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Worcester bike night, every Wednesday, Water St.

2015.08.12 17:26 tintern74 Worcester bike night, every Wednesday, Water St.

This is a really informal thing though it seems quite well attended with 50+ bikes from a pic someone showed me. Anyhow, I plan on going tonight around 6pm and hanging out for a bit at the Perfect Game on Water St.
So if anyone feels like braving Kelley Square... come on down!
I tried looking for info online about this but there was almost none, this is all I found:
Which basically says its 6-9pm and sponsored by Sheldon's and Barnstorm Cycles.
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2014.03.21 07:15 proper_b_wayne Ever heard of Steven Yee, an Asian American Hell's Angel biker

I randomly came upon this person, Steven Yee. Not as well known as he should be, IMHO, in our part of the Asian American sphere. There isn't much written on him. But he seems to have an interesting story, so I thought it would good to share here, if only to get his name out.
His story through :
I can't really find much on his back story, but admittedly I only did a Google search. I think if people dig through non-internet sources (or go to the second page of google search), they could probably find much more.
He is not exactly a "good" conventional role model, given that he is currently in federal prison. But he is a guy who broke every single Asian American stereotypes that the media and society put on us. He is super masculine, not submissive to authority (haha, this one can not be more badly broken), and a big risk taker. AND he manages to find success in what he wants to pursue and acceptance in his community. Sometimes it is good to just see a way of life is a possibility for you, and your race does not limit what you should do with your life. I mean this guy manages to climb up to become an one-percenter, probably one of the most racial exclusive organization in US. Our bamboo ceilings in safe corporate America ain't shit compared to that.
This guy exists in a completely different American sub-culture and have a 180 degree opposite life outlook or life experience than probably all of us on this sub. So I am not saying you should quit your job tomorrow, get a leather jacket, buy a harley-davidson, and sign up at your local hell's angel chapter. His choices in life are his own and it's stupid to imitate how another live their life. But at least to me, he is an inspiration and a "role model", much better than anything else that gets presented to us in the anglo mass media.
Also, he is pretty old now, 82! Someone better make a documentary on him or at least an interview quick, before he is gone!
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2013.06.06 20:24 919rider Minnesota Riders! Tonight is First Thursdays, be there!

Tonight is First Thursdays, basically just a huge drop-in event that happens every first Thursday of each month. May and June are the biggest, so even with the possible rain I'm thinking this'll be good. It's in uptown, a nice drive past the lakes and up Lake Street will bring you right there. I'll be there on my 919, hope to see some of you guys.
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This is a video tribute to the wonderful actors of Bonanza. This is my first video and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Please note: My vi... BikerorNot M&G Code 3 Portsmouth, Virginia. The Deep River Boys With Sid Phillips And His Band-(We're Gonna)Rock Around The Clock-1955 - Duration: 2:39. Pueni66 Recommended for you 9 July 2017, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) grand funk railroad's track from their album greatest hits THIS GOING TO BE A BIG EVENT ..ALL AROUND THE USA STATE WILL BE HAVING THEIR BON PARTY JUNE 4,5,6 2010...BROADCASTED ALL AROUND THE STATES WHAT TO JOIN GO TO BIKERORNOT.COM CHECK IT OUT i AM ... Song: Day After Day Artist: Badfinger Album: Straight Up Genre: Pop Year: 1971 This video is dedicated to our friends, On a beautiful Fall day in November The GYPSY and D. Kay go for a motorcycle ride. This video is dedicated to our friends, ORIGINAL COPYRIGHTED VIDEO FOLLOW US FOR MORE FOLLOW US ON ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA U KNOW WHAT U SEARCH FOR 1000 25 2 25 3 airbox tv aprilia rsv4 boozefighters breakout cb1 cbr1000rr cbr600rr hdzog ... // created at Scocial Networking Just for Bikers!