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Have bad analogies been tried with gpt-3? (Some examples)

2020.09.15 22:33 TheDividendReport Have bad analogies been tried with gpt-3? (Some examples)

She caught your eye like one of those pointy hook latches that used to dangle from screen doors and would fly up whenever you banged the door open again. (R. M., Fairfax Station)
The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn't. (R. B., Springfield)
McBride fell 12 stories, hitting the pavement like a Hefty Bag filled with vegetable soup. (P. S., Silver Spring)
From the attic came an unearthly howl. The whole scene had an eerie, surreal quality, like when you're on vacation in another city and "Jeopardy" comes on at 7 p.m. instead of 7:30. (R. A., Washington)
Her hair glistened in the rain like nose hair after a sneeze. (C. S., Woodbridge)
Her eyes were like two brown circles with big black dots in the center. (R. B., Springfield)
Bob was as perplexed as a hacker who means to access T:flw.quid55328.com\aaakk/[email protected] but gets T:\flw.quidaaakk/[email protected] by mistake (K. K., Landover Hills)
Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever. (Unknown)
He was as tall as a six-foot-three-inch tree. (J. B., Chevy Chase)
The hailstones leaped from the pavement, just like maggots when you fry them in hot grease. (G. F. Hevel, Silver Spring)
Her date was pleasant enough, but she knew that if her life was a movie this guy would be buried in the credits as something like "Second Tall Man." (R. B., Springfield)
Long separated by cruel fate, the star-crossed lovers raced across the grassy trains, one having left Cleveland at 6:36 p.m. traveling at 55 mph, the other from Topeka at 4:19 p.m. at a speed of 35 mph. (J. H., Arlington)
The politician was gone but unnoticed, like the period after the Dr. on a Dr Pepper can. (W. G., Madison, Ala.)
They lived in a typical suburban neighborhood with picket fences that resembled Nancy Kerrigan's teeth (P. K., Syracuse, N.Y.)
John and Mary had never met. They were like two hummingbirds who had also never met. (R. B., Springfield)
The thunder was ominous-sounding, much like the sound of a thin sheet of metal being shaken backstage during the storm scene in a play. (B. F., Alexandria)
His thoughts tumbled in his head, making and breaking alliances like underpants in a dryer without Cling Free. (C. S., Woodbridge)
The red brick wall was the color of a brick-red Crayola crayon.
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(2014) Suzie Gold (2005) Swades (2004) Swan Princess 2 (1997) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2008) Sweet Hereafter, The (1998) Sweet Home Alabama (2003) Sweet November (2001) Sweet Sixteen (2003) Sweet and Lowdown (2000) Sweetest Thing, The (2002) Swept From the Sea (1998) Swift (2019) Swimfan (2003) Swimming Pool (2004) Swimming Upstream (2003) Swing Vote (2008) Swingers (1997) Switchback (1998) Switch, The (2010) Swordfish (2001) Sy klink soos lente (2016) Sydney White (2008) Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (Hindi) (2019) Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (Tamil) (2019) Sylvia (2004) Synecdoche, New York (2008) Syrian Bride, The (2007) Syriana (2006) T T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous (2001) T2 Trainspotting (2017) TMNT (2007) TRON: Legacy (3D) (2010) TRON: Legacy (2010) Ta Ra Rum Pum (2007) Taare Zameen Par (2007) Tabaluga (2020) Table 19 (2017) Table Manners (2018) Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas (3D) (2018) Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas (2018) Tadpole (2003) Tag (2018) Tahaan (2009) Tailor of Panama, The (2001) Taj Mahal: An Eternal Love Story (2003) Take Shelter (2012) Take the Lead (2006) Taken 2 (2012) Taken 3 (IMAX) (2015) Taken 3 (2015) Taken (2008) Takers (2010) Taking Lives (2004) Taking Woodstock (2010) Taking of Pelham 1 2 3, The (2009) Talaash (2003) Talaash (2012) Tale of Despereaux, The (2008) Tale of a Naughty Girl, A (2004) Talented Mr. Ripley, The (2000) Talk of Angels (1998) Talk to Her (2003) Talk to Me (2008) Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby (2006) Tamara Drewe (2011) Tamasha (2015) Tamizh Padam 2 (2018) Tammy (2014) Tangled (3D) (2011) Tangled (2011) Tango Lesson, The (1998) Tango (1999) Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior (2020) Tanu Weds Manu Returns (2015) Tanu Weds Manu (2011) Tao of Steve, The (2000) Tarzan (3D) (2014) Tarzan (1999) Tarzan (2014) Tashan (2008) Taste of Cherry (1998) Tathastu (2006) Taxi Number 9211 (2006) Taxi (2004) Te3n (2016) Tea With Mussolini (1999) Teaching Mrs. Tingle (2000) Team America: World Police (2005) Tears of the Sun (2003) Ted 2 (2015) Ted (2012) Teefa in Trouble (2018) Teen Patti (2010) Teen Spirit (2019) Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (2018) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3D)(IMAX) (2014) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (3D) (2014) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Tees Maar Khan (2010) Teesri Aankh — The Hidden Camera (2006) Tell Me Sweet Something (2015) Tell Tale (2010) Temptress Moon (1997) Ten Commandments, The (2007) Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny (2006) Tere Bin Laden Dead or Alive (2016) Tere Bin Laden (2010) Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya (2012) Tere Naam (2003) Teri Meri Kahaani (2012) Terminal, The (2004) Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (2003) Terminator Genisys (3D)(IMAX) (2015) Terminator Genisys (3D) (2015) Terminator Genisys (2015) Terminator Salvation (2009) Terminator: Dark Fate (4DX) (2019) Terminator: Dark Fate (IMAX) (2019) Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) Terra Willy: Unexplored Planet (2019) Tess (2016) Testament of Youth (2015) Tevar (2015) Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The (1999) Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, The (2006) Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The (2004) Texas Rangers (2002) Thaanaa Serndha Koottam (2018) Thaandavam (2012) Thackeray (2019) Thalaivaa (2013) Thani Oruvan (2015) Thank You For Smoking (2006) Thank You for Your Service (2018) Thank You (2011) Thanks for Sharing (2013) Thappad (2020) That Awkward Moment (2014) That Darn Cat (1997) That Old Feeling (1997) That Sugar Film (2015) That Thing You Do (1997) That's My Boy (2012) That's The Way I Like It (2000) Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru (Tamil) (2017) Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru (Telugu) (2017) Theevandi (2018) Their Finest (2017) Themba - A Boy Called Hope (2010) Then She Found Me (2009) Theory of Everything, The (2015) Theory of Flight, The (1999) There Will Be Blood (2008) There's Something About Mary (1998) They Shall Not Grow Old (2018) They (2003) Thick as Thieves (2000) Thief, The (1999) Thin Red Line, The (1999) Thina Sobabili (2015) Things We Lost in the Fire (2008) Things You Can Tell Just By Looking At Her (2001) Things to Come (2017) Thing, The (2012) Think Like a Man Too (2014) Think Like a Man (2012) Third Miracle, The (2000) Third Person (2014) Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (2002) Thirteen Days (2001) Thirteenth Floor, The (1999) Thirteen (2004) This Beautiful Fantastic (2017) This Christmas (2007) This Is Where I Leave You (2014) This Is the End (2013) This Means War (2012) This Must Be the Place (2012) This Year's Love (1999) This is 40 (2013) This is My Father (1999) Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic (2008) Thodari (2016) Tholi Prema (2018) Thomas & Friends: Big World! Big Adventures! 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2020.04.09 13:37 Rocknocker OBLIGATORY FILLER MATERIAL – Just take a hard left at Daeseong-dong…5

“Hey, Viv!”, I say, as we’re all being shuttled onto the bus which will take us to our hotel, “Toss me one of those miniatures, if you please. Yeah. Of course, Vodka’ll do. It’s bloody dusty round these parts.”
Viv chuckles and asks if anyone else wants anything. He’s a consummate scrounger and somehow sweet-talked a demure and pulchritudinous female Air China cabin attendant out of her phone number, Email address, and a case of 100 airline liquor miniatures.
That he looks like a marginally graying version of Robert Mitchum in his heyday and speaks fluent Dutch, French, and Italian might explain his success. I mean, a guy with four ex-wives can’t be all wrong, right?
He’s a definite outlier in this crowd. We could be characterized as a batch of aging natural geoscientists who collectively, sans Viv, add up to an approximate eight on the “Looker” scale. Besides the years, the mileage, the climatic, and industrial ravages, it’s a good thing we all have expansive personalities, as most of us are dreadful enough to make a buzzard barf.
But, save for Viv, no one presently here is on the make. Oh, sure; we’ll all sweet talk some fair nubile into a free drink or a double when we really ordered a regular drink, but we’re all married, most terminally, that is, over 35 years and counting. The odd thing is that save and except for Viv, none of us married folk had ever been divorced.
That is strange, considering that the global divorce rate hovers around 50%, and we are often called to be apart from kith and kin for prolonged periods. However, we are always faithful and committed to our marital units and those vows we spoke all those many long decades ago.
But, hey, we’re all seriously male and not anywhere near dead; and there’s no penalty for just looking, right?
We’re all loaded on a pre-war, not certain which war, by the way, bus which stank of fish, kimchee, and diesel fuel. We really don’t care even a tiny, iotic amount. It’s free transport, we’re tired of traveling, and not keen on walking any further than we absolutely have to.
Viv has been passing out boozy little liquor miniatures, and I’ve been handing out cigars since I bought a metric shitload back in Dubai Duty-Free and somehow got them all through customs.
We didn’t light up, as there was neither a driver nor handler present. So, we figured we’d all just wait on the cigars, and concentrate on having a little ground-level “Welcome to Best Korea” party until the powers that be got their collective shit together and provided drivers, herders, and handlers.
We sat there for 15 long minutes. Being the international ambassadors of amity and insobriety, we started making noises like “Hey! Where’s our fucking driver?” and “I am Doctor Academician! Of All State Russian Geological Survey! How dare you make me wait?
Suddenly, a couple of characters in ill-fitting gray suits and fake Rays Bans are outside the bus having a collective meltdown. Somehow, someone fucked up and put us on a ‘regular’ bus and not the ‘VIP’ bus. In other words, we got to see what the locals really got to ride around Pyongyang on instead of our supposed to be impressed by the bus that wasn’t there; but was now just arriving.
A spanking new purple-and-chrome Mercedes long-haul bus shows up. It even has our group name emblazoned above the placard that normally tells where the bus is headed or who it is for: “’국제 석유 지질 과학 연합’ [Gugje Seog-yu Jijil Gwahag Yeonhab] or ‘International Union of Petroleum Geological Sciences’”.
We are brusquely ordered off our present bus and into the opulent, obviously bespoke, bright yellow faux-leather interior Mercedes-Benz Tourismo RH M. It’s so new and so obviously a ploy to get us to think that all things here are so new and opulent, it even smells of that new car, ah, bus, aroma.
“Well, we’ll take care of that soon enough”, I muse, as the bus is equipped with ashtrays and we’re going on the scenic route to our hotel, which is only 25 or so kilometers from the airport. However, it was announced that it’ll take us about 2 hours to get to our hotel since we need to see the city in its best light and get a feeling for the town if we should ever find ourselves lost and alone.
We all know what’s going on. They’re getting our rooms ‘ready’ for our arrival and need some extra time to make sure everything’s all wired in and transmitting properly.
“Guys”, I muse to our new handlers, “I’ve been to the Soviet Union, pre-wall fall. I stayed in places where I was definitely among the first westerners ever to grace their porticos. We’re a busload of natural scientists, of eight different nationalities, covering the economic spectrum from staunch capitalism to sociable socialism to hard-core communism. You even think for a second we’re going to spill any beans about anything you’d find interesting or useful? Think again.”
In fact, it would become a running joke between us all to see what sort of fake bombshells we could drop into the normal conversation what would give the listener’s the greatest case of the jibblies.
But for now, our bags were all loaded into the cargo compartment of this very, very nice, I must admit, mode of conveyance. Our handlers: ‘Yuk’, ‘No’, ‘Man’, and ‘Kong’, are all seated upfront and please with their latest tally of bodies. We have a couple of shady fellow travelers with the knock-off Ray-Bans and shiny gray suits that just appeared out of the woodwork in the back, seated by the loo, watching over all of us, and we’re going on a fucking city tour, whether we like it or not.
We’re all present and accounted for. Let’s keep our camera in our bags for the time being as the drinking and smoking lights had just been lit as the bus fired up its new German-engineered and machined precision diesel engine.
The bus rumbled to life and after a moment or two of checking that all dials, gauges, and indicators were where they were supposed to be; without so much as a cursory glance, we pulled out into traffic.
Except there was none.
Not another bus, pushbike, tap-tap, scooter, car, truck, hover-board, or motorcycle in sight.
Seems we were a big deal. They shut down the main drag so we wouldn’t be encumbered by such proletariat things like traffic jams or people-things cluttering the roadway, clambering for a look at the Western scientific cadre.
So, away we whizzed, sans traffic and into the very belly of the beast, and onward; eventually, towards our hotel.
Our handlers were very kind to point out passing scenes of interest.
“Look, look! There’s the Potong River. Notice all the lovely birds, ‘eh what? See the Norwegian Blue? Beautiful plumage!”
“See here, look. Here’s the Taedong River. Many forms of fish in the river. Maybe we’ll see some fishermen. If you like, we can stop, and ask them about today’s catch.”
We all declined, as we were certain that the fish the ‘random fisherman’ we’d talk to was flown in fresh from elsewhere earlier in the day.
Besides, we were comfortable. We had our drinks, our cigars, and we were leaving the driving to someone else.
After being driven around the city and seeing all the wonderful monuments, like the faux Arch of Triumph, which looks exactly unlike its namesake Arc de Triomphe de l'Étoile in Paris.
The Arch of Reunification, a monument to the goal of a reunified Korea, which, by necessity, is unfinished. Then there’s the Tomb of King Tongmyŏng, where people are lining up, just dying’ to get in.
Finally, we all called for our hotel, the Yanggakdo, after yet another mausoleum, the Kumsusan Memorial Palace of the Sun.
Arches or tombs. Such a stunning array of monuments and places of less than moderate interest.
We were interested in Mirae Scientists street (Future Scientists street). It is a street in a newly developed area in Pyongyang to house scientific institutions of the Kim Chaek University of Technology and its employees. But we were told that it was too late, there was not much there to see, we needed to express written permission to visit, and we’d be going there tomorrow or next week.
We wheel into the parking lot of the Yanggakdo Hotel and are immediately unimpressed by the pseudo-Baroque concrete fiasco that appears to stand, wobbly, before us. It’s a page right out of the Soviet Construction-For-The-Masses Handbook. A cold, gray concrete edifice with multitudes of seemingly little, tiny windows. A perfect metaphor for our travels thus far; look at the expansiveness of Best Korean wonders, through this pinhole.
However, we judged too soon. We were told to go inside and check-in, whilst our luggage would be de-bussed for us and handled by the expertly efficient hotel staff. The lobby was opulent, tastefully laid out in earth tones of facades of veneers of marble, granite, some garnet-mica schist, if my hand lens doesn’t lie, some Prepaleozoic anatectic migmatite, displaying intricate and intense plication, xenoliths, and graphic delineation of minerals by segregation through melting points. There was a gigantic well-appointed and well kept up aquarium, complete with snuffling sharks and nuclear-submarine sized groupers.
Very handsome indeed. Impressions increasing slightly.
Then we see that there’s a bloody casino on the bottom floor of the hotel, several bars interspersed throughout the hotel, and karaoke, of which I’m not terribly fond, but some of my European counterparts almost swooned at the prospect. There are a large pool and weight rooms/gymnasia, saunas and places to relax outside of one’s room, but still under the watchful eye of the thousands of ill-concealed video cameras at every turn.
“Covert surveillance” may be a thing in Best Korea, but it’s a practice still leaves a lot to be desired. The Eastern Siberian Russians back before the wall fell were more covert with their obvious button audio microphones woven into the fabric covering the headboard of your Intourist bed than the Best Koreans here. Their cameras were ‘disguised’ as flower arrangements, overhead lights, and speakers inexplicably placed into things like standing ashtrays, refuse bins, and randomly placed holes in the wall.
The floors were all covered with exquisite what looked to be hand-woven rugs of most vibrant crimson and gold; the usual Communistic colors. Always with some sort of floral pattern or pattern that’s supposed to be reflective of nature, as I was told. Evidently, for workers to remember what nature was as they don’t get out much with 14 to 16 hours workdays here in the Worker’s Paradise.
Enough of the travelogue; we all wander up to the front desk, and each with their own passport in hand, request our reserved rooms. We supposed that we would all have rooms on different floors as the reservations were made, expired, re-made, juggled, rebooked, allowed to expire, re-jiggered, and finally formalized a scant week before we left the UK.
Nope. No such luck. We were all on the 39th floor. The place boasts 47 floors, of which, the top floor is a revolving restaurant. Evidently, food tastes better when you’re rotating.
However, it won’t spin unless you first buy a drink.
We had that thing whirling like a NASA centrifuge after its discovery the second night.
Yeah, all 12 of us are bivouacked on the 39th floor. A floor with approximately 30 rooms.
I guess we could have played “Room Roulette” and see who got which room and who’s luggage. Or we could switch every day or two to drive our handlers nuts. Or, we could just take our assigned rooms, which were conveniently located one empty room apart.
Meaning, no one had adjoining rooms. Why? Fuck if I know. We didn’t spend much time in our rooms, and that time was either sleeping or showering. We’d all meet at the bar, casino, restaurant, karaoke, bowling alley (all three lanes) or actual meeting rooms every once in a while when we thought we should get together and compare notes. It was the most inexplicable situation.
Plus, we spent an inordinate amount of time waiting on the fucking elevators to take us to our room. These elevators, and if you think you’re going to get a batch of aging senior scientists to schlep it up 39 floor’s worth of stairs, think again; are the slowest elevators in the civilized world. And that was the consensus of scientists representing not only Europe and North America, but Russia as well. 15-25 minutes added to each journey, up or down; stopping on every floor, except 5, on the way down..
Jesus Q. Fuck, dudes. If you can’t construct a bleedin’ elevator that works better than those at the Sozvezdie Medveditsy Guest House in Lesosibirsk, Eastern Siberia; then I suggest you seriously rethink your plans for world domination and new world order.
Grako and Erwin once, while waiting for the fucking elevator, figured out that we were earning some US$25 each just to wait for the lift to arrive and take us to our rooms. Every day. Sometimes several times per day.
With that, we all agreed to toss our “waiting time” funds into a kitty and on our last day of captivity here, blow it all in the hotel casino. Whatever became of that would be donated to the Koreans we thought most deserving of our largesse.
Would it be our handlers? How about the Korean Scientists we’d be meeting? The affable and most accommodating concierge? Or that plucky little Korean charwoman who was always on our floor and kept everything spotless, right down to our freshly laundered and pressed field clothes and newly polished field boots; done without our requesting or knowledge?
Only time would tell.
It could be a fortune or it could be bupkiss. Just like our expectations of the Heavenly Kingdom where we were currently sequestered.
As it was, with our official protestations, they kept only photocopies of our passports as we roundly refused and threatened a full-scale karaoke battle right here in the lobby if they didn’t relinquish our passports immediately. I had broken out my nastiest cigar and was primed to offend.
With that, we all had our keys and trooped over to the elevators for our first, of many, inexplicable waits. We made many uncharitable and potentially nasty remarks about the Anti-Western posters that made up some of the wall décor. Once we finally made it to our floor, we all fanned out to find our rooms. Viv found his first and was quite pleased to report to the rest of us that there was a “Welcome” basket in his room.
We all hoped that we would be receiving one a well.
I was in room 3914; which I considered a close call, but later only wondered as there was no 3913. Upon entering, I saw it was 1980s Hotel 6 opulent, but with an excellent over-city view. True it was late, dark, and the city was only somewhat lit up; I was looking forward to the view of the town in full daylight.
The room had a ‘king’ bed; that is if the king in question was Tutankhamen, the stubby, Egyptian boy king. The bed had no mattress pad and no box spring but it was hard enough for my liking. Many of my compatriots didn’t agree and complained bitterly. They eventually received thin mattress pads for all their kvetching.
There was an ancient Japanese color television, which only had 2 English language channels - Al Jazeera and the BBC, which was on a dated news loop. Watching the local channel is amusing though; the ads for ‘personal enhancements’ were hilarious, even without understanding a word of the language.
There were a couple of chairs and a low table, built-in dresser drawers for our clothes, a rusty and probably unusable room safe with corroded batteries, a small table built out of the wall that would serve as my travel office, and would-you-believe, a rotary telephone; how’s that for nostalgia?
There was an old-model radio built into the nightstand next to the bed. I was very surprised to find it not only received AM, FM but shortwave as well. I had brought along a pair of Bose headphones and during some rainy down days, spent many fun-filled, and I mean that sincerely, hours DXing from the comfort of my ‘enormous’ king bed.
Beyond that, the room was very nondescript. Like any other of the millions of rooms in hotels around the world that unlike here, aren’t claiming a 5-star rating. I mean, it was clean, if not a little long in the tooth. But didn’t smell too terrible, even after I took care of that with my Camacho offerings. It was utilitarian, everything worked, even the water pressure, which surprisingly could strip off layers of one’s skin if you weren’t careful.
The bathroom, though no Jacuzzi, had a large enough bathtub for the occasional soaking period. Western accouterments in the bathroom were also welcome additions. My knees can’t handle the traditional squat-holes any longer.
There were an electric teapot and several brands of tea, but no coffee. A quick “Gee! I sure wish I had some coffee!” to the four walls and damned if 30 minutes later, a porter didn’t arrive to replenish my tea and courtesy in-room coffee…
There was a small Japanese brand in-room refrigerator which I thought might house a mini-bar. Oh, no! It was actually a complimentary larder stocked with all sorts of Best Korean goodies. Multiple cans of Taedonggang beer. Several bottles of Pyongyang Soju, in various flavors ranging anywhere from 16.8 to 53 percent alcohol by volume. My fridge was skewed towards the right-hand side of the bell curve; the more heavy-duty boozy side.
Evidently, my reputation had preceded me again.
There was a selection of German-style wheat beers from the Taedonggang Brewery and the more familiar ales, steam beers, and lagers. There were some imported beers like Heineken, Bavaria, Pils, a couple of Japanese brands: Asahi and Kirin, and something called ‘Hello Beer’ from Singapore.
There were also ‘sampler’ bottles of Apricot Pit wine, and a couple of high-alcohol fruity liquors made from constituents such as apple or pear, and mushrooms. There were also special medicinal liquors like ‘Rason’s Seal Penis Liquor’.
That is going home with me unopened.
There were a couple of bottles of local sake, called Chonju. Finally, there was a couple ‘samplers’ of homemade alcohol known as Makkoli. Plus there was something called ‘Corn Grotto’, which for the life of me, looks and tastes much like a very passable Kentucky Sippin’ Bourbon.
I put our concierge on instant danger money the very next day. He’s yet to source me more than a fifth of the stuff so far.
I found that there is a popular drink here which mirrors the Yorsch of Mother Russia. Beer and soju can be mixed to create *somaek’; a foamy, frothy, funky drink of many flavors, depending on the soju chosen.
Is ethnoimbibology at thing? The science of how different cultures drink and the effects of drinking culture on different societies. If not, now I have another Ph.D. to pursue after I endow a chair at some likely Asian university.
Anyways, in everyone’s room was a “welcome” basket, just chock full of Best Korean goodies. Postcards, stamps, ads for coin sets, stamp proofs and other goodies that could be purchased at the hotel. There was a field notebook, which I thought was a very nice addition, newspapers, cookies, crackers, biscuits, candies, fruit drinks, and some fresh fruit; although tamarind chewies and durian chips aren’t on my list of personal favorites.
There were a couple of tour books, just chock full of staged photos. These were very nice as well, as so far, we haven’t had much time for shopping outside of government stores or smaller family-run shops in town or out in the boonies.
A few of us were hungry and decided to see what the hotel had to offer room service-wise.
But, they did have a selection of restaurants. There is a Chinese restaurant, a European restaurant, and a Korean restaurant on site but they all serve the same food...a Best Korean attempt at western food. And it was weird being the only ones in the restaurant even though it was fully staffed.
We grazed lightly and decided to do some late-night perambulations around our hotel. Our handlers admonished us to stay within the confines of the hotel, or see them if it was absolutely necessary to go walkabout. In the hotel, we were on our own.
We found that there were tunnels in the hotel’s basement. The basement tunnels were a real bonus. There’s a bar with pool tables, a karaoke room, bowling, and a massage parlor, where I was beaten and pummeled into submission by tiny, diminutive, little Korean lassies fully 1/5th my size.
It was wonderful.
There was a hairdresser’s, who were completely befuddled by my shoulder-length silver-gray locks and full gray Grizzly Adams beard. They did provide a lovely shampoo/cranial massage though for the equivalent of US$2.
There were a couple of shops selling Chinese goods rather than local stuff, which was sort of disappointing, a cold noodle bar, and another casino. No shops selling Korean Communist propaganda posters, as I wanted to augment my Soviet-era collection. Perhaps I’ll find something in-country later on.
We were shocked to find that the casino had WiFi that was uncensored and we were able to access; after a fee of liquor miniatures and a cigar or two. We were supposed to have access to the global internet, not local intranet, from the universities that we would be visiting. However, all of that was under the heavily squinting eyes of handlers and guys in shiny suits wearing fake Ray-Bans.
I still had my secret satellite internet lash-up available, but that was iffy, a pain in the ass to set up, and ridiculously expensive. However, it did work on the 39th floor and the times I used it instead of wandering down to the tunnels, no one appeared to be the wiser. Thus far.
So typically, we’d just head to the basement casino with our laptops, iPads, and phones. Bam! Robert’s your Sister’s Husband, we could connect more-or-less free with the outside world; hence how you are reading this now.
Herro! “Yes, I’d sure like another beer. This time a porter, if you please.”
The more they overthink the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain. Or the more they put into locks, the easier they are to pick.
Besides, we were told we’d have access to unfettered and free internet. OK, so we just found it for ourselves. Whaddya expect? We’re scientists, motherfucker, back off.
Back to reality.
The breakfast buffet the next morning had a wide choice of Asian and Western food, although the choices seemed to be the same every day. The main event was to beat the Chinese tourists to the egg station every morning. Breakfast always included fried eggs, a limited selection of pork, kippered fish, potatoes, rice, fruit, and a very Titanium-dioxide-white white bread
After a while, I took to going to the small market behind the lobby, buying some imported Chinese or Japanese nibbly bits and heading to the tunnels for a few breakfast beers before the long hard day’s work. It took almost a week, but I gained the trust of some of the workers in the tunnels and they showed me the on-site microbrewery at the hotel. It produced very passable, and very, very cheap beers of several varieties.
Liquid bread. Beer. Is there nothing it can’t do?
After breakfast our first day at the hotel, we were told to meet in the Conference Room “Il-sung” as we were going to have a ‘Welcome foreign imperialist scientists’ introduction and indoctrination.
Besides our handlers and the shiny-suit squad, there were several Korean folks we didn’t recognize. These were students, scientists, and scholars from the Kim Chaek University of Technology, Kim Il-sung University, the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology; all hailing from Pyongyang, and the University of Geology from North Hwanghae Province.
“Oh, marvelous”, Erlen remarked, “It’s going to be a bloody Chautauqua. We’ll be here all day.”
“Well”, I replied, “It could be worse. We could be on a bus headed off on another unscheduled road trip.”
As we found our seats, our Korean counterparts were busily setting up portable screens, like the ones your grandfather had for showing his 2.1 Googleplex worth of travel slides every Christmas or Thanksgiving get-together. They had a couple of ancient Chinese brand laptops that could have doubled for body armor, they were so thick and heavy.
While they fiddled with running cords for the overhead projectors and 16mm film projector; yes, it was going to be movie time as well, the hotel’s restaurant folks wheeled in carts laden with scones, cupcakes, and other sweet sorts of bakery. Another cart was wheeled in with pump-pots of hot water, tea, and coffee. Usual scientific meeting fare.
There was one final cart that made the day bearable. It held a pony keg of hotel micro-brewed beer on ice, with several dozen frosty mugs available for all who wanted to partake.
There were instantly 12 mugs that were spoken for.
I grabbed a cold beer and wandered around the conference room, sipping beer, chewing on an unlit cigar, and just trying to be pleasant to our hosts and their scientific guests. I was surprised when one North Korean professor, who spoke amazingly British-tinged English, offered me a light for my cigar.
“Is smoking allowed here?” I asked.
“Allowed?” he laughed heartily, “My good man, it’s practically a prerequisite.”
“Here then”, I said, offering him a nice, unctuous Camacho, “Try one of mine.”
Dr. P'ung Kwang-Seon of the North Korean University of Geology became my instant and lifelong friend at that moment.
We had a very nice chat, much to the chagrin of the gray suit cadre, who could hear what we were talking about, but probably didn’t understand anything beyond every 8th word.
After a while, we were asked to take our seats, after refreshing our drinks, and introduced to the group of Korean geoscientists we’d be interacting with during our stay here in Best Korea.
I tried to record every name, but between the students, other scholars, and professors from the various universities, I decided I’d ask for a list of participants once the day had worn on. After all, they had all our names, references, and resumes if the thick folio they kept referring to was any indication.
There were a couple of hours of introductions, as every one of the Korean geoscientists there introduced themselves, mostly through translators, told of their personal area of specialty, and their latest work.
Most were what would be considered geoscientists, but oddly enough, not one that you would consider a petroleum geoscientist, however tangentially.
There were geomorphologists, structural geologists, petrologists, mineralogists, marine geologists, engineering geologists, and seismologists. However, there were no stratigraphers, sedimentologists, paleontologists, or geochemists. We were all geoscientists, but apart from the obvious Korean:English disparity, it was as if we spoke different scientific languages as well.
That would be our first hurdle to overcome.
They had no oil industry here; none whatsoever, therefore why one would bother with the geosciences that fed directly into petroleum? That, in and of itself, would make it difficult to explore for oil in the country. Couple that with the fact that they’re so insular, think their version of ‘science’ is the best, at least that’s the official line, and think all other’s ‘science’ is capitalistic, substandard, and inferior doesn’t bode well for your country discovering anything either oily or gassy.
We were having another conclave around the beer keg, ack, err…a ‘coffee break’ and I mentioned this fact to my scientific colleagues.
“Guys”, I need input here, “We’re going to get precisely nowhere if they won’t even acknowledge that they have major problems from the start.”
Ivan replies, “Very true. I’ve seen this before back home. You get a group so entrenched in their own little corner of science, they can’t even accept or acknowledge that others exist. Not only exist but actually know more about a certain problem than do you.”
Dax joins the fray, “Sure, that’s very true, but who’s going to tell them this unfortunate fact? They could take that as a personal, national, and global insult. Imagine you’re at an international conference and a bunch of foreigners walk in just to tell you you’ve been doing it all wrong for the last 75 years.”
I add, “Remember, though. These characters are scientists as well. I think it’ll be a good measure of seeing what sort of science and scientist we’re dealing with here. If they are truly researchers, they’ll listen to and evaluate what we say as for veracity and accuracy. If they’re just a bunch of Commie goons; no offense, Comrade Academician Ivan, they’ll get all pissed off, kick us out, and we get to go home and enjoy our triple Force Majeure pay.”
Ivan walks over and deliberately steps on the toes of my newly polished field boots.
“In Soviet Russia, field boots walk on YOU.” He laughs in his heavily inflected, and scary, Soviet-era speech…
“Yes, I agree”, Joon adds, “But who is going to address this issue with our hosts? Perhaps one of our Russian comrades, as they are, or were, more politically aligned with our Korean friends and perhaps best understand the issue?”
Ack speaks up, grinning maniacally, “No, I disagree. We should have the one person here who so encapsulates the ideologies and political leanings that they love to hate here so much. You know; the quiet, diminutive, and soft-spoken North American…”
Dax recoils, “Oh, no! I’m not going out in front of this mob of ornery Orientals…”
I smile wanly and tell Dax to cool out.
“Relax, Dax. They’re talking about me.”
“Oh, yes”, a collective group of voices replies, “Yes. Let out fearless Team Leader break the bad news to our Eastern Colleagues. That way we can gauge their reactions to being bounced around scientifically by a member of the Evil Capitalist Cartel.”
“OK”, I reply, “I’ll do it. But be forewarned, my fine feathered fiends. I get stuck on a topic that’s not precisely my bailiwick, I’m going to throw your ass to the wolves. Remember, we’re all in this together.”
Whoops, and catcalls were reduced to mumbles and ‘Aw, fucks.’.
Chautauqua resumption was called and I asked for the floor.
It was a bit off the agenda, but since they’ve been chewing the air for the last several hours, they understood it would be appropriate for us to at least try and get a word in edgewise.
I downed my beer, and grabbed a fresh one as what I was going to say was going to be harsh, cut-and-dried, and rather pointed. But delivered in a pleasant manner.
I hoped.
This all had to be filtered through a series of translators, one for general conversational Korean and another for the more technical and scientific transliterations. I realized I was going to be up here for a while. So, I brought a cigar.
One way or another, I was going to deliver our pronouncements and hell, I may as well be comfortable while doing it.
“Greetings and felicitations, my Eastern Colleagues. Let me first say how nice it is to be here in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea as part of the ….”
I’m going to fast-forward through all the flowery bullshit and introductory happiness; I’ll going to just cut to the guts of the matter.
“…Now, you do know why there has been virtually no oil, gas nor any other hydrocarbon related deposit discovered here in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea?” I asked by way of a rhetorical question.
I sipped my beer and lit my cigar. In for a chon, in for a won.
I let the buzzing subside on the side of our eastern counterparts.
“Because, and please do not take this as insulting or derogatory, but as a statement of irrefutable fact, no one with the proper training nor experience has been looking. You’re historically guilty of applying the science incorrectly and letting dogma and politics guide your search, instead of the scientific method and the facts. Geology, like all natural science, is just as truth based on the facts for a capitalist as it is for a communist. Reality is not influenced by your beliefs, be they scientific or political, secular or spiritual, ‘trusted’ rather than ‘thought’; any more than by your wish that it wouldn’t rain today during a raging thunderstorm.”
Little Boy over Hiroshima was dropped with less effect.
Our Democratic People's Republic of Korea colleagues erupted into a chaotic mixture of stuttering, internecine yelling, accusations, and sputtering.
Calling for decorum, I figured that since I was this far gone, I may as well push the plunger all the way to the bottom.
“Gentlemen, I do not denigrate the science of geology as taught and practiced here in Best Korea.” I actually said that, sort of a slip of the tongue. Continuing, “However, one would not fish for Bluefin tuna from a rowboat in a pond with a fly rod. One does not hunt bear in the city with a slingshot. Just as one doesn’t search for oil and gas with mining engineers, geomorphologists, and seismologists.”
I let that sink in and after the translation, they calmed a bit and wanted to hear the rest of what I had to say. I could sense a couple was less than thrilled with what I had to say, but forging onward…
“One fishes for Bluefin tuna in the deep ocean with huge rods, reels and a specialist boat captained by someone with deep experience in hunting the elusive fish. One hunts bear in the proper environment, the taiga or forest, with the proper tools and guided by one with the education, learnedness, and experience to know how to make the hunt come out successful.”
Hit them with some analogies they can relate to and digest. Now, go for the carotid.
“Just like one does not hunt oil and gas without stratigraphers, sedimentologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, and other oil and gas experts who have the education, experience, and knowledge to know where to look. Knowing which environment looks most conductive to hide your quarry, if you’ll pardon the pun, and how best to find them, the guys who know how to corral and de-risk them once you find them, and the engineers and technologists who know how to bring them to the surface so they can be utilized.”
They had stopped being irritated and were listening in rapt attention.
“My colleagues and I have spent the last few days going over, in detail the geology of your country. There is nothing we can see that would preclude the development, entrapment, and preservation of economic quantities of oil and gas. Ture, the geology is quite complex as is the structural history of the entire peninsula. That’s one other thing you will have to accept. Geology doesn’t give the tiniest shit about political boundaries. One must look at the big picture, and that doesn’t stop at some man-made borders. Ignore that fact at your peril, because if you continue to view the geology here as not existing across political boundaries, you are preadapting yourself for failure.”
Drs. Ivan, Volna, and Morse make certain that everyone sees the ex-Soviets agreeing with the bushy-bearded, cigar-chomping American capitalist.
“So,” I said, hoping to bring this little spit-balling session to a fortuitous close, “If we can have an agreement; scientific agreement, on these points, then I am certain we can find a way forward with not only this discussion but the program we can devise for the best Korean (notice phase shift?) geologists to take the project forward both scientifically soundly and economically successful.”
My North Korean counterpart gets up from his seat in the conference room, goes to the keg, taps a couple of beers and walks up to the podium where I was standing.
“Thank you, Dr. Rocknocker, for saying what needed to be said”, he spoke in perfect English as he handed me a beer.
I grinned and gratefully accepted the beer.
“Why, Dr. Chang Kwang-Su”, I said, as that was his name, “You old fraud. You do speak English; and very well, I must add.”
“Yes, almost all of us do”, he relayed, “But, as you said, we are most reserved. We were more or less under orders of the ‘most illustrious’, to play coy, and act as if we spoke no English.”
“I see.” I said, “I’ve worked in several FSU countries as well as Russia and saw that there as well. I guess old habits die hard.”
“That they do, Doctor.”, he replied, “But, we must now tell you the truth. We knew exactly what you said is true, and we agree. We are not as totally insulated from the outside world as some suspect.”
“Well, I was going on what your superiors related to us. Like the police that had all their toilets stolen, I had nothing else to go on.” I replied.
“Ah, ha! Quite!”, he chuckled, “We had long suspected that we were lacking in certain areas of scholarship. What you said cements that fact as it was an independent conclusion. We can now present that to our superiors with the caveat that unless we bolster work and training in these areas, the hunt of hydrocarbon resources here will be for naught.”
“I am relieved”, I said, truthfully. “I was slightly concerned that some might take umbrage to being told their science is not up to specifications. I tried to be the bearer of that bad news but deliver it gently. Here, I find you need that to use that as a truncheon to smack one’s boss upside the head and tell him that an upgrade is required. And fast.”
“Ah, so”, he replies, “We are in total agreement. Now that is out of the way, we would appreciate it if you’d help in designing a course of study for up and coming local geoscientists. Then, we can go forward with a great plan to search for oil and gas here in…Korea. Correct?”
“Absolutely”, I remarked, “You’ve got over 400 man-years of science and exploration expertise here in this room alone. Let’s shoot for the moon, so to speak. Let’s get you up to speed on scientific journals and articles that are available out there in all of academia and industry. Let’s get you communicating on a global basis. Let’s prove that you can talk science with global scientists and still not have it affect your political or nationalistic aspirations one little bit. Let’s see if we can drag you, figuratively speaking, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century.”
“Doctor”, Dr. Chang remarked, “You are the embodiment of what we were always told what Americans are. Brash, loud, confident, and evil. Except for evil, you are American as we were led to believe.”
“Hey, I take that as a compliment”, I exclaim. “You think that’s bad, I’ve got a bunch of earnest Europeans, raucous Russians, and a couple of cagey Canadians on my side as well. Before we’re finished here, we’ll have you ordering hachee, dining on Caldo Verde, snacking on salmiakki, drinking Russkaya vodka with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, eating poutine, and rooting for the Packers.”
“Doctor, I don’t know what half of that means, but I hope it comes to pass. It sounds most fascinating.” Dr. Chang chuckles.
The rest of the day was spent with various groups crystallizing and breaking off from the main crowd; then reforming as different groups. This was good, as it showed an interest across not only national borders but across ideologies and scientific specialties.
Most everyone here spoke English with some degree of fluency, so the translators were called in only occasionally.
I made certain they were included in everything that transpired that day. I want everyone to feel ‘part of the team’. How better to show the classlessness of Western science to include everyone in on both sides of every discussion and activity?
To be continued…
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2019.02.14 10:35 PlatypusOfDeath Fireside Chat

Hi all!
Welcome to our reoccurring fireside chat!
Please take the time to read through this post and also use this post as a time to talk with the community and the mod team!. I am not sorry for the overuse of gif's in this thread.
Over the season there have been some changes. Here is a quick recap as well as some updates:
Questions for you!
We will be starting the nominations for our second annual /CHIBears awards.
Lastly, the mod team would like to take this time to encourage you to NOT use the reddit redesign. If you are, please take a moment to take a look at the old reddit version of this subreddit. You can do this by adding "old" to your URL just before "reddit" or by opting out in the settings menu.
We do not care to update the redesign with any speed as it is a common feeling (especially in /nfl and nfl subs) that the redesign is basically a fuck you to subs/mods who have taken the time and energy to make them into the visually unique pages that they are.
Thanks for taking the time to read this! We look forward to hearing from you.
Also, who did I get with the gif attached to "season" at the beginning? Be honest, In lieu of punches, you can venmo me. ;)
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2019.01.02 00:54 brad4711 Catalyst Timeline - 2019

2019 Q1
2019 Q2
2019 Q3
2019 Q4
AMD Partners and Projects:
Note: If you have a link you'd like to share, PM me or post the info below.
Written by Bill Ung
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2018.12.03 21:23 elixtarnar Sziget 2019 Rumour Mill

You asked for more leaks, but even I don't know what names will Sziget announce next. However, in this post you can find below a list of acts that Sziget could get, because they have gigs in Europe in August!
Last edits:
12.03.2018. Reason: added more Reading & Leeds names to the list + Frequency Festival names + suggestions.
12.04.2018. Reason: added names from the Boardmasters Festival UK + other suggestions
12.07.2018 Cut out Balaton Sound names
12.10.2018 Added Father John Misty (gig in Portugal), Scorpions, Slayer, Major Lazer + other Bloodstock Open Air heavy metal acts
12.11.2018 Added Tame Impala & others that are performing at Flow Festival + Highfield Festival names + New Order
12.13.2018 Added Sonus Festival (Croatia) acts
12.15.2018 + Oscar and the Wolf (Belgium gig), Sting (France), Ariana Grande (European stadium gigs)
12.16.2018 + Deadmau5 (Creamfields) & Jess Glyne (UK)
12.19.2018 + Kylie Minogue (UK gig) + The Good, The Bad & the Queen (Luxembourg gig) + Indie Music Festival (Ireland) + Awake (Romania) + Victorious (UK) names + Frequency Festival (Austria) new names
12.20.2018 + Boomtown (UK) names
12.23.2018 + Madness (UK gig)
01.23.2019 Added suggestions from comments + Pstereo, South West Four, Ms Dockville & Øyafestivalen names.
01.25.2019 + The Chemical Brothers + Bay Fest (Italy) names
01.28.2019 + ArcTanGent Festival (UK) & Paredes de Coura (Portugal) names
01.29.2019 Added Blue Moon Festival (Netherlands) + some Green Man (UK) names
01.30.2019 + Lowlands Festival (Netherlands) names
01.31.2019 Added Reading & Leeds (UK) new names
02.01.2019 Added Deerhunter (Portugal) + Check in Party Festival (France) & Way Out West (Sweden) + Lokerse Feesten (Belgium) names
02.02.2019 Added The Darkness (touring with Ed Sheeran) + Edinburgh Summer Sessions (UK) names
02.07.2019 + Boardmasters (UK), South West Four (UK), Tsunami Xixon (Spain) & SonneMondSterne Festival (Germany) names
02.08.2019 Added Jugendfest (Norway) names
02.11.2019 Added Boomtown (UK) acts
02.12.2019 Cut out this day's Sziget announcement + added Rock En Seine (France) names
02.13.2019 Added Victorious Festival (UK) names
02.14.2019 + FEST Festival (Poland) & Flow Festival (Finland) acts
02.28.2019 + Fall In Love (Romania), Festival Forte (Portugal), MEO Sudoeste (Portugal), Wilderness (UK), Neopop (Portugal) & Untold Festival (Romania) names
03.05.2019 + New Horizons (Germany) & The Qontinent (Belgium) names
The list is the one that can be found here, but I cut out the names that Sziget already announced.
If you know / see any other interesting acts that are playing festivals / gigs in Europe in August, please comment here and we'll update the list with those names!
In this topic we can also discuss who would you want at Sziget or who do you think that will announce August dates in Europe, as there are some acts that are performing in June and July in Europe, but didn't announce any gigs for August yet, so you can expect some of those to join the Sziget lineup too!
Special thanks to: Koos_Armloos, thegreasycavemen, camdencrush, shakeshookshaken, Shameful_pleasure!
Here is the list:
  • 187 Strassenbande (08.15-17, Austria)
  • 3 Of Life (08.07-12, UK)
  • 65DaysOfStatic (08.15-17, UK)
  • 6lack (08.06-10, Portugal)
  • 30 Seconds to Mars (08.16-18, Germany) - will perform @ Budapest Park
  • A.A. Williams (08.15-17, UK)
  • Acid Arab (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Act of Rage (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • A.D.H.S. (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Adaro (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • A Day to Remember (08.23-25, UK)
  • Adriatique (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Adrenalize (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Adrenalized (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Afrojack (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Against the Current (08.23-25, UK)
  • Agar Agar (08.23-25, France)
  • Agoraphobia (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Agoria (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Ahzumjot (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Aiming for Enrique (08.15-17, UK)
  • Airboure (08.05, Germany)
  • Ajja (08.07-12, UK)
  • AJ Tracey (08.15-18, Romania)
  • AK/DK (08.15-17, UK)
  • Alborosie & Shengen Clan (08.07-12, UK)
  • Aldous Harding (08.15-18, UK)
  • Alice Phoebe Lou (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Alice Russell (08.07-12, UK)
  • Alison Wonderland (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Alligatoah (08.15-17, Austria)
  • All Tvvins (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Alle Farben (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Alpha Wann (08.23-25, France)
  • Altin Gun (08.22-24, France)
  • Alvvays (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Amadou & Mariam (08.15-18, UK)
  • Amelie Lens (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Amnesia Scanner (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Amplify (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Angernoizer (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Anhatema (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Anitta (08.06-10, Portugal)
  • Anna (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Andrea Oliva (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Andy Burrows (08.23-25, UK)
  • Andy C (08.24-25, UK)
  • Andy The Core (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Angerfist (08.07-12, Spain)
  • AniMe (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Anne-Marie (08.15-17, Austria) - will perform at Strand Festival in Hungary
  • AnnenMayKantereit (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Anime (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Antal (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Anthony Linell aka Abdulla Rashim (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Anthrax (08.09-11, UK)
  • Antispin (08.07-12, UK)
  • Aphex Twin (08.23-25, France)
  • Apollonia (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Ariana Grande (08.17, UK)
  • Armand van Helden (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • Armin Van Buuren (08.09-11, Germany) - will perform at Balaton Sound in Hungary
  • Artful Dodger (08.07-11, UK)
  • Artwork (08.07-11, UK)
  • A$ap Rocky (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • ASG (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Ash (08.23-25, UK)
  • Asian Dub Foundation (08.07-12, UK)
  • Astrix (08.15-17, Austria)
  • At The Gates (08.07-12, UK)
  • Atari Teenage Riot (08.07-12, UK)
  • Atomic Zeros (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Atmozfears (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Atrip (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Aurora (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Avalon (08.07-12, UK)
  • Awkward Family Portraits (08.02-04, UK)
  • Azusa (08.15-17, UK)
  • Bad Company (08.07-12, UK)
  • Badly Drown Boy (08.23-25, UK)
  • Balthazar (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Barely Legal (08.07-11, UK)
  • Basement Jaxx (08.24-25, UK)
  • Bass Chasers (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Bastards on Parade (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Bastille (08.23-25, UK) - will perform at Strand Festival in Hungary
  • Battles (08.15-17, UK)
  • B-Front (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • BCUC (08.07-12, UK)
  • Beans on Toast (08.07-12, UK)
  • Becky Hill (08.23-25, UK)
  • Bedouin Soundclash (08.07-12, UK)
  • Belle & Sebastian (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Ben Klock (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Ben Sims (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Ben UFO (08.07-12, UK)
  • Berri Txarrak (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Bestien (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Bexey (08.23-25, UK)
  • Bianco White (08.01-04, UK)
  • Biffy Clyro (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Bigbang (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Big Lad (08.15-17, UK)
  • Big Thief (08.06-10, Norway) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Binh (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Billie Eilish (08.23-25, UK)
  • Billy Jefferson (08.01-04, UK)
  • Birds in Row (08.15-17, UK)
  • Bizi, F & Sitoi (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Blackalicious (08.07-12, UK)
  • Black Honey (08.10-11, Romania)
  • Black Midi (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Black Peaks (08.07-12, UK)
  • Blackout Problems (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Blaenavon (08.23-25, UK)
  • Blank Rage (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Blaster (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Bloc Party (08.09, UK)
  • Blond (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Blood Orange (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Blossoms (08.23-25, UK)
  • Bloxx (08.23-25, UK)
  • Bodega (08.22-24, France)
  • Bog Rolling Stones (08.23-25, UK)
  • Bombay Bicycle Club (08.01-04, UK)
  • Bombskare (08.02-04, UK)
  • Bonez MC & Raf Camora (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Boogarins (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Borgore (08.01-04, Romania)
  • Boris Brejcha (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Bossk (08.15-17, UK)
  • Boston 168 (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Bowling For Soup (08.23-25, UK)
  • Boy Azooga (08.07-11, UK)
  • Boys Noize (08.07-12, UK)
  • Bradley Zero (08.07-11, UK)
  • Brass Against (08.07-12, UK)
  • Breabach (08.07-12, UK)
  • Brennan Heart (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Bring Me The Horizon (08.23-25, France) - however unlikely because in 08.17-18 they're in Japan
  • Brohug (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Broken Element (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Broken Minds (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Broken Social Scene (08.15-18, UK) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • B.Traits (08.07-12, UK)
  • Bugzy Malone (08.07-11, UK)
  • Bullet For My Valentine (08-08-10, Germany) - gig in Budapest
  • Buzzcocks (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Caine (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Calvin Harris (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Camelphat (08.23-25, UK)
  • Camera Obscura (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Camo & Krooked (08.01-04, Romania)
  • Cancer Bats (08.07-12, UK)
  • Capital Bra (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Caravan Palace (08.01-04, UK)
  • Caravana Sun (08.07-11, UK)
  • Car Bomb (08.15-17, UK)
  • Cardi B (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Carl Cox (08.07-12, UK)
  • Carolina Durante (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Carpenter Brut (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Car Seat Headrest (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Casey Lowry (08.23-25, UK)
  • Caspian (08.15-17, UK)
  • Cattle (08.15-17, UK)
  • Cavetown (08.23-25, UK)
  • Cradle of Filth (08.09-11, UK)
  • Charli XCX (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Charlotte De Witte (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Chase & Status DJ Set (08.24-25, UK)
  • Chasing Abbey (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Chok Dee (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Choose 90s (08.23-25, UK)
  • Chris Liebing (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Christinne (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Children of Bodom (08.09-11, UK)
  • Chronixx (08.07-12, UK)
  • Cid (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Circa Waves (08.23-25, UK)
  • Circuits (08.07-12, UK)
  • Clairo (08.23-25, France)
  • Claptone (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • Clara Luciani (08.22-24, France)
  • Claude Vonstroke (08.07-11, UK)
  • Clean Bandit (08.23-25, UK)
  • Clockartz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • CoCo and the Butterfields (08.02-04, UK)
  • Code Orange (08.09-11, UK)
  • Colonel Mustard & The Dijon Five (08.02-04, UK)
  • Comethazine (08.23-25, UK)
  • Connan Mockasin (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Conjurer (08.15-17, UK)
  • Coone b2b Hard Driver (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Courtney Barnett (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Courtesy (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Crack Cloud (08.22-24, France)
  • Crissy Criss (08.07-11, UK)
  • Cro (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Crossfaith (08.07-12, UK)
  • Crucast (08.23-25, UK)
  • Crypton (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Crumb (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Crypsis (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Cuebrick (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Cult of Luna (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Cupcakke (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Cykada (08.01-04, UK)
  • D-Attack (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Dam-Funk (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Danko Jones (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Daniel Avery (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Dark-E (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Darkzy (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Daughters (08.15-17, UK)
  • Dave Clarke (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Davoodi (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • David Guetta (08.01-04, Romania)
  • Dax J (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • D-Block Europe (08.23-25, UK)
  • D-Sturb (08.21-25, Germany)
  • D-Fence (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Darkraver (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Da Tweekaz (08.21-25, Germany)
  • David Puentez (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Deadly Guns (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Deadmau5 (08.23-25, UK)
  • Deathroar (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Deerhunter (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Deetox (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Degos & Re-done (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Def Toys (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Delete (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Demi Kanon (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Dense & PIKA (08.07-12, UK)
  • Denis Sulta (08.23-25, UK)
  • Dennis Ferrer (08.07-11, UK)
  • Denza (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Denzel Curry (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Dermot Kennedy (08.07-11, UK)
  • Derrick Carter (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • De Staat (08.15-18, Romania)
  • Destructive Tendencies (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Deterrent Man (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Devin Wild (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Di Carlo (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Dickster (08.07-12, UK)
  • Die Orsons (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Dimension (08.07-11, UK)
  • Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (08.07-12, Spain) - will perform at Strand Festival
  • Dimmu Borgir (08.09-11, UK)
  • Dirty Phonics (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Disclosure DJ Set (08.31-09.01, Romania)
  • Dither (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Disciples (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Distruction Boyz (08.23-25, UK)
  • Dizzee Rascal (08.07-11, UK)
  • Django Django (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • DJ Batiste (08.07-12, Spain)
  • DJ Bone (08.07-12, UK)
  • DJ EZ (08.07-11, UK)
  • DJ Isaac (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • DJ Kristof (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • DJ Marta (08.07-12, Spain)
  • DJ Neil (08.07-12, Spain)
  • DJ Yoda (08.23-25, UK)
  • DJ Yves (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Dodgy (08.23-25, UK)
  • Don Diablo (08.09-11, Germany) - will perform at Balaton Sound
  • Dorian Paic (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Doves (08.23-25, UK)
  • Drangsal (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Dreadzone (08.07-12, UK)
  • Dr. Peacock (08.07-12, UK)
  • Dr. Phunk (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Dr. Rude (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • DRS (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Drunken Masters (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Dub Phizix & Strategy (08.07-12, UK)
  • Dub Inc (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Durand Jones and the Indications (08.01-04, UK)
  • Dustin Hertz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Dynoro (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Earl Sweatshirt (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Earthling (08.07-12, UK)
  • Easy Life (08.07-11, UK)
  • Eats Everything (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • Echo & the Bunnymen (08.08, UK)
  • Ecstatic (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Eddy Hardcore (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Edx (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Eels (08.24, Netherlands)
  • E-Force (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • El Altar Del Holocausto (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Elbow (08-01-04, Germany)
  • Elephant Sessions (08.07-12, UK)
  • Eli Brown (08.07-11, UK)
  • Ellie Goulding (08.16-17, Norway)
  • Emphasis (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Eno (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Enrico Sangiuliano (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Enter Shikari (08.16-18, Germany) - will perform at Akvarium Klub in Budapest
  • Eptic (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Eriksson Delcroix (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Erol Alkan (08.07-12, UK)
  • Eskei83 (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Evolver (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Extreme Noise Terror (08.07-12, UK)
  • Ezra Collective (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Faber (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Farao (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Fanatics (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Fatherson (08.23-25, UK)
  • Father John Misty (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Fay Wildhagen (08.06-10, Norway)
  • F. Nøize (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Feet (08.07-11, UK)
  • Felix Krocher (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Fettes Brot (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Fight Clvb (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Fil Bo Riva (08.15-17, Austria)
  • First Breath After Coma (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Fisher (08.23-25, UK)
  • Fixate (08.07-12, UK)
  • FKJ (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Flava D (08.07-11, UK)
  • Flavien Berger (08.22-24, France)
  • Fleetingwood Mac (08.23-25, UK)
  • Flobu (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Flohto (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Floral (08.15-17, UK)
  • Foals (08.22-24, France)
  • Footworxx Militant Crew (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Forest Drive West (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Four Tet (08.07-12, UK)
  • Franz Ferdinand (08.07-11, UK) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Freddy K (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Fredo (08.23-25, UK)
  • Frequencerz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Freya Ridings (08.01-04, UK)
  • Friction presents CONNECTIONS (08.24-25, UK)
  • Frontierer (08.15-17, UK)
  • Fun Box (08.02-04, UK)
  • Fun Lovin' Criminals (08.23-25, UK)
  • Gabrielle Aplin (08.07-11, UK)
  • Gasellit (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Gaudi (08.07-12, UK)
  • G-Eazy (08.15-17, Austria) - will perform at Balaton Sound
  • General Levy (08.07-12, UK)
  • Gestort Aber Geil (08.09-11, Germany)
  • George FitzGerald (08.01-04, UK)
  • Georgia (08.07-11, UK)
  • G Flip (08.23-25, UK)
  • Ghost (08.16, Austria)
  • Giggs (08.07-11, UK)
  • girl in red (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Giorgio Moroder (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Godflesh (08.07-12, UK)
  • Gogol Bordello (08.22-24, France)
  • Good Charlotte (08.08-10, Germany)
  • Good Riddance (08.14-16, Italy)
  • GosT (08.15-17, UK)
  • GPF (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Grace Carter (08.07-11, UK) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Grace Petrie (08.07-12, UK)
  • Gregory Alan Isakov (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Grouch in Dub (08.07-12, UK)
  • Groove Armada (08.07-12, UK)
  • Gunna (08.23-25, UK)
  • Hak Baker (08.07-12, UK)
  • Hannah Wants (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Hardbouncer (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Hard Driver (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Hard Effectz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Hatred (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Hayley Kiyoko (08.23-25, UK)
  • Head Hunter (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Headhunterz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Headie One (08.23-25, UK)
  • Hedex (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Heideroosjes (08.06, Belgium)
  • Helena Hauff (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Hellbillies (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Henrik! (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Henrik Schwarz (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Hexcut (08.15-17, UK)
  • High Focus Takeover (08.07-12, UK)
  • Hinds (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Hockey Dad (08.23-25, UK)
  • Hockeysmith (08.07-11, UK)
  • Holiday Oscar (08.23-25, UK)
  • Hollywood (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Holy Goof (08.23-25, UK)
  • Honeyblood (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Honey Dijon (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Horse Meat Disco (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • House Gospel Choir (08.07-11, UK)
  • Hue & Cry (08.09, UK)
  • Hugel (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Hunee (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Hyrule War (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ian Van Dahl (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Ibibio Sound Machine (08.07-11, UK)
  • I Don't Know How But They Found Me (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Ignite (08-06-09, Slovenia)
  • I Hate Models (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Iisa (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Imperatorz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Infected Mushroom (08.07-12, UK)
  • Invalids (08.15-17, UK)
  • Iseo & Dodosound (08.07-12, UK)
  • Israel Nash (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Ithaca (08.07-12, UK)
  • It It Anita (08.22-24, France)
  • J. Karjalainen (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Jaako Eino Kalevi (08.09-11, Finland)
  • James (08.15, UK)
  • James Arthur (08.01-04, Romania)
  • James Bay (08.23-25, UK)
  • James Blake (08.08-10, Sweden) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • James Hype (08.24-25, UK)
  • Jamie Jones (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Japanese Breakfast (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Jason Payne (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Javi Boss (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Jax Jones (08.07-11, UK) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Jay Reeve (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Jeanne Added (08.22-24, France)
  • Jess Glynne (08.08, UK) - Balaton Sound
  • Jesse Markin (08.09-11, Finland)
  • JLV (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Joey Daniel (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • John Digweed (08.07-10, Portugal)
  • John Moreland (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Johnny Marr (08.10, UK) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Joji (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Jonathan Wilson (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Jonathan Wilson (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Jon Hopkins (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Jose Conca (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Joseph Capriati (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Jorja Smith (08.07-11, UK)
  • Joy Orbison (08.07-12, UK)
  • Jnxd (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • JP Cooper (08.15-18, Romania)
  • Juice WRLD (08.23-25, UK)
  • Juju (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Julien Baker (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Jungle By Night (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Junkie Kid (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Kabaka Pyramid (08.07-12, UK)
  • Kadhja Bonet (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Kaiser Chiefs (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Kamaal Williams (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Karpe (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Katakombi (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Kate Tempest (08.07-12, UK)
  • Kawala (08.01-04, UK)
  • Kelly Lee Owens (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Keltek (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Khruangbin (08.15-18, UK) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Killerwatts (08.07-12, UK)
  • Killing Joke (08.07-12, UK)
  • KMPFSPRT (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Kobosil (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Kodaline (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Kölsch (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Kompromat (08.22-24, France)
  • Konstantin Sibold (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Kontra K (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Korsakoff (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Kosheen with Sian Evans (08.07-12, UK)
  • Kovacs (08.31-09.01, Romania)
  • Kriz (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Kronos (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Krowdexx (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Krystal Klear (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Kvelertak (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Kylie Minogue (08.01, UK)
  • Kyrist (08.07-12, UK)
  • La Colonie de Vacances (08.22-24, France)
  • Lady Dammage (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Lady Leshurr (08.07-11, UK)
  • La Fleur (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • La Fuente (08.21-25, Germany)
  • La M.O.D.A. (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Lasgo (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Laurel (08.07-11, UK)
  • Le Boom (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Leftover Crack (08.07-12, UK)
  • Lemaitre (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Len Flaki (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Le Prince Miiaou (08.22-24, France)
  • Leroy Burgess Full Band (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Less Than Jake (08-06-09, Slovenia)
  • Lethal MG (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Letters From the Colony (08.15-17, UK)
  • LEVt (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Lewis Capaldi (08.07-11, UK)
  • Lexer (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Lexy & K-Paul (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Liam Gallagher (08.31-09.01, Romania)
  • Lil Baby (08.23-25, UK)
  • Lil Uzi Vert (08.23-25, UK)
  • Liquid Sould (08.07-12, UK)
  • Little Dragon (08.23-24, Poland)
  • Little Simz (08.15-17, Norway)
  • LLNN (08.15-17, UK)
  • Loathe (08.07-12, UK)
  • Lobotomy INC (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Loco Dice (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Los Bengala (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Lost Frequencies (08.23-24, Poland) - will perform at VOLT
  • Lost Identity (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Lost in the Riots (08.15-17, UK)
  • Lotto Boyzz (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Loud Luxury (08.23-25, UK)
  • Louise Cole Big Band (08.23-25, France)
  • Low Island (08.01-04, UK)
  • Lowriderz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Loyle Carner (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Lny Tmz (08.07-12, Spain)
  • LSB (08.07-12, UK)
  • Lucas (08.07-12, UK)
  • Luigi Madonna (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Luis Bonias (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Lunakorpz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Lysistrata (08.22-24, France)
  • Mabel (08.24-25, UK)
  • Maceo Plex (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Macfloyd (08.02-04, UK)
  • Macklemore (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Mad Dog (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Madness (08.30, UK)
  • Magdalena (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Maikel Delacalle (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Maissquille (08.07-12, UK)
  • Major Lazer (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Makaya McCraven (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Maksim MC (08.07-12, UK)
  • Malice (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Mall Grab (08.07-12, UK)
  • Mandala (08.07-12, UK)
  • Mandy (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Manudigital & LT Stitchie (08.07-12, UK)
  • Marc Rebillet (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Marcel Dettmann (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Marco Carola (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Marcus Gad (08.07-12, UK)
  • Mark with A K (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Maricia Griffiths (08.07-12, UK)
  • Marika Rossa (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Marteria & Casper (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Martin Solveig (08.07-11, UK) - will perform at VOLT
  • Masked Intruder (08.14-16, Italy)
  • Mason Maynard (08.07-11, UK)
  • Materia (08.07-12, UK)
  • Matija (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Maustetitot (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Mayday Parade (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Mavi Phoenix (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Maxi Jazz (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Maximo Park (08.01-04, Germany)
  • MC Alee (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • MC Chucky (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • MC Dash (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • MC DA Syndrome (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • MC DL (08.21-25, Germany)
  • MC Livid (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • MC RG (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Mefjus (08.07-12, UK)
  • Melé (08.07-11, UK)
  • Meshuggah (08.15-17, UK)
  • Metallica (08.16, Austria)
  • Meute (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Michael Franti & Spearhead (08.07-11, UK)
  • Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Miss K8 (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Miss Puss (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Mitski (08.06-10, Norway)
  • MK (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • Modeselektor (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Mogwai (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Møl (08.15-17, UK)
  • Monolink (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Montreal (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Monsters of Liedermaching (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Moonlight Benjamin (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Mooving Oos (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Motorpsycho Med Venner (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Mr. Ivex (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ms Banks (08.24-25, UK)
  • Ms. Dynamite (08.07-12, UK)
  • Ms. Lauryn Hill (08.07-12, UK)
  • Muff Potter (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Mura Masa (08.23-25, UK)
  • Murcof w/ Malo Lacroix (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • My Baby (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • My Nu Leng & Dread MC (08.07-11, UK)
  • Myst (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Namdose (08.22-24, France)
  • Naaman (08.07-12, UK)
  • Napalm Death (08.07-12, UK)
  • Nathan Dave (08.07-11, UK)
  • Natty & The Rebel Ship (08.07-12, UK)
  • Ncrypta (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Neelix (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Neon Chambers (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Neophyte (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Neneh Cherry (08.09-11, Finland)
  • New Order (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Netsky (08.15-18, Romania)
  • Never Surrender (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • NERVO (08.15-17, Austria) - Balaton Sound
  • Nightmares On Wax (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • Nilufer Yanya (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Nina Kraviz (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Nitzer Ebb (08.09-11, Finland)
  • No Fun At All (08.02-03, Spain)
  • NOFX (08.06-09, Slovenia)
  • No Rome (08.16-25, UK)
  • Northern Lite (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Not3s (08.23-25, UK)
  • Nothing But Thieves (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Nothing, Nowhere (08.23-25, UK)
  • NSG (08.23-25, UK)
  • Nura (08.16-18, Germany)
  • N-Vitral (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ocean Colour Scene (08.23-25, UK)
  • Ocean Wisdom (08.07-11, UK)
  • Octavian (08.23-25, UK)
  • Ogives Big Band (08.15-17, UK)
  • Oh my God! It's the Church (08.01-04, UK)
  • Oh Sees (08.22-24, France)
  • OK Kid (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Oktober Lieber (08.22-24, France)
  • Olafur Arnalds (08.01-04, UK)
  • Oliver Heldens (08.24-25, UK)
  • Oliver Koletzki (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Onkl P (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Ookay (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Oscar and the Wolf (08.11, Belgium)
  • Oscar Mulero (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Ostblockschlampen (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Outsiders (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ozomatli feat. Chali 2NA (08.07-12, UK)
  • Paco Garcia (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Paco Osuna (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Panic (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Pan-Pot (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Parkway Drive (08.06, Germany)
  • Partyraiser (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Pat B (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Patrick Topping & Richy Ahmed (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Patti Smith (08.01, UK)
  • Paula Temple (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Peace (08.23-25, UK)
  • Pendulum DJ Set B2B Friction (08.01-04, Romania)
  • Pen Gutt (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Pennywise (08.07-12, UK)
  • Peralta (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Pete Murray (08.07-11, UK)
  • Pharoah Sanders Quartet (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Phase Fatale (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Phuture Noize (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Pijn (08.15-17, UK)
  • Pish (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Pink (08.07, Denmark)
  • Plan B (08.24-25, UK)
  • Playboyz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Polar Inertia (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Polo & Pan (08.23-25, France) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Pond (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Post Malone (08.23-25, UK) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Primal Scream (08.10, UK)
  • Primeshock (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Problem Central (08.07-11, UK)
  • Professor Green (08.23-25, UK)
  • Project One (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Prophets of Rage (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Prospa (08.07-11, UK)
  • Psyko Punkz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Public Enemies (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Pulley (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Pup (08.14-16, Italy)
  • PVRIS (08.23-25, UK)
  • Pyhimys (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Qatja S (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Queensryche (08.09-11, UK)
  • Quintino (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Protoje & The Indiggnation (08.06-10, Norway) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Radical Redemption (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Rammstein (08.06, Latvia)
  • Ran-D (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Ransom (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Razika (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Razorlight (08.07-11, UK) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Rebekah (08.07-10, Portugal)
  • Rebelion (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Rebourne (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Reche & Recall (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Refuzion (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Regain (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Rejecta (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Rels B (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Republica (08.23-25, UK)
  • Requiem (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Restrained (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Retrospect (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Retrovision (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Rex Orange County (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Rhys Fulber (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Rhythmnreel (08.02-04, UK)
  • Ricardo Villalobos (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Richard Thompson (08.15-18, UK)
  • Richie Hawtin (08.18-22, Croatia) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Rikas (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Rionnagan Rois (08.02-04, UK)
  • Riot Shift (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Robyn (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Rødhåd (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Roger Sanchez (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • Rogers (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Romare (DJ Set) (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Ronald V (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Rond (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Ronnie Flex & Deuxperience (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Rooler (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ross From Friends (08.07-11, UK)
  • Royal Blood (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Rudimental DJ Set (08.15-17, Austria) - Balaton Sound
  • Rudimental live (08.23-25, UK)
  • Rusko (08.01-04, Romania)
  • Russ (08.06-10, Portugal)
  • Russkaja (08.07-11, Germany)
  • Ruthless (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ruusut (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Rvage (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ryan McMullan (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Sabaton (08.09-11, UK)
  • Salt-N-Pepa (08.07-12, UK)
  • Salvatore Ganacci (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Sama' (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sam Fender (08.07-11, UK)
  • Sam Paganini (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Sandy Warez (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • San Salvador (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sasasas (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Scorpions (08.09-11, UK)
  • Sea Girls (08.07-11, UK)
  • Sefa (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Seinabo Sey (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Sekula (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Sei2ure (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Self Esteem (08.07-11, UK)
  • Sephyxx (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Seth Lakeman (08.07-12, UK)
  • Seth Troxler (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Sevana & Jada Kingdom & Naomi Cowan (08.07-12, UK)
  • Shacke One (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Sharon Van Etten (08.15-18, UK)
  • SHDW & Obscure Shape (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • She Drew the Gun (08.07-12, UK)
  • Shy FX (08.24-25, UK)
  • Siberian Meat Grinder (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sick Of It All (08.14-16, Italy)
  • Side Chick (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Sigma (08.24-25, UK)
  • Sigrid (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Sister Nancy & Legal Shot (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sithu Aye (08.15-17, UK)
  • Skegss (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Skream (08.07-12, UK)
  • Slaves (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Slayer (08.03, Germany) - will perform at Budapest Arena
  • Sleaford Mods (08.07-11, UK)
  • Slowthai (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Slushii (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Soak (08.07-11, UK)
  • Sofa (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Solomun (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Sonja Moonear (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Sookee (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Sound Rush (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Southsea Alternative Choir (08.23-25, UK)
  • Spiritualized (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Starsailor (08.23-25, UK)
  • Stefflon Don (08.23-25, UK)
  • Stephan Bodzin (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Sting (08.01, France) - will perform at Budapest Arena
  • Skeggs (08.07-11, UK)
  • Skerryvore (08.02-04, UK)
  • Skinny Lister (08.07-12, UK)
  • Skream (08.07-12, UK)
  • Slaves (08.07-12, UK)
  • Slowthai (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sonic Species (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sound Rush (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Spag Heddy (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Spitnoise (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Sprinky (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Spurv (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Stadium X (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Standards (08.15-17, UK)
  • Stella Donnelly (08.07-12, UK)
  • Stereolab (08.15-18, UK)
  • Steve Aoki (08.06-10, Portugal)
  • Stormzy (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Stylo G (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sub Focus DJ Set (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Sub Zero Project (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Sugar Horse (08.15-17, UK)
  • Sugus (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Sundara Karma (08.23-25, UK)
  • Sunrise Avenue (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Surgeon (08.07-10, Portugal)
  • Sven Väth (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Submotion Orchestra (08.07-12, UK)
  • Super Cat (08.07-12, UK)
  • System Overload (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Svetlanas (08.07-12, UK)
  • Swedish House Mafia (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Switch: Hype & Hazard (08.24-25, UK)
  • Talco (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Tale of Us (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Tame Impala (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Tender (08.10-11, Romania)
  • Ten Tones (08.16-25, UK)
  • Terrorclown (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Tesseract (08.09-11, UK)
  • Tha Playah (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Thea Hjelmeland (08.06-10, Norway)
  • The Algorithm (08.15-17, UK)
  • The Amazons (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Baboon Show (08.02-03, Spain)
  • The Black Queen (08.15-17, UK)
  • The Black Seeds (08.07-12, UK)
  • The Breath (08.07-12, UK)
  • The Burgess (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Charlatans (08-01-04, Germany)
  • The Chats (08.16-18, Germany)
  • The Chemical Brothers (08.24, UK)
  • The Contortionist (08.15-17, UK)
  • The Courteeners (08.16, UK)
  • The Cure (08.06-10, Norway)
  • The Damned (08.06, Belgium)
  • The Dangleberries (08.02-04, UK)
  • The Dark Horror (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • The Darkness (08.10-11, Iceland)
  • The Distillers (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Dunwells (08.07-11, UK)
  • The Frank & Walters (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • The Futureheads (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Good, The Bad & The Queen (08.15, Luxembourg)
  • The Grand East (08.24, Netherlands)
  • The Hives (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Holy (08.09-11, Finland)
  • The Human League (08.03, UK)
  • The Hunna (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Inspector Cluzo (08.22-24, France)
  • The Japanese House (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Joy Formidable (08.16, UK)
  • The Lizards (08.02-03, Spain)
  • The Magic Gang (08.07-11, UK)
  • The Maine (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Melodyst (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • The National (08.10-11, Romania) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • The Night Cafe (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Ocean (08.06-10, Norway)
  • The Offspring (08.08-10, Germany)
  • The Pearl Hearts (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Physics House Band (08.15-17, UK)
  • The Poozies (08.02-04, UK)
  • The Prodigy (08.16-18, Germany)
  • The Prototypes (08.15-17, Austria)
  • The Psychotic Monks (08.22-24, France)
  • Therapy? (08.07-12, UK)
  • The Restarts (08.07-12, UK)
  • The Rifles (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Satan (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • The Selecter (08.02-04, UK)
  • The Sensational David Bowie Band (08.02-04, UK)
  • The September When (08.16-17, Norway)
  • The Sherlocks (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Sickest Squad (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • The Silver Beatles (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Specials (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Speed Freaks (08.07-12, UK)
  • The Story So Far (08.16-18, Germany)
  • The Streets (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • The Twang (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Twilight Sad (08.16-25, UK)
  • The Undertones (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • The Vaccines (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Wombats (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Zutons (08.23-25, UK)
  • This Is Lovksi (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • This Is The Kit (08.07-12, UK)
  • Thomas Azier (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Three Trapped Tigers (08.15-17, UK)
  • Thyron (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Tinie Tempah (08.24-25, UK)
  • Timmy Trumpet (08/09/11, Germany) - will perform at Balaton Sound
  • Tokyo Machine (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Tom Grennan (08.23-25, UK)
  • Tom McGuire & The Brassholes (08.02-04, UK)
  • Tom Odell (08.02-04, UK) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Torridon (08.02-04, UK)
  • TQD (08.24-25, UK)
  • TR-101 (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Tracyanne & Danny (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Trespassed (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Trettmann (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Triggerfinger (08.15-18, Romania)
  • Turbobier (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Turnstile (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Tyler Childers (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Twin Atlantic (08.16-25, UK)
  • Twinx (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Twisted Wheel (08.23-25, UK)
  • Two Door Cinema Club (08.23-25, UK)
  • Two Feet (08.16-18, Germany)
  • UB40 feat. Ali Campbell & Astro (08.07-12, UK)
  • UFO361 (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Underworld (08.07-10, Portugal)
  • Unge Ferrari (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Unresolved (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Upsammy (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Valentino Kahn (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Valentino Kanzyani (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Valentourettes (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Victor Ruiz (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Villain (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ville Vallo & Agents (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Virkelig (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Vitalic pres. Dima live (08.23-24, Poland)
  • Vitor Kley (08.06-10, Portugal)
  • Voigtmann (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Voronoi (08.15-17, UK)
  • Warface (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Weiss (08.07-11, UK)
  • Weval (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Whitney (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Whyte Horses (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Wild Cat Strike (08.15-17, UK)
  • Wild Youth (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Wiley (08.24-25, UK)
  • Wilkinson (08.07-11, UK)
  • Will Varley (08.23-25, UK)
  • Willem (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Willis Drummond (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Window Kid (08.07-11, UK)
  • Wiwek (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Wretch 32 (08.24-25, UK)
  • Wu-Tang Clan (08.23-24, Poland)
  • W&W (08.15-17, Austria) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Xavier Rudd (08.07-12, UK) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Yazmin Lacey (08.07-12, UK)
  • Yeasayer (08.15-17, Norway) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Yellow Days (08.14-17, Portugal) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Yoshiko (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • You Me At Six (08.16-25, UK)
  • Yung Hurn (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Yungen (08.24-25, UK)
  • Yves Tumor (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Zara Larsson (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Zetazen (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Ziggy Marley (08.16-18, Netherlands) - playing at Budapest Park
  • Zip (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Zonderling (08.21-25, Germany)
Highly unlikely names:
  • The Chainsmokers
  • Tiesto
  • J Balvin
  • Nicky Romero
  • Tchami x Malaa
  • Sofi Tukker
  • Jauz
  • Deorro
  • Vinai
  • Dubfire
  • Martin Jensen
  • DJ Snake
  • Future
  • Marshmello
  • Paul Kalkbrenner
  • Hernan Cattaneo
  • Killy
  • Will Sparks
  • Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
(the above will perform at Balaton Sound)
  • Slipknot
  • Slash
  • Parov Stelar
  • Robin Schulz
  • LP
  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Papa Roach
  • Cypress Hill
  • Martin Solveig
  • Lost Frequencies
  • Jan Blomqvist & Band
  • Kruder & Dorfmeister
  • Nouvelle Vague
  • Deladap
  • Ugly Kid Joe
  • Amaranthe
  • Next Level pres: Habstrakt
  • Bladerunnaz 20: Friction + THE PROTOTYPES
(the above will perform at VOLT Festival)
  • John Newman
(the above will play at Strand Festival)
  • The National
  • Mura Masa
  • Tom Odell
  • Johnny Marr
  • Big Thief
  • Honne
  • David August
  • Broken Social Scene
  • Coheed and Cambria
  • Jax Jones
  • Sonny Fodera
  • Polo & Pan
  • Khruangbin
  • Black Mountain
  • Grace Carter
  • Ocean Alley
  • Burak Yeter
  • Post Malone
  • Franz Ferdinand
  • James Blake
  • Years & Years
  • Tove Lo
  • Razorlight
  • Son Lux
  • Richie Hawtin
  • Jain
  • Yeasayer
  • Yellow Days
  • Tove Styrke
  • Masego
  • Protoje & The Indiggnation
  • Xavier Rudd
  • Wanda
  • W&W
  • Vini Vici
  • Carnage
  • Sigala
  • Hucci
  • Elderbrook
  • Roosevelt
  • Anna of The North
  • Fakear
  • Valeras
  • Welshly Arms
  • Foo Fighters
  • Florence + The Machine
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • The 1975
  • Martin Garrix
  • Richard Ashcroft
  • Catfish & The Bottlemen
  • Kodaline
  • Chvrches
  • Jungle
  • The Blaze
  • Maribou State
  • Parcels
  • Superorganism
  • Pale Waves
  • Boy Pablo
  • Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls
  • Alma
  • Gang Of Youths
  • Of Mice & Men
  • Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
  • Yungblud
  • Tamino
  • Ed Sheeran
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2018.11.09 22:37 QuackNate Night Shift Incident Report.

Securities, branch internal investigation.
Incident: Night Shift, , Sunday September, 9th. One worker found dead, one missing. Transcript of two-way communication log.
Workers involved
Leonard Bledsoe: 58 Deceased. Referred to during transcription as Leo. Has worked for the company for just over six years, impeccable safety record.
Oscar Zablonski: 25 – Missing, presumed dead. New hire. Incident occurred on his first shift following training.
8:45pm Channel 4
(Leo): Coms check, channel 4.
(Oscar): I hear ya, channel 4. You got me?
(Leo): Yeah, I hear you, kid. You the new guy?
(Oscar): Yes, sir. Just got out of my last training session this afternoon.
(Leo): So I guess you know I’m just gonna sit in the office and monitor cams all night, right?
(Oscar): Oh yeah? According to Teddy you could use a few patrols.
(Leo): Ha! Head over to the Site B SOC and say that to my face, would ya?
(Oscar): On my way, boss.
9:07pm Channel 4
(Oscar): Coms check, channel 4.
(Leo): Loud and clear, you got me?
(Oscar): Five by five.
(Leo): What?
(Oscar): Five uh… I dunno. I think it means the radio sounds good.
(Leo): You watch too many movies kid. Alright, listen. The building you’re headed to first is a huge safety hazard. It’s been mothballed for a decade, and no part of it has been maintained. What’d the training say about Site B building 12?
(Oscar): Do not approach, do not enter.
(Leo): You should be getting pretty close now. You see the crane?
(Oscar): Jesus, yeah. What’d they use this for?
(Leo): Who knows. Old school military tests for rockets or some shit, probably. See how the front wall has a massive seam?
(Oscar): Huh? Oh, yeah.
(Leo): Whole side used to open up, and the crane would move stuff in and out. I hear it’s mostly hollow inside.
(Oscar): The whole thing is on stilts. How would you even get in there?
(Leo): You wouldn’t. Unless you were an army guy twenty years ago, and then you follow the road around back and there’s a ramp.
(Oscar): Huh. How tall is that thing? Ten stories?
(Leo): Fifteen, if I recall right.
(Oscar): Well, all’s clear. I’ll let you know when I get to Building 9.
9:14pm Channel 4
(Oscar): Coming up on building 9. Uh, front door is open.
(Leo): Yeah, we get these urban explorer types running around the site, taking pictures and such. They’re mostly harmless, but they are technically trespassing. Plus you never know when you’re getting the group who’s okay vandalizing the site or putting stickers on stuff. Head on in and make some noise. You’ll probably hear them run out.
(Oscar): And then…
(Leo): And then you make sure everything is in order and move on to building 8.
(Oscar): No, about the kids?
(Leo): They… they’ll run away… It’s fine. We’re not cops.
(Oscar): Oh, alright.
(Leo): Listen, kid. I’ve been here a few years now. We get lots of turn over, and most of that comes down to getting burned out. Some young blood security Rambo comes in and tries to protect the site as if their life depended on it and they just… Well most just eventually stop reporting in, leaving me to take the cart around on patrol.
(Oscar): Hold up, we got a cart? Why am I walking around here like-
(Leo): No, I have a cart. Emergencies only.
(Oscar): Yeah yeah. Alright, entering building 9.
(Leo): Like I said, make noise. Slam doors, walk hard, cough, all that.
(Oscar): On it. (sounds of door being slammed open and shut, Oscar apparently stomping down the hall) I BETTER NOT FIND ANY GOD DAMN KIDS IN HERE!
(Leo): Haha, that’s the way.
(Oscar): Oh shit, haha. I can hear them down the hall.
(Leo): Say something about trespassing.
(Oscar): YOU KNOW YOU’RE TRESSPASSING ON U.S. GOVERNMENT PROPERTY, RIGHT? Oh man, they’re scurrying like crazy.
(Leo): Remember, don’t try to detain them, just let them run by you.
(Oscar): Eh, I guess they’re going out the back or something.
(Leo): Building 9 only has one entrance and exit. The rest are sealed. God damn it. You have to go find them, make sure they don't hurt themselves or something. Stupid ass kids.
(Oscar): Alright. Hallway splits left and right.
(Leo): Check the right. If they went left they’re at a dead end and will just double back around you and leave. If they went right they could be getting themselves in trouble.
(Oscar): On it.
(Leo): And hey, be careful back there. There’s a lot of old equipment. Don’t knock your head open.
(Oscar): I’ll do my best. Alright, yeah. There’s a huge metal door, looks like they pried it open. Latch is all bent up.
(Leo): Just off the right hallway?
(Oscar): Yeah, just right around the bend.
(Leo): I’ve never seen that door open before. I don’t know how a group of kids could even get it open. As I recall it was welded. And that latch is like three inch thick steel.
(Oscar): Well there’s fresh prints in the dust heading in. Hungh (sounds of loud creaking) This door is heavy as shit!
(Leo): Careful, I don’t know what’s in there. I’m digging up the plans.
(Oscar): Well there’s no lights, that’s for damn sure. I’m pretty sure this vault just opened up into a cave.
(Leo): What?
(Oscar): Yeah, or some kind of tunnel bored strait into rocks. Floor kind of slopes down, looks like a strait tunnel, can’t see the end. And it’s pretty warm in here.
(Leo): Hey, tell those kids to get out of there. Tell’em they’re not gonna get arrested, they just aren’t safe.
(Leo): You feel safe heading in a bit? We gotta give our best effort to make sure they aren’t in there. I can call a team if-
(Oscar): Nah, I’ll head down a bit. COME ON GUYS, I PROMISE IT’S FINE. JUST COME OOOOHHH SHIIIITTTTT! (sound of scraping, and the mic impacting the ground) Shit shit shit!
(Leo): Oscar! Hey, you alright?
(Oscar): Augh, yeah. Floor got real slippery, started to slide down the path. Lost my light.
(Leo): You stuck?
(Oscar): No, if I stay low I can, Jesus.
(Leo): What?
(Oscar): Nothing, just… my light is still rolling. It’s gotta be two hundred yards away and picking up speed. Man, I can barely see it now. How long is this tunnel?
(Leo): Isn’t in the plans.
(Oscar): Oh fuck you!
(Leo): What’s going on?
(Oscar): Kids just shut the door. It’s pitch black in here now.
(Leo): Alright, I’m calling a team.
(Oscar): It’s fine, I’ll just work my way back up. So, anything like this happen before?
(Leo): You really want to start hearing scary stories right now?
(Oscar): You know what? That’s a great point. No. I’m trappend in the dark and it feels like I’m barely clinging to a slippery slope that’ll send me sliding all the way to China. I don’t need to hear how this place is haunted or some shit right now.
(Leo): Heh, I don’t think this place is haunted, per se.
(Oscar): See, that “per se” shit ain’t helping right now.
(Leo): Don’t sweat it. Just concentrate on getting out of there.
(Oscar): Oh man, I must have slipped farther than I though. I feel like I should have gotten to the door by now.
(Leo): That’s just the darkness playing with you. Keep on moving.
(Oscar): No, for real. I think I… Oh, there’s the door. I see a little light poking through. Shiiiit. Slipped a little. I guess that’s why they sealed this door, huh?
(Leo): I guess.
(Oscar): Ung… (sound of loud metallic gridning). Fuckin’ kids.
(Leo): Probably long gone. Move on to building 8.
(Oscar): I’ll check in when I get there.
9:39pm Channel 4
(Leo): You there yet? Jesus.
(Oscar): Unlike some people I don’t have a cart. Plus there’s a huge gated off field I had to walk around.
(Leo): Yeah, that was building 10 and 11.
(Oscar): What happened to them?
(Leo): Some kids stole them. Probably why they started hiring security.
(Osacr): Ha.
(Leo): I dunno, probably demolished before the site went dark.
(Oscar): There’s a light on, top floor of building 8.
(Leo): Funny.
(Oscar): You’re the comedian. I’m just a guy looking at a lit up… what is that… sixth story window.
(Leo): None of these buildings have power. Haven’t since the 80s.
(Oscar): Well there’s a light on in building 8.
(Leo): Yeah… we’re not supposed to go into building 8.
(Oscar): Safety issues?
(Leo): More or less. We’ve had a bunch of incidents in there. It’s not strictly forbidden. Building is still quote-unquote safe according to the inspectors.
(Oscar): Should I check it out?
(Leo): If you want. I’ve been in there a few times. There are no surprise tunnels to Hell at least.
(Oscar): Well that’s good to hear. (sound of footsteps through tall grass) Door is pried open here too. Looks like… from the inside, though?
(Leo): Oscar, get the fuck away from that building.
(Oscar): What? Why?
(Leo): Pry marks look the same as the big door in building 9?
(Oscar): Yeah.
(Leo): Those door were pushed open, not pried.
(Oscar): What the shit!? What could do that?
(Leo): Nothing, I’m just messing with you.
(Oscar): Oh for… Fuck you Leo.
(Leo): Head on in, I’ll walk you through the building.
(Oscar): Yeah, cool. I don’t have a flashlight and now I’m on edge. Let’s go into the most accident prone building and investigate a light that shouldn’t be able to be on.
(Leo): Oh yeah. Come on back and get another light, take a break.
(Oscar): You better have some coffee ready when I get back.
(Leo): Haha, will do.
9:44pm Channel 7
(Leo): Hey Brett, you on coms?
(Brett): Yeah, what’s up?
(Leo): New kid says there are lights on in 8. You guys power that place back up?
(Brett): Didn’t put it back on the grid, but we’ve had some teams doing internal maintenance using generators. Don’t have anything scheduled for 8 tonight, but those guys do back work sometimes.
(Leo): Alright, thanks.
11:23pm Channel 4
(Oscar): Coms check, channel 4.
(Leo): Five by five, copy?
(Oscar): Yeah yeah, it’s working. Pick back up at building 8?
(Leo): May as well give 9 a cursory glance while you’re in the area.
(Oscar): Alright. I’ll let you know if anything comes up.
11:36pm Channel 4
(Oscar): Nothing going on at 9, light is back off at 8. So we just assume it was one of our teams?
(Leo): No reason not to. Never heard of those kids bothering to bring a generator on site.
(Oscar): Alright, well I’m moving on to building 7.
(Leo): Roger.
11:43pm Channel 4
(Oscar): Building 7 looks secure. Not sure how you’d even get in there. Lots of cars in the parking lot, though.
(Leo): Yeah, previous tenants left them. Weirdest thing. Not much to see in there, just a big warehouse really. Weird elevator shaft in the corner, but no way to really get down in there.
(Oscar): Do I even want to know?
(Leo): Even if you did, I don’t have any answers. They sealed it all up the same year I started. Only been in there once. Those are like military grade doors. And even if someone broke in, like I said, it’s just an empty warehouse.
(Oscar): With a weird elevator shaft
(Leo): Without an elevator.
(Oscar): So, building 6, then?
(Leo): Yep.
11:49pm Channel 4
(Oscar): Leo, I think there’s blood on the ground here.
(Leo): Building 6?
(Oscar): No, just outside 7. There’s a little, I don’t know, pipe shack or something. Just on the edge of the parking lot. Door pried open same as 9 and 8.
(Leo): If it’s blood on the ground it’s above our pay grade. Head to building 6 and I’ll get a team out there.
(Oscar): Alright.
11:50pm Channel 1
(Leo): Emergency response, we have blood on the ground near building 7, Site B.
(unknown): Where?
(Leo): Sounds like a maintenance shack just outside the parking lot.
(unknown): I know the one, we’ll take a look.
12:02am Channel 4
(Oscar): I just saw someone run into building 6.
(Leo): Want me to have the response team swing by on their way to 7?
(Oscar): No, I’ll go check it out.
(Leo): Alright. 6 isn’t mothballed, I’m showing no incidents, floor plans are… a lot like 7. Big empty warehouse. Should just be exterior walls.
(Oscar): Alright, I’m headed in. (sound of meatal door grinding open) Door is pried open, same as 8.
(Leo): Just be careful.
(Oscar): What the, it’s a hallway. I thought you said it was open?
(Leo): Well I guess the floor plans are out of date.
(Oscar): Well I’m headed in. Man, these walls look pretty new. Basic, but new.
(Leo): Do the lights work?
(Oscar): I dunno, let me find a… (clicking sound) Nope. Wait, aw man. They’re all busted.
(Leo): Damn kids.
(Oscar): Single door at the end of the hall. It’s pried open too. (sound of loud banging in the background)
(Leo): What the fuck is that?
(Oscar): I don’t know, but it’s loud as shit. Hold on, peaking through the door. I see the guy. There’s another heavy door, like in 9. He’s just pounding on, hard.
(Leo): I think you should probably head out and leave this one for-
(Oscar): (whispering) I… I don’t think that thing is human. Those hands are too big. Oh shit! (sound of running) I think they saw me! (sound of footsteps moving over concrete, then gravel, then grass)
(Leo): What do you mean, they?
(Oscar): (whispering) There was another one behind the door! It bent the fucking door open like it was made of paper!
(Leo): Are you fucking with me?
(Oscar): No I’m not fucking with- Oh shit! They’re out here! (sounds of running) Fuck they’re fast!
(Leo): Shit, do you see the tall red building? Big flagpole on top?
(Oscar): (breathing heavily) Yeah!?
(Leo): That’s building 17, Site A. It’s the closest building you can secure. Lots of big doors. Run there, I’m on my way.
(Oscar): (breathing heavily) These guys don’t give a shit about heavy doors!
(Leo): Just get in there and hide! I’m opening the rifle case.
12:13am Channel 1
(Leo): Emergency response, I have a guard inbound to Building 17, Site A. He’s being pursued by unknown assailants. Requesting a security dispatch to his location.
(unknown): We already have a team on the way to building 7, Site B. I’ll re-rout.
(Leo): Alright, send them quick. It sounds like he’s in real trouble. Recommend an armed response. I’m inbound with the rifle.
(unknown): Company lethal force policy states-
(Leo): I know the fucking policy! Trust me, this applies!
12:15am Channel 4
(Oscar): (sound of door slamming shut) This door ain’t shit! What the fuck, Leo!
(Leo): Go to the end of the hall and head left, you’ll see a huge vault door.
(Oscar): (heavy breathing, running) I see it! God damn that’s big–ass door!
(Leo): You’ll have to pull it shut, then crank the handle to seal it.
(Oscar): Okay… Hung… (sound of large door slamming shut, some metallic squeaking, then a series of loud thuds) Fuck man, they’re denting this big-ass door!
(Leo): There’s a bigger door behind you. That one should be powered. Should be a big red button on a console just inside it.
(Oscar): Holy shit! Okay, I see the button. (more loud thumps, sound of a loud plastic click, deep metal grinding, and a low siren) Leo, they’re breaking through the first vault door!
(Leo): Just hang tight. We’re almost there.
(Oscar): (loud sound of tearing meatal, something heavy hit the floor) They just tore the first vault off its fucking hinges!
(Leo): Is the second door closed?
(Oscar): Almost, oh shit they’re coming! (sound of loud metal grinding slowing down) They got a hand under the door! THEY STOPPED IT WHAT THE FUCK!?
(Leo): Are they in the second vault?
(Oscar): No, but… (sound of deep metal grinding) Holy shit they’re actually lifting that huge fucking door!
(Leo): Kid, I’m almost there. Find somewhere to hole up.
12:21am Channel 1
(Leo): I’m pulling up to Building 17, Site A now, where the fuck are you guys?
(unknown): The response team didn’t respond to my call.
(Leo): What!? God damn it!
12:22am Channel 4
(Leo): (whispering) Kid, it’s me, I’m in the building. You okay?
(Oscar): (whispering) Yeah, I found another one of those heavy doors leading to a weird cave and ducked in. They didn’t follow. They’re sniffing around the vault now.
(Leo): (whispering) I see the first vault now. Holy shit, they really did take it off the hinges.
(Oscar): (whispering) Yeah, don’t fuck around. Get me out of here.
(Leo): (whispering) I see them. Dear god, what the fuck are they?
(Oscar): (whispering) Who gives a shit? Shoot them!
(Leo): (whispering) Listen kid, if this doesn’t go our way, get on channel one and have them send a team. Stay in there and stay quiet. Got it?
(Oscar): (whispering) Yeah. (sounds of a rifle opening fire in the background, then screaming)
11:24pm Channel 1
(Oscar): (whispering, sobbing) Emergency response, this is Oscar, Site B guard. I’m in building 17, Site A and I need a team to help me. Something's here and it killed Leo.
(unknown): What’s there? What are you seeing?
(Oscar): (whispering, sobbing) I don’t know!? They’re like men, but bigger, weird proportions. Stupid strong. Leo tried shooting them but… OH SHIT!?
(unknown): What is it?
(Oscar): There’s one in the tunnel! It’s coming- AGH! (sound of a deep thud, loud metal hitting the ground)
(unknown): Oscar, are you still there?
(Oscar): (sobbing, panicked) It just walked past me. It just walked past me and broke out of the door… Shit! Ahhh!!!
(unknown): Oscar? Are you okay?
(Oscar): I’m slipping! I can’t stop!
(unknown): Slipping? Slipping where?
(Oscar): Some long-ass tunnel! I can’t slow down! Shit it’s getting steeper!
(unknown): Oscar?
At this point Oscar’s radio continues to record the sounds of him screaming and the sounds of apparent sliding until the radio moves out of range and cuts out.
Leonard Bledsoe’s body was found mutilated just outside of the large vault in building 17, Site A. The tunnel Oscar Zablonski reported appears to have caved in, and only about 50 feet of it could be accessed.
The security team sent to building 7, Site B reported in later that night after an apparent Coms malfunction. There was no follow-up on their findings.
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2018.01.30 05:30 brad4711 Catalyst Timeline - 2018

2018 Q1
2018 Q2
2018 Q3
2018 Q4
Note: Post has been archived per Reddit standards. PM me if you have a suggested item for inclusion.
Written by Bill Ung
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2017.01.29 00:59 HailCorporateRobot Ads for 2017-01-28 (1 / 2)

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Futurology Technical troubles likely to delay commercial crew flights until 2019 for Boeing Starliner spacecraft - Shiny new flight suits not withstanding, 2018 launch dates seem optimistic. Boeing
space Technical troubles likely to delay commercial crew flights until 2019 for Boeing Starliner spacecraft - Shiny new flight suits not withstanding, 2018 launch dates seem optimistic. Boeing
worldnews Trump's executive order prompts Google to recall staff Google
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todayilearned TIL Arthur Blank the owner of the Atlanta Falcons co-founded The Home Depot and also owns the Atlanta United MLS team. United
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worldnews Trump’s Immigration Ban Blocks Travelers at Airports Around Globe Travelers
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todayilearned TIL a Starbucks grande coffee has 320 milligrams of caffeine, over four times the amount of caffeine in a Red Bull and the Starbucks cinnamon chip scone has more calories than a McDonald's quarter pounder with 480 calories McDonald's
todayilearned TIL a Starbucks grande coffee has 320 milligrams of caffeine, over four times the amount of caffeine in a Red Bull and the Starbucks cinnamon chip scone has more calories than a McDonald's quarter pounder with 480 calories Starbucks
todayilearned TIL a Starbucks grande coffee has 320 milligrams of caffeine, over four times the amount of caffeine in a Red Bull and the Starbucks cinnamon chip scone has more calories than a McDonald's quarter pounder with 480 calories Red Bull
videos How to make Subway cookies1:48 Subway
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AskReddit Redditors who have been off Facebook for awhile. Log back on, what is the most infuriating thing that you see? Facebook
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worldnews French President Hollande: "Whenever there are statements coming from the president of the United States on Europe and whenever he talks of Brexit as a model for other countries, I believe we should respond" United
AskReddit Scandinavians of Reddit who moved/immigrated to the United States: Why? United
dataisbeautiful How to track your Facebook friends' sleeping habits Facebook
AskReddit What are the most irrelevant states in the United States? United
nottheonion New Hampshire Burger King employees accused of selling marijuana to customers ordering ‘fries extra crispy’ Burger King
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How do mobile companies like Verizon and Sprint decide on data charges? Does using more data really cost them more money? Verizon
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How do mobile companies like Verizon and Sprint decide on data charges? Does using more data really cost them more money? Sprint
worldnews US border patrol 'checking people's Facebook for political views' Facebook
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2016.06.21 09:18 78ford Hermitcraft Daily 405 June 18th-20th 2016

Welcome to the 405th Hermitcraft Daily.


Other Minecraft: The Tower & The Tour (BiffaCraft)
Stardew Valley: Best Luau Ever (E150)
Stardew Valley: Half a Million Cut Scenes (E151)
Turmoil: Big Mistake (E12)
Turmoil: Diamond Hunting Mole Buddy (E13)


Hermitcraft: Dark and Creepy
C14 dating: New in town
Fallout 4: Bottlecap Mines (Survival Sunday)


Hermitcraft: The Redlands


ARK: War Day Attack Sl1pg8r (E21)
ARK: War Day Battle Two (E22)
ARK: Broodmother Tamed (Annunaki Genesis E14)
ARK: Elder Dragon Goddess Lvl 1000+ (Annunaki Genesis E15)


Other Minecraft: Squirrelly Bread (Sky Factory E17)
Other Minecraft: Minicio & Harvester (Sky Factory E18)
Other Minecraft: Pixel Art & Pigmen


Hermitcraft: Polar Bear Transport
Other Minecraft: We're Surrounded (Extreme UHC)


Other Minecraft: Moving Day (Regrowth)
Other Minecraft: Starter Power Storage (FTB Inventions)


Other Minecraft: Ore Automation (Sky Factory 2.5)
Other Minecraft: Villager Purifer
Other Minecraft: Epic Platform (Skyblock)


Hermitcraft: Wart Brewery
Other Minecraft: Boss Battle (Survival Stories 3)
Other Minecraft: Getting richer (Captive Minecraft 4)


Hermitcraft: Art Furnace Railtrack
Make the Bloody Epic: Dragon fails-Old School Puppet Maker (1/2)


ARK: The Spino Adventure (E14)
ARK: Technology & Some Death (E15)
Dead by Daylight: Kermit The Killer (E4)
Dead by Daylight: The Great Escape (E5)


Hermitcraft: Huge Villager Trading Station
Other Minecraft: Top 10 Redstone Life Hacks


Other Minecraft: High Class Modern House (16x16 Plot Busters)
Other Minecraft: Barn & Chicken Farm
CoD Black Ops 3: KN-44 Insanity
Destiny: Annoying Super Dark Mission
Terraria: Thor's Hammer, New Armours (Modded)


Hermitcraft: Magma Block Shop
Other Minecraft: Guardian Of Gaia Boss Fight (Survival Stories 3)


Other Minecraft: Ranch Office Furniture Design (How To Build A House)
Other Minecraft: Modern House Build (Swimming Pool Tutorial)


ARK: War Day
ARK: Elder Blackheart Dragon God (Annunaki Genesis E14)
ARK: Sorting Mod (Annunaki Genesis E15)
ARK: The Limber Pickle (Survival of the Fittest E1)
ARK: The Limber Pickle (Survival of the Fittest E2)
Dead by Daylight: On The Hook
Dead by Daylight: Save Yourself
Overwatch: Nailed It


Hermitcraft: Placing Orders
Other Minecraft: Trading Center
7 Days to Die: Guns All Over


Hermitcraft: Bone Barn Shop
Other Minecraft: Medieval Barn (Kingdoms E17)
Other Minecraft: Finishing the Barn (Kingdoms E18)
Other Minecraft: Road Construction (Kingdoms E19)
Other Minecraft: Ender Storage (FTB Inventions E12)
Other Minecraft: A Premature End (FTB Inventions E13)
Other Minecraft: Season 2 Begins (DesignTech)


ARK: War
ARK: Mega Alpha Mosa Tame (Annunaki Genesis E26)
ARK: Dragon Arena (Annunaki Genesis E27)
ARK: Game Breaking Speed (Annunaki Genesis E28)


Hermitcraft: June 19th Stream
Other Minecraft: Testing New Blocks (Myth Busting 98)
Other Minecraft: Captive Minecraft 4


ARK: Taming Spree with Draax (Annunaki Genesis E32)
ARK: Dragon Arena Fight (Annunaki Genesis E33)
ARK: Fire Giganto vs Ice Cave (Annunaki Genesis E34)
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2015.07.25 04:01 shmuga9 Project Cars: The Whole Story

I saw some general confusion on the internet about the game and its history. After reading about it on GoNintendo for years I knew what was actually going on (to an extent). I then decided to compile a master list so people could see what was really going on.
I addressed one of their statements as my closer but besides that I tried to keep my opinion out of it and let the reader come to their own conclusion. Skipped the forums debacle because that's a mess on its own, and frankly I spent enough time without digging for that. I just stuck with public/company statements that represented the company more than one specific person.
I posted it in other places but it's probably best served here since this subreddit is all about ethics in games and the rest were just social circles. I didn't write this as a disgruntled customer or Wii U owner (don't care about racing sims) but I was tired of seeing people spout false claims as reality when I knew better and I thought this could open their eyes.
*Not sure what tag to put this under so any suggestions would be appreciated.

Be prepared, this is a long one (though the article titles sum it up)

While the title is inspired by LoadingReadyRun's hilarious, fake mockumentary-style series, this story. unfortunately, is aggravating and quite real.
There's confusion on the net about Project Cars. Most see it as yet another game missing the Wii U but this story goes beyond just a port and into how the company handles itself. I'll leave the articles here for you to make up your own mind without much commentary because I've had enough writing and talking about it for our podcast within the last year. I also haven't included things such as company partnerships or trailers/gameplay/screenshots, etcetera. I did this to try and keep this article as concise as possible.
Contrary to popular belief, there's no Project Cars Kickstarter. Their source of crowd-funding is through their proprietary World of Mass Development Portal. What seperates it from Kickstarter is that developers and the community investing receive royalties. As far as an amount goes, 30% of all profits goes to those who invested (from their 2011 doc).
In 2012, their new document adds the community to the pie-chart with 70% community and 30% to developers. I'm assuming that's 70% of 30% (21% of profits) leaving 9% to developers, but it isn't explicitly outlined besides a graphic, though I severely doubt they meant 70% of all profits go to the community. It also isn't stated if each community investor gets the same amount (21% divided by the number of community investors) or if there's a stipulation based on how much they invested (you get 21% back on what you invested).
As far as I see it though, it's 21% of all profits divided up equally into the amount of community investors and 9% for developers, based on their position.
(Page 4) 2011 Document: http://wmdportal.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/WMD_Announcement_Press_Release_1011.pdf
(Page 11) 2012 Document: http://www.wmdportal.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/WMD_Overview_160212.pdf
Here's the chronological timeline of the game's development:
There's the intention of having it come to console too, with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U versions currently slated - which suggests a boxed copy when the project nears completion in 2013, an idea that Slightly Mad isn't entirely averse to.
Coming from the author, no original quote for it.
" 'The great thing about having the community involved is all the feedback,' says Wallace, 'It's like having a focus group all of the time.' "
Wii U/PS3/360/Windows Logos up on Project Cars Website
Their Overview Document, Showing Each Platform It Would Release On
Logos for: Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 (Windows as well but that was released) can be seen on pages 5, 16, 19, and 36. They're at the bottom right-hand corner of each slide.
Page 28: Wii U Functionality
Same Wii U Details from Document, Reposted on GoNintendo
Info on Wii U Version coming at E3
Project Cars & WMD Celebrate One Year Anniversary
-advertises that they can still become a member, and how much they've earned thus far
Project Cars Funding Goal Reached
-temporarily stopped taking funding in December 2012 (for how long isn't stated and I couldn't find another article on it)
-meaning at some point funding resumed
Delayed until November 2013
-the Facebook post has been deleted, but multiple websites reported on it
-you'll see that this release date isn't a collective lie (which I would find absurd) with the many other delays that will follow
Will be 30fps, 720p on Wii U
Project Cars to innovate with Wii U
Console Versions in development at the same time as the PC Version
"But I can tell you that we´re making all the versions at the same time, so it´s not like we´re making the PC version and then we port it to consoles >afterwards."
Is Positive on Community Feedback
"We are working alongside the people who are eventually going to be playing our game and we have to be open and honest. It's worked out >fantastically because you get so much more input from the people who matter, as opposed to people who have their own agenda."
Project Cars and the Financial Services Authority on WMD Crowd-funding
Delayed Until Q2 2014 (April/May/June)
Trying to be the Forza for Wii U
Wii U Mentioned Alongside PC Version
"You see the passion people have for Forza and Gran Turismo, and if you're a publisher you wonder, 'Are we really gonna cut into that audience?' >But we believe we can, especially on Wii U and PC, where there's a space to fill."
Make it How you Want, Need for Speed or Full Racing Sim
-no clue if it is or isn't like that, but I added in case they didn't deliver on that feature
Stops Accepting Funding through WMD after FSA intervened
-they could have received more funding through another means, but none that I could find and I don't think that's the case so I treat this as the final stop to all funding
-author states, "There is no time limit on claiming a refund."
-will change how WMD works, "So as to avoid it being considered a collective investment scheme."
-agreeing to stop taking funding doesn't mean they admit to breaking any laws
-temporarily stopped taking funding in December 2012 (for how long isn't stated and I couldn't find another article on it)
Wii U Build Info
PS4/Xbox One Added, PS3/Xbox 360 Cancelled, pushed to Fall 2014
Wii U "More Than Capable" of handling Project Cars
Project Cars will Showcase Hidden Power of Wii U
Slightly Mad Studios Removes Comments Questioning Project Cars
(there's probably more evidence of this but you can find and dig through that on your own if you want a time sink)
Project Cars as a Service
"...it isn’t going to be a game where we just move on to the next one..."
"...we are going to make sure that it is treated as a platform, a service, than something that is just like a fire and forget title."
(quotes from the final paragraph)
-sequel announced 1 year and 2 months later
Poll Showing Wii U Version was the Most Sought after Version, even above PC
-coming from their own website, where their community investors are more likely to vote (and know about it) than the general gaming audience
Wii U Version coming Months after PS4/Xbox One
"We're committed to delivering an exceptional and unique experience for racing fans on Wii U and for this we kindly ask our devoted and >passionate Nintendo fans for a little more time in order to ensure the game delivers on our vision of being the most authentic, beautiful, and >technically-advanced racing game on any platform."
"So when we say the Wii U version is delayed in 2015 because we need a little more time, that's all it is. We just want to make sure it's of the same >standard of all the other games. To do that, we just need a little more time. I've seen the Wii U version, I've seen it quite regularly. It's got dynamic >time of day, weather - it looks phenomenal. And the actual console itself is quite good."
May (2 weeks after the other versions launched)
Wii U Version facing Severe Issues
Backpedals on Wii U Version, says it was always "maybe" Wii U, despite evidence saying otherwise
Project CARS/Weapons of Mass Development opened funding initially as a Free to Play PC only Racing game.
In their October 2011 document there was no mention of free-to-play and WMD (their crowd-funding source) didn't launch yet according to that document. There wasn't even a mention of what platform(s) the game would release on. One month later Eurogamer reported it as free-to-play with interest in console ports but it wasn't a direct quote and there was no official statement I could find. The only free game they have is World of Speed and they explicitly said that it wasn't free-to-play.
This is when the bulk of the funding arrived. Funding was closed late 2013.
Four months after their original document, that essentially said nothing, their new 2012 document gave a full outline of what they wanted to accomplish with their project and what WMD is. No sign of WMD "launching soon" meaning it has launched by that time. Perhaps it launched in-between those four months, but I'd wager it didn't actually start until this 2012 document when they outlined it's details. And if you go off of that, it was never listed officially as free-to-play or PC only. There were console logos stamped on 4 seperate occasions and a graphic of how the Wii U version would play, meaning you were planning on developing it.
You stopped receiving funding in July 2013, but before that, in April 2013, you admitted that you were working on the console ports alongside the PC version. You stated,
"As soon as the Wii U was announced we were like `Oh my god, this looks amazing! We need to work on this´.".
The Wii U was announced June 2011, your full outline stating the actual platforms it would launch on (including Wii U) came in February 2012 and July 2013 you stopped receiving funding. 17 months is plenty of time for people to have donated strictly because of the Wii U version, especially when it was the hot new thing, at least in the media. Even if you assumed that NovembeDecember 2012 was the last time they got funding (even when he just said they got funding until late 2013) because they reached their goal then, that's still 9-10 months.
By vote of the members, it changed to a boxed product PC/Xbox 360/PS3 and 'maybe Wii U' game. It was always 'maybe' as we had no >knowledge of the system.
It was again changed, by vote of the members, to a PC/Xbox One/PS4 next gen game with still 'maybe Wii U' and Steam OS. The funding, as I said >above, was closed long before this.
If you put advertising on your website, it was prominent in your outline document, it was developed alongside the other versions, and had multiple statements hyping it up like how you would innovate with Wii U, it'll run at 720p, 30fps, and you're aiming to make it the Forza for Wii U, as if you were actually working on it, then no, there was no "maybe". You literally said the console versions were being developed en tandem with the PC, you can't backpedal your way out of that. Even if internally they felt it was "maybe" Wii U, they clearly didn't demonstrate that to everyone else, including the people funding the game.
Oh also, you bring up the polls quite a bit, implying that the Wii U results were low and the idea for a port was "maybe" because of a lack of interest. Or that you put "maybe Wii U" as a poll option to indicate to people it wasn't a for-sure thing. That is not the case. Sadly with polls they're not usually recorded and always changing so getting an accurate reading at different points in time is near impossible but...
...not today!
However I do have some proof. PlayerEssence and NintendoEnthusiast both reported on the Wii U being at 54% at the poll's launch, and then SteamOS over-taking it a few days later. Even then it was 33% SteamOS and 31% Wii U, with the least interested plaftorm being Xbox One at 5%. And then at some point the Wii U took back it's spot as the most popular platform as it currently stands on Project Cars' website.
Someone screen-capped when it was at 54% on April 2nd (in the spoiler tag, date stamp on bottom right of post), a day after the poll opened.
Here's what the poll looks like today.
Day-of poll results are subject to change as tens of votes in one day can become hundreds or thousands in weeks or months (no way to find the total amount of votes). But no, Slightly Mad Studios, it can't have always been "maybe" Wii U when the poll results (among your statements) have consistently had Wii U at the top. I do recall seeing it around 25% or so, roughly 2-3% more than the PC version (before SteamOS/PS4/Xbox One was introduced), but without proof of that you're free to treat that as conjecture.
We still haven't given up on Wii U 100% but if we can't make it work we will move to the next Nintendo machine.
This is just patronizing, as if to say, "Gee willikers! We weren't planning on it, but we'll do our very gosh darnedest to try and make it happen." All this statement really is is to make people unaware of this whole situation think they're good guys for giving another swing at it. When in reality their statements and marketing have been saying from the start that it was always planned for Wii U, and not just added at the last second.
Even if they did get their hands on the NX there'd be no point since they would have moved on to Project Cars 2. Not to mention we'd be repeating history, "Nintendo console announced, Project Cars game for it, hyped up like the next coming of realistic car racing, 3 or 4 delays, months of silence, cancelled."
As of posting this, they have yet to remove the Wii U logos from the game's website, and WMD Portal. It was only cancelled a few days ago so it's nothing to be concerned about, and Googling it will bring up that it's cancelled. But I though I'd mention it because I think it would be funny if someone reads this months down the line and it still hasn't been changed. However, Wii U is not mentioned via images or text on their studio page.
Issues with the Game not being Taken Seriously
Project Cars 2 Announced
"Too Much" for Wii U Version, Officially Cancelled for it
-says they might port it to the NX, which is at least a year or two away from launching
-wouldn't make sense to port it given they'll start development of Project Cars 2 soon
My guess? They only worked on the PC version (the only version ever shown despite them saying they were working on the Wii U version). THEN as of a few months ago they tried porting it to Wii U, realized it couldn't work, and had to backpedal hard because they kept saying it was "more than capable" as if it was in the works for years, but really only started development recently. Pure hypothesis on my part, but that's one possible angle I got from it given the sudden change of "it worked for years" to "it can't even run". I think there was a South Park episode where Cartman was hyping up a party only to promptly cancel it and say something like, "No no, we're serious you guys, we TOTALLY had a cool party ready but we had to cancel it."
If during those 8 silent months they switched engines and for some reason it couldn't run on Wii U, then they should have said something earlier. But after at least 3 delays and lying through their teeth, I'm not about to give them the benefit of the doubt.
But those are just my thoughts. Given all of the necessary information at your disposal, what do you make of this? If I made a mistake or missed something crucial (and you have proof) point it out in the comments. If you slogged through this, thanks!!
Updated from original article: Apparently there was Wii U footage, however all of the official links are dead and the unofficial ones, well, there's no concrete way of telling if it was early Wii U footage or just early PC footage. Like I said they talked big, stated the delays were just polish and then dumped on people on release day without updates, which they weren't shy on providing before.
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2015.03.02 14:29 UnlostHorizon A Beginner's Guide to Japanese Power Metal

Link to the original article. I'm formatting it and posting it here for those of you who never saw it, as well as for the wiki's sake. Just keep in mind I wrote this about a year ago; some of the info might be slightly out of date.
It can be bizarre. It can also be off-putting. But it’s an entirely new realm of the sub-genre that can afford some great new bands and masterpieces to listeners. The power metal scene has really blossomed since the arrival of X Japan in the ’80s, and since then it’s been taken to new heights and limits.
I’ve found myself getting dragged deeper and deeper into Japan’s power metal scene over the past year, and I can honestly say that its best attribute is its daringness. As Marty Friedman put it so well, “In Japan, taboos are off”. While so many people believe power metal is stagnant in the western hemisphere (which I disagree with, anyway), Japan has been experimenting all along with different sounds, interesting visuals, and pushing the boundaries of the genre, all while maintaining a flavor of the European power metal and speed metal that we all love.
The biggest distinction one could find about Japan’s power metal is two simple words: visual kei. In its simplest definition, it’s Japan’s interpretation of glam metal’s visual element and fashion trends. Musically, however, it can vary anywhere from pop music to melodic death metal and metalcore. While some bands nowadays denounce the self-indulgence of visual kei, Japanese power metal undeniably traces its roots back to the innovators of visual kei: X Japan. Several bands continue the visual kei trend to this day, but most have moved on with slightly less focus to their imagery.
Another important aspect is most bands’ insistence on singing in their native language. Several bands do incorporate the occasional English lyrics into their music or entire English songs, but almost no bands have dedicated their music entirely to the English language. Unfortunately, some of the English pronunciation can be poor at times, but much like Europe’s questionable grasp on the English language, it can lend itself to become an endearing element of the music.
So to help introduce people to the world of Japanese power metal, I thought I’d highlight several noteworthy bands, in my opinion, give them a rundown, and list some important songs of theirs. I’ll be dividing this list into two portions: male-fronted and female-fronted.


X Japan

As innovators of visual kei and power metal in Japan, X Japan is without a doubt the most vital band to the development of all sub-genres of metal in Japan. Having achieved mainstream success with Blue Blood and shattering records with Jealousy, as well as having constructed a 30 minute masterpiece, Art of Life, it’s easy to see why they are held in such a high regard. Following their disband, guitarist, hide, took his life, and it took until 2007 for all the side projects to subside and the band to reunite, but not without paying homage to their late guitarist by dedicating their new song, “I.V.” to his memory.
Fan-favorite tracks: * "Kurenai" * "Art of Life" * "Endless Rain"


As one of the most well-known Japanese metal bands of the current millennium, Galneryus have popularized their own brand of neoclassically-tinged power metal in the past decade. Having been kickstarted by Japanese metal veterans, Syu and Yama-B, the band has since undergone numerous lineup changes with songwriter and guitarist, Syu, being the only constant. Their most recent release, Angel of Salvation, has seen them receive worldwide acclaim from critics and fans alike heavily in part to the majestic orchestrations and solos employed. In contrast to X Japan, Galneryus has been relatively free of visual kei imagery and outfits and are easily the most famous power metal band to achieve their level of success without the visual kei connection.
Fan-favorite tracks: * "Angel of Salvation" * "Destiny" * "Hunting For Your Dream"


With lavish Baroque-era outfits, a dark symphonic power metal sound, and cross-dressing guitarists, it’s hard to not be stunned by the looks of Versailles. Having skyrocketed in popularity since their debut, Noble, the band continued with consistent masterpieces of the genre until the band’s mutual hiatus in late 2012. Since then, singer, Kamijo, has carved for himself a successful solo career with a vampire obsession, and the remaining members of Versailles, in addition to singer, Zin, formed the neoclassical power metal band, Jupiter. Both side projects carry on the Versailles spirit fantastically and are recommended to any fans of the genre.
Fan-favorite tracks: * "The Revenant Choir" * "Princess" * "Masquerade"

Sex Machineguns

As an obvious pun on the Sex Pistols’ band name, Sex Machineguns are probably one of the most prolific metal bands in all of Japan and definitely the most prolific power metal band in Japan. Having embraced the visual kei movement in their heyday in the early ‘00s, the band has slowly shifted away from the flamboyant clothes, but their music has been constant the whole time: a vibrant and humorous mix of thrash and speed and power to create the energetic amalgamation they are. Singer and guitarists, Anchang, remains the only original member of the band, and with a new single out this year SMG seems to be making a comeback of sorts.
Fan-favorite tracks: * "Heavy Metal Thunder" * “食べたいなめたい危険地帯” (Tabetai Nametai Kiken Chitai) * "Tekken II"


Here’s the dark horse on the list. Balflare aren’t notable for flashy dresses, innovating the power metal genre in Japan, or just being prolific. I’m including them here due to their European style of power metal, a rare trait in most Japanese power metal bands. They’re probably one of the only examples of a band that writes lyrics exclusively in English, and they have a sound very reminiscent of Silence-era Sonata Arctica. If for nothing else, Balflare is a great way to transition to the Japanese metal stylings. Unfortunately, they tend to stay rather dormant in between albums with few live shows or even Facebook posts to tide fans over. Hell, I hadn’t even seen a picture of the band until I prepared this article.
Fan-favorite tracks: * "The Dunes" * "Waking in Silence" * "Before the Dawn"



Another element of Japan’s metal scene that you’ll soon start to notice is the prevalence of all-female metal bands, something that’s unheard of here in the USA (The Iron Maidens don’t count). And that’s where Aldious shines so well. Their music is incredibly good; so good in fact that you really should neglect referencing their genders. Re:NO’s voice is of a low timbre, a rare trait for any power metal singer, especially a female one, and the rest of the band play speedy power metal that accentuates Re:NO’s delivery perfectly. They’re definitely my most highly recommended band on this female-fronted side of things.
Fan-favorite tracks: * "Dominator" * "Spirit Black" * "Scrash"


As a complement to Aldious, Cyntia also does the “low-pitched female singer in an all-female band” thing, but Cyntia pulls it off with a bit more melody and a little less speed. Having established entirely new images for themselves with each album, their music has stayed consistently enjoyable. Its heavy/power metal hybrid lends itself well to Cyntia thanks to the teamwork between Saki and Ayano, singer and keyboardist, respectively.
Fan-favorite tracks: * "Run to the Future" * “閃光ストリングス” (Senkou Strings) * “深愛エゴイズム” (Shin Ai Egoism)


Neoclassical and visual kei: those are probably the best adjectives to describe LIGHT BRINGER (caps necessary). With an even larger focus on keyboards than Cyntia, they are probably one of the happiest bands I’ve heard from Japan. Fuki, the lead singer, possesses an incredibly powerful voice that’s backed up by a male band who really know how to write a solo or two. What really makes LIGHT BRINGER stand out amongst all these other bands is the progressive elements they incorporate; at times, their music can be incredibly complex, jazzy, and/or technical. It’s a marvelous mixture of styles that have made these guys and gals one of the most exciting modern power metal bands.
Fan-favorite tracks: * "noah" * "Hyperion" * "ark"


Here are some newcomers to the power metal scene. Having only released their debut album, Campanula, this year to relatively no fanfare, it’s a wonder to me why more people haven’t taken note of them yet. It’s an album drenched in keyboards, with a relentless and liberal singer who belts out her vocal lines, and intense guitar-keyboard dueling solos that rival those of Sonata Arctica. With only the lone album underneath their belts, I’d definitely recommend a listen to them on Spotify at the very least.
Fan-favorite tracks: * “全てを知らせる鐘と迷宮に惑わされし者” (Subete o shiraseru kane to meikyū ni madowasareshi sha) * "碧瑠璃の空" (Hekiruri no sora) (I can’t find any more of their tracks online)

Mary's Blood

Finally, we come full circle to Mary’s Blood, the closest thing to a female X Japan that there is. With their equal focus on speed and guitar-driven melodies, they’re also probably the closest thing to a traditional metal band on this list. After 5 years of teasing fans with singles and EP’s, Mary’s Blood has their debut album, Countdown to Evolution, coming out this August, and it looks to be a consistent display of their NWOBHM-tinged speed metal stylings.
Fan-favorite tracks: * "Burning Blaze" * "Save the Queen" * "Marionette"
Hopefully that provided you with some new listening material and some insight into the world of Japanese power metal. There are plenty of bands that I had to leave out of this guide to preserve my sanity, like Kamijo, Gauntlet, MinstreliX, Skywings, Destrose, and others, but maybe I can cover those later in a follow-up to this guide. I hope you enjoyed this guide and it was of some use to you.
I'll reformat and post the second part sometime next week.
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2014.03.05 01:01 tabledresser [Table] IamA Game Developer - breaking away from AAA game freelancing to do Indie full time AMA!

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Date: 2014-03-04
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Are you aware of the four guys further up the page who you're going up against? Am I screwed? haha.
Yup, I'm screwed, What If I dress up like GabeN?... Will that help??
What do you think of the trend of indie games having retro graphics? Love it, I really want to delve into it myself at some point :)
8Bit makes me feel warm and cozy :D.
As a fairly new software devleoper (22 years old, 1 year working experience) who is completing his bachelor of computing science degree next fall, what is the best way I can get my foot in the door with video game design and programming? It's something that has always interested me and I would love to get into the industry. Anything from what language(s) I should focus on learning (I know most AAA games use C++ for speed/efficiency) to what I should work on to build up my portfolio (small indie games etc.) to what design patterns/frameworks I should use in personal projects for practice (I'm most familiar with MVC, Domain Driven Design, and CQRS). Any advice would really help. Also: What did you enjoy most about doing AAA work? Why move to indie games? My biggest suggestion would be to grab Unity3d, Download some templates / pre-setup games... even buy some stuff and start changing it, altering it to do what you want, You'll become super familiar this way, you'll be able to skip all of the hard work of setting it up and move right into adjusting subtle gameplay things, and you will pick up SO much about how everything works as you poke around more. Doing AAA work is always rewarding just for the ego, yknow ;D Being able to be like "Yea, I worked on that, AND got paid well! boom!" buuut ask yourself... After 14 years of making art for "the highest bidder", would you want to start getting your own ideas into the market place? Probably :D Thats why i'm doing it... its more rewarding, like 1000x more rewarding.
Java / C# seems to be fairly common in games from what I know (im 99% artist, 1% coder, if that, hah)
How long did it take to grow such a glorious beard? Haven't been clean shaven for... 3 years? And I haven't really cut much off the beard for 9 months or more :)
You say you broke away from AAA game freelancing, what games were you a part of? Explain why I should support Ashen Rift over the next game. Yea, I've worked on tons of stuff, Sadly I am under extensive Non Disclosure Agreements which extend 3 years+... But if you play modern AAA FPS games, chances are very high that you've seen my stuff. Wish I could say more... Why Ashen Rift over another game?.. hmmm... Well, If you love oldschool shooters (q1, HL1 etc) and Slower games like Journey and want to see what happens when those sorts of experiences get blended then should be worth your time, for sure. Plus Bounder is a blast :D He really changes the vibe you get from within the game.
Remind me to ask you what games you helped with in 3 years time. :) exactly ;D
If applicable, what's the biggest challenge about finding outside talent to help with an indie game? (be it music, voices, modeling, etc..) I have tons of tallented friends and It was super easy for me...
I was able to take care of maybe 90% of development stuff, the audio and a bit of art was just a matter of asking some friends and they jumped on full force!
Only real trick was making sure their schedule worked with my deadlines... so they had to dedicate to make the kickstarter happen and so on. But it all worked out great... I work with awesome professional people so that makes life easy :D.
How the fuck do you get so much done in 5 months?!! I gave up on having a life and worked harder on this than I have on anything in my life... :D.
Well, I am impressed! I've been working on my own indie project since September 2013 and I haven't gotten nearly as far as you. I suppose a lot of it has to do with my choice of using XNA instead of Unity3d. oh yeah, and trying to have a relationship also cuts into my dev time :P. Yeaaa, My Lady super eats into development time, but it's hard to complain ;D.
For someone with a BA in art and no programming experience, what would you consider the most important/effective things I could do to make my way into the world of game design? How did you find your way in? I want to create worlds for people to explore, but have been having a hard time getting started. Also, would you recommend starting big, like trying to get picked up by a firm, or going indie right away? Hey.
Rad, Just get Unity 3d, Start reverse engineering everyone elses projects on the asset store, Cut/paste/merge/adjust everything until it suits your needs, You will learn SO MUCH by doing this.
As someone who wants to get into the industry after college, would you recommend working with an Indie Developer Team? Or to work with a large company at first? Take whatever gig you can get and if you cannot get paying work, then get involved in a rad project that will prove your ability to put-things-in-a-game... that is king.. If you can do things in editor, in game, then you're instantly more employable than the guy who says he can but doesn't prove it.
1) I see you have "Oculus Rift Support" on your Kickstarter $250,000 stretch-goal. Have you had any experience with the Rift, and what do you think about the future of Virtual Reality? 2) I was just talking about this kind of thing with a friend, About the idea of allowing alternate controllers/control schemes. I'm going to have a HUGE testing program for Ashen Rift, already have some 300 people signed up for it, So this will give me an insight into problems, and on top of it all, I've been able to do some in person testing with some people, which helps me understand what I'm doing right and wrong... this also plays big time into the potential for an Oculus Rift build, since it changes gameplay so much!
I'm a 3rd year CS student and I've always had a passion for games as and had some ideas for my own but I'm not sure on how to get started. How did you learn to make game and what tools do you use? I learned by Diving in to games like quake 1 and HeXen, diving in to the level editors and replacing textures... That kept growing... One of the best learning experiences I have (and still to this day works well for me) is to take pre-existing art and improve it, change it or reverse engeneer it... Be it a particle emitter in unity or a script, Its how I learned with everything a long the way... I got to see how it was supposed to work right away, rather than trying to slowly get there on my own.
I use Zbrush, 3dsmax, Unity3d and Photoshop.
How many people do you think is ideal to work on an indie game of this caliber? Thanks for posting, I used Unity for Ashen Rift.
Also, did you make your own game engine or did you use someone else's? (Unity, UDK, that sort of thing) Depends on the people, Theoretically If I had all the time in the world I could probably make this game myself, with little bits of outside help, But I want to raise money to expand the team... I would love to have 2 to 5 more full time employees to make this game happen a lot faster and better.
What languages do you like to use? Also (more general question) how easy is it to learn a second language after you've already learned one? I'm learning Java and would soon like to learn C++. Don't over think it :D Just do it! :D.
If you know one, you're better off to learn an other :)
I use either, because I barely know the difference, haha :D.
When you decided to sit down and make the game, is it because there mechanics/gameplay you wanted to present, or a story you wanted to tell? Also, nice beard. Good question... the driving force was the idea of the man and the dog in a quake 1 like shooter... the story evolved out of the art as it developed... the mechanics also came out of the art... it was like: Okay, quake 1 with a dog Okay, Ash covered world with a dog. Okay, Ash caused by rift in world... Dog named Bounder, close companion. And it just kept growing from there...
Awesome! It's always so jarring when a developer picks one too much over the other and things feel tacked on. If you've got that feel of everything being interconnected and the gameplay mechanics helping the story and the other way around? That's the best! Yea, I'm stoked on exactly that.
The simple 4 way dynamic to tell the story should work out really well!
What's your favorite game? Also, nice beard. Favorite game! Quake 1 all day long.
Thanks man, It just won't stop! :O.
Favorite Indie game? AAA game? Quake 1 for AAA and ummm Probably Journey for Indie.
Oh my god, I found out about this game last night. The idea seems amazing, I am going to back it next paycheck! You say it is a survival horror game, but what in the game contains the horror aspect? Like obviously the enemy could be considered scary, but will it have a tense, suspenseful atmosphere too? Absolutely, The game gets megga tense when you see a few enemies and you have no ammo. There will be some real "Wtf" moments in the story too, but I don't want to spoil anything... Everything will seem quite un-easy and potentially hostile.
Do you have any opinion of crypto-currencies? (i.e. bitcoin) I really want to look into making Ashen Rift accept Doge Coin... I mean... c'mon, right?...
I find that whole world staggeringly fascinating, Would love to learn more.
You said in the video that you will have to hire some people to do some of the advanced programming, what aspects of the game will not be programmed by you? Well, Id like to be more focused on the art and story, so perhaps the more I get, the more I can focus on that and just delegate the scripting/coding as needed.
I'm a terrible programmer, I'm VERY slow and need help with most of it.. So It would be nice to speed things up by getting somebody more competent to tackle... One thing that comes to mind is the ability to dump gasoline out... Would need "gasoline trail" of sorts, and then the ability to set it ablaze.. Something I could do eventually, but could be much easier and efficient if done by somebody else.
Can you give me a comparison of working from an AAA game to an indie game? Things like workload, stress etc? The Workload on Indie is 10x the work... But its 100x more rewarding.
Stress of meeting deadlines is the same I guess, But you always have the reward at the end of the day of doing something for yourself, not for your wallet... It really makes a difference in your overall well being and quality of life.
Are you a jack of all trades? Or do you work on specifics like models / shading? Or even the physics aspect? (Projectiles, player movement, etc) Jack of all trades, Art, scripts, anims, design, story, direction etc. :D
Aside from the obvious issue of money. What is the most difficult aspect of being an indie? Promotion! Being Seen... So many good games out there! so many talented teams! I'm just one guy right... So hard to be seen!
One more question, if I may: As a dev, if you worked on shootgun 2014 (feel free to steal the genius title), would you go out and shoot IRL guns? Or do you just program it until it feels "right"? I'm a bit of a redneck, I love shooting guns... ;D Just not at critters, cause, I love critters.
Have you participated in any in-person showcasing of your game? (IndieCade, etc...) I did a live demo at East Side Games during an IGDA meeting in Vancouver BC... It was SO worth going, Free to go and got SO much good feedback... I'll be going to Pax Prime If I can help it and am SO excited to get more player feedback in person. It's a good memory, its a good learning experience, its so rad. It's nice to see what players are seeing in your game, rather than what you hope they see... subtle sentence but lots of importance in it.
If so, how would you rate the value of doing so?
Any trouble finding the flame to keep going? 5 months is quite a while. Despite already having work professionally, where there any moments of being deflated or overwhelmed? Yea, I went full time on it... Had no money and my father died... So I gave up on the game for over a month.
I had TONS of support from reddit and other fans of Ashen Rift... My girlfriend kept us afloat financially and... yea, It was a pretty shitty time, but really the support from everyone, plus the death of my father really put a flame under my ass to just fucking do it... this was only 2 months ago ish... ung.. still super strange. Its always hard to do this sort of thing... But lifes getting better...
It seems like doing a live showcase requires so much confidence and preparation and frankly, experience already doing showcases. Would you have any tips for an idie with zero experience on how do one's first event? Ummm, Just know your game, know your goals and expect problems with your game... if you have bugs, they will appear during the live demo... And everyone is wayyy more forgiving than you would ever expect. Just setup, stand near your game and offer to let people play it, or answer any question :D You may get overwhelmed by handing out biz cards, answering questions or helping players tho, So BRING A MINION! :D
What is the hardest part about making a video game? Is it the coding difficulty, art creation or coming up with ideas? Ideas are easy, Coding for me is SO hard, and art is second nature... the hardest part is dedicating to it on your own to actually come through with executing your ideas.
A singer friend of mine once told me... "Don't write songs you cannot sing!"... its the same idea with games! "Don't write games you cannot develop!"
I'm in 2nd Comp Sci,how often do you use complex math algorithms? Do you have to have strong maths skills ? Zero math skills, Really I am an Entry level coder, I'm a grade 6 drop out, I'm lucky if I spell my own name right.
I did create a Calculus equation with the help of another coder to determine if the player was in front of the gun or not (sort of a cone of fire check).. If yes, fire. Thats about it, Thanks to Unity3d, almost everything else is taken care of or easy enough to hack together.
Do you like the evolution of the AAA FPS? Halo, CoD, BF, CS? Love it. Particularly love GOW and Halo, I just don't like how Sluggish console FPS games are, as well as how Insta-dead you are in modern shooters... I Like me a good duel like quake 1 and 3 ;D.
What's your advice for those looking to break into the industry in general? Make something playable if you're a coder, Make something and put it into a game if you're an artist... Actual in-game content proves sooo much more than any papers ever will.
If you ever make it big, do you plan to treat QA better then every single AAA studio does? How so? I'd love to be able to be the guy who provides other people with jobs, money, a good life, yknow. So any way I can help anyone out the better.
I have a relative that is an indie developer, he even made 2 game engines. But he does not seem to know how to polish his games at all, is relatively poor and does not want to have some middle man company dealing with his finances or QA. What do I tell my myopic relative? Thats Tough...
You've gotta give up your need for control eventually, It can hault a project, I've seen it 1000 times... Hes got to eventually get the outside help he needs to take it to 100% or sit down and do it himself... if not, it will (and it will) turn into a wasted effort...
What type of genre do you plan to develop? Please say RPG... We need more RPGs. I actually do have some rather rad RPG projects brewing in the back of my mind ;)
I'd love to do some larger Coop based games as well, An arena shooter would be beyond fun to develop as well.. ung tooo many ideas, I have plans for all of the above, Just a matter of which comes first! ;)
Just treat us like people, don't look down on us because we are QA. Couldn't agree more.
If you were an employee of mine, I'd be the coolest boss ever... Pretty sure anyway... :D maybe someday I'll have an army of QA guys... life would be good! :D.
What's a good way to break into being a voice actor for games? Get a good Mic, Get a quiet area to record and Put together a demo reel... From there, I would try and make friends with recording studio dudes, since they're likely to be the ones who need a "voice guy" on occasion.
What is it like working in AAA and with a publisher? Deadlines, Lots of deadlines... There's not much room for creativity... they hand you exact specifications and you have to re-produce it exactly...
I'd just like to say I'm looking forward to playing Ashen Rift on Steam! One more thing, if you had to chose one indie game to play for the rest of your life (not including your own), which one would it be? Ummm Perhaps Cortex Command, Because it's a sandbox, lots of carnage, super fun! You could waste a life time dicking around in that game.
What it's like knowing you're now part of the reason why the Video Game industry is dying? How on earth is that the case?...
We're going to need photo proof. Photo Proof?
I imagine that would be awesome! :-) In regards to the genre, why did you choose Horror, as that can be quite the alienating genre... I think it just came naturally, I love freaky monsters and the gameplay is rather slow paced at times... Its action, its survival horror... but above all Its a story... To my mind even quake 1 is a survival horror... I suppose I'm using the term loosely. ;)
Ashen Rift looks really nice. I'll probably back it. Keep up the good work man! Thanks for the kind words, You've made my day :)
What in your mind is the hardest part of being artist. What is the biggest challenge when working with non artistic people. Making sure you meet the contractors expectations... that can be tough, and the biggest challenge comes when Non Artists think they know whats cool, whats best, whats Ideal... Then it becomes a clash of experience and "make it more like this guy does it" hah.
A link to our kickstarter back in July last year: Link to www.kickstarter.com. Awesome man! project looks really well put together!!
our blog here :) Link to rivalthreads.net. Any advice or media contacts that may have helped get you guys exposure? I'm struggling a bit to be seen.
I've been meaning to find the time and money to check out BC, haha. I guess around the same costs to live DT toronto. Any tips/advice would be amazing.
What's your favorite piece? Favorite piece of?
You suck, i thought you were gben for a moment, sorry! How does it feel to know that yuou're posting your ama right before gaben should be doing his? HAHA :D perhaps its super good timing? :D.
I can pretend to be Gaben? :D.
We shall call you GabeN Jr. Deal. I'll start on HL3 tonight if that helps.
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