 4 4 10 mode_color 4 5 3 mode_color 5 0 0 mode_color 5 1 0 mode_color 5 2 0 mode_color 5 3 0 mode_color 5 4 0 mode_color 5 5 0 mode_color 6 0 6 mode_color 6 1 10 mode_color 6 2 1 mode_color 6 3 0 mode_color 6 4 0 mode_color 6 5 2 mode_color 6 6 3 mode_color 6 7 6 mode_color 6 8 0 mode_color 6 9 0 mode_color 6 10 0 mode_color 7 0 3
# aux aux 0 0 0 1700 2100 0 0 aux 1 35 1 1300 2100 0 0 aux 2 36 2 1300 2100 0 0 aux 3 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 4 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 5 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 6 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 7 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 8 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 9 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 10 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 11 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 12 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 13 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 14 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 15 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 16 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 17 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 18 0 0 900 900 0 0 aux 19 0 0 900 900 0 0
# adjrange adjrange 0 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 1 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 2 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 3 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 4 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 5 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 6 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 7 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 8 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 9 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 10 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 11 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 12 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 13 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 14 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 15 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 16 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 17 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 18 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 19 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 20 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 21 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 22 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 23 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 24 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 25 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 26 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 27 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 28 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0 adjrange 29 0 0 900 900 0 0 0 0
# rxrange rxrange 0 1000 2000 rxrange 1 1000 2000 rxrange 2 1000 2000 rxrange 3 1000 2000
# vtxtable vtxtable bands 6 vtxtable channels 8 vtxtable band 1 BOSCAM_A A CUSTOM 5865 5845 5825 5805 5785 5765 5745 5725 vtxtable band 2 BOSCAM_B B CUSTOM 5733 5752 5771 5790 5809 5828 5847 5866 vtxtable band 3 BOSCAM_E E CUSTOM 5705 5685 5665 0 5885 5905 0 0 vtxtable band 4 FATSHARK F CUSTOM 5740 5760 5780 5800 5820 5840 5860 5880 vtxtable band 5 RACEBAND R CUSTOM 5658 5695 5732 5769 5806 5843 5880 5917 vtxtable band 6 IMD6 I CUSTOM 5732 5765 5828 5840 5866 5740 0 0 vtxtable powerlevels 5 vtxtable powervalues 25 100 200 400 800 vtxtable powerlabels 25 100 200 400 800
# vtx vtx 0 0 0 0 0 900 900 vtx 1 0 0 0 0 900 900 vtx 2 0 0 0 0 900 900 vtx 3 0 0 0 0 900 900 vtx 4 0 0 0 0 900 900 vtx 5 0 0 0 0 900 900 vtx 6 0 0 0 0 900 900 vtx 7 0 0 0 0 900 900 vtx 8 0 0 0 0 900 900 vtx 9 0 0 0 0 900 900
# rxfail rxfail 0 a rxfail 1 a rxfail 2 a rxfail 3 a rxfail 4 h rxfail 5 h rxfail 6 h rxfail 7 h rxfail 8 h rxfail 9 h rxfail 10 h rxfail 11 h rxfail 12 h rxfail 13 h rxfail 14 h rxfail 15 h rxfail 16 h rxfail 17 h
# master set gyro_hardware_lpf = NORMAL set gyro_lowpass_type = PT1 set gyro_lowpass_hz = 200 set gyro_lowpass2_type = PT1 set gyro_lowpass2_hz = 350 set gyro_notch1_hz = 0 set gyro_notch1_cutoff = 0 set gyro_notch2_hz = 0 set gyro_notch2_cutoff = 0 set gyro_calib_duration = 125 set gyro_calib_noise_limit = 48 set gyro_offset_yaw = 0 set gyro_overflow_detect = ALL set yaw_spin_recovery = ON set yaw_spin_threshold = 1950 set gyro_to_use = FIRST set dyn_notch_width_percent = 0 set dyn_notch_q = 250 set dyn_notch_min_hz = 100 set dyn_notch_max_hz = 300 set dyn_lpf_gyro_min_hz = 280 set dyn_lpf_gyro_max_hz = 700 set gyro_filter_debug_axis = ROLL set acc_hardware = AUTO set acc_lpf_hz = 10 set acc_trim_pitch = 0 set acc_trim_roll = 0 set acc_calibration = -35,-27,44,1 set align_mag = DEFAULT set mag_align_roll = 0 set mag_align_pitch = 0 set mag_align_yaw = 0 set mag_bustype = I2C set mag_i2c_device = 2 set mag_i2c_address = 0 set mag_spi_device = 0 set mag_hardware = NONE set mag_declination = 0 set mag_calibration = 0,0,0 set baro_bustype = I2C set baro_spi_device = 0 set baro_i2c_device = 2 set baro_i2c_address = 0 set baro_hardware = NONE set baro_tab_size = 21 set baro_noise_lpf = 600 set baro_cf_vel = 985 set mid_rc = 1480 set min_check = 1000 set max_check = 2000 set rssi_channel = 16 set rssi_src_frame_errors = OFF set rssi_scale = 100 set rssi_offset = 0 set rssi_invert = OFF set rssi_src_frame_lpf_period = 30 set rc_interp = AUTO set rc_interp_ch = RPYT set rc_interp_int = 19 set rc_smoothing_type = FILTER set rc_smoothing_input_hz = 0 set rc_smoothing_derivative_hz = 0 set rc_smoothing_debug_axis = ROLL set rc_smoothing_input_type = BIQUAD set rc_smoothing_derivative_type = BIQUAD set rc_smoothing_auto_smoothness = 10 set fpv_mix_degrees = 1 set max_aux_channels = 14 set serialrx_provider = FPORT set serialrx_inverted = OFF set spektrum_sat_bind = 0 set spektrum_sat_bind_autoreset = ON set srxl2_unit_id = 1 set srxl2_baud_fast = ON set sbus_baud_fast = OFF set crsf_use_rx_snr = OFF set airmode_start_throttle_percent = 25 set rx_min_usec = 885 set rx_max_usec = 2115 set serialrx_halfduplex = OFF set rx_spi_protocol = V202_250K set rx_spi_bus = 0 set rx_spi_led_inversion = OFF set adc_device = 1 set adc_vrefint_calibration = 0 set adc_tempsensor_calibration30 = 0 set adc_tempsensor_calibration110 = 0 set input_filtering_mode = OFF set blackbox_p_ratio = 37 set blackbox_device = NONE set blackbox_record_acc = ON set blackbox_mode = NORMAL set min_throttle = 1077 set max_throttle = 2000 set min_command = 1000 set dshot_idle_value = 590 set dshot_burst = OFF set dshot_bidir = ON set dshot_bitbang = AUTO set dshot_bitbang_timer = AUTO set use_unsynced_pwm = OFF set motor_pwm_protocol = DSHOT300 set motor_pwm_rate = 480 set motor_pwm_inversion = OFF set motor_poles = 14 set thr_corr_value = 0 set thr_corr_angle = 800 set failsafe_delay = 4 set failsafe_off_delay = 10 set failsafe_throttle = 1000 set failsafe_switch_mode = STAGE1 set failsafe_throttle_low_delay = 100 set failsafe_procedure = DROP set failsafe_recovery_delay = 20 set failsafe_stick_threshold = 30 set align_board_roll = 0 set align_board_pitch = 0 set align_board_yaw = 0 set gimbal_mode = NORMAL set bat_capacity = 0 set vbat_max_cell_voltage = 450 set vbat_full_cell_voltage = 410 set vbat_min_cell_voltage = 330 set vbat_warning_cell_voltage = 350 set vbat_hysteresis = 1 set current_meter = ESC set battery_meter = NONE set vbat_detect_cell_voltage = 300 set use_vbat_alerts = ON set use_cbat_alerts = OFF set cbat_alert_percent = 10 set vbat_cutoff_percent = 100 set force_battery_cell_count = 0 set vbat_display_lpf_period = 30 set vbat_sag_lpf_period = 2 set ibat_lpf_period = 10 set vbat_duration_for_warning = 0 set vbat_duration_for_critical = 0 set vbat_scale = 110 set vbat_divider = 10 set vbat_multiplier = 1 set ibata_scale = 90 set ibata_offset = 0 set ibatv_scale = 0 set ibatv_offset = 0 set beeper_inversion = ON set beeper_od = OFF set beeper_frequency = 0 set beeper_dshot_beacon_tone = 1 set yaw_motors_reversed = ON set crashflip_motor_percent = 0 set crashflip_expo = 35 set 3d_deadband_low = 1406 set 3d_deadband_high = 1514 set 3d_neutral = 1460 set 3d_deadband_throttle = 50 set 3d_limit_low = 1000 set 3d_limit_high = 2000 set 3d_switched_mode = OFF set servo_center_pulse = 1500 set servo_pwm_rate = 50 set servo_lowpass_hz = 0 set tri_unarmed_servo = ON set channel_forwarding_start = 4 set reboot_character = 82 set serial_update_rate_hz = 100 set imu_dcm_kp = 2500 set imu_dcm_ki = 0 set small_angle = 180 set auto_disarm_delay = 5 set gyro_cal_on_first_arm = OFF set gps_provider = NMEA set gps_sbas_mode = AUTO set gps_sbas_integrity = OFF set gps_auto_config = ON set gps_auto_baud = OFF set gps_ublox_use_galileo = OFF set gps_ublox_mode = AIRBORNE set gps_set_home_point_once = OFF set gps_use_3d_speed = OFF set gps_rescue_angle = 32 set gps_rescue_initial_alt = 50 set gps_rescue_descent_dist = 200 set gps_rescue_landing_alt = 5 set gps_rescue_landing_dist = 10 set gps_rescue_ground_speed = 2000 set gps_rescue_throttle_p = 150 set gps_rescue_throttle_i = 20 set gps_rescue_throttle_d = 50 set gps_rescue_velocity_p = 80 set gps_rescue_velocity_i = 20 set gps_rescue_velocity_d = 15 set gps_rescue_yaw_p = 40 set gps_rescue_throttle_min = 1100 set gps_rescue_throttle_max = 1600 set gps_rescue_ascend_rate = 500 set gps_rescue_descend_rate = 150 set gps_rescue_throttle_hover = 1280 set gps_rescue_sanity_checks = RESCUE_SANITY_ON set gps_rescue_min_sats = 8 set gps_rescue_min_dth = 100 set gps_rescue_allow_arming_without_fix = OFF set gps_rescue_alt_mode = MAX_ALT set gps_rescue_use_mag = ON set deadband = 0 set yaw_deadband = 0 set yaw_control_reversed = OFF set pid_process_denom = 2 set runaway_takeoff_prevention = ON set runaway_takeoff_deactivate_delay = 500 set runaway_takeoff_deactivate_throttle_percent = 20 set thrust_linear = 0 set transient_throttle_limit = 0 set tlm_inverted = OFF set tlm_halfduplex = ON set frsky_default_lat = 0 set frsky_default_long = 0 set frsky_gps_format = 0 set frsky_unit = IMPERIAL set frsky_vfas_precision = 0 set hott_alarm_int = 5 set pid_in_tlm = OFF set report_cell_voltage = OFF set ibus_sensor = 1,2,3,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 set mavlink_mah_as_heading_divisor = 0 set telemetry_disabled_voltage = OFF set telemetry_disabled_current = OFF set telemetry_disabled_fuel = OFF set telemetry_disabled_mode = OFF set telemetry_disabled_acc_x = OFF set telemetry_disabled_acc_y = OFF set telemetry_disabled_acc_z = OFF set telemetry_disabled_pitch = OFF set telemetry_disabled_roll = OFF set telemetry_disabled_heading = OFF set telemetry_disabled_altitude = OFF set telemetry_disabled_vario = OFF set telemetry_disabled_lat_long = OFF set telemetry_disabled_ground_speed = OFF set telemetry_disabled_distance = OFF set telemetry_disabled_esc_current = ON set telemetry_disabled_esc_voltage = ON set telemetry_disabled_esc_rpm = ON set telemetry_disabled_esc_temperature = ON set telemetry_disabled_temperature = OFF set ledstrip_visual_beeper = OFF set ledstrip_visual_beeper_color = WHITE set ledstrip_grb_rgb = GRB set ledstrip_profile = STATUS set ledstrip_race_color = ORANGE set ledstrip_beacon_color = WHITE set ledstrip_beacon_period_ms = 500 set ledstrip_beacon_percent = 50 set ledstrip_beacon_armed_only = OFF set sdcard_detect_inverted = OFF set sdcard_mode = OFF set sdcard_dma = OFF set sdcard_spi_bus = 0 set sdio_clk_bypass = OFF set sdio_use_cache = OFF set sdio_use_4bit_width = OFF set osd_units = METRIC set osd_warn_arming_disable = ON set osd_warn_batt_not_full = ON set osd_warn_batt_warning = ON set osd_warn_batt_critical = ON set osd_warn_visual_beeper = ON set osd_warn_crash_flip = ON set osd_warn_esc_fail = ON set osd_warn_core_temp = ON set osd_warn_rc_smoothing = ON set osd_warn_fail_safe = ON set osd_warn_launch_control = ON set osd_warn_no_gps_rescue = ON set osd_warn_gps_rescue_disabled = ON set osd_warn_rssi = ON set osd_warn_link_quality = ON set osd_warn_over_cap = OFF set osd_rssi_alarm = 20 set osd_link_quality_alarm = 80 set osd_rssi_dbm_alarm = -60 set osd_cap_alarm = 2200 set osd_alt_alarm = 100 set osd_distance_alarm = 0 set osd_esc_temp_alarm = -128 set osd_esc_rpm_alarm = -1 set osd_esc_current_alarm = -1 set osd_core_temp_alarm = 70 set osd_ah_max_pit = 20 set osd_ah_max_rol = 40 set osd_ah_invert = OFF set osd_logo_on_arming = OFF set osd_logo_on_arming_duration = 5 set osd_tim1 = 2560 set osd_tim2 = 2561 set osd_vbat_pos = 2402 set osd_rssi_pos = 2488 set osd_link_quality_pos = 309 set osd_rssi_dbm_pos = 341 set osd_tim_1_pos = 234 set osd_tim_2_pos = 2518 set osd_remaining_time_estimate_pos = 234 set osd_flymode_pos = 234 set osd_anti_gravity_pos = 234 set osd_g_force_pos = 234 set osd_throttle_pos = 302 set osd_vtx_channel_pos = 2504 set osd_crosshairs_pos = 205 set osd_ah_sbar_pos = 206 set osd_ah_pos = 78 set osd_current_pos = 385 set osd_mah_drawn_pos = 2498 set osd_motor_diag_pos = 234 set osd_craft_name_pos = 0 set osd_display_name_pos = 234 set osd_gps_speed_pos = 234 set osd_gps_lon_pos = 234 set osd_gps_lat_pos = 234 set osd_gps_sats_pos = 234 set osd_home_dir_pos = 133 set osd_home_dist_pos = 139 set osd_flight_dist_pos = 55 set osd_compass_bar_pos = 234 set osd_altitude_pos = 234 set osd_pid_roll_pos = 234 set osd_pid_pitch_pos = 234 set osd_pid_yaw_pos = 234 set osd_debug_pos = 234 set osd_power_pos = 234 set osd_pidrate_profile_pos = 234 set osd_warnings_pos = 14760 set osd_avg_cell_voltage_pos = 2434 set osd_pit_ang_pos = 234 set osd_rol_ang_pos = 234 set osd_battery_usage_pos = 234 set osd_disarmed_pos = 2282 set osd_nheading_pos = 234 set osd_nvario_pos = 234 set osd_esc_tmp_pos = 234 set osd_esc_rpm_pos = 234 set osd_esc_rpm_freq_pos = 234 set osd_rtc_date_time_pos = 234 set osd_adjustment_range_pos = 234 set osd_flip_arrow_pos = 234 set osd_core_temp_pos = 234 set osd_log_status_pos = 234 set osd_stick_overlay_left_pos = 234 set osd_stick_overlay_right_pos = 234 set osd_stick_overlay_radio_mode = 2 set osd_rate_profile_name_pos = 234 set osd_pid_profile_name_pos = 234 set osd_profile_name_pos = 234 set osd_rcchannels_pos = 234 set osd_camera_frame_pos = 35 set osd_efficiency_pos = 234 set osd_stat_rtc_date_time = OFF set osd_stat_tim_1 = OFF set osd_stat_tim_2 = ON set osd_stat_max_spd = ON set osd_stat_max_dist = OFF set osd_stat_min_batt = ON set osd_stat_endbatt = ON set osd_stat_battery = ON set osd_stat_min_rssi = ON set osd_stat_max_curr = ON set osd_stat_used_mah = ON set osd_stat_max_alt = OFF set osd_stat_bbox = ON set osd_stat_bb_no = ON set osd_stat_max_g_force = OFF set osd_stat_max_esc_temp = OFF set osd_stat_max_esc_rpm = OFF set osd_stat_min_link_quality = OFF set osd_stat_flight_dist = OFF set osd_stat_max_fft = OFF set osd_stat_total_flights = OFF set osd_stat_total_time = OFF set osd_stat_total_dist = OFF set osd_stat_min_rssi_dbm = OFF set osd_profile = 1 set osd_profile_1_name = - set osd_profile_2_name = - set osd_profile_3_name = - set osd_gps_sats_show_hdop = OFF set osd_displayport_device = AUTO set osd_rcchannels = -1,-1,-1,-1 set osd_camera_frame_width = 24 set osd_camera_frame_height = 11 set system_hse_mhz = 8 set task_statistics = ON set debug_mode = STACK set rate_6pos_switch = OFF set cpu_overclock = OFF set pwr_on_arm_grace = 5 set scheduler_optimize_rate = AUTO set enable_stick_arming = OFF set vtx_band = 2 set vtx_channel = 4 set vtx_power = 5 set vtx_low_power_disarm = OFF set vtx_freq = 5790 set vtx_pit_mode_freq = 0 set vtx_halfduplex = ON set vtx_spi_bus = 0 set vcd_video_system = AUTO set vcd_h_offset = 0 set vcd_v_offset = 0 set max7456_clock = DEFAULT set max7456_spi_bus = 2 set max7456_preinit_opu = OFF set displayport_msp_col_adjust = 0 set displayport_msp_row_adjust = 0 set displayport_msp_serial = 0 set displayport_msp_attrs = 0,0,0,0 set displayport_msp_use_device_blink = OFF set displayport_max7456_col_adjust = 0 set displayport_max7456_row_adjust = 0 set displayport_max7456_inv = OFF set displayport_max7456_blk = 0 set displayport_max7456_wht = 2 set esc_sensor_halfduplex = OFF set esc_sensor_current_offset = 0 set frsky_spi_autobind = OFF set frsky_spi_tx_id = 0,0 set frsky_spi_offset = 0 set frsky_spi_bind_hop_data = 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 set frsky_x_rx_num = 0 set frsky_spi_a1_source = VBAT set cc2500_spi_chip_detect = ON set led_inversion = 0 set dashboard_i2c_bus = 2 set dashboard_i2c_addr = 60 set camera_control_mode = HARDWARE_PWM set camera_control_ref_voltage = 330 set camera_control_key_delay = 180 set camera_control_internal_resistance = 470 set camera_control_button_resistance = 450,270,150,68,0 set camera_control_inverted = OFF set rangefinder_hardware = NONE set pinio_config = 1,1,1,1 set pinio_box = 255,255,255,255 set usb_hid_cdc = OFF set usb_msc_pin_pullup = ON set flash_spi_bus = 3 set rcdevice_init_dev_attempts = 6 set rcdevice_init_dev_attempt_interval = 1000 set rcdevice_protocol_version = 0 set rcdevice_feature = 0 set gyro_1_bustype = SPI set gyro_1_spibus = 1 set gyro_1_i2cBus = 0 set gyro_1_i2c_address = 0 set gyro_1_sensor_align = CW180 set gyro_1_align_roll = 0 set gyro_1_align_pitch = 0 set gyro_1_align_yaw = 1800 set gyro_2_bustype = SPI set gyro_2_spibus = 0 set gyro_2_i2cBus = 0 set gyro_2_i2c_address = 0 set gyro_2_sensor_align = CW0 set gyro_2_align_roll = 0 set gyro_2_align_pitch = 0 set gyro_2_align_yaw = 0 set i2c1_pullup = OFF set i2c1_overclock = ON set i2c2_pullup = OFF set i2c2_overclock = ON set i2c3_pullup = OFF set i2c3_overclock = ON set mco2_on_pc9 = OFF set timezone_offset_minutes = 0 set gyro_rpm_notch_harmonics = 3 set gyro_rpm_notch_q = 500 set gyro_rpm_notch_min = 100 set dterm_rpm_notch_harmonics = 0 set dterm_rpm_notch_q = 500 set dterm_rpm_notch_min = 100 set rpm_notch_lpf = 150 set flysky_spi_tx_id = 0 set flysky_spi_rf_channels = 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 set stats = OFF set stats_total_flights = 0 set stats_total_time_s = 0 set stats_total_dist_m = 0 set name = SL5 set display_name = - set position_alt_source = DEFAULT set box_user_1_name = - set box_user_2_name = - set box_user_3_name = - set box_user_4_name = -
profile 2
# profile 2 set profile_name = - set dyn_lpf_dterm_min_hz = 70 set dyn_lpf_dterm_max_hz = 170 set dyn_lpf_dterm_curve_expo = 5 set dterm_lowpass_type = PT1 set dterm_lowpass_hz = 150 set dterm_lowpass2_type = PT1 set dterm_lowpass2_hz = 150 set dterm_notch_hz = 0 set dterm_notch_cutoff = 0 set vbat_pid_gain = OFF set vbat_sag_compensation = 0 set pid_at_min_throttle = ON set anti_gravity_mode = SMOOTH set anti_gravity_threshold = 250 set anti_gravity_gain = 3500 set feedforward_transition = 0 set acc_limit_yaw = 0 set acc_limit = 0 set crash_dthreshold = 50 set crash_gthreshold = 400 set crash_setpoint_threshold = 350 set crash_time = 500 set crash_delay = 0 set crash_recovery_angle = 10 set crash_recovery_rate = 100 set crash_limit_yaw = 200 set crash_recovery = OFF set iterm_rotation = OFF set iterm_relax = RP set iterm_relax_type = SETPOINT set iterm_relax_cutoff = 15 set iterm_windup = 100 set iterm_limit = 400 set pidsum_limit = 500 set pidsum_limit_yaw = 400 set yaw_lowpass_hz = 0 set throttle_boost = 5 set throttle_boost_cutoff = 15 set acro_trainer_angle_limit = 20 set acro_trainer_lookahead_ms = 50 set acro_trainer_debug_axis = ROLL set acro_trainer_gain = 75 set p_pitch = 46 set i_pitch = 90 set d_pitch = 38 set f_pitch = 95 set p_roll = 42 set i_roll = 85 set d_roll = 35 set f_roll = 90 set p_yaw = 45 set i_yaw = 90 set d_yaw = 0 set f_yaw = 90 set angle_level_strength = 50 set horizon_level_strength = 50 set horizon_transition = 75 set level_limit = 55 set horizon_tilt_effect = 75 set horizon_tilt_expert_mode = OFF set abs_control_gain = 0 set abs_control_limit = 90 set abs_control_error_limit = 20 set abs_control_cutoff = 11 set use_integrated_yaw = OFF set integrated_yaw_relax = 200 set d_min_roll = 23 set d_min_pitch = 25 set d_min_yaw = 0 set d_min_boost_gain = 37 set d_min_advance = 20 set motor_output_limit = 100 set auto_profile_cell_count = 0 set launch_control_mode = NORMAL set launch_trigger_allow_reset = ON set launch_trigger_throttle_percent = 20 set launch_angle_limit = 0 set launch_control_gain = 40 set ff_interpolate_sp = AVERAGED_2 set ff_spike_limit = 60 set ff_max_rate_limit = 100 set ff_smooth_factor = 37 set ff_boost = 15 set idle_min_rpm = 0 set idle_adjustment_speed = 50 set idle_p = 50 set idle_pid_limit = 200 set idle_max_increase = 150 set level_race_mode = OFF
rateprofile 0
# rateprofile 0 set rateprofile_name = - set thr_mid = 50 set thr_expo = 60 set rates_type = BETAFLIGHT set roll_rc_rate = 100 set pitch_rc_rate = 100 set yaw_rc_rate = 100 set roll_expo = 1 set pitch_expo = 1 set yaw_expo = 1 set roll_srate = 59 set pitch_srate = 59 set yaw_srate = 59 set tpa_rate = 60 set tpa_breakpoint = 1250 set tpa_mode = D set throttle_limit_type = OFF set throttle_limit_percent = 100 set roll_rate_limit = 1998 set pitch_rate_limit = 1998 set yaw_rate_limit = 1998
# end the command batch batch end
submitted by Comprehensive_Ad9310 to fpv [link] [comments]

2020.11.25 08:56 RobbWatershed Hentoid v1.13.0 - Folders, grid view, tag blocker and archive support

Get the APK here
New - + Support for (yaoi / bara only) - + Support for Manwha hentai - + E-hentai / Exhentai : Hentoid now works when the multipage viewer is enabled as default viewer - + Web browser : New "page" button on the bottom bar to type a specific page number to navigate to (Hitomi, Nhentai and Hentai Cafe only) - + Web browser : torrent files are now opened with your favourite torrent app - Web browser : when viewing a book that is present in your library, a new download button appears if the book has been updated with new pages. That allows you to update your download with the new pages. - + Web browser : A warning is displayed on a book page if it contains blocked content - + Web browser : New bookmarks management dialog - + Downloader : Downloads can now be blocked if they contain specific tags that you define (e.g. "scat, guro") - + Library screen : Groups are here ! Use the "folder" icon that appears on the left side of the bar with advanced search and the sorting options * Auto group by artist * Auto group by download date * Create your own groups - Select book > Move to group... - Library screen : Swipe to delete is back with lowered sensitivity (same as for queue screen) - Library screen : Archiving multiple books is now possible (multi-select > "archive" icon) - + Library screen : Deleting and archiving progression is now signaled with notifications - + Library screen : Language is now displayed with a flag - + Library screen : Option to display books on a grid (Nhentai-style with multiple books on a single row) - + Library screen / paged mode : Tapping the page number allows you to type a specific page number to navigate to - + Library screen : Reading progress is displayed as a circle on the top right corner - + Library screen : Submitting an URL to the search bar opens the Hentoid browser if the site is supported - + Image viewer : 1s and 0.5s slideshow delays have been added - + Image viewer : Browse mode (LTR, TRL, vertical) can now be set and will be remembered for each specific book - + Preferences : External library can now be detached - Preferences : App logs can now be opened and shared from the app (no need to open the Hentoid folder) - + External library : Support for ZIP, EPUB, CBZ, RAR and CBR archives
Changed - Prevent Hentoid's primary folder to be selected as the external library's folder - Prevent the device's download folder to be selected as Hentoid's primary folder - Web browser : "Back to gallery" icon updated to something hopefully more explicit - + Download notifications now include current download speed, downloaded/estimated size and a pause button - Library screen : Left navigation drawer has been redesigned to make the queue always accessible without scrolling - Library screen : Archived books now end up in your device's Download folder - Library screen : "Delete" icon stays the same, no matter how many books are selected - Library screen : Swipe to delete is now youtube-style (swipe to show button, then tap) - + Library screen : back button removes active search filter - + Library screen : New icon showing a book is part of the external library (left to the site icon) - Image viewer : Single "Book settings" screen that leads to apps settings - Image viewer : Better display when images or pages are not found - Image viewer : Using the "delete" button on the top bar now asks if you want to delete the book or the page - + Image viewer : Page stats now display the size of the file - + Image viewer : "Fill screen" now works as expected - Improve sorting by file name when importing external content
Fixed - Hitomi : Fix wrong page order on certain books - Porncomix : Fix books with duplicate images messing up download integrity controls - Fakku downloads : File size is now correctly reported on the library screen for new downloads; refresh your library to fix old downloads - Queue screen / errors : Leaving the "redownload from scratch" dialog removes selection - Queue screen / errors : Selection still works after reading books - Queue screen : Crashes on some devices when items are added or removed - Rare cases where books would disappear from the library list when viewed during their download - Library screen : Empty covers when importing certain external folders - Library screen : Invisible source button on certain non-external books when external books are in the library - Library screen : Books won't blink endlessly anymore when restarting the app after closing it in the middle of a delete operation - Image viewer : Rotating the device doesn't reset to the first viewed book anymore - Image viewer : Deleting the 1st queued book from the image viewer properly cancels its download - Image viewer : APNG books animate again after refreshing/reimporting your collection (requires a redownload for bugged books) - External library : Images are now sorted in the correct numerical order - External library : Hentoid books imported in the external library now have the 'external-library' tag - Misc. minor display and navigation issues
+ : Features requested by the Hentoid Community
Please join us on Discord if you want to help test newer versions
submitted by RobbWatershed to Hentoid [link] [comments]

2020.11.25 08:05 coy-coyote [noir-vember][ordeal, metaplanes] just add water (redux) <2020-11-25>

Name of Run: just add water
This run is meant to explore the extradimensionality of the intersection of partially submerged metaplanes and astral rifts & gateways on the prime material.
Runners are invited to a device refurbishing shop where they receive bunk commlink prizes that immediately drag them into a chat with Chintzy.
Runners are contracted to find the pump recirculation system in the SeaTac warrens. ZDT identifies the items with a matrix search; Orca follows up on this info with their SeaMetroplex contact for a R4 favor to gain access, RFIDs, and a cover for arriving at the infil point.
Orca, Soji, Bubblegum and Havoc go for infiltration set. Havoc and ZDT locksmith unpassable doors. They successfully avoid anti-tampers systems, making it to the secondary flooding control chamber and the recirculating pump.
Bubblegum and Orca can barely teamwork into the submersible frame of the pump regulation system; this gives ZDT room to start hacking that host after subverting infrastructure on the SeaTac security host. ZDT floods out one of the bathrooms systems, creating an issue of timing for the runners in the sewer cistern, as it fills with sewer water. They remedy this by activating the pump against its emergency use authorization protocols; flooding the airport tarmac with raw sewage while the runway was still active resulted in a landing jet hydroplaning across the landing strips into a row of taxiing jet liners.
Bubblegum calls down a R3 favor with Blackjack Huckleberry, a free spirit, to astral gateway the room and the device to the planes. Arriving at 'The Bar' in the plane of man, they are again accosted by astral predators, as Havoc is spotted by a nearby Croki lurking in the club who attempts to snatch him. Wise to their tricks, Orca and Bubblegum step into to drag Havoc out of the club.
Once in the endless alleyways, Bubblegum remembers to check for trashcans to find the secret portal to the Anarch Subway - nearly losing his shirt and free will to a nearby Jarl, cruising Zecocorporatum for Blackjack and Anarch spirits in need of financial respite. Bubblegum backs off from the Jarl, escaping into the subway with the rest of the team, where the pump regulator appears as a subway train.
After a stop, Bubblegum realizes that things need to happen with the Gremlins - and begins looking around the subway stops for signs, finding a commlink with a gremlin face on it during one foray into a loading platform. He breaks his leg getting back to the train in time with the commlink, but they meet the 'Tech-rupter' Gizmo the Drengfaulk, who assists commandeering the train to guide it back to the sub-plane of Malfunction, home of the gremlin queen.
In court, players ask for a few rewards before being astral gateway'd back to Seattle - in their bodies - in various random bathrooms at the Seattle Metro Dome.
The Gremlin queen has her hooks in Sea-Tac airport now, utilizing the offline host as a massive incubation chamber for herself. While she has cleared some data, it was more fun for her to flood out rescue teams arriving at SeaTac to deal with the mess of planes crashed.
Orca; R4 favor, Joseph Weissman. Bubblegum; R3 favor, Blackjack Huckleberry, paid in karma.
submitted by coy-coyote to NeonAAR [link] [comments]

2020.11.25 05:17 FlashFanNumber1 Flash: Do speedsters see other speedsters naked?

When speedsters use their rings to change into the suit, they are not wearing clothes under, because only the suit can withstand that much running, unless you think about the “Speed Force aura” to protect them, (as they explained after hearing about Flash-Time), around them, but they wouldn’t use the suit that much, because the only plus side would be partial face covering, which hasn’t always worked out so well. It’s also obvious they aren’t wearing their normal clothes under, so where are their clothes going after they change, (they don’t appear anywhere around them after they change. Also, if they change, and if other speedster(s), do they see the other one whose changing naked? Also when Oliver (Flash in cross-over 5) changed Barry (green arrow) into his suit, with the same question. They really only mentioned something kinda related to that question when Barry changed Caitlin out of her clothes from coming back home after the bar when her and Barry hung out and she got drunk,(probably for the first time in her life), and she asks: did you sneak a peak? Also Jessie and/or Wally might have changed and looked at the other before, during, and after they dated, 🍑👀.
submitted by FlashFanNumber1 to u/FlashFanNumber1 [link] [comments]

2020.11.25 00:19 gooselives_ The Transplant's Guide to Laredo

Buen día!
Welcome to The Gateway City. You're probably reading this because you are relocating to Laredo for work. Moving somewhere new can always be a chaotic experience, but I hope this extensive guide on all aspects of Laredo living will help make your time in Laredo as memorable as mine was. Grab a Dos XX with Tajin or a Margarita and enjoy. A bit about myself: I lived in Laredo from early 2016 - to late 2017 after I graduated from college for work. I periodically go back to visit friends since I live in Houston now. I didn't make a ton of money when I was there for my flying job, but I still had the time of my life. Please keep in mind these are my opinions and thoughts from my time there. I had a blast being there in my early 20's, but I know priorities and interests change as people age, however, I've tried to be objective when writing this guide for everyone.
Mods please please feel free to pin this post to help others out down the road.

Overall thoughts:
The best way I can describe Laredo is that it's like you took a trip to Mexico, but you get to keep all the cool benefits of being in the United States. It's kind of the best of both worlds, and I found both the people and culture of Laredo to be great. There is nothing like grinding at work during the week just to make it to hang out at the pool day drinking with your friends doing Carne's (short for Carneasada aka cookouts), going out, and the afters (after parties) on the weekends. Oh, I forget to mention the food is AWESOME. Also worth noting, anyone that is not Latino in Laredo is a minority which is kind of a cool experience in itself.

The Weather:
Take a look at your weather app for Laredo right now, if it's winter you'll notice that it's probably in the 50-70 degree range. In very rare circumstances it has snowed in Laredo, but being from the Midwest I found the winters are super mild. Summer on the other hand is a whole other animal, expect hot temps in the low 100's especially in mid to late summer. In reality, there is Summer and Fall in Laredo. Fortunately, it is a normally dry heat. It can get slightly humid though if the winds are out of the East from the Gulf, but it depends on the day. It's usually sunny a majority of the time though which is cool. Your summer wardrobe will be in use 9-10 months of the year.

Where to live:
Like anything this depends on your budget, however, Laredo is a very affordable city when it comes to renting and buying. I lived off Bob Bullock Loop and 359 (Southside). Like anything, economically driven rent in the city fluctuates but is extremely affordable compared to almost any other city. I paid 1000/mo for a nicer 2 bed 2 bath. Around town, a nice one bed runs in the 600-850/mo range and 2/2 runs in the 1100-1200/mo area at the nicer complexes.
My roommate and I lived where we did because we flew out of the airport so it was a quick drive for us, but if I had to do it again, I would have probably lived in a bit more of a "busier" part of town in the McPherson and Delmar area or on the north side since we found ourselves driving there when we'd go out most of the time. This area is also considered to be some of the more "higher end" part of town with nicer houses and stuff. has been my go-to source the past 6 times I've moved, give it a look if you are shopping around.
I highly recommend picking a place with a pool and/or a grill if you're remotely interested in that sort of thing. Due to Laredo's climate the pool and grilling out are a way of life. It's also a great place to meet people.

Getting Around:
Having a vehicle is the most practical answer for Laredo, however, Uber and Lyft markets have popped up in the last few years. The bus system for the city is called El Metro. Laredo is pretty easy to get around, the only major highway is 35 which starts at the river (the Rio Grande crossing downtown) and goes to points North like SA, Austin, and Dallas. Bob Bullock Loop orbits the city to the East.
**Important Notes About Driving in Laredo*\*: Uninsured motorists are abundant meaning expect some sort of increase in your car insurance. I thought I knew how to drive until I came to Laredo. People drive fast, yellow lights mean speed up, and red lights/stop signs are optional. For some reason, drunk driving is also a very abundant thing, especially in the evenings/late night hours. I'm hoping this issue has improved since I lived there since Uber and Lyft are now a thing. Either way, stay alert, be a defensive driver, and you'll be fine.

What to do:
Many locals cite "things to do" while living in Laredo to be the toughest category to fill. Bottom line, it's a small town, however, there is something for everyone in town!
Going out is the big thing to do in town most weekends as drinking is considered one of the biggest activities. I loved it, but I also know it's not for everyone. However, there are a wide variety of bars to pick from each having a different vibe. I've listed some of my favorites below. A lot of bars/restaurants have a DJ or band after a certain time. Bars are spread out across the city, but cluster in the McPherson/DelmaJacaman (pronounced Haca-man) area and now downtown. Bars close at 2 AM but people love to party till the sun comes up so after-parties at people’s houses are common.
So many good ones that can range from cheap to expensive, but the food is good at all of them! Here is my list of local spots, but Yelp is usually a good place to check for updated options.
Activities: Is a great group to follow to get daily updates on things going on around Laredo.

Where to shop:
This one is a big no brainer for me personally, but HEB, the big Texas grocery chain, is the move. They have great selections (especially their meat and produce) and pretty good prices. If you want to save a bit more, Fiesta or Walmart is your only other big options that are worth a look. Laredo also has any major brick and mortar retail store Best Buy etc and a Mall with all the normal Mall stores. The outlet mall on the river is a super cool spot to I recommend doing some retail therapy at.

Where to Workout/Active Stuff:
There are all sorts of gyms between cross fit, yoga, Orange Theory, and your brick and mortar gyms (Crunch, Anytime, Golds, etc.) If you're into outdoorsy trail stuff North Central Park has a nice set of trails and Lake Casablanca State Park on the East side has some pretty good trails for the area also. If golfing is your thing there are a couple of golf courses, Casablanca Golf Course is your run of the mill Par 3 and the Laredo Country Club is the nice golf course in town. I know Laredo also has some rec sports adult leagues if you're into that like Flag football and stuff, Google should be able to help you find out more about those.

Safety and Crossing the border:
Laredo like any mid-size city has its share of crime, however, there is a very large presence of Local and State Police, DEA, FBI, and Border Patrol in the city due to its proximity to Mexico. Like any major city, lock your doors and take out any valuables in your car. The few homeless people stick to the I-35 corridor mostly. Lock your doors and windows and you'll be fine. There are sketchier parts of town the further south you go, but I never had issues as many of these people are often very humble and respectful people.
I remember watching the Border Wars show before I moved and thinking "Oh shit, what did I sign up for?" Cartels are simply a reality of life especially on the border, but they also exist in any major city around the world, they just happen to be a bit more prevalent in their activities at the border. They exist and have a hand in many things both in Nuevo Laredo and Laredo (businesses, politics, etc.). Like anywhere keep a street smart head, vigilant attitude, and don't hang out with the wrong types of people and you will be fine in Laredo. LADIES, please carry some sort of protection with you like mace and stay in groups when out, especially when downtown.
I'll start with this disclaimer that I'm a 6' white guy, so I don't blend in that well. However, I dated a girl I met at a bar who lived across in Nuevo Laredo for 10 months so I got my full share of the crossing experiences. I'm witting this during COVID times so things are a bit different atm. The crossing is an experience I could and probably should do a thread about on its own, but I'll summarize what I can here.
There are two ways to cross: 1. Driving or 2. Taking the footbridge both located downtown. I walked every time because my GF at the time would pick me up on the other side, but a word of caution. If you drive understand that having non-expired US plates and a nice car makes you a target for robbings and other non-fun stuff. I recommend getting a bank such as Charles Schwab with zero international ATM fee's and that gives you a 1:1 exchange rate when pulling out cash from an ATM, however, the border exchange places near the bridges work in a pinch. Cash is king there. If you do cross you need to at least have a remote working knowledge of the Spanish language or be with someone who does, it's amazing how different life can be across a 20-foot body of water.
I often heard stories where people crossed to go to places like Jose Frog's and other bars and shops every weekend in the ‘80s, but times have unfortunately changed since. There were relatively calm periods and today there are periods of literal war in the streets. Please ask one of the many locals that commute to Laredo daily for work if they think it is safe to cross for that day since it is truly a dynamic environment. If you work in any sort of government or law enforcement line of work, DO NOT CROSS.
If you do want to cross, understand that I recommend the following:
Looking back I was pretty reckless at times when I went across because I was with my GF, her brothers, or her family most of the time so I felt relatively safe. Please live through my experiences if you are dying to push the envelope with crossing. If you're considering a visit to "La Zona", don't. It's cool, but you can get the same experience in Vegas without the fear of being kidnapped or killed. Going out over there is super cheap, but the bars all pay a "toll" to the cartels weekly to operate. It's not out of the ordinary for Federales/Cartel to come through a packed bar with AR-15's or the cartel to kick everyone out if the business didn't pay that week. We got stopped by the cartel a few times asking why I was visiting so much. They watch the bridges 24/7, they know the second you step on their turf, and they know what you do and who you do it with. Remember that you can also easily get mixed up with the wrong people on the Laredo side of the river which is equally as dangerous. Know who your friends are!

Closing tips:
-Laredo is what you make it, if you do nothing and sit around it’s going to suck so make the best of it.
-I wish my Spanish was a bit better before I moved there. It comes in handy A TON as Spanish is the preferred language and a majority of folks speak it. Knowing it will make your life easier.
- Get one of those windshield sun shades for your car, they are a necessity in the hot weather
- Gentlemen. If your single don’t be creepy, go talk to that girl and ask her to dance! Latin culture is very cool, open, confident, and fun.
- Embrace the culture and enjoy it
- Go to a Quinceañera and a traditional Mexican wedding
- Learn how to Line Dance and Cumbia!
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2020.11.24 21:34 Quick_Hovercraft_268 I [M23] am in love like never before. But I’m so scared of messing things up.

Spool back two weeks. I [M23, Europe] get assigned to work with a girl [F22] in a university class project. I don’t know her, never met her.
Because of Covid, all classes are remotely on Zoom at this time.
I figure out that perhaps we should talk on the phone about our project. I message her on the student portal and ask for her number, she gives it and says I could call any time.
I call her up, we talk for a while about the project, before drifting off into other topics. The conversation is flowing so easily and so deep and interesting, and we figure out that we have a lot of the same interests in common (literature, travel, philosophy). After 3 and a half hours that pass by at lightning speed, at 1:30 AM in the morning, we hang up even though we both want to continue talking through the night. She says that she will go to the library the next day to study (which is still open), and that I could come with her and we could have lunch together. I of course agree.
I remember I couldn’t sleep at all, I knew I had met my soulmate.
The next day and the days after, I get to the library, we sit there studying, and take long, long breaks with the same endless, interesting talks. In the evenings we chat for hours on Whatsapp.
I learn more and more about her, and she about me. The most interesting conversations are about our personal backgrounds and childhood and how they have shaped us. After a while, we talk about relationships, past experiences and find out that we are 100% on the same page in our view of what is important in a relationship and how to make it work.
One night, I’m sitting in bed, after we’ve yet again talked until early in the morning about philosophical questions, travels, and other incredibly interesting stuff. I realise that I’m in love like I never have been before. And that without giving what have mattered to me in previous dates and relationships (looks, style of clothing, food preferences, background, etc) a single thought. For the first time, I’ve fallen in love with a person at a truly substantial level.
More days pass, more talking, and then one day last week we’re both studying at home, when she says she wants to get out of her apartment for a while and asks if I want a coffee. We go to a coffee place near her, and that little coffee break turns into a three hour chat - the manager had to throw us out at closing time. We walk to the bus stop, I thought she would just go home because it was 15 minutes until the bus came. But no, she wanted to wait there with me and continue talking. When the bus finally arrived, we gave eachother one big, long hug.
And then today, we’ve agreed that on Friday, we will drink wine, talk and maybe watch a movie at her place. All bars are closed in our country, so there’s really no other place to drink alcohol than in private homes anyway.
I’m so nervous about this upcoming meeting. I know very well that I should try to make a move, but I’m very afraid that she’s going to reject me and that I have misunderstood everything.
There has not been one single moment of embarrassing silence when we’ve talked together, but that can of course change if she gets to know that I want something different than her. That would not be very cool because I, for one, would love to have her as a friend, and the school project would not be so fun to work on in this situation. And last, but not least, the heartbreak. She’s literally the partner I had imagined in my dreams, and I’m in love like I’ve never been before.
What would you do? I’m thinking about, on Friday, playfully hugging and touching her before maybe moving on to see if she wants to cuddle more. I’m NOT (only) after sex with her, this is a lasting relationship or nothing.
Tl;dr: In love like never before, scared of fucking up with the consequences it will have for myself and a school project I’m working on with the girl.
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2020.11.24 20:34 FrequentIssue9410 Second dui

So I have two duis. Second one happened bc I thought I could go to a restaurant and have one beer while I ordered my lunch ended up drinking more than I should and pulled over for speeding which lead to the dui no one was in harms way on both occasions. I know I’m at fault and it was a really stupid decision of mine. I’m just trying to feel normal again I still have my job but it kills me inside that I can’t get my cdl anymore and how hard dating will be I just turned 30 and just feels like I ruined my life for stopping at a bagrill after hitting the gym up. I got arrested in gym clothes 🤦🏻‍♂️ Also how hard is it to get new jobs with 2duis on your record. I’m a really smart hard working guy who just makes stupid choices and let’s his guard down when I drink. Haven’t drank since that day!
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2020.11.24 17:57 UniqueApe3 I was addicted to Xanax at university... here's what happened

We're in lockdown, I'm new to Reddit and I've had plenty of time to do some reflecting over the past few weeks. So let me play the devil's advocate and share a few of my most fucked up and best moments of my life as a student in the UK. Before you read, please remember I was heavily addicted to Xanax and would not recommend/advise anyone to try Xanax recreationally let alone any other substance unless advised to do so by a medical professional. I hope this opens some eyes to the potential dangers that substance abuse can cause.
Have you ever taken Xanax after indulging in what was only meant to be one, but seven bars throughout the course of an evening? Waking up days later or even in a prison cell thinking, "I'm never going to do this again", to find yourself waiting outside your dealers' university halls the same evening? That was basically the 'story of my life' throughout my second and third year of university as a Business and Finance student.
Pretty little demons aren't they. The instant relief of anxiety, stress, pain, and hurt, what's there not to love? Being able to avoid and hide away from what I thought at the time were the harsh realities of the world and the burdens of my life, whilst of course, jeopardize your whole student life, fucking up your memory, and hurting the ones you love without even knowing whats going on because you're basically a half-functioning zombie. Let me just point out, the majority of 'Xanax bars' in the UK are fake as shit, produced by a backyard pharmacist, well hey, they were also cheap as chips, why would I care? Who knows what the fuck I was really feeding my body and mind with...till this day I feel as if my memory has never fully recovered...
During my first year of university in 2016, I was somewhat sober, I smoked weed every day, hit the occasional bomb of mandy, and indulged in a line or two of coke here and there, what university student didn't? I suffered a few broken bones but everything was fine and there was no real cause for concern, I passed my first year with flying colors.
The following year is where the real action happened when I started dating this girl, let's call her Sophie. She was an innocent-looking character; tiny, beautiful, and full of experience, there was something about her so remarkably alluring I couldn't help but become tied up in a relationship with her. She looked fragile and had an extreme sense of mystery, I was instantly attached from the moment I'd laid eyes on her in my first year, it was magical yet mythical, a perfect recipe for disaster.
After a few rocky weeks of dating later, Sophie was basically living with me at my uni accommodation, it turns out that the reason she looked so fragile was that she had difficulty swallowing and digesting the food she ate or drank. Every time she tried to eat or drink anything she would regurgitate 80% of whatever she tried to put down her mouth...horrible I know. When we'd go for dinner she would have to run to the bathroom at least five times within the space of half an hour to throw-up her food before we decide to take the food home and leave the restaurant early. Imagine as a student having to stay at home whilst your friends have gone for dinner to avoid the embarrassment of throwing up your food or worrying how long it will take you to get drunk when you want to go clubbing, not even doctors knew why this was happening. Though, as she drank more alcohol, it became easier for Sophie to eat and drink, maybe it was anxiety that was preventing her from swallowing and digesting her food? No one knew, this went on until May 2017, that's when I introduced her to Xanax.
Ok, I'm not saying that Xanax cured her but it sure did help. I'd taken Xanax before on flights, only about 1mg to put me to sleep, never would I have thought I would be playing the role of 'doctor' and prescribing it to my girlfriend to try to get her to eat and drink properly. I barely had any experience with the drug and I am certainly not a medical professional. The first time we took a Xanax together, we started with half a bar on an empty stomach, smoked a joint, ordered dominoes, and then we waited, patiently, curious to see whether I should have actually been studying medicine or not, it was a miracle. Sophie's digestion improved dramatically and we even ordered another pizza, although she was probably only 60% better it was a massive improvement, maybe I was coming on to something? At least after our exams, if we tried 0.25mg it might still have the same effect whilst being able to function in the day-time.
Unfortunately, everything went in a down-hill spiral. Second-year studies had finished, and Sophie had her third-year university house throughout the whole of the Summer so we would stay there for weeks at a time whilst she attended her therapy sessions and I was re-sitting exams. It was not easy to study when our daily habits would consist of; fucking, popping xanz, and ordering dominos and a bunch of desserts, we both suffered from our own underlying sadness which made the Xanax even more seductive. Xanax is all fun and games until they start to wear off, which is quite quickly given their short half-life, hence why the urges to take more prevailed, you literally can become the devil, and this time, Sophie burst into flames.
I remember waking up in the middle of the night to see Sophie crying hysterically, she was sat in the middle of the floor, eyeballing herself in the mirror, a devilish stare. To this day I would always wonder what was going through her mind, it certainly wasn't pleasant. All of a sudden...Bam. At the beginning of what was about to be an extremely long night, she smashes the mirror against the wall along with everything she could find within her reach. The Xanax was leaving both of our systems and devil modes kicked in. I tried to calm her down but she wouldn't stop. Blood dripping down walls, hours of shouting, glass shattered, ripped clothes everywhere, and some cuts and bruises later, as things started to calm down. We heard footsteps creeping up the stairs towards the room where Sophie and I had been arguing, it must have been around 6 am - my timeline is based on flashbacks of the event, it was two police officers. They came to check on us as there were multiple calls from concerned neighbors, I'm not surprised, it must have sounded like a murder scene. They took us both to separate rooms and questioned us, they wanted to make sure that I had not violently abused Sophie as she had loads of scratches and bruises across her arms from the smashed glass (I would never hit her). After speaking with them individually for about 10 minutes and telling them it was just a heated argument, the police soon dispersed. I thought the nightmare had ended, but things got worse, Sophie ran downstairs and locked herself in the bathroom. After about 5 minutes locked inside, she walks out having drunk fucking bleach! Major panic mode, the devils had possessed her, I immediately called for an ambulance. When we reached the hospital, Sophie felt fine, she did not consume enough for the bleach to have any serious effect. The doctors tried to section her but she refused and we left the hospital, went back to her university house, finished the remaining bag of the Xanax that evening, and went to the zoo the next morning as if nothing had happened.
My relationship with Sophie was extremely toxic. Even though we had a deep, unconditional love for each other, we always found a way to hurt one another, it was a constant mental battle between us to see who could end up on top but the truth is, we both ended up at the bottom, the only people we were damaging was ourselves. It was strange, every time we'd go through one of these episodes, there were a few, I would feel a stronger connection towards her, these moments would make me feel closer with her and I would learn to understand her better. This was just the first of many of our heated discussions, we were together for 3 years and lived with each other. Depression and anxiety consumed us, so we depended on substances and our lust for each other to fight our troubles. Throughout that Summer, Xanax would become apart of my daily routine, starting my mornings with 0.5mg of Xanax and by the time it was nighttime, I would have finished my whole baggy of bars without even realizing, It felt amazing. Days were flying by and I was anxiety-free.
It's the begging of September 2017, two weeks before the start of my third year at university. My ex-girlfriend, funnily enough also called Sophie, who'd I'd remained friends with, but had broken up with her towards the end of my first year in 2016, wanted to take me out for a birthday dinner. I was still dating Sophie, who had gone traveling at the time, trashy on my part - which leads me to more disasters down the road. Nevertheless, I still agreed to go for dinner at a fancy Chinese restaurant in London with my ex-girlfriend. Dinner was arranged for 7:30 pm and I was supposed to collect her at 6:30 pm and drive towards town, I'd already taken a bar and a half that earlier that day and I arrive to pick her up 30 minutes later than expected. Understandably, she was fuming. This was planned weeks in advance and I'd promised her that I wouldn't bail or be late. To calm her down I told her to take half a bar (she's never taken Xanax before but knew that I was regularly taking them) and I would take the other half. We continued to drive to town and made it to the restaurant at 8 pm.
We walk into the restaurant and Sophie still won't stop complaining about me showing up late. She eventually drops the topic, we are seated at our table and continue to enjoy our evening, two bottles of wine down and we are both quite drunk, forgetting we had even taken Xanax. If you don't know, Xanax + Alcohol = Date rape. Yes, we accidentally date-raped ourselves, both of us were a complete mess and all over the place, we took a photo together which will always be the most unforgettable - forgettable photo of one of the most memorable - unmemorable nights, of a day which happened but I was was too conked out to embrace what was going on around me. Sophie paid the expensive bill for a dinner she would wake up the following morning not being able to remember. As we stood up from the table and headed towards the exit, Sophie tripped down a small flight of stairs, badly bruised her knee, and smashing her phone, she was in tears, It was like a scene out of The Wolf of Wall Street where Jordan and Donny get extremely fucked up on quaaludes and they are both out of control in the kitchen. I dragged her back towards my car, took half a bar, and we headed towards my house. I don't really remember the drive back home, but we just about made it back in one piece. About 5 minutes before we reach my house I curbed my car over the middle of an island and two of my tires instantly pop. In sudden shock, I look over to see my ex-girlfriend laying knocked out in the passenger seat, and completely oblivious as to what had just happened, so I continue to drive, slowly, on the rims of my car. We reached back home and I wake up Sophie, the poor girl was awfully confused, I knew she was going to kill me the next day. We jumped in my mum's convertible and I dropped Sophie home, uninsured, whilst blasting tunes with the roof down.
The same night around 1:30 am, one of my friends was coming to meet me and we were to head towards a small house gathering just 10 minutes down the road. James arrives at my house and we proceed to take some more Xanax and some coke so that I am "functional" enough to drive us to the gathering. I decided to take my car even though I was two tires down, the drugs gave me super-human confidence to think I would be able to successfully drive to the gathering, not realizing how fucked up I actually was. In and out of consciousness and driving at snail speed for about 20 minutes with weed, coke, Xanax in large amounts in my car, we were close to our destination, I could see the finish line. All of a sudden, blue flashing lights appear in my rear-view mirror, I was pulled over. When questioned, I couldn't help but slumber my words. We were handcuffed and taken to the station, where we would spend our night in a cell.
Just a couple of stories. Xanz is a hell of a drug. Thanks to those who took their time out to read this, it was therapeutic to write. Be cautious if you're curious about trying a new substance, even if it's pharmaceutically prescribed, read up on what you are about to take, learn the side-effects, and be safe!
Always binge narcotics responsibly.
Would love to hear some of your experiences! Share below x
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2020.11.24 15:30 tecraspace TecraCoin blockchain upgraded to Bitcoin Core 14

TecraCoin blockchain upgraded to Bitcoin Core 14

Bitcoin core 14

The main point of this article - what exactly is bitcoin core 14 and what does the upgrade mean for TecraCoin?
Upgrading from Core 0.12.0 to Bitcoin Core 0.14.0 will bring major improvements to the functioning of our blockchain. The most notable change of the core update is performance enhancement and ability to implement Delegated Proof of Work (dPoW).
More specifically, syncing and initial block download will take up much less time. The new Bitcoin Core 0.14.0 client will allow the process of synchronization with the blockchain to be sped up by as much as 40-48% compared to the previous version. Improved Initial Block Download (IBD) performance means that a full node that has been started for the first time can now validate all blocks up until the present much quicker than before. The increase in IBD speed is possible thanks to two improvements introduced in the new core version: assumed valid blocks and memory-sharing between mempool and UTXO DB cache.
In Bitcoin Core 0.14.0, unused mempool memory is shared with the UTXO database cache, which increases the number of Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs) that can be cached in fast memory rather than needing to be stored and retrieved from a much slower disk drive.
Next, faster new block validation and relay is great news especially for miners and other users who need to receive and process new blocks as fast as possible. The BIP152 CompactBlocks implementation will now relay some blocks before they’ve been fully validated, allowing those blocks to propagate across the peer-to-peer (P2P) network much quicker than in previous versions. The P2P network code has also generally been refactored to allow multiple actions to happen simultaneously (concurrency) as well as to increase throughput, eliminating many potential delays in processing new blocks. Finally, unconfirmed transactions in each node’s mempool can now be saved to and restored from disk when the node is restarted. Network operations are no longer bottlenecked by validation and, as a result, block fetching is several times faster than previous releases in many cases.
The new version sees an improved signature cache. The new signature cache will use cuckoo cache, which will allow more signatures to be cached and faster lookups. As signature verification is typically the most computationally-expensive part of processing a new block, using the signature cache significantly improves the speed at which new blocks can be processed by nodes that have a longer online presence.
However, one of the most important changes of the upgrade is that Tecra at last will be able to implement dPoW. That means we will be able to facilitate an integration with Komodo, a pioneer of multi-chain architecture in the blockchain space.

What is Bitcoin Core?

An integral part of the Bitcoin network is a software called Bitcoin Core. This program is designed to validate and verify all blocks in the blockchain and all transactions in those blocks. This program is also used as secure wallets.
Using this program helps the Bitcoin blockchain stay completely decentralized and distinguish this blockchain from other bitcoin blockchain blocks (Hardforks); For example, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold are two hard-forked branches (They should die because of low PoW hashrate, but because there is Bitmain that uses BCH exclusively for buying miners... it is still alive -with under 2% of BTC hash rate) of Bitcoin. It should be noted that not all Bitcoin network nodes use this program.
Code of Bitcoin Core is used in many other blockchains, and it is updated, forked, and merged on a daily basis. Many of these forks have networks very similar to Bitcoin, but may differ from Bitcoin in some parameters, which is why these currencies are not actually Bitcoin!
The main Bitcoin network was launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Therefore, the Bitcoin Core program helps to distinguish the original blockchain blocks from other blocks. There was one Bitcoin network, Code was forked i.e. for Namecoin (to use decentralized DNS) and Litecoin (for faster transactions and different mining) and so on. It is more than thousand of different coins based on Bitcoin code, but only a handful forks based on Bitcoin blockchain (BCH was the first one, BSV forked from BCH, BTG, and other *coins directly from BTC)

History of Bitcoin Core

The program was originally written under the name Bitcoin-Qt by Wladimir van der Laan referring to the source code that Satoshi Nakamoto published on the Internet. In the first versions, it needed bitcoin daemon (bitcoind) running separately, later on, it was incorporated into one program (daemon + GUI).
This program can be used to create transactions and other payment services. The source code of this program is available on the GitHub site.
Features One of the main features of the Bitcoin Core is the high security of this software. Bitcoin Core is a digital wallet software used in the Bitcoin blockchain network, and if you use this digital wallet, your bitcoins will be stored directly on the blockchain. In fact, this makes the bitcoin core have a high level of security.
  • The most important reason to use this program is because it is the most popular program for running Full Node. (Allows full nodes to follow Bitcoin network rules)
  • The RPC (Remote Procedure Call) interface allows developers to easily communicate with the application.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that also allows ordinary users to create and validate transactions.
  • Compatibility with various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Mac.
  • Perform transactions very quickly
  • Requires confirmation from the user before creating any transaction.
  • Low transaction costs
  • Has a list of transactions with the status icon in Real-Time (live)
  • Has a progress bar confirming the download of the blockchain
  • Has different languages such as German, Chinese, etc.
  • Use different units to split bitcoins such as Milli, Micro
Bitcoin Core is a great application and has become one of the most important components of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Strengths and weaknesses of Bitcoin Core

  • This is open-source software; This means that any user can contribute to the development of the software and even make changes by analyzing it.
  • This software is the safest and best Node available for Bitcoin. With Bitcoin Core, you can stay in touch with blockchain and keep up to date with all the important and new developments.
  • There is good support for this software. The behind-the-scenes team of this software is always working on it and you can talk to their experts 24 hours a day and solve your problems with Bitcoin Core.
  • Bitcoin Core is a full node, so it downloads the entire blockchain network completely. The data in the blockchain is so large that you need 330GB of free space on your device, which is increasing day by day.
  • Long Sync: Keep in mind that Bitcoin Core is connected to the entire bitcoin network, so it takes even a week (on magnetic HDD) to synchronize with the massive bitcoin network. After this period, you will be able to use it. Using a fast SSD can cut this time to less than a day.
  • If you not use if frequently (ie in daily/weekly basis) it take some time (minutes-hours) to sync blockchain to current state
We have given all these explanations about Bitcoin Core to find out the importance of this software and why Tecra is using it in its own code. Let’s take a more comprehensive look into what Tecra has in store.
Simply explained, TecraCoin code is forked from Zcoin code, which is forked from Dash, and Dash is forked from Bitcoin. So, we use the Bitcoin Core CODE.
TecraCoin is a free open source peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is completely decentralized, without the need for a central server or trusted parties. Users hold the crypto keys to their own money and transact directly with each other, with the help of a P2P network to check for double-spending.
TecraCoin Core is the original TecraCoin client. It builds the backbone of the network. However, it downloads and stores the entire history of TecraCoin transactions (which is currently about 12GBs); depending on the speed of your computer and network connection, the synchronization process can take anywhere from a hour s to a day (rarely more).
The following are some helpful notes on how to run TecraCoin on your native platform.
Download binary from github:
  • For MacOS (installer) tecracoin-1.7.0-osx-*.dmg
  • For Linux (gzipped binaries) tecracoin-1.7.0-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz
  • For Windows (installer) tecracoin-1.7.0-win64-setup-*.exe
  • For Windows (zipped binaries)
  • For Linux Masternode (console only) tnode.tar.gz
If you are already familiar with Docker, then running TecraCoin with Docker might be an easier method for you. To run TecraCoin using this method, first install Docker. After this, you may continue with the following instructions.
Please note that we currently don‘t support the GUI when running with Docker. Therefore, you can only use RPC (via HTTP or the tecracoin-cli utility) to interact with TecraCoin via this method.
  1. Pull our latest official Docker image: - docker pull tecracoin/tecranode-mainnet
  2. Start TecraCoin daemon: - docker run --detach --name tecracoind tecracoin/tecranode-mainnet
  3. View current block count (this might take a while since the daemon needs to find other nodes and download blocks first): - docker exec tecracoind tecracoin-cli getblockcount
  4. View connected nodes: - docker exec tecracoind tecracoin-cli getpeerinfo
  5. Stop daemon: - docker stop tecracoind
  6. Backup wallet: - docker cp tecracoind:/home/tecracoind/.tecracoin/wallet.dat .
  7. Start daemon again: - docker start tecracoind
  1. Update packages - sudo apt-get update
  2. Install required packages - sudo apt-get install build-essential libtool autotools-dev automake pkg-config - libssl-dev libevent-dev bsdmainutils libboost-all-dev libgmp-dev cmake
  3. Install Berkeley DB 4.8 - sudo apt-get install software-properties-common - sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bitcoin/bitcoin - sudo apt-get update - sudo apt-get install libdb4.8-dev libdb4.8++-dev
  4. Install QT 5 - sudo apt-get install libminiupnpc-dev libzmq3-dev - sudo apt-get install libqt5gui5 libqt5core5a libqt5dbus5 qttools5-dev qttools5-dev-tools libprotobuf-dev protobuf-compiler libqrencode-dev
  1. Clone the source: - git clone
  2. Build TecraCoin-core: - Configure and build the headless TecraCoin binaries as well as the GUI (if Qt is found). You can disable the GUI build by passing --without-gui to configure. ./ ./configure
  1. To build and run all the unit tests: - ./ - ./configure --enable-tests --enable-gui --enable-elysium - cd src
We kindly ask you update TecraCoin Core to the 1.7 version! You can do so through this link:
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I don’t often talk about why I left Paris last year, but my mind won’t leave it alone. Memories of my neighbour, Madame Blankenfelde, jolt me with the realization that there are things out there that want to hurt us. To hunt us. By things, I should be clear . . . I mean entities of this earth, but not formed of flesh and blood. This last quality is perhaps why they covet us.
I had left Dublin for Paris as a struggling poet – following in the footsteps of James Joyce and many Irish writers and poets who had their “Paris phase”. I even journeyed to the City of Light in the same manner of those luminaries – by boat and train. No low cost airlines for me! There has to be some hardship, I thought, I mean, I’m not escaping the mass deaths of the Irish famine, nor grinding colonial oppression. Nope, I had merely been performatively dumped by my girlfriend during a slam poetry evening. Our explosive argument practically shut down the event. I was so embarrassed – another reason to leave Dublin. It didn’t help our chances that my poetry had received twice as many votes as her own.
On top of being dumped, the gourmet burger company I slaved for, near Trinity College, fired me without explanation. I later heard from Niamh, a co-worker from Donegal, that my beardless face, ginger curls, and generous Guinness waistline just weren’t “hipster enough”.
“Hipster enough?” I cried. “For fuck’s sake I’m literally a starving poet!”

I can still feel the relief as I finally stood outside the sadly yet gracefully decaying Residence Rimbaud mansion block on that sweltering August day, after picking my way through the dog turds that peppered the pavement. Graffiti covered the length of the building as high as hands could reach. Being August, Paris was half empty, but the air was still thick with weed. At the base of the building were large incongruous foundation stones, the sad remains of a medieval abbey that now made up the building's basement, and apparently had a secret tunnel leading into the bone-filled catacombs. Five hundred years of dog piss had stained the noble stones like an abstract painting.
Behind me, a metro train roared out of the iron lattice of the raised Barbès – Rochechouart Metro station. I squinted at the hideous carvings in the honey coloured stone – gargoyle faces and macabre twisting vines and wilting flowers. They surrounded every door and window of Residence Rimbaud.
I think I sweated three bottles of Evian just lugging my huge suitcase up the first four flights of stairs. I remember pausing and leaning into the stairwell, trying to figure out the origin of some arabesque music that echoed around me as it very often would on the streets of what is now a very Tunisian and Algerian neighbourhood. Within walking distance were the picturesque hilly cobbles of Montmartre, made famous to some by the movies Amélie and Moulin Rouge, and known to others as the haunt of Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, and Picasso. Monetmartre was where I’d really wanted to live, but the rents were higher than the dome of Sacre Coeur, the neighbourhood’s crowning glory.
Shit! I jumped. A frail, thin little lady, hair the colour of snow, was watching me, emotionless, from the top of the stairs. I laughed at the absurdity of it, grabbed my suitcase and, out of nowhere, she was suddenly next to me. “Oh, excuse me,” I said. “I hope I’m not in your way.”
She looked into my eyes, crossed herself like a good Irish Catholic, then muttered something inscrutable as she melted down the stairs. That was weird, I thought. But I got used to it. That was my first experience of my decidedly eccentric neighbour Madame Blankenfelde.
A month after I moved in, I recorded Madame Blankenfelde’s routine passing phrase and posted it among my usual Instagram poetry stories. One of my followers is Latvian and she told me the words “var ļaunums palikt prom no jūsu durvīm” mean, “may you keep evil from your door”.
For my first few months in Paris I just wandered the streets by day, writing spontaneous poems and eating too many pastries. My Instagram profile and various blogs gradually attracted a meagre following of insomniacs, weirdos, and two potential stalkers. By night I pulled pints in The Foggy Dew, one of the hundred Irish pubs in Paris, but the only one that can lay claim to have been the haunt of Oscar Wilde, after he left England a broken man. It was hidden down an alleyway in the medieval district of Le Marais, next to a tiny gay bar, an old synagogue, and opposite a snooty interior design store where you had to ring the bell for entry. Bram Stoker was also said to have drunk in The Foggy Dew, after visiting the city’s skull-filled subterranean catacombs.
After work I’d lay in bed, listening to Gothic podcasts and working on my journal. I was researching the history of the Irish in France. Aside from when Irish famine refugees were ordered to stay outside the port city walls at night, the Irish had a glorious history in the country.
“There were Irish regiments in the French army,” I once explained to Patrice, one of the heaviest regular drinkers at The Foggy Dew. “They fought for France, but also to free Ireland from the British,” I explained. “It was actually an Irish General – MacMahon – that liberated Paris from the Prussians and the horrors of the Commune.”
“Ah!” said Patrice, “When the citizens turned on each other in every twisted savagery. Cannibalism! Madame Guillotine! Unspeakable acts! Not even babies were sacred. Bah! All so some fucker could write a musical called Les Miserable!
Moments later I was on my knees in front of Patrice, mopping up his vomit. It was then that I looked up and saw a small face in the window. Madame Blankenfelde!
I dashed outside, my brow lined with confusion. She was shaking. “Are you cold?” I asked, but it was a warm night. Her face looked haunted. It was fear. Terror!
“Please!” she said, urgently pressing a thick envelope into my palm, conjuring the saddest weak smile. A few seconds later and I watched her speed away in her waiting taxi.

When I emptied the envelope behind the bar I found her keys, two hundred Euros and a small note, all in CAPS, saying:


I showed the note to Patrice.
“Pull some fish out of the river, feed them to the cat, and pocket the money!” he advised. His breath still stank of vomit and I pulled away, lost in thought but now tasting my own bile at the back of my throat.

Three days into cat-sitting Kakis, I saw Mustafa, the janitor of the building, a broad and towering sixty-something mustachioed Algerian. He was mopping the tiles of the reception area, where a full time attendant once sat in better days. The wood of the desk was worn and scratched. On its warped surface a few thumb-eared tourist brochures had been abandoned by departing Airbnb guests. A large chandelier, missing most of its crystals, hung precariously on a cable that stretched up the full seven storeys of the building’s stairwell.
Mustafa spoke five languages if you included his spattering of English. He paced nervously on the spot, in open-toed sandals, as he explained that Madame Blankenfelde had been a housekeeper for a wealthy family in the 16th arrondissement for thirty years. This was only the third time she had returned to Latvia, the other times being the deaths of her mother and father.
Thirty years? I thought. How can that be, her flat is less than spartan. She has virtually no belongings. I didn’t mention the dozen crucifixes nailed to every wall and bibles laid around the edge of the floors in both rooms. The only faded black and white photo in the place was pinned above her bed. The faces of two adults were scratched away. I figured they were her parents, with the girl nestled between them being Madame Blankenfelde. All three of them stood in front of a thick wooden door, from the top of which three small symbols dangled from ribbons. One looked a little like a Swastika, while another was a triangle. Others looked a little more complex, but all angular.
“She no like go home,” pot-bellied Mustafa said, shaking his head ruefully. His fingers sought the chain around his neck, hidden under the I LOVE DUBLIN t-shirt I had passed on to him after putting on too much weight. The chain was taut on his thick neck as he pulled out a golden holy Hand of Fatima, rubbing it between his fingers as he spoke. I recognised the talisman immediately– said to protect Muslims from evil. I’d seen them sold at markets near the beach in El Gouna, Egypt. “You want?” asked Mustafa, seeing my interest in the object.
“No, no, just admiring,” I said, and trudged upstairs swinging a bag of cat food tins. I stopped in mid-step and swivelled to call down one last question: “Where is her husband? Latvia?”
Mustafa shook his head and, without looking up, said: “Bad thing happen, many bad thing.” A vintage telephone blared from a side room. He stalked away to answer it.
On the sixth night, I checked on Kakis after returning from work. It was 2 a.m. As usual, the affectionate Kakis was at the door with the first scrape in the lock. It wrapped itself around my legs and then tailed close to my ankles as I stepped over the creaking floor. I smiled to see the blue silver-haired feline attentively watching the world from the window ledge, in a gap between several small bottles of Lourdes holy water. In fact I was wishing I had a few more days of me and my new buddy.
My eyes blinked in the dark. It was 4 a.m. Urggh, less than two hours of sleep, thought. I heard footsteps through the wall next to my head. Madame Blankenfelde is back? No sooner had I thought the words than the footsteps grew louder. They seemed to stop right next to me, just through the wall. I’m not sure how long it took me to drift off again, but I didn’t hear another step.
I had a pounding headache all day at work and left early. Constance stood in for me, a hazel-eyed, half-Irish girl from Bordeaux with a “thing” for poets and writers. She had legs up to her neck and one eyebrow forever raised in a state of circumspection. On my first day at work she became my unrequited crush the instant I walked through the door. Her laughter, her words of easy temper and swift forgiveness were all delivered through lips that rich people might suffer a thousand injections to mimic. Just being close to Constance’s forever sun-kissed skin and long shiny hair – like dark satin – made each shared shift a joy. But, conversely, her absence made the achingly boring hours of pulling pints and lugging barrels a grind. Either way, I needed the money.
Constance’s family had a fancy vineyard in Pomerol, but she wanted to be a wild child in Paris for a few years – and she liked Irish men. I wasn’t complaining, we’d made out drunkenly a few times after locking up. But the mind-blowing kisses always ended with her confessing I wasn’t really her type. “But I love your accent,” she’d say as if it was compensation for not getting any further with her.
As I fumbled with my key at the front door of Rimbaud Residences I heard a car door slam behind me. I turned to find Madame Blankenfelde paying her taxi driver, her luggage at her feet. What the hell?
“Bonjour Madame,” I greeted her as she stepped forward. I was ashamed that my French was still utterly useless, cursing myself for working in a bar where people either spoke English or wanted to.
“Bonjour Ryan,” she responded, allowing me to pull her small suitcase. In her weariness the words hardly escaped her lips. Not only was her hair somehow whiter, but the blood seemed gone from her face, her eyes almost lifeless. Her skin was like a walnut, with deep furrows across her forehead.

I would not have thought it possible but Madame Blankenfelde’s face turned even more ashen in the hallway, as Mustafa translated what I’d heard the night before. Her hands dropped to her sides, with a look of defeat.
“Deaux minutes,” said Mustafa and gently pulled her to the side, where they exchanged whispers. Feeling awkward, like I was intruding, I bade them goodbye and hauled myself upstairs. The headache roared back, threatening to split my skull. As I passed Madame Blankenfelde’s flat I saw the line of light under her door. I thought I saw a shadow . . . something bigger than Kakis. For a second I was rooted to the spot, but heard Mustafa guiding my returned neighbour up the stairs. I’m sure it’s nothing, I thought. If there’s anything odd Mustafa will take care of it.
The next day, at exactly 11.11 a.m. I was awakened by sparrows chirping on my sunny window ledge. The headache had gone and I had a text from Constance saying: I’m coming over at 11.30. I’m bringing food.
“Suddenly everything is right with the world!” I said aloud, burying myself in my duvet and wondering if I had time for a shower or just a wet wipe “whore bath” as my sister called it. Will she want to play nurse?
“The door’s open!” I shouted when I heard the knock. After buzzing Constance in I leapt back into bed after drawing the curtain to cast myself in a more flattering glow.
“You have a gift?” asked Constance, as her smile filled my pokey two room flat.
“Someone left you something.” After leaving a shopping bag on the floor she twisted and plucked a small bag off the door handle. “Here”
“Oh, maybe it’s from Madame Blankenfelde, my neighbour.” I stretched my hand towards her.
“Ooh la la, an admirer? Am I interrupting a romance,” Constance said, pushing my hand aside, walking over the discarded wet wipes, and throwing herself onto the bed.
She felt so warm. I buried my nose in her long brown hair and kissed down to her neck. Her clothes peeled away. My hands, arms and legs enveloped her as she surrounded me. She smelled like mangoes and papayas. This is the Parisian dream, I thought, forgetting about the little bag.
That evening we were on the bullet train to Bordeaux. The new high speed line had just opened, her parents were away in Martinique, and we’d have the farmhouse to ourselves for five days. As the train whistled through the night I finally opened the bag in the cabin’s ghostly white light.
“They are so creepy,” said Constance, holding the carved wooden geometric symbols close to her face. She had just read me the note that accompanied them:


“Ah, yes. I saw these in that old photo in Madame Blankenfelde’s flat.” I knew there was something familiar about them.
For the next twenty minutes Constance searched through webpage after webpage, reading me her findings. The symbols were from Latvian folklore, dating back to Pagan times and an ancient tribe called the Latgallians. They were and still are used to ward away evil and attract blessings.
When we pulled into Bordeaux, Juliet was waiting for us. I’d met her a few times in Paris at The Foggy Dew, learning in the process that she was nowhere near as accomplished a kisser as Constance. Juliet had been the main influence for Constance moving to Paris, then bottled out when she was supposed to join her. The matter was a sensitive subject once enough booze had been consumed.
Juliet leapt out of an old beat-up Citroën CX Familiale like a scalded cat. She flew across the ground, her stick-thin legs a blur of bright orange leggings. A huge baggy black turtle-neck sweater appeared to give her open arms wings. It was moth-eaten and looked like it had belonged to her father. “Your chauffeur awaits!” Juliet said, flinging her slight body into Constance’s arms and wrapping her legs around her.
Even with more changes of style than a chameleon, Juliet always looked striking. Her elven face greeted us that night with dark Gothic eyeliner, black lipstick and deathly white foundation. Her Elvira Queen of the Night look was framed by severe straight bangs and an angular bob – at its longest in front of ears, which were studded with a junk yard of metal.
Juliet pulled open the car door for us, bowing theatrically. I saw her long and perfectly manicured nails, painted with black varnish and couldn’t help imagining them scratching down my back.
The car had three rows of seats – one each! I lay back for several minutes then folded my arms around Constance from behind. The wheels screeched as we careened down roads flanked by endless lines of vines.
“Pomerol, directement!" demanded Constance, laughing.
“Of course my lady,” answered Juliet from the driver's seat, like an English aristocrat. Her black eyes glanced in the rear view mirror more than she looked at the road, joining Constance in constant laughter and machine-gun French. I hardly understood a word and I didn’t care. I could have spent a lifetime listening to Constance.
The first night the alarm at Constance’s family’s rambling stone manor house went off several times while we slept, scaring the shit out of us, but it was kind of fun as we searched from room to room for any interlopers – clinging to each other.
On the second night Constance was unsettled by shadow standing in the corner of the bathroom. “It didn’t disappear in the light!” she said, after racing back to my open arms in the warm bed.
“Of course your mind is going to see weird things in a five hundred year old chateau, miles from anywhere,” I said. “But you’ve got me now.” If anything the unexplained shared experience just brought us closer.
On the third night we put up the Latvian talismans in our bedroom window. We were undisturbed the rest of our trip.

Constance and I parted ways at Montparnasse station, exhausted, happy, blissful. With my tired eyes I glanced back at her as she climbed into her Uber. She waved from the window as it pulled away, warming my romantic heart. I’m such a love fool, I thought, as my heart panged at her absence. With that, I descended into the hot air of the Metro.
Back in Residences Rimbaud, I passed Madame Blankenfelde’s door.
I saw movement in the weak bar of light at its base. It swiftly went black, blotted out like night had fallen beyond the door. Hmm, Kakis must have laid down there, I thought, hearing scratches from the base of the door. The poor moggy misses me, I thought, aiming to knock on the door in the morning.
Unpacking my backpack I found the small bag and the wooden symbols. I read Madame Blankenfelde’s note again then did exactly as she had asked. Why was I so suddenly compliant? I don’t know. Something made me do it. A compulsion perhaps, or some primal previously untriggered instinct. I placed one talisman on the window, one on the door hook, and the last one in my pocket.
BANG! There was a huge thud against my wall.
“Shit!” I jumped out of my skin. I felt a cold surge of adrenaline. Ponderous footsteps, close to the wall, faded as they walked away. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” I whispered as I heard them quicken and return. Another huge thud! The room shook, like a car had slammed into the wall. Goosebumps bristled over my skin. Cold air pressed in around me.
“Fuck it,” I said. I quickly headed to the door and into the corridor.
“Not another bloody note?” I stooped to pick up the torn paper outside Madame Blankenfelde’s door and heard the key scrape in her lock.


What the hell? I thought. Did she read my mind? And now she knows how to use apostrophes in English?
The double lock scraped again. The handle turned. An inch gap opened, revealing a strange absence of light.
Sunset is hours away, I thought. “Hello? Bonjour? Madame Blankenfelde?” I asked, without answer.
Where is Kakis? I thought. His expectant eyes and curious face usually tested the thinnest gap between the door and frame. I sensed something was wrong.
I waited, listening. There was no sound. Even the Metro trains at Barbès – Rochechouart station and beeping cars beyond her window were silenced. Then I heard the voice. Shivers of ice still trowel up and down my spine at its recollection.
“Ryyy –annn,” it said, in a thin, lingering hoarse voice. Like that of old woman sore and stricken with tonsillitis, who has to choke up each word. “Ryan, please come in . . . we’ve been waiting for you.”
“Sorry to hear that,” I said, my voice cracking. “Are you ok in there? Should I get Mustafa?”
“No!” ordered the voice, suddenly sharper.
The air around me was so frigid I saw the cloud of my own breath.
The door creaked open on its hinges. I didn’t dare step closer. Instead, I inched backwards, turning my feet towards the stairwell.
“Ryan?” asked the now impatient voice,deeper in tone, and exuding a latent threat.
As I backed away, the floor creaked. No, no, it can’t be Madame Blankenfelde, I thought, the penny dropping, neither the note nor the voice. She knows damned well that her beloved cat is a boy!
I felt an intense heat on my upper thigh, moments before heavy footsteps advanced from where I knew her bed to be. That’s where I put the old Latvian talisman! I remembered, hand on my pocket, as I fled for the stairs.
My short fat legs hardly touched the floorboards.
Halfway down the marble staircase I almost collapsed from the exquisite terrifying anticipation of those footsteps catching up with me in the stairwell. Instead, I heard a thunderous slam of a door.

The police called me at Constance’s flat that night. I was not prepared for what she would relay to me from the phone.
“When Mustafa and the police broke down the door Madame Blankenfelde’s room was destroyed,” she said. “Many crucifixes and the metal and wood from her dismembered bed were sticking out from the wall closest to your room – all thrown with inhuman strength.”
The worst was yet to come. Constance was weeping as she translated each line. “Oh my god. They looked inside a small high cupboard . . . they needed a small step ladder. Buried behind clothes and books . . . they found her body!”
“Madam Blankenfelde’s body?” I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
“Brace yourself for what I am about to tell you,” said Constance, her face grey. “Poor Madame Blankenfelde was crushed . . . into a small suitcase.”
“No! How?” I asked, spluttering. My heart was broken. “Impossible. I helped her carry that suitcase into the building. No one could fit inside it, hardly even a child.”
Constance gasped and covered her mouth in horror as she listened, the phone pressed to her ear. “Her neck and limbs had been snapped like twigs.”
I slumped to the floor and wrapped my arms around her legs, my head in her lap. She stroked my head as she spoke.
“The police think she was murdered about four days ago. There was an old photograph in the suitcase with her, with three faces scratched away.”
“Three? No, I saw only two had been scratched.”
It was then I realised Madame Blankenfelde had lived every day knowing one day she would be found. By what I do not know.

The love that Constance and I shared was a light soon snuffed out by the darkness of what transpired at Residences Rimbaud. On my thigh I still bear the red angular scars of the talisman Madame Blankenfelde gave me. I wonder if the being that hunted down the members of her family was too strong for the symbols, overcoming the faith held in them. Or, long ago, had some dark act by someone in her family invoked the hunter, nullifying their power – like those foolish people who were said to invite vampires over their thresholds?
Before Constance and I broke up for the last time we travelled to Riga together, the capital of Latvia. Supposedly it was to enjoy the romantic Christmas markets. We also sourced more of those ancient carved wooden talisman symbols.
Kakis was never found . . .

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2020.11.24 03:02 WizardMama WATCH LIVE: Gov Edwards COVID-19 Press Conference at 2:30 PM on 11/24

Louisiana is backed in Phase 2 (modified)

This conference was announced last Thursday

Pre-Conference Question - What do you think he'll announce?


NOTE: The summary of this press conference is transcribed LIVE. The summary may contain spelling and grammatical errors which until it is able to be corrected once the conference concludes.
NOTE: The summary may contain spelling and grammatical errors.
Dr Kanter

Questions for Dr Kanter about data

Related to Halloween? Seems people are willing to gather for Thanksgiving. Are we going to see a worsening 2 weeks after Thanksgiving
We are already seeing just about as steep of an increase as we can get it really can't get much steeper than that. I don't know, looking back to Halloween, it was part of it. I think increases from other states was bleeding over into our particularly in Northern LA. Plus we are tired, COVID fatigue is real, and it's easy to get complacent. Even without Thanksgiving coming ahead we will continue to get worse. I don't know how much worse it gets with Thanksgiving. I cannot emphasize this more than enough if you need to make a decision for your family talk to someone who has had it, experiencing the disease, or someone who has worked in the affected healthcare facilities during those two surges.
How much is being driven by small gatherings indoors and if so it doesn't seem restrictions matter than much
Small gatherings have been a larger component than months ago, there is no question about that but that is just one slice. We continue to see a lot of cases tied to bars, restaurants, events, and churches as well. Mitigation measures are going to be significant in their effect but not absolute. The other side is that people really need to make responsible decisions when no one is looking. No one will police who parities but I want families to take it seriously and know what the real risks are and make an informed decision. The more families are informed the more they will be likely to say for this year, for my family, it is just not worth it.
Gov. JBE


Epidemiologists in Louisiana say we may be getting diminishing returns on our introduction of restrictions than what we previously saw. Are you concerned that the impact of the introduction of these restrictions will be more gradual and the implications that may have
I am concerned about an awful lot as it is related to COVID19 and this pandemic. There is not one easy decision I have made nor one that has brought me joy. I am convinced that if the people of Louisiana will embrace these mitigation measures and restrictions, be patient and selfless, and ensure compliance that we will flatten the curve again. That is what I know. There are no magic tricks to be worked here. The only way to stop a surge is with restrictions and mitigation measures. So with the numbers increases here and around the country as they are the sense of urgency that you see coming out of leaders in Washington right now, as seen with Vice President Pence and the Coronavirus Task Force the other day, everyone should understand that this a very very serious situation. We have to do our part in order to slow the spread. It has to be a collective effort. No one should say is 99% of the people do it that's good enough I don't have to personally do it... that doesn't work. We all have to see it as a common effort that we all play our part. If someone would have presented a better option to flatten the curve I would have taken it. I know we have COVID fatigue here and around the country. If there was something other than wearing masks, washing your hands and staying home when you are sick, and so forth I would embrace it. It doesn't exist. That is why you hear this coming out of Washington and all the other healthcare workers how important these are. So let's do it. Let's flatten the curve again. I feel very comfortable that in several months, not sure when we will have enough of our population vaccinated that I believe we can start putting in the rear view mirror. Until now and then we have to do what is necessary. I do not know if there is another surge after this one, I pray not, but we know we are surging now.
Are you trying to change the way enforcement has been handled on these public health issues. Obviously the problem is people aren't following previous guidelines.. so are you making changes to enforcement?
We will continue to work with businesses of all types and venues to ensure that they understand that the restrictions are what rules they have to abide by. Individuals and businesses can get more information at and you will get more information. Will there be enforcement? Yes, there will be, but I am going to say what I've said back in March and every time since then, if the people in Louisiana insist we enforce our way through this we are doomed to failure. There are 4.66 million Louisianas and 10s of thousands of business and quite frankly we cannot enforce our way through this. We are going to be asking people to comply, do compliance visits, respond to complaints, and where people refuse to come int o compliance you can expect enforcement. That will not get us through this surge. That will not protect the health of our fellow Louisianans, it is better than not doing any enforcement. We need to have people doin this because it is the right thing to do. They need to embrace it, not because it is pleasant but at the end of the day this about people's lives are talking about. We are doing our very best to strike the balance between lives on one hand and livelihoods on the other. When it comes to economy, to business, to employers, to livelihoods, the best thing we can do is put this virus behind us.
Are the rules for temporary conditional permits allowing bars to operate as restaurants remain in effect?
Yes and we currently have 372 bars using conditional permits to operate as restaurants. They are not a hybrid, they are not part bar or part bar. They operate as restaurants if they are operating properly and they follow all rules for restaurants. For other establishment that continue to operate as bars they need to follow the way we outlined bars operate today.
What are you doing for your Thanksgiving celebration. You have a son who is coming home from college because LSU is going virtual for Thanksgiving
Yeah I have a son who actually lives here in Baton Rogue and he will likely be coming home to spend some time with us. I will tell you we will stay in baton Rogue at the mansion and have a Thanksgiving meal that consists of the immediate household. We will gives thanks because even during this pandemic which has been so tough on people, even after the 3 hurricanes that hit this year, we have so much to be thankful for. God has truly blessed us. Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks and that is important to me and my family and we are going to do it, but last year I remember my 84 year old mother came, my 6 siblings all came with their spouses and children and grandchildren. We had 80 or 90 people. You will not be seeing that this year and you will not see it at Christmas either. I hope and pray that if you are with me on Thanksgiving Day of 2021 you will see that. I believe that you will, but between now and then we all have to do our part.
Did you tell Legislative leaders about these new restrictions before you came out here today? What was their response?
Yes, I did. You need to know that I routinely send data and information to the Speaker and to the President. We have complete transparency on the data we are relying on because we update it every day aside for Saturday. We also have sent Legislative leadership, and I believe every member of the Legislature, every White House Coronavirus Task Force report whenever we get them. This morning in a addition to those things we presented all gating criteria slides to the Speaker and the President. We talked about where we were especially in light of our hospital capacity and our need to go back to a modified Phase 2 in order to flatten the curve again. They asked some questions, expressed concerns to makes sure whether the Fire Marshall or ATC will work with proprietors and bar owners to maximum extend possible so they can know hat is expected of them and be given an opportunity, if they are operation in good faith -- of which the overwhelming majority of businesses are -- to come into compliance. That has been our approach throughout the pandemic. We have always bent over backwards to make sure individuals know what the rules give them every opportunity to come into compliance and only after persistent shortcomings/refusal to do any real enforcement actions like citations take place. I assured him our approach would not change.
Does the influx of new vaccines change our prognosis at all
We have a draft plan in Louisiana that we continue to update and revise daily. The reason it is a draft plan is that we still don't know the day that we will get the first vaccines nor the number of doses that will be there. I have every expectation that around mid-December we should receive some doses of the Pfizer vaccines first. We don't know how many it could be as few as 30,000 or might be 60,000 we do not know for sure. We think the first doses of the Moderna vaccines would come weeks later, perhaps with a smaller number available initially. We continue to work with our federal partners. We were on the phone with Azar yesterday and talked about the logistical aspects of Project Warpspeed. Once the vaccine gets the EUA from the FDA we will have the vaccine in route to our location(s) of choice in 24 hours. The first shipment will be prioritized to healthcare workers, then high-risk groups (nursing homes, assisted living centers, congregated shelters), then the list expands from there out. Ultimately we want to get to a place where we put a call out to the general population they can go to their health unit (hospital, doctor's office, or pharmacy) and get the vaccine. This is not a one and one vaccine, it requires a second dose, depending on the manufacturer that could be between 21-28 days later. More vaccines may come only over time and some of these things may change. I do not want talk of the vaccine, it is critically important and no one is more excited than I am, but I do not want the talk of the vaccine to cause people to not pay attention to what is imperative right now. That is why you hear Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci, Azar, talking about the term of bridging to the vaccine and needing to double-down on measures until the vaccine is widely available. The vaccine will not be here in the numbers we need soon enough to reverse the trajectory and numbers we went over today.
I do want to mention I have every confidence that when the FDA issues that EUA that that vaccine will be safe and effective. I hope my fellow Louisiana will embrace the vaccine. A vaccine saves 0 lives but vaccination can save a lot of lives. The vaccination requires the vaccines and an individual to receive that vaccine in two injections. So please understand the FDA has not cut out any steps required to evaluate the safety and efficacy of these vaccines. In fact, the trial sizes were 5x-6x more than one would normally see in a trial. They took steps consecutively instead of sequentially to make this vaccine thereby shortening its time for production. They started the mass production while trials were still happening. So if that authorization comes they have the vaccine to distribute and more to be distributed and you don't have to start that manufacturing process up from the beginning. So I really want people to embrace this and understand they will be safe and effective once the call goes out to start vaccination.
Does the state have enough cold storage for the vaccines or does the state have to put in some money for that?
We've identified the cold storage capacity that we need pursuant to our plan to administer the Pfizer vaccine. Its a combination of cold storage capacity and dry ice. We will be in good shape there. This is why you have to have really good hard work going on hard in advance. That way working with hospitals and universities you are able to identify all the cold storage you have, where is available for these vaccines and then you plug that into your plan. That will not be a limiting factor in terms of receiving the vaccine. Logistically it makes it more complicated because you have to receive it at those sites and distribute it from there. They are still evaluating how long the vaccines remain stable once they thaw out. We will be all over that so we will make sure if that vial falls out it will be administered while it is stable and making sure that people come and get the second dose as well.

Closing remarks

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2020.11.24 01:15 OldSchoolHorror Night Terrors

Thom sat in the head shrinker’s office. Dr. Norvak had painted the walls in soothing pastels while muzak pumped through hidden speakers softly as to be almost inaudible. It was meant to be soothing but it grated on Thom’s already frayed nerves. Thom had heard somewhere that the pastel colors were supposed to put patients at ease. Maybe it even worked but most people didn’t have some awful thing under their bed every night.
Thom wondered if places like this, doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, and other medical places all consulted the same interior decorator. Bland colors with near identical boring artwork, a sailboat or a Norman Rockwell’s “The Runaway”, and the same six months out of date magazines. He could finally look and see who won the Super Bowl back in February. In Thom’s opinion all medical and medical related offices should have the same kind of décor, not this, more honesty. Thom had a strong dislike for modern medicine, doctors in general, and psychologists in specific.
All medical offices needed relocation to basements with bare stone walls that were always damp for no discernable reason despite the torches burning in sconces. The patients waiting in the office should be chained to the walls while the doctors and staff walked around topless with black leather hoods. Because that’s what these places really were; torture chambers.
Why try to hide it? Why lie? Might as well let people know what they were in for. Honesty, personal accountability was in short supply these days.
The only good thing Thom could see was the furniture was all high enough the light fully illuminated underneath. There were few shadows. None under the chairs or couches in the waiting room nor in the inner sanctum. He expected the sanctum to be dimly lit, shadowy, a million different places something might grab him, drag him into the dark.
Thom refused the psychologists offer to pull the blinds. The sun in his face was a relief. Warm, comforting, safe. There couldn’t be enough light.
Thom hadn’t shaved in days and his face was covered in stubble. Likewise, his hair was greasy, unkempt, in turn clinging in limp clumps or standing on end. Dark circles surrounded his sunken bloodshot eyes. His handshake with the doctor was quick and his palms were sweating. An aura of body odor around him Thom tried to hide underneath a heavy application of deodorant.
Thom looked like what he was: a man on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown. His body and mind were preparing to collapse from exhaustion. Lack of sleep was literally killing him.
Thom hadn’t had a decent night sleep in four months. He was starting to hallucinate. It was under the bed he shared with Libby through ten pretty good years of marriage.
Libby didn’t seem to notice or maybe it wasn’t bothering her. Little Marion didn’t seem to be bothered either. She went to bed with no more than the usual two-year-old amount of fuss. Nothing out of the ordinary there either. Thom wasn’t a saint and never made the claim.
Hey, he was human. What was he supposed to do? Say no?
In ten years of marriage to Libby he had been a decent husband to her, maybe he had been a little distant, and he was completely devoted to little Marion. Marion was his miracle. His low sperm count made it unlikely Libby would ever conceive.
The swimmers he did have were too much like him, lackadaisical. Unmotivated and unambitious they swam lazily. Libby called that lazy streak Thom time. He wasn’t lazy, he liked to do things at his own pace.
That thing under the bed couldn’t be dealt with in Thom time. It had to be handled soon. He couldn’t go much longer without sleep. When he first started hearing it he thought maybe there was a rodent in his bedroom. Foolishly he had gotten out of bed, set his feet down RIGHT BESIDE THE MATTRESS. He had no idea why he was even still here.
He fetched the flashlight from the kitchen and was coming up the stairs pretending to be a Jedi wielding a lightsaber. That’s when he saw It. Thom had turned his head toward his bedroom, blocking a laser blast in spectacular, effortless fashion. The underside of his bed was illuminated for a split second. It was under there. Looking at him. Wiry hair and pointed teeth. But in that split second, Thom saw its eyes. Red and horrible and greedy as the depths of hell. Staring hungrily at Thom. And Thom knew that if he went back to bed it would grab him by the ankle and jerk him into some awful unknowable darkness.
He ran back down the stairs flashlight and thoughts of Jedi forgotten. He had his hand on the doorknob unsure of where he was going. Anywhere that thing wasn’t worked for him. Then he thought about Marion. Imagining that thing skulking down the hall toward his sweet daughter’s bedroom. His cowardice would condemn his little girl.
He had to stay so it would leave his baby girl alone. Thom didn’t think about his wife that long first night. It was under his bed mere feet from Libby and she never entered his mind until the sun began to rise. He could hear it moving. There would be an occasional hiss of course hair moving against the underside of the box springs. Occasionally Thom heard it snort like the snot in the things nose was making breathing difficult. It was letting him know it was still waiting for him to come back to bed.
As the sun rose Thom began to feel a little silly. There were no such things as monsters. There certainly weren’t any underneath his bed. He was a grown man and such fears were for children. He wasn’t a child he was a man and he was going to act like a man; terrors of the night be damned. He marched determined not to acknowledge the creeping fear rising up his spine drawing the skin of his testicles tight.
He was going to march confidently into his bedroom, kiss his wife good morning, get dressed, eat breakfast, have coffee, and go to work. All normal boring adult things. No room for monsters under the bed.
Any minute now his legs would begin to move again.
The rising sun crept through his window and slid across the floor chasing away the shadows in the bedroom. Golden morning light, safe morning light, pushed the shadows further under the bed causing those remaining to thicken and blacken. The sunlight fought its way just underneath the bed and Thom heard a low growl. The sound was more the release of breath, like through a snotty nose.
Every night since had led Thom through the same routine. After dinner they gave Marion a bath. Then they would put her jammies on her and lay her in new big girl bed. Her outgrown crib replaced with a new toddler bed. Marion took to it right away telling them, “I go big girl sleep.”
After Marion had her fill of stories and drifted off into big girl sleep, he and Libby headed downstairs to clean up the dinner dishes. They never started the dishwasher until Marion had her bath. They might share a glass of wine. Thom would stream some music through Spotify or Pandora or on occasion Slacker Radio while they did the dishes. Thom would make a show of knowing all the lyrics, albums, and bands that came on. Libby pretended to be impressed.
After the dishes, Libby would take a quick shower and the pair would spend a couple of hours watching television or playing Diablo 3. Nothing satisfied like finding a fresh new piece of epic loot. A love of dungeon crawlers and loot hunts were a thing that had brought them together in the beginning of their relationship. They had their favorites, she still liked Minecraft. Thom liked role playing, action role playing, and shooter games but they shared a common passion for dungeon delving.
During the childless years they spent most of their free time enjoying worry free sex and hunting for loot. Entire weekends could easily be spent naked with a bottle of wine, a pizza, two controllers, and rumpled sheets. They were good years even without children but then Libby announced one morning she was pregnant.
She did it while making breakfast. Pass the butter, thanks. How much bacon do you want? Three cakes should do me. We’re going to have a baby. No big deal. Thom had burst into tears and then they had laughed at him. It was a good morning.
Marion had filled a void that Thom didn’t know had been growing between Libby and himself. She was an easy baby. She smiled and laughed all the time. She loved her mommy, but she was without a doubt her daddy’s girl. Thom could always make her go to sleep where she wouldn’t for Libby, or get her to eat, or most importantly he could get her to stop crying when her mother couldn’t. Marion would look at him and grin, hold his face in her tiny little hands, and whisper, “Daddy.” All the love in the world lived in her shiny face and that single breathy word.
He couldn’t leave her because It would have her. Libby didn’t seem to interest It much. It wanted him. Thom had to do something. His work was beginning to suffer. He was a programmer for a mid-sized firm and so far his skill set kept HR from firing him.
He had pulled off enough code Fu and IT wizardry in his eight years with the company that he got a little slack for his increasing level of flakiness. In fact, his work had talked to Libby to get him to go see a therapist. They were concerned the current round of pressure and deadlines was leading to burnout. They didn’t want to lose him as an employee. If he kept on they would have no choice but to fire him.
He went to the shrink more at Libby’s insistence than out of fear he might get fired. He was an experienced capable Software Engineer with a proven track record. Finding work would never be an issue for him again. His promotion to project manager meant he no longer had to be in the saddle for eight hours a day or more.
Now here he was in a psychologist’s office.
How could he explain there was a monster waiting in his home under the very bed he shared with his wife? Whenever Thom tried to sleep it came for him. He had tried sleeping on the couch only to hear it drag itself out from under the bed and begin slumping down the hall.
It moved slowly, heavily, so he would know it was coming. Moving ever closer. And when he slipped up and tried to sleep it would have him. Thom’s final moments would comprise of gnashing teeth, screams, and pain. While his sanity walked on out the door. Hell waited in the shadows beneath his bed. How could he explain? No prescription contained the cure for what ailed him.
Once he started down that path this nice well-meaning doctor would throw him into a nice well-meaning mental hospital where he would be unable to protect his baby from the thing under his bed. Who knew what other terrors lurked in the shadows? Would he be locked in a rubber room with a metal cot bolted to the floor? A room where the overhead never turned off so there would always be bristly hair or sharpened claws scraping the underside of his metal bed?
Would it whisper never ending stories about taking his family as he lay locked up, helpless? Would it tell him how his daughter screamed? Thom didn’t know and didn’t want to find out.
Dr. Norvak was missing a leg. The doc walked with a pronounced limp and the aid of a cane. He had a kind face with sharp and inquisitive eyes. Here is a man who regularly gets his eight hours sleep, Thom thought. His clothes were pressed and clean unlike the rumpled outfit Thom wore. Thom, Thom the wrinkle bomb.
“So, Thom, I hear you’ve been having trouble sleeping? Trouble at work?” Dr. Norvak asked. He looked at Thom at what Thom supposed was supposed to be concern. The stare was a little too direct, too intimate. A person didn’t become your best friend because you made an appointment. People who assumed intimacy got on Thom’s nerves. Friendship should be earned slowly, like trust. Hard won, easily lost.
Thom gave a vague nod keeping a distance from the doctor. Thom drifted near the window to stand in the golden patch of sun painting the floor. Well lit didn’t mean the room was trap free. Since this thing appeared in his life Thom had seen all manner of horrors. Things lived in the shadows no one should see. Most didn’t. Most people went about their lives oblivious of the hungry faces leering from dark places.
He heard homeless ranting about evils in the dark. Hard to avoid them in the city. He used to think them crazy. Ravings easily dismissed, crazy talk, not reality. Now he knew differently. Paranoid rants echoing between buildings contained more truth than he’d ever known. The thing under his bed confirmed it.
Looking at his appearance reflected in the doctor’s windows he didn’t see himself. The software professional, upwardly mobile successful man was gone. Haunted eyes stared back at him from a face he barely recognized. Stubbled cheekbones jutted out. He resembled one of those insane ravers. Dr. Norvak could only offer platitudes, dig into his childhood, or worse prescribe a sleep aid. Thom had moved beyond help. He’d lost sight of the path.
Dr. Norvak stared at him expectantly. He must have asked a question Thom completely missed.
“What did you say? Sorry, I was…. somewhere else.” Thom’s cheeks reddened. Focus never used to be a problem. One more thing he had lost control of. He hated it. Now he kept up with shadows and paths of shadows.
“I asked if you’d like to sit down. It’s ok if you’d prefer to stand. Never mind, where did you go?”
“It doesn’t matter.”
“Of course, it matters. You don’t think I can help you, but I can.”
Sure buddy, sure you can, Thom thought, got a flamethrower? An old priest and a young priest? All I need to do is tell you about the monster under my bed. A monster who won’t let me get any sleep. My work is suffering? Who gives a fuck about work? It wants to eat me or my daughter. Perhaps both, like a two for one. Get a clue.
Thom didn’t say any of that. He said, “No, you really have no idea.”
The doctor grinned. Condescending jerk, Thom thought. He sat behind his desk, fingertips meeting in a little teepee over a yellow legal pad, smiling over his glasses at Thom. Thom was too far away to read what was written although he had no doubt the words hospital and paranoid were somewhere close to his name.
“Let me take a shot in the dark, and if I’m right, you sit, and we talk like civilized men.”
Thom nodded said, “But if you’re wrong, I’m out of here and you write up a glowing review. I get back to my life.”
This time the doctor nodded and then continued, “Fair enough. You haven’t been sleeping well, that’s obvious. You’re edgy, on guard, shadows make you nervous. Out of high school you went to college where you got by, not great, not bad. From there, you landed a job where you do enough to not get fired.”
Thom wasn’t overly impressed with the loose generalities. A bunch of carny bullshit meant to fool rubes. If this was his best bit Thom was wasting his time.
“You have a wife you’re slowly becoming disinterested in. You don’t know why. One child, maybe more, and the child is the reason you’re still around. The sex is boring, repetitive. Life has shown you all it has to offer leaving you feeling stale. So, you went out and made a mistake.”
The doctor had his attention. Still, millions of married people felt the same.
“Guilt about the mistake claws at you, an affair, maybe you stole something…no,” now the doctor seemed to be considering him for the first time. Thom felt like a bug under a microscope. All secrets laid bare. “No, I don’t see a thief. You don’t strike me as a particularly violent man either. Let’s rule that out, shall we? Your sin was betrayal, I think. You thought you could get away with it, keep it to yourself, but it’s haunting you.”
Thom stood considering.
“It won’t let you sleep. The lack of sleep is affecting every other aspect of your life. You’re trapped. You don’t want to lose your family. You can’t move past the guilt. To confess might cost your family and that’s too high a price. How am I doing?”
Thom crossed the room and sat down.
“Close. But not quite.”
Dr. Norvak raised his eyebrows slightly. “Okay, let’s start with what I got right.”
Thom leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes for a second. A low growl echoed from behind a bookshelf. Thom’s eyes snapped back open and he exhaled a breath he wasn’t aware of holding. Dr. Norvak appeared not to notice.
“I hate my job. Up until this…this…insomnia started I hated my life.”
“Lots of people hate their jobs. They make changes to improve their lives.”
“Yeah, but I’m not lots of people.”
“Do you think that attitude is a little self-absorbed? Empathy binds us together as a society. It makes us human.”
“I know how fucked up it sounds. We’re just getting started.”
“My apologies Thom, I don’t mean to be confrontational. Please, continue.”
Thom shook his head, “Growing up I always felt there was something to look forward to. There was always the next level to aspire to. A goal to work toward, you know?” Thom didn’t wait for an answer. He had opened the flood gates. The story would be told.
“After graduation, I was married, had a kid. I’d locked down the big tech job. All that remained was…routine. I’d get up, drink coffee, go code, come home, eat dinner, watch tv or play a game, go to bed. The next day I’d get up and do it again. Nothing changed. Ever. I wondered, is this it? Is this my life? I felt like I’d been programmed into an endless loop. Every day was the same.
One day we had a retirement party for one of the senior partners. The guy already looked dead to me. In a way I knew he WAS me, thirty or forty years down the road. Congrats, here’s a cake and a cheap watch. Go home. Try not to die. I turned to leave and ran into her.”
“Her?” The doctor raised his eyebrows.
“Yes, her. Don’t most stories in here involve a her?”
“Please continue. Her.”
“She was interning. Still in college. Hopeful. You know the type, pretty, fresh, bright eyed, naïve, nice tits. Starry eyed a senior project manager bumped into her. I took advantage. She asked if she could take me to dinner. Pick my brain. I guess she wasn’t quite as naïve as I thought.”
“Go on.”
“She was fun, flirty. Didn’t really talk about work. Her youthful optimism, things she wanted, places she wanted to go, her passion was infectious. Libby, my wife, droned on about neighbors or the baby. I felt like I was suffocating.”
“She talked me into going to a club with her. She didn’t have to try hard, I wanted to go. She looked amazing.
The club pulsed with heat, noise, desperation. Conversation was impossible. It didn’t matter. She took me by the hand, led me to the dance floor, fed me a pill that was probably ecstasy but I’m not certain, and we danced.”
“You danced? Nothing more?”
“Well, by dance I mean she was grinding up against me. Rubbing my hands up and down her body. Libby never moved like that. Even when we were young, she never moved like her. I should have felt awkward. I didn’t. Older guy, hot young girl, the drugs, fuck it’s cliché.”
“The next morning, I came home and told Libby a lie about staying in the office. She asked why I didn’t answer the phone I told another lie about being in the secure server room. She doesn’t know it doesn’t exist. She never understood much about what I do. I went directly to the shower and then to bed. That’s when…never mind…
Libby didn’t suspect anything and why should she? I’d never done anything like this before. I’d been Mr. Dependable for years. Staying out all night was an anomaly, a one-time deal, nothing to be concerned about. Either that or she didn’t care. She trusted me, couldn’t conceive of me being unfaithful. I don’t believe she knew how unhappy I was either. I don’t know. You’d have to ask her.”
“You interrupted yourself. You were going to say that was the first time,” Dr. Norvak made circles in the air with his hands, the universal GO ON gesture, “what?”
“Doesn’t matter.”
“That isn’t the whole truth, is it? Let’s do an experiment.” Dr. Norvak stood up. Moving toward the beaded chain which would close the blinds. “I’m going to close these blinds. Each lie you tell, I turn the rod blocking out a little more sunlight.”
“Please, don’t. You don’t know what you’re doing.” Thom jumped up, rushing toward the door. The knob wouldn’t turn. Dr. Norvak locked the door sometime during his story.
“I know exactly what I’m doing, Thom. This is a place for honesty. Confession. More lies and we’ll sit, locked in together. In the dark.”
The square of unfiltered sunlight now marred with thin shadows thrown by the blinds.
The doctor looked at him flatly, all kindness and consideration gone. “Sit down, Thom. What you do determines what It is going to do. It’s like a bear in that regard don’t you think? Yes, quite like a bear.”
“What am I supposed to do? What is It? How do you know about It?”
Dr. Norvak tapped his missing leg. “I’ve dealt with It before. Confess. That’s what It wants, why It chose you. Your guilt called It.”
“But I did confess.”
“The whole truth, dear boy.”
Dr. Norvak twisted the clear plastic rod and the blinds rotated. The shadows thickened into bars.
“It was an accident! How much do I need to suffer?”
“You took on a special burden when you chose to reward faithfulness with betrayal. You chose. Now own your choice, take responsibility.”
Another twist. The bars thickened. Sunlight swapped places with shadow becoming thin beams cutting the darkened square.
“I can’t do that!,” Thom wailed, “I can’t lose Marion!”
“Your wife leaving you, taking your daughter is a possibility. It taking her where you will never see her again is a certainty. It will suck your pain and guilt forever. That’s not possibility. That WILL happen. You look close to breaking, and I’m a fair judge, I don’t think you have much time at all.”
A claw emerged from behind the bookshelf scratching a fine tear in the silken wall paper.
Tears ran down Thom’s face. Somehow this doctor knew. If the rod twisted anymore the blinds would cut off the sunlight completely. Thom knew when it happened his guilt was inescapable. Everything comes home eventually. “You know what gamma-hydroxybutyric acid is?”
“GHB. A date rape drug.”
Thom’s voice was flat, mechanical, relating the details of premeditated rape as casually as reading off a grocery list. “I’d gotten some before the retirement party. I’d had my eye on the intern since she started. I asked her out. I asked her to the club. My heart was pounding as I slipped it into her drink. I took her on the dancefloor to speed it through her system. I guess I used too much, she started to go limp. I drug her to the bathroom.”
Dr. Norvak said nothing. The claw had been joined by another, tearing new strips in the wall.
“While having sex with her-“
“Raping her.” Dr. Norvak corrected.
“Yes. R-Raping her. She stopped breathing. I got scared and left her on the toilet. Later I heard she died. It wasn’t my fault.” Thom’s eyes pleaded for Dr. Norvak to understand, to open the blinds.
“You raped and murdered a young woman, left her in a filthy bathroom to die, because you got bored.”
“N-no” Thom blubbered. “I didn’t mean to-“
“What? Kill her? Violate her? What exactly didn’t you mean to do? Go to the police. I’ll give you one day and then I’m duty bound to call them. One day, Thom. One. Your hour is up. If you want to talk further, your company isn’t going to pay for any more of my time. That will be on you. If you’d like to discuss anything else, make an appointment with my secretary. Get out of my office.”
Dr. Norvak twisted the rod. Sunlight flooded back in chasing away the shadow.
Confessing to Libby went the way he imagined. Three days ago, she’d taken Marion and left. He was sure the police were looking for him. There had been several knocks on the door. Now they were out there pounding. The frame shook beneath the force. Pictures of his family rattled, falling off the walls shattering. Broken glass tinkled along the hallway. His cell phone indicated seventeen missed calls.
He’d pushed all the furniture out of the bedroom except for the mattress and the lamps. No shadows in here. He’d figure a way out of this mess, but first he needed to sleep. As he lay staring at his bedroom door, the closet swung open on silent hinges. A low growl emanated from the darkness within.
Outside the front door he heard, “Cut the power, we’re going in.”
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