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Asian Masculinity: Culture, masculinity & racial identity for Asian men

2014.02.13 02:13 TRPsubmitter Asian Masculinity: Culture, masculinity & racial identity for Asian men

The only space on the web dedicated to critically examining the Asian male experience.

2020.10.20 19:11 YouPeopleAreScum The Gelman Post (Reformatted for Nelrene).

This is going to be the last you see of me on Reddit. Playing whac-a-mole with the world's most disgusting mole is just not going anywhere. And most ITers have an agenda, so they will never listen. I will dump everything I have on him here, but after this, you're on your own.
I will try to be brief in the amount of actual text I write, as not only do I know that most internet users have a very short attention span, but I don’t think Reddit will even allow me to post something that has too many characters in it.
I want to remind you of how analyzing someone’s writing in order to identify them actually works, because Osprade and some of his stooges on IncelTears have deliberately made a point of trying to mislead others about the nature of the evidence against him. Their tactic thus far has essentially been to turn into a bunch of screaming monkeys throwing feces. They want people to think that I am just convinced Osprade is these previous accounts because of him using just one or two phrases the other accounts did. Those accusations are laughable. There is so much evidence against him it would be grounds for a scientific law. You will see this when I go through just about every last trait of Osprade’s writing style and content.
It is only when you check off an insane number of things - including several highly unusual and specific things - and find absolutely nothing in conflict with the writing style and content of his previous accounts, that you can confirm it is him.
And that is exactly what I have done with these 10 accounts that I know for a fact are and were him. Thanks to the tool (, nothing from Reddit is ever truly gone from the public.
So think of it like this:
If the police are looking for a criminal suspect who was identified as black, and they find a black man, that is obviously not nearly enough to tie the man in question to the crime.
However, if the criminal was identified as a mid-30s black male who is 6’4” 155 pounds, has an afro, has a tattoo of Tupac on his left arm, has a nose ring, wears an eye patch, walks with a limp, is missing two front teeth, and lives in a particular suburb of around 1,000 people, and you find someone else who matches all of those attributes, it is safe to say you found the person who committed the crime.
When it comes to identifying someone, even common traits still narrow things down. If a suspect was identified as having brown hair and green eyes, that still rules out a fair number of people. When you add enough restrictions together, including certain highly distinctive traits, and nothing is out of place, you can confidently conclude you have found the person you are looking for.
So let’s begin with the reason any of this matters: Osprade’s ties to a pedophile on twitter.
The pedophile on Twitter he is tied to goes by the anagram, Kamil Beylant (@SecurityConcern). This Twitter user is an open “MAP” (minor-attracted person…pedophile).
On February 11, 2020, on the subreddit inceltears, the user “ChosenExec” used a term that was made up by this pedophile, and had never been uttered by anyone else in the history of the internet before ChosenExec repeated it to accuse incels of having that “belief system.”
That term: Grundy-paranoiac.
Here is ChosenExec’s comment containing it:
Now, here is one of many of Kamil Beylant’s tweets using it; this is a tweet that explains how he came up with the term:
As I said, nobody on the internet had ever uttered it before. Here is the history of its use on Reddit, as shown by Pushshift; the first time it was ever used was by ChosenExec (look at the dates):
The subsequent uses on Reddit, if you look into them, were all by people referencing what I had revealed in this thread/future discussions on the matter of ChosenExec, etc.:
A Twitter search will show every use belonging to Kamil Beylant as well. So will a Google search.
There is, however, exactly one person who once wrote something similar - “grundy paranoia:” This was said by a tweeter who goes by dbouraii, who was reacting to one of Kamil’s tweets containing the term “grundy-paranoiac,” and scoffing at it:
I went through this tweeter’s profile out of curiosity and concluded he was not a match for ChosenExec, etc.’s, writing style.
He is the only one who ever even acknowledged Kamil's term.
Grundy-paranoiac is not a real term. It was made up by this Twitter pedophile with a total of 760+ followers. His first ever use of it was in 2017.
Still, the one thing left to do was decide whether ChosenExec was Kamil Beylant himself, or merely someone who reads his Twitter.
I told a friend of mine about what I had found about ChosenExec, and my friend made a throwaway Reddit account and messaged ChosenExec, “I like your Twitter, Kamil.” After ChosenExec initially replied, “I’m Rebecca,” “she” deleted “her” account.
Mind you, this was after “she” had gone back and forth with different incels via DM for several days and insisted there was nothing we could do to scare “her” off. “She” even told me “her” (fake) real name:
So there you have it. If ChosenExec wasn’t Kamil Beylant, he certainly wanted us to think he was.
Occam’s Razor says that’s his Twitter, and he got spooked.
So how do we know Osprade is ChosenExec?
Onto the writings. I’m going to go through every notable aspect of his writings and post examples. I’m not going to go into detailed explanations for most of these aspects, for the sake of brevity.
First just look at a list of his 10 accounts (that I have found). Notice how none of them overlap in their use, and many of them were created on the day or day after the previous one was deleted:
CompassErrant: August 4, 2019 - October 22nd, 2019. Deleted.
LaCroixFever: October 23, 2019 - November 3rd, 2019. Deleted.
ChronoBomber: November 4, 2019 - November 15, 2019. Deleted.
KingChadOfChadtown: January 8, 2020 - January 14, 2020. Deleted.
AdmiralBooBerry: January 14, 2020 - January 24, 2020. Deleted.
Indagator2020: February 1, 2020 - February 5, 2020. Deleted.
ChosenExec: February 5, 2020 - February 13, 2020. Deleted.
GingerCrayons: February 15, 2020 - February 17, 2020. Deleted.
CoverActive: February 27, 2020 - April 10, 2020. Deleted.
Osprade: April 5, 2020 (but first comment is on April 12) - present. He created this account during his down time as CoverActive with "covid-19." This was when he cleared his history on April Fools day and then stopped posting for 5 days, with the exception of pretending to be his gay lover, "k" (reference to Kamil?), and "updating" everyone on his status.
Writing Analysis:
Here’s one of the first things I always looked for in identifying him: When he uses parentheses, he will almost always capitalize the first letter after the opening parentheses, including in situations where it is not a proper noun or the start of a new sentence (Like this, which is incorrect, and rarely done this way), and this is extremely distinctive. He also puts his periods inside the closed parentheses (Like this.) and sometimes continues the sentence after a parenthetical period like this.
Using a capital letter for the first word in parentheses for non-proper nouns (In the middle of a sentence like this) is extremely rare, I have found. I have yet to come across a Reddit user who ever does this. Not only is it incorrect, but most people don’t even think to do it that way.
Most people will use lowercase letters for non-proper nouns at the beginning of something in parentheses in the middle of a sentence (like this), making this one of the best traits to look for to identify him.
I actually publicly brought this up at one point when he was posting as CoverActive, and he intentionally started changing it after.
Here he was before I brought it up:
And here he was after:
This is the kind of sneaky piece of shit he is.
But he struggles to get rid of his old habits.
Here’s Osprade doing it:
Now, here’s CompassErrant (remember, every user here was a major participant on IncelTears):
Here’s LacroixFever:
Here’s ChronoBomber:
Here’s KingChadofChadTown:
Here’s AdmiralBooBerry:
Here’s Indagator2020:
Here’s ChosenExec:
Here’s GingerCrayons:
Now, onto concealed carry. Just how many gun-loving rednecks would you expect to find on SJW IncelTears?
7 of these IncelTears users said they conceal carry.
He conceal carries, and when he’s a guy, he’s always tall.
CoverActive said he grew up with a bidet:
Turns out his first username, CompassErrant, who claimed to live in Florida, also grew up with a bidet.
But both of these users claimed to be American. Nobody in the United States grew up with a bidet. Bidets are extremely rare in the United States even today. They’re a European and Asian thing. What are the odds that two different IncelTears regulars are both American and grew up with bidets in the 90s or prior? Oh, and what are the odds of that, and everything else in my post?
Here’s ChosenExec (via DM) telling me that I am free to block “her” and practice some self-care:
Here’s Osprade telling someone they are…free to block him and practice some self-care.
What do blocking and self-care have to do with each other? Nothing, except that they are somehow grouped together in Osprade/ChosenExec’s mind.
Four of these users, including Osprade, used the phrase, “abattoir of,” metaphorically. From October 2nd 2019 until April 30th this year (afterwards, a bunch of poop-flinging monkeys on IT started deliberately using it to obfuscate how damning this is), the phrase was used just 38 times on all of Reddit (red arrow, subtract 1 for Ctrl-F including the Search Term bar). Out of those 38 times where that exact phrase was used (only 38 out of millions and millions of comments by millions and millions of users on millions of subreddits), 6 of those belonged to 4 of these accounts, and they were all on IncelTears.
Are you doing these calculations in your head? Have you calculated how unlikely it is for 2 or more unique users on the same subreddit to use this exact phrase in that span of time? AND for them to meet all the other aforementioned criteria?
Remember, Osprade has repeatedly lied about having been these usernames. If he’s lying about that (which he clearly is), what else do you suppose he’s lying about?
Here’s another: He frequently capitalizes the word, “world,” for no reason. Most people in the world do not capitalize, “world,” when it’s not at the beginning of the sentence or talking about a World War. He thinks of the world as, "the World." It’s another thing about him that stands out.
(GingerCrayons didn’t stick around long enough to use the word).
Osprade (again, despite me publicly revealing stuff like this, he slips into old habits):
He uses “I’ve” to show possession of a noun (e.g. “I’ve a house”…”I’ve no clue”), which is something you really only see in British English (remember, he claims to be American on all of these accounts except for GingerCrayons - where he said he was Austrian - before deleting the comment). Even in British English, it doesn’t appear to be that common.
I’ve no idea why:
I’ve a lot of downtime:
I’ve a 10 interested in me.
I’ve family:
I’ve more worry about:
I’ve enough trouble already:
It’s just a thing I’ve experience with:
I’ve just four keys:
I’ve just the one 007:
I’ve a friend like that, yeah.
I’ve zero debt:
I’ve no problem with that:
I’ve no fears:
I’ve four sisters:
I’ve zero concern:
I’ve one friend:
I’ve not the slightest:
I’ve no idea:
I’ve not lied (not a noun, but still weird):
I’ve no idea why:
I’ve not an answer:
I’ve a victim advocate:
I’ve still no idea:
I’ve no interest:
Osprade (again, despite me publicly revealing this when he was CoverActive, he slipped):
I’ve zero fear of him:
Osprade talked
CoverActive, Indagator2020, AdmiralBooBerry, and KingChadofChadtown talked
“Oh, good gracious me”:
ChosenExec on cartoons:
Osprade on cartoons:
All of them misspell, “all right.” It’s two words. They make the error (though this is fairly common) of spelling it, “alright.”
Likes to end sentences with, “, yep.”
CompassErrant says Canada is ethnically cleansing First Nations people:
Osprade says Canada is killing First Nations people:
CoverActive says I’ll end up in court one day:
Osprade says I’ll end up in court one day:
ChosenExec thinks incel has a criminal record:
CoverActive thinks incel has a criminal record:
He loves the word, “deeply.” In fact, he loves it so much he sometimes uses it two or three consecutive times in a sentence:
But just in general, it’s one of his favorite intensifiers:
To refer to me making a new Reddit account, Osprade simply says, "he remakes."
Same with CoverActive:
OK, that’s enough. I’m going to list the 59 things I had written down, which includes most of the things I provided examples of. Use the pushshift tool I provided a link to and go through the usernames and see for yourself.
  1. Capitalizes the word, "world,” for no reason. He is one of a minority of people in the World who does this.
  2. Capitalizes the first letter between parentheses (What I mean is in addition to situations where it's a proper noun or the start of a new sentence). He does it (Like this.) and then continues his sentence.
  3. Puts periods (Inside parentheses.)
  4. Frequently uses the word, "proper," and all its forms, such as, "properly." Particularly when he's talking about authority figures like Reddit admins or mods and law enforcement. “Proper people.” “Handle things properly.”
  5. Frequently (excessively) uses the word, "gross."
  6. Talks at length about law/the legal system.
  7. Frequently talks about notifying law enforcement and other organizations.
  8. Talks about reporting things to Reddit.
  9. Links to places to report things.
  10. Uses the phrase, "abattoir of." Especially when condemning incels for being an "abattoir of madness" and the like.
  11. Frequently ends sentences with, ", yep." He loves ending sentences this way, yep.
  12. Talks about how he conceal carries. Big one here.
  13. Frequently ends sentences with a comma and one word in general. He ends sentences this way, really.
  14. Loves the words, "apparently" and, "seems." It seems he loves the word, seems. He apparently loves the word apparently, apparently.
  15. Talks about being tall.
  16. Has so many details it's ridiculous. No matter what the topic, he has a personal life story about it.
  17. When he's accused of being a previous member, he responds with some combination of words that includes the phrase, "I am not." No contraction. "He says I'm this, which I am not." Frequently adds "obviously" in there too (because he's a liar). Or, "as you can imagine." "It seems he thinks I'm a lying pedo, which obviously I am not." "He says I'm a liar, which as you can imagine, I am not."
  18. He writes out stuff like "they do not" and "I am not" all the time, rather than using contractions.
  19. Uses I've to show possession of a noun. "I've no clue." "I've zero fear of him." "I've some." "I've a house." "I've a car." "I've no twitter account."
  20. Misspells "all right" as, "alright."
  21. Loves the word, "fella"/"fellas."
  22. Talks medical quackery and believes in it.
  23. Like Trump, says simply, "sad."
  24. Loves the word, "super," as an intensifier. He thinks it's super expressive for how super creepy and super gross this incel content is.
  25. Loves the word, "deeply." Loves it so deeply he will use it three straight times. He deeply, deeply, deeply loves it. But he calls incels deeply, deeply, deeply mentally ill.
  26. Obsessed with talking about pedo shit. That's because he is one.
  27. Won't name previous Reddit usernames when asked (because he's hiding something).
  28. Talks about impossible numbers of incels DMing him. Expects people to believe he's the most popular user on Reddit.
  29. Loves the meme, "sure, Jan."
  30. Puts a (TM) symbol on stuff other than just, "nice guys."
  31. Frequently denies ever having seen IT wishing incels dead.
  32. Frequently refers to people as, "sir." "Sir, I've no clue who my previous usernames are." Sir, stop harassing me."
  33. Loves the "chief" expression, chief. That ain't what it is, chief. What it is is that he lives on the internet and assimilated all of the crap on it.
  34. Lots of short replies, almost like Board_Gaming's infamous style. He does lots of this when starting out with a username (to increase karma).
  35. Loves the pause to show being baffled by incels. Do they....actually think this thing that is actually true? Does he....actually think anyone who isn't a pussy talks like this?
  36. When he types "LOL," it's nearly always as, "Lol." Capital L and then the next two letters are lower case.
  37. Frequently uses the expressions, "good lord" and, "Jesus."
  38. Says, "what a mess." As you may have seen, he said the exact expression, "Jesus what a mess" on IncelTears from 4 different usernames.
  39. Another favorite expression of his: "Sheesh."
  40. In general, lots of "gosh," "geez"/"jeez," etc. from him.
  41. Frequently uses the shrug emoji. If he's LARPing as a woman, it's a female shrug. If he's being a man, it's the male shrug.
  42. As best I can tell, he always e-mail verifies his accounts.
  43. Another popular expression of his is "went off the deep end."
  44. Every now and then will quote a famous person. Teddy Roosevelt fan.
  45. As best I can tell, he's always claiming to be a libertarian or conservative. I kind of think he's an SJW who enjoys making a mockery of conservative ideas.
  46. Likes the "big mad" meme.
  47. Likes calling things, "sketchy."
  48. Talks about incels having "no power."
  49. Likes to start sentences denying things with, "still." "Still not anyone he says I am." "Still living in Ohio."
  50. Repeatedly talks about incels "not trying"
  51. "Sounds like."
  52. Another favorite word of his: "odd."
  53. Tons of the word, "creepy" as well.
  54. Every now and then, wonders "what goes on in their heads."
  55. If I'm accusing him of being who he is, he will frequently post about how I'm suspended, and update the number of accounts I have made. But only the number since whenever he made his current username.
  56. Will awkwardly construct sentences with "that's true" in the middle that's true but it's another distinctive feature when he does it.
  57. Frequently talks about shit we are doing being what will "bring our forum down"/get our sub banned.
  58. "Free to block and practice self-care."
  59. ", friend."
submitted by YouPeopleAreScum to basedshaman [link] [comments]

2020.10.18 18:15 llaverna Weekly Round-Up: October 12th - October 18th

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AUOGil82 This year’s birthday drawing for Jimin~!
ilumoone Suga monochrome sketch
CrankyPilots Here’s my drawing for Jimin’s birthday! 💜 It’s based off of Serendipity and Lie
dandydellion Dynamite Fanart, I'm in love with the MVs colorgrading so much, and of course, with them haha
ilumoone Jimin drawing - Happy Birthday 🐣✨
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2020.10.17 21:05 jsandwich20000 Stopped running away from myself

Throwaway account for personal reasons
Growing up, I've always been concerned about how people view me as a person. Maybe it was because I grew up in a culture where how you present yourself to other people is paramount. The thing is, I never wanted to be a person that just stood by the wayside and no one noticed. In retrospect, I realized that I was trying to gain attention for the wrong reasons.
For context, I am a somewhat taller Asian male who grew up and lived in the suburbs of a major Northeast US city. I used to have a weight problem when I was younger. In high school, I wasn't very popular. I played sports, but I couldn't run fast and wasn't very good at them. I wasn't what white suburban teens considered to be attractive. I mostly just played drums and crawled through the internet alone. I'm kind of awkward when I speak to people (I used to have a stutter and sometimes I try to speak before I think and I crash like an underpowered computer). I had maybe a few close friends that I spent time with, but I don't really talk to a majority of my high school class.
I got tired of people not noticing me, so I tried to act out. Be the class clown. Do a bunch of dumb shit that wasn't really smart but it would get on people's radar, and it worked. I used to go on the morning announcements and do "random dancing" skits and people thought it was hilarious. I tried to be friends with everyone in my school, but I just ended up just being okay with a handful of people. At the end of my senior year, I got nominated to prom court (without my date) and people used to egg me on to do every conceivable stupid thing they would think is embarrassing. But some people vilified me because I was a "stupid Asian" or I did awkward and embarrassing shit. I always wanted to be the football playeAP honors society/popular kid that everyone envies, and I think that was my way of trying to fill the void. There was always something that was missing because as soon as I left for college, I felt bad to be home.
Fast forward to college. I went to a large state school a few hours away from my hometown, so I didn't really leave people from school. The good thing with such a big school is that there are so many people, no one cares what you do. I joined a bunch of clubs and tried to act out like I always did. I was actually making friends and didn't feel envious of the kids that excluded me. I didn't really focus on the classes because I thought it didn't matter, and I could get any jobs after I graduated.
Sometimes, I would have problems where I would drink too much and tell people I love them, or talk about my feelings and why I was so messed up (first time at college). Usually, I would wake up the next morning, puke, regret, and get on with my life. But the thoughts that creep at the back of my head were always there.
"Do people like you for you or because of the dumb shit you do? Why is he achieving what you want to do but haven't? Why does it take you twice the amount of time to do half the work?"
I've noticed that we as individuals have two selves: the people that we want to be, and the people that we are. When those two things don't line up, we throw ourselves in a state of peril wondering why everything can't come easy. At least in my case.
2019 came, which was basically the worst year of my life. Everything seemed to be going fine but I couldn't shake that there was something wrong that was happening. I couldn't get interviews with companies because my GPA was too low. Two of my friends left school because they had issues with depression. A friend of a friend I knew passed away from a skiing accident, which was the first time I had actually confronted death (besides my grandpa when I was very young). I got into some legal trouble that scarred me for a while (without telling too much, it happened in front of a large group of people and was very embarrassing). Another kid I knew died. My friend said she wasn't coming back for the semester because she had really bad mental health issues. Another kid that was at my school for the weekend passed, and to say the least, I was involved with an org that made national news because they thought we had something to do with it. I got into a pretty bad car accident. I got an academic integrity violation because one of my group members pulled his sources from Good Morning America verbatim. To top it all off, I got a 2.4 GPA because "C's get degrees" and I barely paid attention in my classes.
All of the bad thoughts and questions started spinning around in my head. About how I wasn't good enough, about how I can't focus on one thing and I can't get stuff done. I've never been in a position of leadership. I've never had a girlfriend, or even had sex. I'm a fat piece of shit who hasn't done anything with his life and can't interact with people properly because I'm afraid of how they see me, which is how I see myself. I only got where I was on a fluke or because of someone I knew.
I had completely hit rock bottom. I said "If this is supposed to be the best time of my life, then what's the point of the rest of it". I thought I needed to leave. Get away from the people that know me for who I am, and not for who I wanted to be. I wanted to go to Los Angeles, start a new life, and never look back. I called my friend, drunk and crying, and I told her the entire story above. She ended up calling all of my friends and they came to my apartment to make sure I was okay. It was maybe the most supported I've ever felt in my entire life.
After that night, my whole life did a 180. I got selected to participate in a dance marathon that my school holds, which is a huge honor that my friend and I fundraised for throughout the year. I started getting interview offers from different companies. I began to shed off the internal narrative of doing stuff so people would notice me, and started to enjoy myself and the people around me.
I went to spring break in Florida, and then COVID hit. That was one of the last times I went back to my college town. I finished my degree at Zoom University and got a job with a local hospital doing IT work,.
I'm a completely different and more confident person than I was 365 days ago. I like lifting weights, cooking, playing the guitar, and watching football. I enjoy learning about my culture and other people's. I still got quarantine weight, but I'm working to shed it off by April. I work In cybersecurity, and I hope to get my master's degree sometime within the next few years. I still want to move to LA, but the subtext is different now. Hopefully, by the time I get there, the pandemic will subside.
I learned a lot in the time I've been on this Earth. I guess the main thing is that you can either run from your problems or learn to fight back. It's really just about battling yourself.
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2020.10.15 13:40 Heru_Ur The Bearded God, the Serpent of the East and the Isis bloodline

The Bearded God, the Serpent of the East and the Isis bloodline
Priests of Isis' UrReUs religion were telling Plutarch in the first century CE that they had missionaries out carrying the arts of civilization to the whole world in their ancient history.
Civilization in AmUrReica probably began due west of the furthest part of AfUrReica, Dakar.
Neolithic Beardless Asians do not look like the stone heads.
"The earliest civilization in Central America—and possibly the earliest civilization in the Americas—was the Olmec civilization which arose sometime between 1200 and 1000 BC. They originally lived in the Gulf Coast region of southern Mexico, but soon expanded into Guatemala. . ."
"The most dramatic achievement of the Olmecs was the building of massive stone heads. We aren't sure who is represented by these heads, but archaeologists believe that they may be Olmec kings. . ."
"Around 300 BC, the Olmec vanished for reasons that vanished with them. We do know, however, that much of their culture and social structure was absorbed by other peoples. The Olmecs, as far as we can tell, are the first chain in the development of Mesoamerican culture."
(Richard Hooker, Washington State University)
These helmet heads are Africans, minions of Isis, The ships were mainly muscle powered. The odd one has a smirk but most look like dead serious homo sapiens.
I agree with National Geographic that an Olmec Indian whose ancestors had migrated to Central America from Siberia down the west coast of North America, and which people had never seen or heard of bearded men in the history of their race, couldn't possibly have created this bearded image from imagination.
"The Olmec were Mesoamerica's first civilization. They were located in Laguna de los Cerros, tres Zapotes, San Lorenzo, La Venta, and the Tuxtla Mountains, in Mexico. . ."
"The Olmec were a mother culture to later civilizations. The culture of the Olmec started in Mexico's Gulf Coast between 1200 and 1400 B.C , approximately between the Trojan War, and the golden age of Athens, and ended about 3000 years ago. . . Perhaps the most spectacular trait of the Olmec were that they used hieroglyphs. They used hieroglyphs to record dates, events, and to tell stories." George E. Stuart, New Light on the Olmec, National Geographic Nov. 1993
This is what the indigenous Honduran, Nicaraguan, and Guatemalan people look like today. Their ancestors migrated down the west coast of North America from Siberia many generations ago. Why would they look more like Africans thousands of years ago when they were closer to their roots than they do now? That doesn't make any sense at all.
Note the stylized beard of Itzamna and its similarity to the stylized beard of Pharaoh Ramses II. Ramses II was Pharaoh of Egypt at about the time of Itzamna's arrival in Central America and the dawn of the earliest civilizations there. Ramses II, son of Seti I and Queen Tuya, was the third king of the 19th Dynasty.
He reigned as Pharaoh for 67 years (1279-1213 BC).
The image to the left is Itzamna arriving from the east paddling a canoe (c. 1200 BC). The image to the right is the galleon of Ramses III (c. 1175 BC). The Maya used canoes. They didn't have ships. Notice the row of \"wings\" along the side of the canoe that Itzamna is paddling. The Mayan artist who made this image had almost certainly never seen a ship. The artist was probably working from a verbal description of a \"canoe\" with rows of oars along the sides and sails that enabled it to \"fly\" before the wind.
The bearded god, Kukulcan, of Chichen Itza probably represents a later "incarnation" of Itzamna.
Kukulcan was "The Maya supreme god, to whom the Maya attributed many functions. Not only was he a god of the four elements, he was also a creator god and the god of resurrection and reincarnation. He originated from Toltec myth, where he was a divine hero who taught the Toltecs laws, fishing, healing, the calendar, and agriculture. He emerged from the ocean, and disappeared in it afterwards." (Mica F. Lindeman in Encyclopedia Mythica, 2002)
A bearded image of Kukulcan displayed alongside of Kukulcan pyramid at Chichen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico.
The biographical sketch of Kukulcan from the Encyclopedia Mythica matches very well the story of Itzamna. Both stories match very well the legend of Assur as written down by Herodotus, Diodorus, Plutarch and others.
This vase with the bearded face is from the Mayan \"Old Empire\" (c.430 AD). This Mayan figure from Honduras may be Itzamna in his youth. It could be Itzamna by a different name. Or it could be a different ancestor altogether. The Maya were divided into numerous tribes who spoke different languages. They all shared some common ancestors, while at the same time they had different ancestors. The different names of their deities may represent different entities, or they may represent the same entities by different names. Despite their different genealogies, different languages, and different cultures, the pre-Columbian civilizations of Central America shared a common bearded plumed serpent deity now most commonly known as \"Quetzalcoatl.\"Pagan religion was \"ancestor worship\" religion. The original ancestors were Assur, Isis, and Heru. Pagan religion over the world was not as uniform as is Christianity or Buddhism. Different cultures around the world had different ancestors and different cultural traditions before they came into contact with Pagan culture and genealogy. Different cultures around the world continued to have different ancestors and different cultural traditions after they came into contact with Pagan culture and genealogy. Nevertheless, they were Pagan descendants of the Genesis of Isis.
Pagan religion made no distinction between genealogy, religion, and politics. Paganism was an ancestral religion that was the basis of political power, and political power originated from genealogy. However, genealogy diffuses over time and is no match for military might. Through conquests, merging civilizations, changing languages, and changing dynasties, the ancestral pantheons of ancient cultures were ever branching and growing. They are often very confusing.
The Egyptian Judgement Scene Isis the Two-Eyed Serpent Goddess assisting Assur
Heru, the born king and middleman petitioning the Bearded God, Assur for the human.
This carved wall panel from a Mayan temple in Central America is a Mayan version of the classical Egyptian Judgment Scene. They contain common elements.
The Asps (s) are Vipers (z) much more horiZontal strike pose
The bearded judge and the arm of a supplicant are nearly a perfect match in both scenes.
Itzamna, Kukulcan, and Quetzalcoatl were all bearded "Plumed Serpent" ancestral deities. They all shared the common Egyptian Pagan ancestry of bearded Assur, Isis, the "Serpent Goddess," and Heru, the "Hawk God."
Pagan dragons were worldwide.
Peru = From the Phallus-of-Heru
submitted by Heru_Ur to mythology [link] [comments]

2020.10.13 17:12 IdolA13Octl What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)4

What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)4
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2020.10.13 17:10 IdolA13Octl What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)3

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2020.10.10 09:26 NajsBejbe 100K Giveaway - [Old Money Style When Money Speaks For Itself]

Old Money Mood Board

[Mood Board]
Dear Ladies,
It's autumn time. I enjoy myself with a cup of hot chai latte that fills the apartment with warm aroma of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and honey. It made me thinking, first leaves are falling- I need to adjust my style. What comes to mind is wool, cardigans, cashmere and tweed. That means- Old Money Style. British country, equestrian sports, royalty, old Ralph Lauren campaigns, timeless pieces. Fashion that is quiet, durable, high quality and comfortable. Just perfect for current season- of the year and as well in fashion.
I want you to enjoy these inspirations under the blanket. Dim your lights, burn scented candles, get some warm beverage play the tune.
Now, this is how it all started: Paris Hilton documentary was recently released, Rebel Wilson started dating Jacob Busch and I got lost in my new book "Pretty Things" by J. Brown. As you might know Paris and her sister Nicky come from Hilton Hotels money, however Nicky herself married creme de la creme of the Old Money- James Rothschild. Jacob Busch on the other hand comes from the Budweiser founder's family. If this is not old money, then what is? Sum up all of these names, add to it current trends and vintage vibes and what you get is my Old Money inspired mood board. Combination of current trends such as quilting, oversized shirts, leather boots, **oversized vests.**Main focus is the spirit of autumn in the British countryside. No logos, no visible branding, just timeless quite style. Where you can enjoy preppy pearl earrings with classic blue cotton shirt and leather loafers.

*** Shop the style ***

Gucci Loafers Brown alternative
Burberry Brown Quilted Fitted Jacket
Ralph Lauren Cashmere Sweater
Dubarry Leather Outdoor Boots
Ralph Lauren Shirt
Ralph Lauren White Wide Pants
Alexander McQueen Double Belt

** BONUS**

These items you can find at our TS (Anna, Linda, Fisherman, Tong), you just need to ask. In my opinion these still match the style from my mood board so enjoy!
Gucci Loafers
Burberry Trench Coat The Kensington
Burberry Black Short Quilted Jacket
MaxMara Bondone (both TS Linda and Anna have these)
Gucci Cardigan
Chanel 2.55 bag
Cartier Panthere Gold Watch
Burberry Wide Quilted Jacket (brown)
Chanel Ballerinas
Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses
Balmain Blazer
Ralph Lauren Buttoned Pullover (Taobao)
RL Polo T-shirt (Taobao)
RL Oversized Retro shirt (Taobao)


Gucci Loafers - Jordaan Horsebit
Seller - TS Linda
Price - 650 RMB
Although I live in China I still have to wait for them so unfortunatelly I cannot include the review. Instead I will review my new sunglasses that perfectly fit the Old Money look. They cover half of your face and make you look mysterious. Their minimalistic branding fit the silent "rich" style.
Introducing "Anoushka" Sunglasses by TOM FORD.
Price: 480 RMB
Seller: Mei wechat: L13170969654 She was recommended to me by one of our TS.
Sunglasses came pretty fast. She said that they have UV protection but I haven't checked. They seem heavy and lux. Definitely beautiful- especially because they have two-tonned glass which give "expensive" vibe. Minus: They are falling of my face. I have pretty small face and very narrow nose. Because the model is so big and they are so heavy they are sliding off my face. I need to figure out what to do with that because I definitely what to wear them in the future. The box as you can see on the photos has scratched the logo but it doesn't bother me. Surely they are not packed 1:1.
In order to full fill the mood to the top I also suggest these videos, books, and movies:
This is Paris
Crazy Rich Asians (Try the book first)
Rothchild Family Documentary
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2020.10.04 22:42 FasterThanTheDMV 29/28 [MF4MF/F] #LosAngeles - First time time doing this. So if you're nervous, don't worry. We are too.

Hey there! M writing post. But F will be also going through messages. So if you end up liking the post and replying, just know both of us will be reading.
So my GF and I are exploring non monogamy together. We've slept with other people while we weren't in each others immediate presence but we are looking into hard swapping, threesomes, foursomes, and group sex. My GF is actually a little bit more experienced than I as she has done group sex in the past and really enjoyed it. We're both enthusiastic about this but also a little nervous and shy, probably just applies to me.
Her: Call her Janet. Latina. 5'0. This absolutely gorgeous brown skinned cutie with killer eyes and this cute firm tushy. Janet is Bisexual. So to the F if you are too or looking to experiment with another F. Then great! But not a requirement. Janet is also really interested in being Effiel Towered/Spitroasred and DPed. If the M is comfortable with that, awesome. If not. Don't sweat it. Not a deal breaker. No pressure.
Me: Im funny. That's about it.
Call me Brad 5'8. Latino. Average build. Working on the love handles. DDF. Light weed smoker. Groomed and hygenic. GF tells me I have a great smile. I take her word for it. Really curly hair. I'm hetro. Not looking to experiment.
US: Obviously not our names. Don't see that many latinos named Brad lol. She's a fan of Rocky Horror Picture Show, the main characters are named Brad and Janet. Some not sex stuff anout us. Since the concept of group sex or a threesome can be a little intimidating, especially if you never done it before. Here's some few tid bits to make it less intimidating. We're both huge sport fans. I like pretty much all the normal SoCal teams. Go Rams! Janet's only real flaw is that she somehow lives in LA but loves all Northern California Sports team. 49ers and Giants baseball. YUCK! Janet loves Sour beers and I love me a good stout. We have college degrees and are pretty enthusiastic about bettering our communities and just doing selfless work. We volunteer when we can. I personally been doing food packages with the Y. If you don't care about anything of this and just came for the sex. Sorry for the long read. Lol.
We've been talking about doing something like this for a year but covid but a damper on it. We both frequently get tested since the city offers numerous places to get tested at no cost. Wow! What a great city. We're both Covid and STD free. Goes without saying we'd expect you to be as well. Don't think we expect anyone to just be super gung ho and lets jump into bed together. If someone replies like that and catches our interest, we wouldn't be opposed to it. We just don't expect it. As far as the details. We are very open and want you too feel safe. Like you have hard nos/limits we totally get. No pressure. We'll respect them. Maybe you don't even wanna swap. That's fine too. We're open to anything, especially if it's to make other feels safe and comfortable.
You: Solely looking for MF couple or single F. No single M. Sorry guys. Maybe next time.We don't have preferences in terms of age, race, nationality or anything. Janet did almost exclusively date asian guys prior to me. So there's that. But other than that just be chill and respectful. Being agressive and mysoginistic is reserved for the bedroom, but you can't be an actual dick outside of the bedroom.
Not sure what more to write or say. If this post got your attention please reply and tell us about yourself. Sports fan? Political junkie? Or why you're interested in swinging? Any details really. We look forward to hearing from you
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2020.10.03 02:25 curious3george Safest cities and states after or during this COVID era for AM in your opinion?

I know some guys who are thinking of leaving NYC because of all the crazy racist incidents that aren't being addressed enough cuz, I guess only Black and Hispanic people are cool enough to white knight for?
Heard about shit going on in LA and Seattle too.
During/ after the current pandemic, socially, dating-wise, work-wise, etc which places do you think will get worse, and which cities and states do you think should be fine or even improve for AM, and why?
Hell, any countries besides the US or Canada you guys think are ok for AM or even better? (Besides Asia, which is obvious, but also has issues of their own not related to race, and it's not like every Asian in the world can live in the mainland anyway)
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2020.10.02 12:51 s8onic Tinder Review/Roast

Could I get some feedback on my dating app photos. Barely get any matches and most are average at best. Personal criticism is could put more effort into style (haircut/clothes) cause I haven't given many fucks about that. Can share photos without censor through messaging if that helps. Also I'm from LA
First six photos I currently use. 6th is an attempt to stay true to myself. 7th I'm considering changing with 4th. 8th idk if that helps or not. Thanks
removed link
Edit: Also for context, not looking for a relationship. Exclusively hookups or dates that lead to sex
Edit 2: Thanks for all the feedback, I really appreciate it. I'll try a bit of everything here and there over the next few weeks. Most importantly, I'm going to get a better haircut lol. For some context, I dug up a post I saved from 3 years ago ( where he used shirtless pics, selfies, and a bunch of advice I'm being given NOT to do, yet he was slaying it.
I remember squatsandrice's review and he used a couple of selfies yet slays it as well. The overall advice from one person to the next seems a bit contradicting, which leaves me a bit unsure of what I really need to work on the most.
Summary: So it seems I have to address the following
Will Definitely
Will Maybe
Unsure about
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2020.10.02 07:20 chartreuseeye Funk, Soul, R&B, & Disco I like on eMusic

I’ve done a few hip-hop lists but long doubted I’d ever buy enough of these urban styles most associated with the 1970s to make an album list. Serious fans will probably find this evidence of how little there is on eMu, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d much rather listen to these rather quirky, international titles than the classics. Disco still sucks, but the kind below is different.
In approximate order of how much I like them, noting the style carefully to disambiguate from the four in the title…
  1. “You Come With The Rain” - Karnaval Blues (2019). A long 99-cent EP of electronic R&B may be just what your collection has been missing. Lyrical themes are in the usual territory for the style, but for some reason when drenched in synths it doesn’t bother me. Is “Please Go Slowly” what’s called a “slow jam”? I’m pretty clueless.
  2. “Capim Cidreira” - Rael (2019). Latin funk and R&B get a tropicalia treatment on this inexplicably 99-cent album that throws everything into a blender and makes something very healthy for your ears. Understanding Portuguese would obviously help understand intense lyrics and lyricism, but it’s hardly necessary to appreciate what’s going on here. The production level is equivalent to pop music, and the guy’s got both a good flow and singing voice. His back catalog appears to be similarly bargain-priced on the excellent Laboratorio Fantasma label.
  3. “Chansons Laotiennes” - Sothy (2017). I assume both versions of these two songs are actually from the 1970s or early 1980s. They have the male/female duet going for them, and the overall style mixes the SE Asian and spacey rock funk sublimely. The first track reminds me of a psychedelic trek through the jungle in which tigers and other wild animals met along the way are less interested in eating us than joining the journey. The second song takes a much poppier angle with a recognizable chord progression. The “Shelter’s Edit” lengthens the first and shortens the second. Both are gold. 99 cents.
  4. “Cosmos” - Fitness Forever (2014). On one of the few remaining great record labels on eMusic, Elefante, this is an irrepressible album of Italian bliss, full of near orchestral accompaniment and a brighter sound than nearly any band I can name. It’s more than enough to overlook my dislike of disco, and I wish all disco from the 70s had evolved into something like this. To those who can’t do the same, I say chuuf chuuf chuuf!
  5. “Funk Music from Indonesia” - V/A (2019). I figure exoticism more than outweighs cheesiness and dated instruments. Despite their age, these songs are a real breath of fresh air, and I like them better when they’re more soothing and psychedelic than funky, as with “Lembur Kuring.” I wonder if they were all originally on 45rpm vinyl singles, as almost all the artists make exactly two appearances.
  6. “Natural Selections” - Sampology (2016). This Australian producer uses live kalimba and other acoustic, African instruments over his electronics, sounding a little cheesy on the opener, but the three vocal tracks are what put it in here with distinction. House music often struggles to balance the groove with any semblance of lyrical sophistication, so tracks like the sensual but complex “Be There” and “Different Star” are remarkable for squaring that circle. The whole 99-cent EP quite masterfully blends world music, electronica, and R&B.
  7. “Cosmotion” - Pehoz (2019). French R&B has every reason to be especially smooth, even if mostly sung in English here. Electronic beats thump a little harder than expected on this 99-cent album, more prominently than any of the basslines. While leaning heavily electronic rather than acoustic, like most of the newer albums on this list, at no point do the instrumentals like the title track (a daring choice) feel like they’re just collections of loops and beats awaiting an MC for completion; they are their own entities. Of the vocal tracks, I’d be hard-pressed to name which should be a single, and it’s a credit to the producer to slip a rap track like “Equal” in the middle of the album like no big deal. My ear for electronic R&B is less refined than for rock, but it’s impressive that nothing here turns me off. In other words, there might not be anything transcendental b/c there’s no striving for pop superstardom, and that’s quite refreshing.
  8. “Turkish Moog Edits” - Arsivplak (2018). I’ve bought a couple albums and still don’t really understand if this is an artist/band or a record label first, as it seems to pass as both. Judge the album by its second track, with a long folk sample laid over disco cliches. The whole album is instrumental, thankfully. The ending is awfully abrupt.
  9. “L’Inizizione” - Le Streghe (197?). A NSFW cover, opening and closing w/ big names of the occult, that thankfully inimitable 1970s disco sound. How are today’s teenyboppers not flocking to this album in droves? I never thought I’d pay real money for disco, but this one’s pretty special. It breaks out into both classical music and playground taunts. I think the Italian-sung “Cosa Mi Succedera” is a cover of a famous song I barely recognize. Kind of like a “hooked on classics” medley with lyrics, overall.
  10. “Clay” - Ella Haber (2019). Fairly conventional compared to the others, this is just a nice R&B EP for 99 cents. Her lyrics are relatable and sung identically to the most famous R&B singers of the 21st century, minus the soaring (and overwrought) choruses. She’s got a lot of supporters, so maybe this is the only one on the list most folks will like?
On other lists: “Recreate” - Tawiah (2018). “Dandelion Seeds” - Kratos Himself. 2014. “Toda a Gente Pode Ser Tudo” - NBC feat. General Santos (2016). “DANIELLE, au revoir” - Rimagna (2017). “План побега (Plan Pobega/Escape Plan)“ - Обе Две (Obe Dve/Both Two) (2018). “First Born” - Tomalone (2017). “Máselfie” - Selvaag (2019). “Put Your Hands Together” - Skeewiff (2018). “A Pudding oO CD” - Pudding oO (2015).
What record labels on eMusic come closest to dedicating themselves to these styles? Given the general hollowing out of the 20th-century other than non-English-speaking locales, the pickings are rather slim. Past Due has the most authentic titles actually from the 1970s. Sound-Exhibitions-Records has one of the largest selections.
I find these interesting: Bastard Jazz; Eglo; Luup; Imagines; Lyskestrekk; Intimate Venue(s); Rufftone; Sempre Musica; Soul Has No Tempo; Apron; Mashpotato; Rad Summer; Sooner Record’s; Zagora; Mano a Mano; Too Lost LLC; THE FAMOUS COMPANY; Imminent; Mz Inc; Nagel Heyer; Buenritmo; Cada Instante;
In the style(s) but not particularly recommended: Berlin Bass Collective; Bombstrikes; Plaizir Muzic; Record Kicks; Skyline; CAPYAC River Adventures; Riviere; Trepertre Srl; zyx/discomagic; Frenzy Sounds; Jennifer Abraham; La Cave Musik; S.D.Y.P. the Movement, LLC; Swish MGMT/France; Equipe; MBC Srl; Svetlana Novojilova Shulguina;
Rather than reposting repeatedly, here’s my lists of what’s left on eMusic:
& by my evaluation
& by genre\_94512
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2020.10.01 18:00 SaintRidley Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Apr. 25, 1988

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words, continuing in the footsteps of daprice82. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
The Complete Observer Rewind Archive by daprice82
1-4-1988 1-11-1988 1-18-1988 1-25-1988
2-1-1988 2-8-1988 2-15-1988 2-22-1988
2-29-1988 3-7-1988 3-14-1988 3-21-1988
3-28-1988 4-4-1988 4-11-1988 4-18-1988
  • The WWF and NWA have major events this coming week. WWF is having their first live shows after Wrestlemania with tapings Thursday and Friday, while the NWA has the Crockett Cup set for Friday and Saturday. Additionally, World Class and Memphis are preparing for their big shows on May 8 and 9, respectively.
  • Rounds one and two of the Crockett Cup will take place on the first night. That’s roughly 14 matches, assuming a double elimination in the first round, plus a Jimmy Garvin vs. Kevin Sullivan blindfold match. The second night should have the quarter finals through the finals, Midnight Rider vs. J.J. Dillon in a bullrope match, and Flair vs. Koloff for the NWA Title. There are still two unannounced teams for the tournament, and Dave lists the ones he does know. One of the unannounced teams is simply listed as “The Japanese Entry.” Dave figures LugeWindham or the Road Warriors should be the favorites to win, with the Fantastics as the longshot team.
  • World Class has only announced four matches for the Mike and David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions. King Parsons defends the title against Kerry Von Erich, Bill Irwin faces Angel of Death, and then two gimmicks. The first they’re calling a Texas Roundup. It’s a Royal Rumble, and since it’ll be Mother’s Day, every mother in the audience gets to pick a wrestler and if that wrestler wins, he draws a name from his supporters in the crowd and whomever he picks, she wins a prize. The other gimmick match is something Dave understands is brand new, but that’s about it - he’s unclear on the actual nature of the match. Let’s just say it’s called a “Triple Dome of Terror” match and wait for Dave to find out what that is and what it means.
  • Memphis rarely pushes a card weeks in advance, but they’re making big efforts for May 9. The LawleHennig match for the AWA World Title has a few stipulations attached to it. First, Lawler has vowed to retire if he does not win the title. They also have a special referee, with a 900 number set up to poll fans with the fan poll deciding whether the referee will be Larry Hennig or Jackie Fargo. Obviously, they’re going to bring in Fargo - he was the big name in Memphis before Lawler. And since it’s going to be Jerry Lawler night, they want to break the all-time gate record for the building (currently standing at $80,000 for a 1985 Lawler vs. Flair match), they’ve raised ringside ticket prices to $25 with ringside fans allowed to attend a post-match party for Lawler. Man, if they’ve got a party planned? I wonder who’s going to be AWA champion starting May 9.
  • So those letters to Financial News Network that Observer readers have been sending seem to be effecting some change. They got a lot of letters asking about airing New Japan, so they’ve cleared a tentative time slot and seem ready to begin negotiations. There’s a lot to work out before any kind of deal can be made (cost of tape, commentary, etc.), but Dave thinks there’s a decent chance we could see New Japan on American tv sometime soon.
  • It’s still a slow week, so Dave’s going to go more in depth on the reader poll about Wrestlemania/Clash and other stuff. He got over 600 responses, and the ratio since he first reported on the poll results still stands roughly 13:1 in favor of Clash, and only four picked a Wrestlemania match for best of the night while Sting/Flair beat Fantastics/Midnight Express by four votes.
  • The non-Wrestlemania/Clash questions got much less response. Opinion split 55% to 45% against state athletic commissions. Most in favor said they don’t want regulation in the ring, but do think wrestling itself needs some regulations, while some of the votes against aren’t opposed to the concept, but voted based on how it works out right now. An overwhelming majority felt blood should be used in wrestling at least occasionally, with 67% even choosing “occasionally” as their response. Dave asked the same question two years ago, and comparatively it seems fewer fans these days want blood frequently and fewer want it outright banned as well. Only 8% wanted blading banned, and only 20% wanted more than one match a night to have blood. Stylistically, New Japan’s style won 53% of the vote for style preference, with Mid South’s style winning 16%; NWA, Memphis, and Stampede all winning 7-10%; and WWF style receiving 4% of the vote. Many votes for New Japan specified their junior heavyweight style specifically, effectively voting for smaller, faster, better conditioned wrestlers and maybe more technical wrestling than brawling. Or maybe just more action and cool moves as the basis for the action.
  • Gordon Solie has been flown in to Memphis weekly lately to do voiceovers of Memphis matches for that new tv show he and Jerry Jarrett and others are trying to start up in Florida.
  • A deal is in the works for Jerry Lawler’s weekly Jerry Lawler Show. It’s a 30 minute talk show he does on the local NBC affiliate on Sunday mornings, mostly about wrestling but sometimes other sports too, and there’s talk of getting it syndicated nationally or put on cable.
  • [Memphis] Jeff Jarrett has a real problem here with getting over as a babyface. They’re booking him as this heartthrob babyface, but he gets major heat with the fans because he’s small and it’s well known that his father runs the company. Since most of the fans are men, this has led to his cheers from women and girls getting drowned out by boos because the men, particularly the teenagers and early 20s set, don’t want to cheer for a guy they perceive as skinny, and especially not for a skinny guy who’s marketed as a sex symbol for girls. Turns out Jarrett will never be a guy who can get over as a babyface. He just doesn't have it in him.
  • Stampede is doing really well still, though that may cool off once Owen Hart leaves for a tour of Japan in May. After that he’s going to join the WWF, where the speculation all seems to be toward the idea of him and Bret teaming as a babyface tag team.
  • TSN is only three weeks behind on Calgary tapes for Stampede now. When they started broadcasting the shows they were 11 weeks behind, so this is a major improvement.
  • Diamond Dallas Page debuted for AWA at the April 16 taping. Dave notes that he has a good look and seems like he can do well for himself, but he also appears to be 6’4”, which means he towers over most of the AWA roster. He’s also unique as a manager, being the first Dave’s ever seen to have his own valet.
  • A little perspective on how shit AWA is at this stage: in one match on that taping, Wahoo McDaniel beat Curt Hennig in a non-title cage match with an Irish Whip. Also, they had Paul Diamond beat Greg Gagne by disqualification when Marty Janetty ran in and attacked him after he threw salt in Greg’s eyes. Dave asks how out of touch they have to be to use “that ancient salt gimmick.”
  • Chavo Guerrero is in Mexico, teaming with his younger brother Eddie. Eddie is apparently really hot on the scene there right now.
  • At AWA’s last ESPN taping, they had a graphic for this blond kid that labeled him Pistol Pete. Well, he’s not Pistol Pete, and most California readers would know that already. The real Pistol Pete balked at the idea of doing three jobs for only $150 and decided not to work the show, but since they’d already set the graphics, they grabbed another jobber and called him Pistol Pete.
  • [USA Wrestling] Buddy Landel is doing an amazing job of making Doug Furnace look fantastic. Dave thinks it’s clear Furnas has potential, and Landel is doing splendidly at helping him showcase that potential, but the more he sees the less convinced Dave is that Furnas has it. He’s a tremendous athlete, but his promos and working just aren’t there at all. They’ve got their own name for their ripoff Royal Rumble: the Cyclone Stampede.
  • Some correction and clarification on Chris Adams and his injuries from last week. He didn’t suffer a broken cheekbone, and he returned to the ring three days after the injury and is wearing a baseball catcher’s mask. World Class is ignoring that Mike George did it with a dropkick and are instead claiming that Terry Taylor paid “another wrestler in another territory” to hurt him. Why not just write that Taylor paid George to do it? That just feels easier.
  • World Class is still advertising Fabulous Lance everywhere they’re going. He’s still not here. In fact, he’s very probably still in South Africa, where he’s been wrestling under the Lance Von Erich name.
  • Another correction, this time to Dave’s prior correction last week. Black Bart and Buddy Roberts were in fact shining flashlights into fans’ eyes during the blackout during the King Parsons/Kerry Von Erich title match. As creative a finish as it was, Dave still thinks Parsons as champion was a terrible idea. A title means something when the fans believe it has value, and that’s why most titles in wrestling today mean nothing. It needs a world class performer to hold it to build that meaning, and the World Class title has meant next to nothing its whole existence, so for it to be won the way it was won and be held by a prelim guy like the Iceman means nothing good for the title or the promotion and does not help sell tickets. WCCW needs to put on good matches and sell tickets if they want to improve their standing, not hot shot a bunch of stupid creative gimmicks. Honestly, WCCW at this time almost sounds like post-Russo WCW.
  • [All Japan] Yoshiaki Yatsu worked through a broken leg against Bruiser Brody on April 4. The winner would face Tenryu on April 15 to unify the titles. Brody won, obviously. Yatsu took a heavy dose of painkillers meant to last an hour at 7:30 pm, but since the card went long, his match didn’t start until after the painkillers started wearing off. He worked 15 minutes like that before losing by countout, causing Brody to retain the International Title.
Watch: Yatsu vs. Brody
  • All Japan is also planning to unify its three tag titles into one supreme tag title in May. Tenryu and Hara hold the PWF World Tag Titles, the Road Warriors hold the International Tag Titles, and Footloose (Samson Fuyuki and Toshiaki Kawada) hold the Asian Tag Titles. Well, not exactly, Dave. The All Asia Tag Titles will stay separate, but they will unify the PWF and International Tag Titles, but it won’t happen until June 10.
  • Ivan Putski is a feature story in June’s Muscle Training Illustrated. He now owns a Gold’s Gym in Austin, Texas. Fun fact - Pustki was my dad’s favorite wrestler when he was a kid.
  • There’s a guy on the independent scene in Ohio who’s still running shows and wrestling at the age of 67. Luis “Arriba” Martinez is said to be a physical marvel.
Watch: a bit of Luis Martinez wrestling in 1980. If he looked even half this good 8 years later, yeah, that’s impressive
  • New Japan ran a fan appreciation card on April 10 with a ton of gimmicks. They had a five minute judo exhibition with Seiki Sakaguchi (former 3rd place in the world in judo in the late 60s before becoming a pro wrestler) drawing against comedy jobber Don Arakawa. Tatsumi Fujinami went to a couple five minute draws, then Inoki also had two five minute matches, beating Masaharu Funaki before losing to Keiichi Yamada when Funaki interered, leading to Yamada pinning Inoki. That’s the big surprise of the show. Also, Hiroshi Hase won a sumo tournament on the show.
  • Leilani Kai and Judy Martin will be showing up in AJW to work with the Jumping Bomb Angels for the rest of their time there, until the end of June or early July.
  • Reborn UWF officially announced its formation at an April 8 press conference. Maeda says they’ve learned from their mistakes and are claiming that the reason they can only run one show a month is because since they are promoting “shooting fights” the punishment involved precludes more frequent shows.
  • Road Warriors aren’t on the next tour for All Japan, so it looks like title unification plans need to be postponed.
  • The NWA looks poised to lose access to the Nassau Coliseum. Coliseum officials want to go back to WWF, which won’t run shows there as long as they let NWA run shows, and that puts the proposed June 24 Crockett show in jeopardy. It also means Crockett’s got a tough road ahead if they want to keep promoting shows in New York, because that leaves them the Westchester County Center as their best option. And while that building is more accessible than the Coliseum, it has the reputation of being a minor league building, so the draws will be less.
  • The scoreboard at the end of the NWA’s April 15 Boston Gardens show read “We hope you enjoyed tonight’s WWF event.” LOLNWA
  • If you missed any NWA tv this week, you didn’t miss anything. Commentary and interviews talked about nothing but Dusty Rhodes and Midnight Rider. We’re a week out from the biggest event of the year to date for them, so you’d think they’d acknowledge the Crockett Cup. Nope, only barely acknowledging that. Not one first round pairing was named (probably for the best to make people actually want to go to the Greenville show), no teams listed, nothing but a shitty skit between J.J. Dillon and Jim Crockett and an announcement that Flair is defending against Nikita Koloff. They’d better hope Dusty can draw for the next four months with the Midnight Rider gimmick, because that seems to be the only thing they’re banking on. Dave thinks NWA have already managed to piss away whatever momentum they had coming out of Clash by refocusing everything back on Dusty, when what helped make Clash work was Dusty taking a back seat. He’s not saying Dusty should retire, but he shouldn’t be the top star. Take a role more like Jimmy Valiant had for a while - he’s got a big following, could sell some tickets, and could be used to feud with low or midcard heels in short, bloody matches that the crowd ate up.
  • Not much of consequence in the letters, but one guy thinks Dave is unfair to Stan Kowalski and thinks if “we had more of the old crop of wrestlers still active, this sport wouldn’t be a one promotion business as it is today.” If more promotions embraced the aging part timer, we’d have a healthier business, I guess is the logic.
  • Looks like Hillbilly Jim is not on the WWF spring cleaning list after all. And also looks like most of the releases will happen in May or June.
  • WWF has put out ads in some cities for Honkytonk vs. Beefcake listing Honkytonk as the challenger. So expect a title change soon, Dave reckons. It may be a misprint, but Dave doesn’t believe in misprints on this kind of stuff. Yeah, not yet and not Beefer.
  • WWF Magazine is scheduling a piece revealing Earl Hebner as Dave Hebner’s twin brother. Guess they aren’t dropping that angle after all.
  • There’s talk of WWF doing a big show at Exhibition Stadium in Toronto again. WWF’s last show there had Hogan vs. Orndorff drawing just under 70,000 fans. Andre/Hogan again would pop a big turnout, and Ontario was the only place where Wrestlemania this year drew enough at closed circuit for it to be worthwhile.
  • In the wake of the David Sammartino attacking a fan thing, WWF has sent letters to all wrestlers and office staff saying that such incidents are grounds for immediate dismissal. Linda McMahon even sent a “personal nasty letter” to Sammartino as well. Sammartino had been booked for several independent shows in New York against Iron Sheik, but the state commission has suspended him for three months. Dave commends the WWF for instituting such a policy, but wonders where this energy was in previous years when other wrestlers did such things. In Fresno, Randy Savage went into the stands once some time back to hit a guy and according to newspaper reports the guy ducked and he knocked out a 14 year old girl. There’s rumor of a San Francisco lawsuit coming against a WWF wrestler who knocked a security guard over in February. So this smells like a double standard of sorts to Dave, just like the drug policy, which the wrestlers joke about, saying you catch a suspension if they find coke in your system and you catch a suspension if they don’t find roids in your system. So this feels like PR rather than real, substantive policy.
  • Dave’s got some word on the gimmick for the Memorial Parade of Champions at Texas Stadium. It’s going to be called something like the Triple Tower of Doom and have three rings put on top of each other with a cage around them and matches going on in all three simultaneously. The top two rings will have some kind of hole cut through them with a firefighter’s pole allowing the wrestlers to slide down to the other rings when they want to. Apparently Dusty is pissed off about this because it was his idea for this year’s Bash (a la WarGames last year) and Michael Hayes has beat him to it. Dave wasn’t wrong about not quite understanding the gimmick earlier, because that description is off. Rather than explain it myself, I’ll let WCCW do that for me and you can marvel at how awful this is. If this really was a Dusty idea, then I’ll say it straight up: Dusty lucked out in coming up with WarGames.
Watch: The Triple Dome of Terror
NEXT WEEK: Windham becomes fourth horseman, Sting and Luger win Crockett Cup, UWF sets sellout record - 15 minutes, Roddy Piper to make surprise appearance, Brody does clean job in Japan, and more
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2020.10.01 01:28 Ornery_Excuse3500 [27M] I’m 27 but feel 18! Looking for [friendship] or [relationship] whatever you looking for :D

Hello! My name is Matt and I’m posting here to see if any cool people who would like to kick it or chat with me sometimes.
It’s been hard to meet new people recently because of the pandemic and I have been using dating apps to meet people but that hasn’t been going so well. I’ve been a redditor for awhile but never posted so this is my first post!
A little about I’m a 27 year old Asian guy who’s been living in LA all my life. Im a 5’10 bulky guy who is very open minded and very chill. I’ve been starting to exercise again to lose that weight. This pandemic got me putting a couple pounds haha. I have a lot of patience and I hardly ever judge people because I don’t know where they come from and what struggle they have. I love playing games, going on hikes, reading , and connecting with people with either small or deep convos. I enjoy playing the guitar and volleyball and billiards. I’m a pretty reserved guy but once you get to know me I’m low key pretty wild. I have a lot of crazy stories about myself that you wouldn’t believe I did because it looks like I wouldn’t do those type of things haha. Don’t judge a book by its cover you know. Anyways like I said I’m pretty reserved so I don’t say much at times unless I’m with people I know. I give off the feeling of familiarity and comfort when I asked my friends about the first time they met me. I’m the type of guy who would talk if you talk or stay quiet if the person not talking. I feel silence doesn’t always have to be awkward, so just enjoy each others company. I recently took the personality test and it says I’m a ENFP and I kinda agree with that. I’m a cool and solid dude who would go out his way to help you. I have a heart of gold and I don’t wanna sound like HEY IM NICE AS FUCK SO I GOT A HEART OF GOLD. Nah I’m trying to stay I’m a very genuine guy. I mainly smoke weed and cigs nowadays so if I can find someone to smoke with that would be dope too. I love music as well forgot to mention that. I listen to at a lot of stuff. The spectrum goes from Radiohead to currensy to 100 gecs
Thanks for reading this far and I wanna mention I have a small circle of friends that I keep close that are like brothers and sisters to me. I wanna expand a little so also wanna recap on why I posted on this sub..and that’s to meet cool people.
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2020.09.29 21:04 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 29, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 29, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Register for your Absentee Ballot here!
Watch here:
Full Notes
(continued in stickied comment)
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2020.09.23 15:43 Darkchurchhill I am 24 years old make $90,000, live in Boston, Massachusetts and work as a full stacks developer

*mental health, drugs, body image and food discussed\*
Background: Hi, I am 24 years old and make $90,000, live in the Boston area (Cambridge/Somerville). I work as a full stacks developer and have a BS in computer science. Currently, I live with two housemates in a cute townhome apartment in a nice walkable neighborhood with lots of parks, restaurants, and amenities. I originally moved here from LA on a whim late last September despite not knowing anyone or having a place to call home. I was living with my parents after university and working in a job environment I hated. I was really depressed and overspent on clothes, beauty products, and going out like crazy to cope. Moving to Boston allowed me to feel in control of my life, and as of today, it’s been officially a year, which is crazy. I decided to put one up today to celebrate. I’ve always wanted to do a money diary, but was ashamed to do so when I felt like a mess.
Section One: Assets and Debt
Section Two: Income
Section Three: Expenses
Wednesday 16th
7:00am: The sun wakes me. I was hoping to sleep in more since I redownloaded tinder last night and stayed up till like 3am swiping and contemplating if this was the wrong decision for my mental and physical health. One of my matches messaged me to come over. I haven’t gotten laid since before the pandemic lockdown started. The sexual frustration has been real. I entertain the thought, but don’t reply back.
11:30am: On a zoom meeting with my boss, she asks us if we would like to start coming back twice a week to meet in person in October. I feel unsure about this, as I am still sketched out by public transit, but everything is still up in the air.
12:30pm: I eat leftover fried rice for lunch I made. I say fried rice but it mostly consists of vegetables. I still feel hungry afterwards, but I guess if I was going to be dating again I should lose some more weight so I can feel hot on my virtual zoom calls or wherever people do nowadays.
4:00pm: The work day is over early today. I hit up the guy on tinder who wanted to hook up. We make arrangements for him to slide through later this evening. He offers to come over to my place instead because he had something to do in Cambridge first anyways, and offers to bring drinks. We exchanged instagrams. I’m a little sussed out because he looks like the type who is really into themselves (like really into archival fashion RickOwens/Celine/YSL and has tons of edgy selfies). Whatever it’s just sex. I tell him it’s fine and that I have both wine and weed, and he sends me a little devil emoji.
5:00pm: I take the time to clean my room and make myself look presentable before planting myself onto the couch. I actually have no idea when he’s going to come, but I don’t want to message him again because if he doesn’t come through I want the satisfaction of him thinking I couldn’t care less. It’s toxic, I know, but in my lifetime I’ve been treated so badly by people I’ve given my heart to that sometimes I feel like my pride is the only thing I have left. Anyways, I wait by listening to female dating empowerment podcasts, hoping that some of the hosts’ confidence would rub off onto me.
7:00pm: I open a bottle of wine in anticipation and pour myself a glass.
10:00pm: No word from him, I guess I got stood up. Wow, only one day in and I’m already getting the full tinder experience. No surprises here though. I'm an adult. I can handle disappointment. I’m just really drunk now and alone.
11:00pm: Moody vinyls are now being played. I’m on the phone with friends, and three-fourths of my bottle of wine is gone. I check instagram only to see that the little weasel has unfollowed me so naturally I unfollowed him. I open tinder to unmatch him, but as I am doing so, his profile disappears. The prick beat me to it, and the petty side of me is annoyed. I think I’m just going to pass out. Honestly, I don’t hate this. The side of me who hates courting people has now overtaken my sex drive (the way it should be), and all forces are back to equilibrium. I’m only upset at how good of a job I did making myself look hot when there is no one here to appreciate it. The wine puts a spell on me, and I fall asleep to the muffled voice of my housemate calling his long distance girlfriend from the floor above me.
Total spent-$0
Thursday 17th
5:00am: I wake up and feel lots of shame. I swipe a bit, but there is no one I’m attracted to. It shouldn’t be this hard to get laid. I delete tinder from my phone. Ooof I’m glad my moment of weakness was short lived this time. I’m sorry y’all has to lay witness this to this dumpster fire.
7:00am: I check my emails. Three days ago, I applied for a new credit card with Chase and my application still hasn’t been approved. Weird, I have a good credit score and last year when I applied for my american express it took like a day. I am planning on spending $500 on a new synth (I am currently lusting over the Megafm by twisted electronics), and this card has a $200 cash back for the first $500 spent in the first 3 months. I google how long this process will take. Some say it takes about a week. I can wait. Guess you guys won’t be around to share my joy of blowing all my monies on synths.
11:30am: It’s avocado toast time. I need the carbs to combat the grogginess the wine left me feeling. It doesn’t taste great because I’m pretty sure my avocados are overripe, but oh well.
12:00pm: I check my credit card statement. My mom has made a $170 grocery store order with my credit card. I get 6% cash back on groceries and she wants to help me with getting cash back. The last time I saw her she gave me a few hundred dollars in cash to cover this. I don’t mind because I needed cash to buy merch at shows and stuff, and my bank doesn’t have any branches or atms in the Boston area. It’s kind of inconvenient now because everywhere has gone cashless, but I’m sure it’ll come into use when life resumes again or if I buy something off FB marketplace. $170
5:30pm: I make more fried rice and eat dinner. I make enough for lunch tomorrow as well.
8:23pm: I watch the The Real Story of Paris Hilton, her new documentary on youtube. The main opening song is Jesus and Mary Chain's Just like Honey. I remember how much I love this song and how much I would like to actually own it. I hop onto discog and search for a copy of the LP Psychocandy and buy it. I use leftover paypal credit in my account from when I sold some clothes on depop to cover the cost. $25.19.
10:00pm: Wow, the documentary was actually pretty sad. I always felt bad for Paris because of her leaked sex tapes when she was just a teen (and how the media painted her as the villain/slut for it), but was shocked to learn how she and countless other girls was drugged and abused by their boarding schools.
2:00am: I finish catching up on work and go to bed.
Total spent-$195.19
10:00am: Shoot I overslept. I log into work asap. I missed my daily 9:00am morning stand up, but my boss is usually pretty relaxed about these things. I still feel bad about it.
12:00pm: Eat fried rice for lunch. My friend messages me if I wanted to go record shopping with him. To be honest, I’ve been avoiding unnecessary in person retail shopping and don’t want to spend anymore money on records this month, but I also know he takes rejection super personally. He's insecure and always in his head that everyone actually dislikes him. It’s probably a little true because he does act like a brat sometimes, but I think it's due to severe depression. I tell him I’ll be down and justify the outing due to the record shop being near an asian grocer I like. I need groceries anyways and haven’t been to this store since pre pandemic.
4:30pm: I log out of work. Finally, the weekend.
5:00pm I take an edible and get ready to leave my home.
6:20pm I take the T to Central and pay with my pre loaded transit card. Back in March, I loaded $20 onto it and now I’m down to $4.80. I guess I have to reload it soon again. My friend informs me he’ll be late. I’m starting to feel high so I walk around and look at all the restaurants doing outdoor dining. My favorite place in Central is only doing takeout.
7:00pm: My friend arrives. We go to the record shop. I’m really high at this point. The tight aisles of the record shop makes me nervous.
7:30pm: My friend makes some big purchases, but I leave empty handed. We head over to the Hmart across the street. It’s nice to buy asian groceries. I stock up on veggies, enoki mushrooms, frozen gyoza, tofu, and even let myself get a few snacks. $68
8:00pm: One of my friends just messages me that Ruth Bader Ginsburg just passed. Truly devastating to hear. What a crazy election year.
8:30pm: I’m home and have the munchies. I snack on some of the things I bought, but it doesn’t fill my cravings.
9:45pm: I decide that I am ordering Mickey Ds. I call my housemate downstairs and ask him if he wants anything. He laughs and says no, causing me to doubt my order. However, he encourages me to order anyways, as he wants to mooch off some of my fries. I order fries and a mcChicken, and he sticks around downstairs like a seagull. $11
10:15pm: My food arrives. I know I will regret this tomorrow.
Total spent-$79
8:00am: I regret ordering food last night. One of my friends once said to me “There is nothing you can eat that can make you feel as good as being skinny”. I’m not sure if I can agree with him, but it’s definitely true when it comes to fast food. My stomach hurts so bad. I distract myself by watching youtube in bed.
11:00am: I finally get up and call my mom. She informs me that one of my dad’s colleges passed from Covid-19 at age 40. That is so sad. It reminds me that getting laid can wait till next year. Rip my non existing sex life-- too soon for death jokes?
1:00pm: I work out in my living room (out of guilt for last night). I’ve been doing so well eating wise for the last few weeks and actually lost some of my quarantine weight. My only vice is that I love getting high, but I have no control when it comes to having the munchies.
2:00pm: The weather is starting to change, and it’s actually getting cold. It’s so strange. As a Calfornian, this time of year is usually the hottest. I pulled out a jacket I haven’t worn in a while. I find five dollars, a purple glittery gel pen, and an almost brand new pack of cigs in the pockets. What a score. I’m a seasonal social smoker, by that I mean that I only smoke when it gets cold and usually to meet new people in smoking pits at shows so I haven't touched a cig in months. To celebrate my finds and the changing of the seasons, I smoke one and it suppresses my post workout hunger.
4:00pm: I’m just watching tiktok on the couch, while snacking a little. I feel so guilty for being unproductive, but not enough to motivate myself to do something.
5:00pm: I move my ac unit from my room to the basement. Won’t be needing that for the rest of the year.
7:00pm: I make gyoza and hang out with my housemate playing video games (the newish Catherine reboot).
Total spent-$0
4:45am: I fell asleep on the couch last night. I drag myself to the bathroom to take out contacts and brush my teeth. I close my window, climb into my bed, and go back asleep. It’s so cold.
11:40am: I wake up and check my messages. My other housemate is finally coming home after staying with his new girlfriend at her place for the last two months. He asks us what we want from Blue Ribbon, a bbq place we always get takeout from together. The house votes on one and a half chicken, a pint of burnt ends, slab of ribs, a quart of brisket, and a side of coleslaw. We split the cost three ways. $34
2:05pm: My housemate still hasn’t come home with food, but I’m hella hungry. Apparently he ordered from the wrong location and now has to go to another to pick up the food.
2:30pm: We eat bbq and then cake. My housemate accidentally missed my other housemate’s birthday, while he was gone living with his girlfriend so he brought makeup dessert.
3:30pm: We play video games (Smash ultimate) together for a few hours.
6:00pm: Everyone retires to their room except me. I sit on the couch and waste time on tictok. It sucks to be the only person in the house without a partner to call. I like being independent and openly acknowledge that I’m emotionally unavailable, but these last few months have made me question what I really need.
8:00pm: I go back to my room to get some work done.
12:30am: I feel lonely. I fall asleep to a documentary about Candy Darling.
Total spent-$34
8:00am: Wake up. Check my emails. I ordered a skirt from a seller on Thrilling (vintage clothing site) 3 weeks ago and it still hasn’t been sent out. I’m unhappy about this. I messaged Thrilling last week and the customer service rep reached out to the seller, and the seller said they will have it out by Saturday, but USPS tracking begs to differ. The item is still in pre shipment.
10:00am: I snack on blueberries as I work.
4:30pm: I log out of work. I eat BBQ leftovers for dinner and half a cookie. I open my 3rd la croix of the day. I’m down to only having two 12 packs. Will probably have to restock next week. I have a la croix addiction and go through 3-4 a day.
5:00pm: My housemate’s girlfriend swings by with a package from an online purchase he made (the one that just came back yesterday). He goes out to the driveway to meet her and tries to convince her to come in. She refuses because she’s self conscious of her quarantine weight. Big sad for me. I have yet to meet her and I was kind of looking forward to it. I haven’t interacted with another woman irl for a really really long time, and I really miss all my girlfriends in California. My housemate tells me that she said she’ll be willing to meet us once she loses weight first. I take that as I’ll never meet her.
5:30pm: I play video games with housemates to get in my daily socialization fix.
7:00pm: I practice playing banjo.
9:30pm: I do some more work before bed. Today was a standard boring day.
Total spent- $0
8:30am: I’m pleased that day’s are getting shorter and the sun is no longer waking me up at 5am everyday. I sleep next to multiple windows and the glare of the sun loves to hit directly where my pillows and head lie. While dressing I put on a bodysuit that I love, but I haven’t worn since college and a pair of Tripp raver pants. I can’t believe that up until I moved to Boston, I used to dress like this. There is so much side boob. Boston has made me so much more conservative in the way I dress, and I cover up. I put on a tight cardigan and am impressed with myself. Earlier this spring, this cardigan did not look good on me. Seems like my diet is working even though I did fudge up this weekend.
12:00pm: I eat leftovers for lunch and read today’s money dairy. The writer is similar to my age, which peaks my interest (also the mention of bumble in the title). I feel lonely. I need to stop thinking about dating apps. I can’t wait until it is safe to pick up men and women under dark lighting and liquid courage again.
4:30pm: I log out of work, and begin editing my money diary entries. It’s pretty therapeutic and feels like I’m talking to a group of new friends. There are a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes. I’m dyslexic so please bear with me.
5:00pm: I stir fry leftover rice, some leftover bbq meat, egg, broccoli, baby bok choy, and edamame. Dinner is ready. One of my housemates comes downstairs and also makes dinner and eats.
5:30pm: We play smash bros for a bit. I’m surprised our other housemate doesn’t come downstairs to join us. It’s been so long since he’s lived with us I forgot he always randomly falls asleep at weird times.
6:30pm: We retire to our rooms. I practice playing the banjo for a bit, while I chat with a friend through text.
9:15pm: Just doing some more work.
12:00am: Can't sleep so I exercise.
Food + Drink $113
Fun / Entertainment $25.19
Other $170
Lastly, reflect on your diary! Spending wise, this is a pretty typical week for me post pandemic. Most days I don’t spend money, but once or twice a month I would drop quite a bit of money (usually $500-600) on hobby related things, like the synth I mentioned in this diary. My spending has dramatically increased during the quarantine because I need to find ways to entertain and stimulate myself. Pre-pandemic most of my discretionary spending was spent on day trips and going to shows, which is pretty cheap and added up to no more than $400 a month. I was hardly ever home and when I was it was to wind down so I invested way less into my hobbies. I also spent less on food. Since spending more time with my housemates, the idea of takeout has become more normalized for me (I used to eat out once or twice a month, now I get take out at least once a week).
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2020.09.21 03:47 reddituser2885 34 [M4F] #LosAngeles - In desperate need of a pity date. Suffering from severe vitamin girl deficiency. Use me for a free meal?

Nerdy guy here but I feel I have good conversation skills. I'm Asian but American born and raised. Very open to dating other races. I'm a huge hopeless romantic. Ideally looking for something serious with kids down the line but am open to anything. Thin-ish (150 pounds) but looking to be more physically active. I like to read scifi and fantasy, travel (I loved Italy), explore, history, hiking and long walks, having long discussions. I'm into movies like Star Wars and TV shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Stranger Things. Play boardgames like Mansions of Madness and Eldritch Horror. INTJ. Sagittarius. I live in Eagle Rock which is in Northeast LA close to Pasadena. Have car and can drive. Many people have said I look younger than my age. Very strongly prefer a pic (I'm a visual person and I like to know who I am talking to) if you decide to send me a message (PMs please no chat).
Here are some pics.
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2020.09.17 07:48 reddituser2885 34 [M4F] #LosAngeles - In desperate need of a pity date. Suffering from severe vitamin girl deficiency. Use me for a free meal?

Nerdy guy here but I feel I have good conversation skills. I'm Asian but American born and raised. Very open to dating other races. I'm a huge hopeless romantic. Ideally looking for something serious with kids down the line but am open to anything. Thin-ish (150 pounds) but looking to be more physically active. I like to read scifi and fantasy, travel (I loved Italy), explore, history, hiking and long walks, having long discussions. I'm into movies like Star Wars and TV shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Stranger Things. Play boardgames like Mansions of Madness and Eldritch Horror. INTJ. Sagittarius. I live in Eagle Rock which is in Northeast LA close to Pasadena. Have car and can drive. Many people have said I look younger than my age. Very strongly prefer a pic (I'm a visual person and I like to know who I am talking to) if you decide to send me a message (PMs please no chat).
Here are some pics.
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2020.09.17 07:22 reddituser2885 34 [M4F] #LosAngeles - In desperate need of a pity date. Suffering from severe vitamin girl deficiency. Use me for a free meal?

Nerdy guy here but I feel I have good conversation skills. I'm Asian but American born and raised. Very open to dating other races. I'm a huge hopeless romantic. Ideally looking for something serious with kids down the line but am open to anything. Thin-ish (150 pounds) but looking to be more physically active. I like to read scifi and fantasy, travel (I loved Italy), explore, history, hiking and long walks, having long discussions. I'm into movies like Star Wars and TV shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Stranger Things. Play boardgames like Mansions of Madness and Eldritch Horror. INTJ. Sagittarius. I live in Eagle Rock which is in Northeast LA close to Pasadena. Have car and can drive. Many people have said I look younger than my age. Very strongly prefer a pic (I'm a visual person and I like to know who I am talking to) if you decide to send me a message (PMs please no chat).
Here are some pics.
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2020.09.14 21:02 mr_tyler_durden Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 14, 2020

Notes and Highlights of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear’s Live Update September 14, 2020
Notes by mr_tyler_durden and Daily Update Team
Register for your Absentee Ballot here!
Watch here:
Full Notes
(continued in stickied comment)
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2020.09.10 11:16 BruinDatingThrowaway Hot singles near you! Click here to find your match!

My information:
gender: Male
age: 21
major: Mechanical Engineering 2021
ethnicity: Korean
height: 6' 2"
pros of dating me:
cons of dating me:
Looking for someone with:
gender: Female
age: Would prefer someone close to my age (19-21) but anything can go
major: No preference (but if you're an engineer I know you went through the same hell I did)
ethnicity: Asian
height: No preference
Feel free to message me if you are interested! I'm just looking for a special someone in my last year here :)
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2020.09.07 08:27 kalechips11 How should I tell my parents about my (21F) boyfriend (22M) of 1.5 years?

For some background, my boyfriend and I met because I moved into his room as a subletter for his old roommate. When I first moved in, I was dating my ex of 1+ years, but he broke up with me two weeks after I moved in. It wasn't because I moved into a house of guys and had a guy roommate, but because he had been meaning to end things for 6 months at that point and wanted to see if my new roommates would take care of me and were better than my last living situation with toxic roommates. Right from the get-go, my boyfriend (roommate at the time) and I got along really well, but there wasn't anything sexual between us because he was respectful that I was dating my ex and he kind of liked someone from work.
When my ex broke up with me, my boyfriend took care of me and talked to me + made sure I was eating/drinking watesleeping. We started getting closer over the course of a month and I really liked him, but wasn't able to tell if it was as a friend or romantically since I was still dealing with my breakup + I didn't think he was interested in me because of all the girls that would fawn over him at work. One thing lead to another and he told me that he liked me and we started dating! I didn't think it would get too complicated because I was supposed to transfer to a different college for the next school year and my sublease was only for a couple of months. However, I decided not to transfer out at the last minute and was scrambling to find housing, but the person who was going to take over my spot in the room ended up backing out and I signed onto the lease with my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I loved living together this past year, so we signed onto another year-long lease. We both have jobs and pay for our own bills + schooling, so we don't rely too much on our parents for finances. Even though I work, my mom still offers to help me with some expenses (like groceries) because she wants me to save my work money for my student loans and housing expenses, so I do take her up on her offer every once in a while but I try not to depend on it.
I am Asian, but my parents aren't strict asian parents. My dad (60M) is a fourth-generation Japanese-American and my mom (59F) immigrated from the Philippines and has been living in the United States for more than half of her life. My dad isn't affiliated with a religion and is pretty Americanized, so he doesn't hold too many Asian cultural values. However, my mom is sort of Americanized and doesn't go to church anymore, but has some conservative values when it comes to marriage/relationships. Neither of them told me too much about their dating lives growing up or even about their relationship before they got married. When I was dating my ex, they didn't mind that he was non-Asian, but they did not ask me too many questions and just wanted to make sure that he was treating me right since it was my first relationship. When I told my mom about my ex, all she told me was to "remember what I learned in Catholic school" (I'm assuming she meant about pre-marital sex). My dad wouldn't ask me about my relationship with my ex too much (he would acknowledge him), but whenever he mentioned my ex to my family members, he just referred to him as my "friend." I don't think it was because my dad didn't approve of him, but we just never talked about relationship stuff before and it was just something new to him. When I told my parents that my ex broke up with me, they were very caring and didn't pry into it too much.
The reason I haven't told my parents about my boyfriend is because I'm not too sure how they would respond. They know my boyfriend's name because they knew he was one of my roommates (they didn't know I was sharing a room with him when I moved in though) and they met him when I moved in, so they do ask about him sometimes and like him because he was friendly and helpful + they like that he is hard working and smart. My boyfriend is non-Asian, but I don't think it'll be an issue since it wasn't during my last relationship. However, my boyfriend's hasn't had the most affluent upbringing. His parents are working class immigrants who raised their family in southeast LA. My dad is familiar with the area because he's from LA as well, so he knows that the conditions aren't the best there but hasn't used that to make any judgments on my boyfriend (who he knows as my roommate). My mom knows about his upbringing too, but she mostly sympathizes with his experience and feels sorry for him because he hasn't been able to see his family in two years because he has to work to pay the bills and send back money to his family. She's even offered to help pay for him to go back home because she knows what it's like to be away for so long since her family was split up for years when they were all immigrating to the United States at different times. It doesn't seem like they'd use this against him, I think they just want me to be with someone who makes me happy and treats me right. I haven't told them that we share a room (they thought we lived in separate rooms when I first moved in), but I think they just assume this because we got two new housemates last year that drive us crazy and we already got along.
My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 1.5 years now and we're both in this for the long-term. He's already told his parents about me, but not that we live together. I don't want to keep him hidden from my parents, but I'm not exactly sure how to bring this up because I'm scared of my mom not approving of it because of her religious views and I'm just not too sure how my dad feels about relationships. I think if I did tell them, they'd just accept it even if they didn't approve of it, but I don't want to ruin my relationship with them because I've always had a decent relationship with them. How should I bring this up to them?
tl;dr My boyfriend and I started out as roommates but got into a relationship together of 1.5 years. My parents only know him as my roommate and like him as my friend, so I'm not sure how to bring this up to them because of some potential issues with their views on relationships.
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FIRST EVER S.A.D MEETUP IN LONDON! Dating/Hook Up Apps To Get ASIAN GIRLS - YouTube Asian Matchmaker: Find one to hire in Los Angeles and Orange County SMASH OR PASS - Subtle Asian Dating - YouTube Do You Have Yellow Fever? Why Do You Prefer Asian Women?  Asian Dating Los Angeles WOULD AN ASIAN DATE A BLACK PERSON - YouTube Asian Guy Dating A Latina  My Experience - YouTube

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Asian Speed Dating Los Angeles - Duration: 1:27. TwoAsianMatchmakers 2,573 views. ... Unemployment, Poverty Grow Among Asian Americans in Los Angeles County - Duration: 2:38. Asian Matchmaking company in Los Angeles talks about dating in Los Angel... Whats up guys! Today I go around asking Asian people if they would date a black girl or black guy! I hope y'all enjoy the answers from this video!! You guys ... Use code: 'THANKYOU' for 20% off ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM: NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE A COMMENT! BLOG: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: https://www.inst... Watch my Chinese wife try the hottest pepper in the world! - She didn't have a good time! Hey Laowinners! Donate and support thi... Watch our first ever video at the London S.A.D meetup! Our channel will look to explore the 'asian insights' as we interview people across the city of London! We will be posting new videos every ...